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Want to a contributor in ByteCode Blog? Bytecode is the biggest community for blogging in Digital Marketing Area, and many bloggers already contributed writing a guest post on our blog. If you are interested in submitting a guest post than this article is for you. Please read our guidelines before submitting your article to get the approval for your post.

Bytecode started its journey as a blogger community since 2015, and we always encourage new bloggers to contribute their original written article in Bytecode blog, to show the wide range of our audience.

Our purpose is to assist & focus you before our audiences through sharing your talent and to provide something more for the community.

Bytecode is a well-liked blog for blogging as well as mostly for online marketing niche. Many bloggers already contributed here and from today, you could be a new one for blogging.

Here, we put some tips and points to ensure to get fast approval of your submission when you contribute an article.

The Alexa ranking of Bytecode is pleasing. A lot of people subscribed through various mediums, like RSS Feed, Email Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and So On, and we get a satisfactory PV daily.

People of a various side of the world seem that our blog is a standard blog to get the necessary information.


How can you become a contributor to ByteCode blog?

First, we would like to assist you in getting started as a contributor to our blog, and there are some rules as follows:

Since it is born, we have worked hard to establish it as an admirable blog to the visitors. We expect that you will invest your best efforts to maintain the same as well as to make ByteCode a quality blog throughout the world through your regular contribution in supplying excellent writings. Here are some guidance for you to help your piece of writings publish on our blog.


These are the qualities We are looking for

  • Go to our blog and carefully observe some articles to gather an idea what kind of article naturally we publish here and what kind of items attract the more visitors.
  • Write your article to mark the quality and to add value to your readers.
  • You have to be a good reader who has something to write as well as a share for Bytecode community.
  • There are already have some articles taken from and also guidelines for a few writings, so need your deep observation on already submitted articles to avoid same ideas.
  • Provide hands-on actionable advice
  • Be a tutorial and/or case study based
  • Backed up with real-world data/example (can be anonymized)
  • Include appropriate images to guide readers
  • Readers walk away with actionable advice they can apply to their own sites

Content & Writing Format

Please follow the guidelines below when writing your posts-

  • Tone of voice should be casual like your talking to a friend
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself – have fun with it!
  • Don’t use pretentious business tones
  • No fluff – if you can say the same thing in a shorter sentence – do it!
  • Not more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  • There is no minimum word count
  • Format your content in this structure-
  • Open with a ‘What You Will Learn’ section with 3-5 bullet points
  • Move into main content
  • End the post with a ‘Wrapping It Up’ section

Remember your content must offer clear actionable advice with step by step instruction preferably backed up by case study data/examples.


Feel free to take a look at the examples below to get a better idea of what I am looking for-

Writing Topics For Us

We accept content on following subjects:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche Site
  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Driving traffic to websites
  •  Digital products creating information
  • Buying/Selling websites
  • WordPress Theme & Plugins Review
  • SEO/SMM Tools Review
  • Online Business
  • Informative Product Creation
  • Hosting Review
  • Blogging
  • List building
  • Tech New Business Idea and so On

For better understanding please see our categories, We are welcoming your suggestion as always 🙂

Post requirements:

We want each post to be 1000 – 50,000 words each.


We pay to writers using Paypal, Skrill, Renowned Mastercard as well as using the available bank.


Submit Your Article Idea

Please submit your idea, don’t forget to follow this guideline before submitting your idea. If you like your idea we will email or contact you within 24-48 hours to give the necessary instructions to write for us.


I hope you got an idea and guidelines to write for ByteCode Blog..You can submit your unique article directly from the dashboard. If any refinement needs, we will make contact with you about changes. You are requested to discuss the topic which you like to write and before submitting, send an email to Best of luck, hope to get your positive response as a contributor in our blog


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