Best Email Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Email Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Email Marketing Tools

If you consider social media as the unpredictable uncle, then the email would be a grandparent in your marketing family. You may have a different observation, but you have to agree with me at this point that email has already proved its effectiveness.

E-mail continues its marketing service from the starting point. E-mail marketing is a very practical & valuable channels. Just you have to know how to use it. There’s no chance to stumble here if you avoid making it critical.

Just like social media tools, you need to find out profitable email marketing tools to reach your target. Here are some of the best email marketing tools for your email marketing campaign.




Very well-known email marketing software. Most marketers are satisfied with this email marketing tool as it’s very easy to operate. It’s automation features & segmentation features are totally impressive. It makes your task easy integration to your sites. I recommend to sign up if you have the budget.

It never directs you in wrong way. It doesn’t matter how long is your mailing list; Aweber packed all awesome email marketing analytics & statistics to customize & refine your campaigns. I used it several times and didn’t face any problem. So, just try it and see how well it works.



Best Email marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


In present digital world, you will see hundreds of new contenders in email marketing area; Drip is one of them.It’s like Aweber in many ways. Just like Aweber, it can add tags to email subscribers when anyone visits specific pages to your website. You can replace filler text by your product names and other. You can also set the timeframe of sending the emails as you want. Drip will be more helpful for advanced marketers who sell different products. It will take $49 monthly charge for 2,500 subscribers up to 20,000 sent emails.



Email marketing tool


ConvertKit is innovated for professional bloggers. Here you will find all email marketing features with a wide range of opt-in forms and landing pages so that

It comes with all of the usual email marketing features but also includes a range of beautiful opt-in forms and landing pages that you can expand your blog.  It breaks Aweber & Drip in this arena.It can upgrade content, deliver lead magnets or start email sequences automatically. Professional bloggers who sell & delivers eBooks will get here the problem solving of landing page templates.



Email marketing Tool


Infusionsoft is another powerful email marketing tool, especially for small business. The tool has full sales and marketing automation features.It contains a full CRM system that makes it something more than a typical email marketing tool. It’s CRM system features lead management, e-commerce supportive, offline integration & many others. As I realized, it is better advanced campaign builder.You can automate your emails, phone calls or can send out early your postcards, letters, certificates & more. Shortly, by using it, you can regulate your sales and purchase tasks customer behavior, In short, you can automate your sales and marketing depending on customer behavior.

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Email Hunter



Email Hunter enables you to find out any person’s email address from any domain. So, there’s no chance to lose any contact in your connection.

We marketers, basically focus on retaining present customers, so email campaign is necessary. When you add any websites to email extractor, it will help you to find thousands of relevant addresses within few seconds.You will be informed of which links your customers open & are they open the messages.   You can easily focus on email marketing as all unsubscribe requests are processed automatically. It will help you to increase your ROI.You can split, merge, and personalize all your email lists. Currently, It’s the most comprehensive application.





You can set up Gmail as your email client if you are the independent marketer. If you’re are a webmaster, blogger or an entrepreneur then you will get greatly benefit using Gmail. Gmail works like marketing machine if you can utilize. Nothing to worry about, it’s very simple to use. It permits you to access all other great Google tools while using the mailing list.

I want to recommend here that, if you are not a business professional & need to use personal emails, you can choose this tool without any hesitation.





Rapportive will help you to arrange lots of important information with a mail connection. If you have to deal with lots of people, there is no alternative of Rapportive. After plugin, you will get online details about how it support you. You will get its social media feeds in your inbox. You will be connected with new online friends and thus take networking advantage. Even, you can connect with any social media with it.Obviously, this is a great convenience what Rapportive do.

Ninja Outreach



You can choose Ninja Outreach for email outreach. Firstly, you have to enter your keyword, and Ninja will find out every popular blog to your niche. It will arrange lots of data including contact information, SEO metrics, social signals & more. Then, you will be able to reach at lots of email subscribers. Ninja Outreach campaigns on link building, lead generation, finding post opportunities, & more. Ninja Outreach offers Personalization of templates, Automatic email outreach, Tracking email statistics for its users.This tool provides you a variety of features that will save your time and generate higher response rate on your outreach efforts.





Boomerang mailing tool will improve your email workflow. You can set schedule of your emails at different times. It will give you the reminder if there’s need follow up emails or you don’t get any reply. It will help you to save lots of email in one place & you can divert in another task.

Its free package is also available. There is another option to upgrade your account. You need to cost $4.99 in a month for upgrading. Recently, its  Outlook version has been released. [/sociallocker]





MailTrack is here to track who has checked your emails. It will help you to focus on sending mail in right follow-ups. It is available in your Gmail in Google Chrome. It’s the best alternative to sidekick. Free for your device and very simple to use.If you’re looking a simple service to track your emails which are read, the main track is perfect for you. It will show you when your emails were read, how many times, how long the mail is open and from which device. You also get access to the dashboard which will show you what emails are unseen.


Gmail Snooze



Gmail Snooze is that type of snooze button which lets you come back to your email at any time. It will temporarily remove unnecessary emails from your inbox. But when you need them, it will come to your inbox at the top. It may be that’s tomorrow, next week, or next month. You can see your snoozed emails in Snoozed Menu. For starting it, you have to Open the email, then select snooze at the top of that email and choose snooze option. It can run on the phone, PC or tablet.

Marketers can also try it to gather unnecessary ones in one section.





Outlook can be best for you if you have allergy on Gmail. It’s supported for Hotmail.Marketers consider it as more productive than g-mail. If you always search for simplicity, then Outlook is ideal for you to go one more step on your street. Microsoft configures to set your email account by Outlook.  What you need to do is to install Outlook on your computer and then open Outlook. If you face any difficulty, you can take support from its help center. I will refer advanced users to open the help center to find out more options.


Header Emojis


Emojis are not only applied in personal contacts but also you can make an official relationship more friendly if your mail is attached with some smile emoticon. From Header Emojis you can select any animated emoticons according to your subject lines.You will get those emojis in Twitter Emojis, Unicode Emoticons, Animated Emoticons. If you are a marketer, you can embrace emoji as an expressive way to your subscribers’ inboxes. Even, World Emoji Day is celebrated nowadays.

Use emoji in replacement of words to engage with your subscribers. This engagement will become a  game in email marketing.

The effect of emoji engagement a is undeniable. Statistics show that Brands, those are using emoji, have observed 45% increase in their sales.




ClearVoice is a research-based content marketing tool. You will be astonished seeing its incredible data. You will see complete lists of your influencers. The list is organized based on your topic.

Just searching the topic, that is called Travel Hacking.Then you will be able to find out your influencers and enable to see their profile.

You can set this tool as background research of your sale. Currently, it provides paid package but there is the chance to test drive & you can bring good mileage from it.




BuzzSumo has already proved its standard to find out quality content. Besides that, I am also satisfied with its influence search system.In this tool, at the top of the page, you can look up for Influencers & then search your topic.In the free model, without costing any money, you get lots of influencers. You can change topic while searching to generate variations. As a professional blogger, I use it mainly for getting blog post titles and for seeing how my content is performing.It won’t take a long time pointing influencers in your niche.


Birdsong Analytics



Birdsong Analytics must stay in my marketing tool list.

It exports follower data from anywhere. Birdsong Analytics can bring any content in online, and you can use on your targeted email list. Just you have to share it. Another benefit of this software is building personal profile page while you share any content.It also provides a wide range of social media analytics.You can also allow guest posts. Whoever wants to write guest posts, make them friends. This will also help you to find journalists and also advertise your products or service.Birdsong Analytics’s pay as you go package starts from 19.99 USD.It’s very reasonable price.Isn’t it?

So, stay with Birdsong Analytics.




email marketing tool


The connector will send the highest possible Outreach emails to your influencers or bloggers in your niche. I’ve engaged in email outreach for years & sent over 2 million emails for different reasons like outbound sales, content promotion,  link building, influencer marketing, etc. So, I like Connector as a new email outreach tool.I’ve also realized it abilities to automate outreach too. It makes my connection easier than before. It has different packages, but there is no free version.If you buy a package at $9, that is worth for you.





You can get Mailerlite at a reasonable price. Moreover, MailerLite gives you free service up to the first 1,000 subscribers. MailerLite offers you easy drag and drop builder opportunity. Having so many templates this service has a professional outlook which makes it painless to use. MailerLite includes almost all the features, and one can implement opt-in-in box on every page of a blog.

MailerLite allows you good rating link tracking, open tracking, click tracking and even you can use your domain for sending. It especially suits with the startup businesses, while they need easy management of subscriber list.

Another great feature you can get on Mailerlite, it allows your subscribers content consuming, no matter what devices they’re using.






GetResponse offers you a cheaper price than many of the other competitors, especially when you have a large number of email address on your database. It consists of a wide range of templates that you can choose to send to your subscribers having with autoresponder functionality.

The tool has beautiful responsive email designs and social sharing tools, also provides you in-depth reporting. It gives you more comprehensive split testing functionality than the other competitors.

It has a clean interface and easy to use and do all the basics like create campaigns, import contact, set up autoresponders and finally check statistics.

For any of your difficulty, they offer you phone support along with along with email and live chat support. GetResponse also provides you enough tutorials for your easy understanding.





MailChimp likely a very old service in email marketing tools offers you basic and advanced features and easy customization templates. Working with MailChimp’s template editor, you can drag and drop text boxes, images, and buttons. MailChimp’s system best suit with new users who lack enough skills but surely can do all by himself.

MailChimp presents you easy import of contact list, and even you can monitor customer an activity through contact management system.




Contactout is a game-changing extension. I would strongly recommend this for anyone in sales/recruitment. It is the most accurate email finding tool I’ve used. Katherine Jensen. Contactouthas the highest return rates of accurate emails. Learn More:


Wrapping It Up!

Finally, I would like to say my readers that it doesn’t matter which package are using – free or paid! But you have to test every email marketing tool to find the best one. For social media marketers, you find many publishing tools available in market at your fingertips.

Just think before choosing anyone. Bytecode is here to serve you in any marketing are. What you need is to inform us. Send your suggestion to us by commenting or messaging, as your choice.

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