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We are ByteCode, and we have been successfully providing iOS and Android application development services for more than five years since from 2012. In this time span, we have done 145+ projects with great reputation and clients satisfaction. Our mobile apps are highly-innovative, successful and we offer them at an affordable price. We stand proudly at “Top Mobile App Developer in Bangladesh” and also “Best Top 30 Game Developers”. Our company is growing naturally, and ByteCode is getting responses from all over the world.


With our great experience, we know exactly how to help your business or organization with the perfect mobile app technology. It will contribute you to generate massive revenue at present’s highly competitive app market. We give you the comprehensive and complete solution for application development services. We clearly know the solid measurement of what works and what doesn’t at current market, that directly meets your customer’s needs.

Here is a list of our application development services:

Ø    Web-based responsive applications that best for cross-platform apps

Ø    Business analysis apps

Ø    User Interface and User Experience design (UX & UI)

Ø    Customer Relationship and Management system (CRM)

Ø    Applicant/ User tracking system

Ø    Online store management system

Ø    Backend Server and Database Integration

Ø    Product/ Service Implementation and Launch

Ø    Market submitting application (App Store, Google Play or Windows Store)

Ø    Idea generate and Proof of Concept

We love taking ideas and turning them into real apps. We are passionate, creative, and provide you the long-term support, even after the job has done.

Why should you choose our application development services for your upcoming web application development project?

First and foremost, we have an excellent reputation and good reviews from our existing clients in creating sophisticated, trendy mobile apps for businesses. We closely work together with our customers to create compelling mobile apps that could give customer satisfaction. We are top on board in creating custom-designed mobile apps, especially for the startup’s entrepreneurs. Our apps bring huge benefits to small- to mid-sized businesses bring massive users to the big size businesses or organizations.

ByteCode application development service can handle your mobile app project with extensive care, ensuring you meet your business goals. Our level of expertise in designing and executing mobile strategies that address key business and customer patterns, interests and behaviors.

So, ByteCode will be your best choice for your next web application development services.


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