Best Social Media Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

 Best Social Media Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

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Social media tools can now be a right tool to visit your customers to your website.

Present statistics says that Facebook has more than 1.28 billion active users that are now the world’s #1 social network. The other popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+  have hundreds of millions active users at present.

The social network is not only the best platform for conversation and sharing, but it also provides service & marketing arena. Today, investors and employees choose it as a medium of communication with their clients. Social media marketing targets this increasing number of active users.

Most of the digital marketing firms use the following social media tools to ensure their ROI.



CoSchedule can manage editorial, marketing, or social media calendars and most suitable for a single user and can support different connected accounts including WordPress. It will enable you to create and execute a work calendar. It can post your WordPress posts schedule immediately.

CoSchedule social media marketing

You can share text, graphics, tasks, notes, deadlines, and workflows and videos in the different social network and can enable to import any document from Google Docs or Evernote with images or videos. Here you also get the function to re-share your content on the social network during the breaking of your schedule. It will remind you to link new related links with old posts.



AdEspresso is mostly known as a Power Editor to create Facebook ads. It’s a very easier process to create add through AdEspresso. It will also save your valuable time; you can create 60 ads just in 10 min.You can create a different on your old ads. It’s Customizable dashboards allow you to create innovative ads. Information displayed here in an actionable way by making the process simple to understand. You can be available to different social media coverage by only using AdEspresso.

AdExpresso Social Media Marketing


You can get the whole action section on how to create the first campaign with complete a video in AdEspresso webpage.



The buffer is another mostly used social media tool that can support in total six different k platforms. Its free version can be able to optimize you to post on your connected accounts at any time. Moreover, it features detailed analytics, data exporting options, team collaboration and more.

Buffer Social Media Marketing Tool

It will Buffer provide you track engagement on your current account across all the platforms.Recently, it ads connectivity on Instagram to navigate more all over the world. So you can create tweets from anywhere.So, you can start from here by following the above advantages. It’s free version is also available, but you will get the full function at the cost of $10 & in a package.



BuzzBundle helps you to generate more traffic; especially you are new in blogging section. Besides blogs, it allows monitoring of social media, Q&A sites forums, & more as your target keywords.If you want to promote your brand, then it can be a suitable one for you to drive more traffic and power up SEO campaign by using social media managing.

Buzzbundle Social Media Marketing tool

The online marketer needs to involve the massively on Social Media. It will help them to optimize more effectively.Just some clicks reach you to with interact with your clients and the result will be seen immediately from customer response. [sociallocker id=”15934″]


TubeAssist will increase more views on your YouTube channel  & spread your channel more quickly.

Simply, you have to connect your channel & will turn off any prebuilt campaigns what you are trying to stop.  You can comment on various other channels videos, subscribe new channels, send messages & others.

TubeAssist Social Media Marketing Tool

This can be done automatically via YouTube API, and you have to follow YouTube’s terms and conditions. You tubers get huge assistance from this tool to promote & share more videos.What you get here is to find out the right people in the category that mostly suited to your video and can create a YouTube user base. Sharing videos with YouTube system consume a lot of time but, TubeAssist makes this task easier.


Edgar mostly works as a buffer. It focuses mainly on getting highest exposure for users social media updates. It can save your last update and also new comment on the post & then can republish it on a different occasion in the future. So, there no chance to miss any updates. Firstly, it presents the snapshot of your all the updates to your audience to reach many people within a short time. If you are an online marketer & targets to enlarge your business by social media marketing, I will recommend you to have a try on it. Most probably, it won’t make you frustrated.


TweetDeck, a dashboard, manages all your Twitter happenings & updates. You can use it in a normal feed. Another way is to add separate columns monitoring with hashtags and mentioning you and your site. It can be switched very quickly and can see Twitter context within less time that can make your actions not lengthy.

Tweetdeck Social Media Marketing Tool

I give here an example to understand easily, just you have to set up the hashtag to follow & you will be directly involved in conversations which are happening. You won’t depend on Twitter; moreover, you will be able to know it momentarily.


It’s free to access and you can run it from your browser or by an external application.


Stencil allows you to make beautiful images if you don’t have any required skill that won’t create any problem. Within a short amount of time, you can learn the skill using this application.  What are you think about creating an appealing image, how many time it cost? If you think it is created wasting 1 hour, that is wrong. It is just a few minutes work.Stencil permits you to access to more than 680,000 free background images and also 200,000 icons. You can choose your design making system from here.

It’s  Google Chrome plugin will help you to create this. You can also try its on-site application. The free version provides you ten images in one month, but if you pay only $9 in a month, you are permitted to access everything.



If you are not satisfied with Stencil or Canva then can a trial on Pablo. Pablo will make you be able to create more than 500,000 images, and it started this huge package from its starting period. After the trial, you can understand how useful it is.

Pablo’s function can be expanded to different social networks like twitter & facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. You can create & share the images across all platforms and just analyze how well it performs. Pablo 2. Supports you to create any types image- Tall & Vertical, Short & Horizontal, Square, etc.

It can help you to analyze your Twitter. You can manage your follower and those who follow you by a simple Dashboard. One of its main features is Weekly Scheduled Messages. It will help you to keep managing daily scheduling content as it’s a greatly demandable feature to social media.You can share the content directly, make connection & interaction with your influencers and can know who are your most close followers. Social Media Marketing Tool


You can get a free trial to examine it but the available premium will cost $19.99 monthly. The Twitter game lover will love it. is a mostly used social media tool to explore different hashtags and analyze their relationships. This analysis data is collected from1% sampling of tweets and this tool will boost you to reach Twitter and Instagram. social media marketing tool

Hashtags have huge benefits if utilized appropriately in popular social media. If you want to know it properly, you can choose Hashtag Guide to know the basic. Business professionals use a hashtag just like people find a perfect keyword when finding information online. [/sociallocker]


Tagboard is a good choice as a research tool for people’s social strategy. It’s like a Pinterest board for Hashtags. It will give you updates about your Hashtag. So, easily you can find out what people are looking for when they post any comment. It will help you to manage a lot of information about your follower or your influencers in your niche.

Tagboard Social Media Marketing Tool

Tagboard can gather text, video or image posts that can give you an idea on what are you want to say to your audience. It can arrange relevant conversations from various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Vine & then puts all the information in a user-friendly interface to interact you with the results.



Woobox is a funny Social Media Platform especially for using in Contests and Promotions.This  Social Media Platform works to create unique, promotional content for the business area.

Woobox Social Media Marketing Tool

It will allow you to use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube through only one tool.You will be able to host video contests, sweepstakes, coupons, polls and more. Currently, it’s app has 40 million active users in every month. Now, more than 1.5 million professional brands use Woobox. It will be more helpful for WordPress blog. This tool will help you to increase revenue and engagement that mostly fits your strategy.



Casey Neistat, mostly known as YouTube Superstar, is the innovator of this social media channel. You can record short videos through it. After uploading, you will be able to see the review. You have to hold the phone to your chest, after hearing a beep, make sure that the record is succeeded. It will make your short videos more authentic and realistic to your eyes.


Snapchat is a social media app for new generations, especially for marketers.

Though  Snapchat has 100 million active users & 400 million Snaps are uploaded but it’s a matter of sorrow that it won’t reach a mainstream level like other social networks. The older generation still not accept it largely but it is very popular among millennials. About  50% of Snapchat users age is between 18-24 years.

Snapchat’s daily viewers have 10 billion, isn’t it a large number of people..! It is good for marketers as it mainly focuses on organic research, marketing, and advertising. So, if you are a marketer, can choose it without hesitation.



A periscope is a video tool to broadcast and explore anything across the world through live video. You can get news update, visit the new place, can meet people and share your interests at any time. You can get more details on

Periscope Social Media Marketing Tool

It allows you to upload longer content directly on your TV channel. You are also permitted to see highlights & replay of the total video. Privacy is completely maintained. You can broadcast your videos to any specific followers or friends. Marketing power can be got applying it. You can make webinars, review talks, products review and present yourself.


SoundCloud is one of the leading web-based music-streaming sites. It allows uploading music, to listen to music & a good platform for upcoming artists. By the upgrading application, more features are being added to fulfill user demand. It’s a good way to spread your voice across the world & repost your songs to reach the new audience.

SoundCloud Social Media Marketing Tool

Messaging and commenting features make this music application more popular.Now, it has over 200 million users who are an active stream of the musical site. I highly recommend my readers to use it as it is user-friendly and accessible. If you’re a marketer having a good voice, then your target should be to focus on mobile listeners. is among the top 30 most used tools mobile-only video feed in the US. getting a lot of attention. They mostly attracts the females, under 30, with their products. This social media platform engaged the audience like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram with musical features. Social Media Marketing Tool

The younger loves the features which include short music videos specifically lip-sync and dancing videos. Comedy, Action-style videos, Product Placement, are other features. You will fall in love with it if you deserve young age.



Twitter network make chat easier and chat a common &  convenient method for communication.

TwChat can monitor hashtag and can create a simple chatroom. By using it, you can receive & send messages & will be able to control over the content. TwChat earns its popularity day by day.

twChat social media marketing tool

TwChat is a free platform for monitoring official hashtag on the web. It makes Tweet-chatting more attractive. Definitely, Influencers love to hang out through Twitter chats.


These are total 19 best social media marketing tools for digital marketers to plume your business next level. Remember; competition is going up at present days and no way but to go on deep analysis to overpass your competitors.

Social media marketing tools basically for

  • Getting more followers
  • To increase users’ engagement ultimately introduce your business or service
  • Drive more traffics to your website converting them into subscribers or clients
  • Informing them about your upcoming products that lead to more sells


Before we are tucking in, this post, let remind you one thing all the visitors come to your website, do not convert into customers or subscribers. Only 30-35% engage with your websites, but rest of the part never come again. [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#74a2f3″ size=”2″]Let us know[/su_button] how we can help you if you really stuck with this problem. We will help you to overcome this challenging part and turn them into your clients with maximum potentiality.

In case, if you think we have left any important tool that may benefit to others, please let us know, we will add it to this list. Any experience with these tools, you’re welcome to share here.

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