Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training in Dhaka Bangladesh

Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangladesh

Do you want to make passive income for the lifetime?  Are you looking for Amazon Affiliate marketing training in Bangladesh for passive income? Yes! You are in the right place. ByteCode, a leading Digital Marketing Firm is providing best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangladesh. Mahbub Osmane, a successful Digital Marketer is maintaining the course and ByteCode has made the best learning material than any other. Keep reading, you will find all the basics of starting Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangladesh. 

I know you are bored about your 9 AM to 5 PM office time and you want to become a boss of your own. For this reason, you want a great solution of this as well as you want to earn money. But if it is passive income, then you are more satisfied. Investopedia describes Passive Income as “Earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprises in which he or she is not materially involved.” If I convert it in Affiliate marketing, it will be something like below, “A resources or techniques where you will build some services or information at a time, but it will pay you forever.”  Anyway, it’s one of the best methods to drive passive income among the webmaster.

But this royal income method is not free at all. As you have to take care us for two or three month near about 30+ hours and we will provide you all the techniques of Affiliate Marketing step by step. ByteCode will provide you all the latest resources and will guide you in generating the money. With this in mind, we’ll take some maintenance fee from you and I think it will help us to complete the course successfully. As our students have started to earn passive income already, so we can assure you will get a proven method from ByteCode.

What is affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy where a digital business owner pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales which will come from its referrals. Most of the referral income comes from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts. For this reason, Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the best passive income methods. Similarly, it is the way to generate money for a long time. 

Generally, an affiliate marketer builds resources and it can be informative blog, review and video presentation. After all, they have to generate traffic in the resources. Then business that offers affiliate commission like Amazon will allow you to start marketing with them. At last, you will promote them and if you get any sell from your affiliate link, you will get a commission and if you build a resource, you will get this income as like passive.

Course Highlight:

Mainly, the total course will be in 18-20 class. We’ll complete all the classes in 14 class and rest of the four-five will be for practical projects and personal problem-solving.

Lecture:1 What is Amazon Affiliate marketing? How does it work? Why we select Amazon for the affiliate? How will we get the payment? How to set up an Amazon account? All the basic concept of Amazon Affiliate marketing?
Lecture:2 Case Study: Niche Selection, Keyword Research, Analysing link building and competition. All about Keyword and Amazon affiliate marketing to become successful if he/she makes the fault in Keyword Research.
Lecture:3 Analyzing techniques of Competitor sites and additional analyzing strategy
Lecture:4 Planning and Building Amazon Sites step by step
Lecture:5 Product Selection Techniques and Analyzing Keyword Competition
Lecture:6 Keyword Selection and making a successful structure of them
Lecture:7 Domain & Hosting Selection procedure
Lecture:8 Building architecture and making websites
Lecture:9 Content Creation, Content Marketing, and Content outsource techniques and Reviewing tips of Good Content
Lecture:10 On-page SEO: Creating Link internal and external
Lecture:11 Social Media Marketing and promotion best techniques (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn and much more)n
Lecture:12 A to Z hands-on techniques of Link Building
Lecture:13 Traffic/Sell driving Marketing and Lead Generation
Lecture:14 Additional Marketing, Lead Generation, and Guest Blogging Strategy
Lecture:15 Monetization and sell target
Lecture:16 Exploring Practical Work and Websites Review by Instructor who is making Passive income Already
Lecture:17 Exploring Practical Work and Websites Review by Instructor who is making Passive income Already
Lecture:18 Exploring Practical Work and Websites Review by Instructor who is making Passive income Already
Lecture:19 Seminar with leading Affiliate Marketer in Bangladesh and in the World

Why Affiliate Marketing:

As a passive income source, Affiliate marketer gets the below 12 advantages…

  1. You have the opportunity to work from your home. Just it will need a computer and internet connection.
  2. This is a business actually and you are the boss of your business. Not to mention, You are an independent worker in your Affiliate Marketing Business.
  3. You can start your Affiliation business with a very small investment and even you have no need to keep the product.
  4. No fixed working time. You can build your choice able working schedule. When you stay the most productive, you can choose this schedule. 
  5. Freedom, no need to stay under pressure in the traffic jam. You can handle your business at any time.
  6. You have the opportunity to work with your liking topics and niche.
  7. If you have the basic knowledge of English and Computer, you can easily start Affiliate Marketing.
  8. No need to tension about big invest. You can easily start with a computer and an internet connection. Most of the important thing you need is your curiosity to start a business not a job. 
  9. After taking Affiliate marketing course, you have no need to learn from anywhere. As your affiliated company will teach you all the things. Because when you will make a sale, it is the profit of them. It’s an extra chance to start a career in this field. 
  10. Affiliate Marketing is a passive income which will increase day by day. At the same time, your working time will be decreased after making your sites profitable. 
  11. When you will be able to monetize a site, then anyone including your child or wife can handle it easily. You have the opportunity to work easily with another one. That means you can increase your business regularly.
  12. Most compelling evidence, Affiliate Marketing is Cost Effective, Global Market, Almost No Fees, No Storage, No Shipping, No customer support, Passive Income, Work from home, Blogging Niche Affiliate Marketing Training and much more. 

Before Starting Affiliate Marketing what will you need:

  • A Computer/Laptop and Internet Connection
  • Reading and Writing skill in English (No need to become highly experienced)
  • Basic skill of Web Development
  • Interest to invest some money
  • Quality of an entrepreneur
  • You have to pass the entry exam of ByteCode (Mandatory)
  • Age should be at least 18+
  • At least SSC (if higher than extra facilities)

What will you get in the course:

  1. 1.5-2 hours practical lecture and total 18+ lecture
  2. Niche Site Building and it will start to earn within 6 months to 1 year
  3. Selling Niche site with big budget and create another of you
  4. Basic Web Development Knowledge
  5. Link Building Strategy
  6. Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  7. Digital Marketing Training

Who can attend this course:

If you are interested in making Passive income and want to start blogging life as a career, you can start Affiliate marketing. No matter if you are a job holder, unemployed, students, teachers, business owner, service holder, Govt. employee or female, you can easily start affiliate marketing successfully completing our Affiliate Marketing Training. Important to realize, you will be able to make passive income from home and it is the best way to generate passive income from Bangladesh. 

Future of Affiliate Marketing:

Before knowing the future of Affiliate marketing make sure you have read this guideline. Basically, here you will find some successful affiliate marketer. Site 1, Site 2 and Site 3.

As you are interested to know about the future of Affiliate marketing, I will tell there has no limit to earning in affiliate marketing. Though you have to acquire the knowledge about Affiliate Marketing firstly. Actually, maximum earning are coming to us for Affiliate marketing for two reasons. 1. Making passive income for the long term and 2. Building a career in affiliate marketing world.

Significantly, affiliate marketing is an income source for the lifetime. When you will build resources by following the different strategy, you will get the income forever. If you can choose the right keyword or niche. On the other hand, if you are a successful affiliate marketer, then you can build a firm where you will help to build the affiliate websites. On the other hand, you can join as a counselor in the affiliate marketing world. You can’t imagine the market value of affiliate marketing is $6.8 billion dollars. A lot of company and newbie personal bloggers are entering in this world. For this reason, you will be able to make a career from Bangladesh or internationally. You will be able to sell your own product for affiliate marketing. Important to realize, you will be able to create your own resources for passive income. On the other hand, you will get the chance to help others. It will make you more money from affiliate marketing. Above all, I will tell there has no bound to earn and making passive income at all.

Some obstacles to Affiliate Marketing:

We’ll not tell only the opportunity of Affiliate Marketing, there have some obstacles too. We have to make sure the below things before starting learning affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing is a business. So there has no shortcut way to learn it. If you want to make a career in Affiliate marketing you have to learn it first perfectly, then you have to make some investments. By all means, it will make your income and it’s really something best than any traditional income method. As you are able to start affiliate marketing from home, so you have no need to take an office. You have no tension about the product and customer support also. 
  • You have to update yourself daily with the latest update of Google, Amazon and affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing is a game, so you have to become a good player by practicing day and night.
  • Above all, a learning center like ByteCode can help you all the things for the lifetime.

Why Affiliate Marketing Course at ByteCode:

ByteCode is the leading Digital Marketing Firm in Bangladesh and when comes affiliate marketing, all take a look at us. Because we are maintaining a lot of Affiliate sites and it’s making sufficient money for us all the time. But you can ask, is Google not enough to learn Affiliate Marketing? I will tell, of course! Google is one of the best sources for affiliate marketing. But How will you get the resources, it’s a great matter. That means, will you not learning an old method or are you not reading from an old blog. Yes! It can happen. As Google gives the priority for ranking of the content and marketing techniques. For this reason, you have to select the right one.

ByteCode, a successful Affiliate Marketing firm has done all the process of learning with great research. So, if you come here you will get the best and the latest resources from the world. Similarly, we have worked with many international affiliate marketer. So, learning from an experienced one is very necessary. On the other hand, any other training center from Bangladesh has no sufficient resources or most of them are not making money at all. With this in mind, ByteCode can be your best places to learn Affiliate Marketing with practical and latest method.

Schedule of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training:

Our Next batch will start in the next month. We will inform all of you who are attending the course by SMS/Call.

Time: 4 PM to 6 PM

Available Seat: 10

Course Fee: 10,000+VAT

Payment Options: Office or Online. To get all the payment options visit here

Anyone interested in the next batch, fill up this form and we’ll call/SMS you for the next procedures. If you want to learn with your circle of friends from universities, colleges or office, we’ll make a special batch only for you.

Where will you learn:

If you want to know more, you can connect with us in our Facebook group, Page or from the contact form

Some important Resources about Affiliate marketing:

7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make – here

How You Can Build A 6 Figure Blog In Less Than 12 Months – here

How To Be Successful With The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program – here

Blogging Niche Affiliate Marketing Training – here

Five easy tips and steps to start Affiliate Marketing

Some Frequently Asked (FAQ) Question and Answer About Affiliate Marketing:

I only know about operating the computer and have a little English knowledge. Will I be able to enter into these courses?

– Of Course. Mainly, if one knows the basics of Computer and English, he/she can easily enter into this course. If you can’t fulfill Computer or English knowledge we try to cover it also. But if you have the curiosity to learn only. Always remember, it’s your business, so you have to learn it by your interest, not others. 

Will I be able to earn from home?

– Yes! Mainly, an Affiliate marketer works from his/her home all the time. Only make sure you have a computer and internet connection.

Is it possible to earn from outside of Dhaka by Affiliate Marketing?

– Why not? But you have to learn first from us and also make sure you have a computer/laptop and internet connection.

What will I learn from the course and is it enough for starting a niche site?

You will learn the following specific terms… (You can also see our Course Curriculum in the above)

  • You will learn the strategy of creating and growing a site into profitability.
  • It’s not a course about making money for short time, it’s a strategy to learn to make money for a long time.
  • You will learn Basic SEO techniques and strategy.
  • How can you make a full-time living by this course?
  • Basic skills in Web Development
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Step by step guideline for maintaining a website, servers, and set up.
  • Content creation techniques, Content Marketing, Content Writing Procedures, and how to outsource it.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Markedly, a full method to run an affiliate marketing business.
  • eBay, CJ, and Click Bank Earning procedures

And Yes! It’s enough to start a profitable niche site or blog.

Is the course of making money from Adsense?

-Not at all. AdSense is just a method to earn from a website or blog. But it’s a limited option. Amazon affiliate is all about making money online from Amazon, Direct selling, advertising earning, and selling a niche site. Though have some similarities between Adsense and Affiliate. But some techniques are only for Affiliate Marketing. 

Will I need to buy a bunch of tools and software for doing Affiliate Marketing?

-Not at all. We’ll teach you how to make the maximum benefit from free or freemium tools or software. You will need to buy a domain and hosting only and it will need only $50-$100. On the other hand, we’ll support you with some premium tools too as like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro, or Moz.

Will this course qualify me as an SEO expert?

-Truly say, we’ll give you all the strategy according to SEO. But it will be basic for generating a niche site. Similarly, you will learn all the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But if you want to know more about SEO and want to make a great career in the SEO field, you should take this course.

Will I get an example niche site from ByteCode?

-Of course. Even we will take our class depending on more than one niche site of us and successful others.

Can I get an SEO or Web Development or Digital Marketing Job by completing this course?

– Especially, it’s not a course of SEO or web development or digital marketing. But we’ll teach you all the things about the basic terms and it will be very effective for your affiliate marketing niche site-building. But if you want to become experts above-mentioned terms, you have to learn it specifically. Then you will be a professional in SEO or web development or digital marketing. Rather than, you will become an expert in Affiliate Marketing and you will be able to complete all the tasks of affiliate marketing as well. 

I’m an expert in SEO and digital marketing, will I be able to start affiliate marketing?

– As an Affiliate marketing needs SEO and Digital marketing strategy. Because, they need to analyze keywords, they need to make a selling campaign and they have to learn the link building strategy.  So, you will get priority. Similarly, generating sales and making money from Amazon is radically different than traditional ways. So, it will definitely help you to make a career in the affiliate marketing field.

How often is The Niche Site Course updated?

-We are updating the course curriculum regularly with the changes of Google and Amazon policies. We have started this course in early September 2015 and from then it’s a community and we’re adding new terms, techniques, and strategies regularly. For this reason, We are updating and adding new things all the time. Even today’s update will be added to our courses.

Can I enroll in The Niche Site Course today or later?

-When a batch is fulfilled, we start to plan for the next batch. So, if you miss the present batch anyhow. It’s no problem to start the next. For this reason, you have to contact us by phone or SMS or you can keep this form fill up. Then we will notify you about the next batch. As we try to add more value to the course, so we do not so hurry. We just take time for the updated and more informative and effective batch. So stay with us.

Is byteCode offer residential support, because I’m outside of Dhaka:

-Sorry, not all. But definitely, if we select you, we’ll help you to get a secure place or flat for you to continue your courses. But inform us before applying or paying us. 

I’m a girl/Women, but want to make passive income from home, will I be able to?

-Why not, even we have seen that female affiliate marketer is doing fine for beauty, fitness, or baby niche. They are well-known with these terms before. 

What are the educational requirements for starting the course?

– It’s not mandatory to learn Affiliate Marketing, but you have to confirm you have completed at least SSC and you are very much fond of making a career in the affiliate marketing field. You have to agree to learn new things all the time as well. 

What are the available payment options?

-We accept all types of payment methods. You can also come to our office for payment or go here to get available payment options.

What will it be if I buy and want a refund?

Especially, we believe your priority. If you make a payment for a specific course and want to do another, then you have to make payment further or you have to inform us earlier. Though if you think, you are unable to start from the first day, then we’ll consider depending on the reason. Most of the time, we encourage to join in another batch.

OK, I have taken my decision and I’m ready to enroll. What are the next steps?

Firstly, fill up this form and make a payment from here. We’ll call you after successfully completing the procedures. We may take an exam for justifying you and we’ll inform you of all the things after joining us. Thanks a lot.

Still, are you not sure? or want to get a call from us?

just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01609 820094  to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at We would be happy to answer you.

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    Final Thought:

    This is all for today. I think I have covered all the things about starting Affiliate Marketing. But if you think you need any further assistance, never hesitate to ask us by phone, FB group or contact us page. We will be happy if we can help you to start a career in the affiliate marketing industry. Above all, make a career in the Royal profession of Affiliate Marketing. Advance congratulation to the Affiliate Marketing World. 

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