Effective digital marketing strategy framework (digital products, ebooks, or video courses, etc)

Do you want to sell your digital products online? Then this post about Effective digital marketing strategy framework for digital products can help you the most. In this article, I will discuss effective strategies for marketing digital products. Your digital products can be e-books, audiobooks, video courses or anything which can be sold in the digital media. But you have to follow the right strategies for making it as best-selling or popular than similar ones. Let’s talk about strategies about the right ways for marketing digital products.

Digital Product Marketing Strategy:

What is the digital product’s Marketing or digital marketing strategy framework? Digital products are something which can be distributed by online. It has no physical existence. For examples, e-books, audio books, video courses, etc. So, the ways of promoting and selling these digital products take some particular strategies. We mention it as digital products marketing. There have many ways to promote your digital products online.

Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

Effective digital marketing strategy framework:

Digital products need some special attention for promoting it and establishing it as the brand. If you can do this, it can bring huge sale for you. Let’s check the highly proved strategies in details.

1. Business Plan:

Before starting marketing, you have to ensure your plan of activities. Here. I always advise following the rules of 7P from the very beginning of the digital products marketing. I describe 7P as Price, Product, Promo, Place, Pkg, Position and people. You have to confirm it according to your product. That means, you have to select the price of the product, you have to keep in mind about the promotion and special promo offer. Similarly, you have to ensure the place or targeted people of your product.
On the other hand, you have to analyze your competitor, your target market and full roadmap of the products. How will you get the payment, how will provide the customer services? What are the methods of contacting with the consumers? If you can’t audit all the primary needs of the business and the customers, then it can fail the whole process. With this in mind, you have to take care of the proper plan of activities.
Focus Point: Following the 7P methods for preparing the products, Road Map of the products, Ensuring all the primary needs of the products.

2. Marketing Plan:

Now it’s the time for doing the marketing plan. You should audit your competitor of the digital products, and you should check how they are promoting their products. What is the primary target of them? Researching the similar products and their marketing strategy can bring a lot of new changes in your digital marketing. When you want to become the best author, you have to do some exceptional marketing techniques.

The most common and basic tactics for marketing plan of your product is:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Awareness campaign
  • Promotion strategies including freebies, offer or discount
  • Traditional events or campaign

PPC ads or others digital marketing That means you have to engage your digital products into different types of marketing. Similarly, you have to generate ideas according to your target market. Another key point, you have to ensure your competitor’s techniques for marketing to out rank them.

3. Content Marketing:

Content is the best strategies for promoting your digital products. Web content can generate the maximum sale for digital products. For this reason, Content marketing is considered as one of the best marketing techniques for digital products. If you see most successful digital marketer in the different niche, you will find their primary marketing method was content. Actually, you can’t promote your digital products anyhow without the content.
When your products have no physical existence, how a man will know about the quality or future needs of the products? Yes! to inform about the benefits of your product and how it can solve their some problems, you have to take the help of web content. Then it will inspire the buyers.


Researchers show that 85% of customers like a product with trust for the content and content marketing. For this reason, you have to maintain a blog or website with high-quality content, and the content will be thoroughly informative. You have to create content for informing them about your products. Similarly, you have to write similar tips and tricks to bring huge customers from the search engine. You have to realize that, the search engine will give you huge customers/visitors if you can create valuable content in your niche.

So the content marketing can be by the below methods…

  • Creating the resources
  • Product blog
  • Publishing article in the journal or magazine
  • Guest Blogging
  • Creating the brochure or infographics
  • Providing e-Book For effective digital marketing, you have to take content marketing very seriously. Otherwise, all the step for promoting the digital products of you may not work.

4. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine is a great way and popular methods to bring customers on your platform, blog or website. So, if you can rank in your products keywords on the first page of the search engine including Google, Bing or Yahoo. It will surely help you to make a lot of faithful customers. Important to realize, staying on the first page of the search engine also contributes to gain the positive reputation among the readers. With this in mind, you have to take care of the search engine optimization with your keywords.

For this reason, you can take the help of SEO experts, or you can also maintain an in-house team for proper SEO optimization. When you will create excellent content, and you will do SEO for the keywords, you will surely stay in this digital world for a long time. Absolutely, SEO is not all, but the most reliable part of the creating content.

5. Awareness and Branding:

Creating awareness can help you for growing trust. You have to remember that branding is better than short-term popularity. If you can create your digital products as a brand, it will give you eggs for the lifetime. Similarly, you can also produce more products to sell.
With this in mind, you have to arrange events, or you have to take sponsorship of any event. It can be digital or traditional. On the other hand, you have to promote your digital products with SEM ads. Try to increase the email list by email newsletter in your website or blogs. It’s one of the best tactics for generating the digital sale.
Focus Point: Creating and attending awareness program, Trying to make the brand, SEM Ads.

6. Develop Professional Communication:

When you communicate or meet with the different author in your niche, then it can surely increase the accessibility and quality of your products. Try to inform about your product by email or social media. Try to communicate with the industry influencers and request them to give a review of your products. Provide them a copy or access of your digital product freely. They will take it as honor, and they will provide you essential review.
It can help to promote your products as well as to increase the quality for the next edition. You can also take the help of phone messaging to inform the customers about your products.
Focus Point: Increasing communication skill with the industry-leading man, Collecting and promoting by email or messaging, Promotion on the social media.

7. Launch Activities:

It’s an effective advertising method for your digital products. You can arrange launching journey of your products. Similarly, you can celebrate the launching ceremony of the products in every year. It can surely help you to bring some industry leaders in your program. When they give update they are attending in your program in their different social media, and it will increase the brand value of your digital product.

Similarly, it will help you to reach in their followers and fans. On the other hand, you can prepare impressive press releases or news coverage about your digital product by this activities.
Focus Point: Promotion by Launch Activities, Making brand and entering with industry influencers, Publishing press release or news coverage for marketing of your digital products.

8. Sales Techniques:

A good marketer is he who can generate new ideas by considering the situation and customers. If you follow all the rules what is doing your competitors, it will not make any difference for you. For this reason, you have to take some special techniques for promotion of your products. It can be, bringing the variation on the content marketing, giving the special discount in the different ways which is innovative and enjoying. If you can do this, it can surely help you with all the methods of mentioning here.
Focus point: Generating new ideas and techniques for attracting the customers differently.


9. Care about Feedback:

Digital products have no ways to taste it before taking the services. For this reason, they may face different problem for starting or signing up or using procedures of the products. With this in mind, you have to care about this. You have to maintain a good system for providing the solution quickly and easily. On the other hand, you should provide an excellent documentary with the products. It can help the consumers to take initial support from the well-written documentaries.

Notably, you should care about the problem of the users. If they face any major issue, you should provide them individual support. Similarly, you should bring update or edition of your digital products by following the feedback of the users.
Focus Point: Providing well-guided documentaries, Good customer support and Bringing edition or update of the digital products

10. Platform:

As you are selling your products on the digital platform, you have to make the platform user-friendly. You should maintain a website which can help the users to buy the product easily. On the other hand, you have to endure, and they are getting the products without any hassle. Similarly, if it needs download, you have to confirm they can download the products quickly.

Similarly, when you are promoting your product by email or other platforms including social media, you have to make the process easy for buying the products quickly from your website, and they are coming without any loading or security issues.
Focus Point: Maintaining a user-friendly web platform, Make the download process easy and quick, ensure security and loading time of the platform.

11. Training:

Sometimes you may need to train your customers to use it spontaneously. Though you are providing user manual or documentaries with the products, it may also require some specialized training, which can help them to use the products in the right away. You can provide it by video tutorial or any other method.
At the same time, you should provide training of your employees in the different sectors. It will ensure providing necessary support anytime for your customers. If they are not qualified, it can reduce the reputation of you. Important to realize, offering support in an easy and time-consuming process is the pre-requisite for selling digital products.

Focus Point: Providing specialized training the customers by tutorial or documentaries, Growing your employees quality daily.

12. Metrics:

It’s an important area for marketing any products. You have to collect the metrics. Which methods from the above are working fine for you or not working? You have to ensure it. If you can’t give priority in the previous metrics, you will make the same fault again and again. In this situation, you should measure the possibility of your products. It can damage your brand for the long run.

With this in mind, you should follow the metrics by justifying which method is working very fine and which one is not effective for your digital products. If you can do this, you are going to become a hero absolutely in your industry. Focus Point: Follow the previous metrics and take step according to it strictly.

With this in mind, you should follow the metrics by justifying which method is working very fine and which one is not useful for your digital products. If you can do this, you are going to become a hero absolutely in your industry.

Focus Point: Follow the previous metrics and take step according to it strictly.

Final Thought:
By all means, I can assure you that marketing is not so easy as well as not so terrible work. But you have to become technical, and you have to implement the same strategies in different ways. If you can make the right uses of the above 12 strategies, you are going to lead your sector than your competitor. I think, if you read the article entirely, you will learn the Effective digital marketing strategy framework and you can implement it efficiently.

Above all, have a great journey in the digital products marketing world. Thanks a lot from ByteCode Digital Marketing Firm. 🙂


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