The Top eCommerce Builder in Bangladesh

The Top eCommerce Builder in Bangladesh by BytecodeSoft


In the dynamic world of eCommerce, creating a robust and user-friendly online store is paramount for businesses looking to thrive in the digital marketplace. With the ever-growing demand for eCommerce solutions in Bangladesh, it’s crucial to choose the right eCommerce builder to kickstart your online business. Among the plethora of options available, one platform stands out as the undisputed leader – eCom Builder by BytecodeSoft.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into why eCom Builder by BytecodeSoft deserves the top spot as the most preferred eCommerce builder in Bangladesh.

Understanding the eCommerce Landscape in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh has witnessed a remarkable surge in eCommerce activities over the past few years. With an expanding middle class and increased internet penetration, consumers are turning to online shopping for convenience and variety. This has created a massive opportunity for businesses to establish their online presence and tap into this burgeoning market.

Key Features of eCom Builder by BytecodeSoft:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: eCom Builder is designed with the user in mind. Its intuitive interface ensures that even those without extensive technical knowledge can easily set up and manage their online store.
  2. Customization: Tailor your online store to your brand’s unique identity. With a wide array of customizable templates, you can create a visually appealing and highly functional eCommerce site.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness: In a mobile-first era, eCom Builder ensures that your online store looks and functions flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, guaranteeing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  4. Payment Gateway Integration: eCom Builder supports multiple payment gateways, including popular local options like bKash and Rocket, ensuring that your customers can make purchases using their preferred methods.
  5. Inventory Management: Keep track of your products effortlessly with the built-in inventory management system. Never worry about running out of stock or overselling again.
  6. SEO Optimization: Enhance your online visibility with eCom Builder’s SEO-friendly features. This ensures that your products are easily discoverable on search engines, driving organic traffic to your store.
  7. Security: BytecodeSoft takes security seriously. eCom Builder comes with robust security features to protect your website and customer data from cyber threats.
  8. 24/7 Customer Support: Should you encounter any issues or have questions, BytecodeSoft’s dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to assist you.

Why eCom Builder by BytecodeSoft is Number 1:

  1. Local Expertise: BytecodeSoft understands the nuances of the Bangladeshi eCommerce landscape, making eCom Builder a tailored solution for businesses in the region.
  2. Affordability: eCom Builder offers a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises. You can start with a basic plan and scale up as your business grows.
  3. Proven Track Record: Many successful eCommerce businesses in Bangladesh have built their online stores using eCom Builder by BytecodeSoft, attesting to its reliability and effectiveness.
  4. Continuous Updates: BytecodeSoft continually updates the platform, adding new features and improvements to ensure that your online store stays ahead of the curve.


In the bustling eCommerce landscape of Bangladesh, choosing the right eCommerce builder is a pivotal decision for your business’s success. eCom Builder by BytecodeSoft, with its user-friendly interface, customization options, mobile responsiveness, and comprehensive support, rightfully claims its spot as the number 1 eCommerce builder in the country. Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your existing online store, eCom Builder is your go-to solution for establishing a strong online presence and thriving in the world of eCommerce.

Best ERP Software in Bangladesh

The Best ERP Software in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Review

In an era where businesses are constantly evolving and striving for greater efficiency, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become an indispensable tool. Bangladesh, a country with a burgeoning economy and a rapidly growing business landscape, is no exception. In this blog post, we will explore the best ERP software solutions available in Bangladesh, focusing on their features, benefits, and how they cater to the unique needs of businesses in this region.

Understanding ERP Software

Before delving into the specific ERP software solutions in Bangladesh, let’s establish a clear understanding of what ERP software is and why it is vital for modern businesses.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a suite of integrated applications that assist organizations in managing their core business processes efficiently. These processes encompass various aspects of operations, including finance, HR, procurement, inventory management, sales, and more. ERP software aims to streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance decision-making by providing real-time insights.

The Importance of ERP in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh’s economy continues to grow and diversify, businesses face increasing complexities in managing their operations. ERP software helps organizations in Bangladesh address these challenges by:

  1. Streamlining Processes: ERP software simplifies complex processes, allowing businesses to run more smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Enhancing Decision-Making: With real-time data and analytics, ERP software provides valuable insights that enable better decision-making.
  3. Compliance and Reporting: ERP systems assist businesses in adhering to regulatory requirements, such as tax laws and financial reporting standards.
  4. Competitive Advantage: By optimizing operations, ERP software can give businesses a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

Now that we have a solid grasp of what ERP software is and why it’s essential for businesses in Bangladesh, let’s explore the top ERP solutions available in the country.

Best ERP Software in Bangladesh

In the dynamic and competitive business landscape of Bangladesh, having an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is crucial for success. ERP software streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and provides real-time insights to help businesses make informed decisions. In this blog post, we will explore the best ERP software solutions available in Bangladesh, each offering a unique set of features and benefits.

  1. ERP by BytecodeSoft

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive modules for finance, inventory, sales, and HR management.
  • Real-time data analytics and reporting.
  • Customizable to fit various business sizes and industries.
  • User-friendly interface for easy adoption.
  • Mobile compatibility for on-the-go access.


  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced decision-making through data-driven insights.
  • Scalability to accommodate business growth.
  • Reduced manual data entry and errors.
  • Competitive pricing options for small to medium-sized businesses.
  1. SAP Business One

Key Features:

  • End-to-end business process management.
  • Integration with other SAP solutions for complete business control.
  • Advanced analytics for predictive insights.
  • Industry-specific templates and best practices.
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment options.


  • Streamlined operations and reduced IT costs.
  • Real-time visibility into business performance.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with faster response times.
  • Better inventory management and demand forecasting.
  • Scalability to support global expansion.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Key Features:

  • Unified platform for CRM and ERP functionalities.
  • AI-driven insights for personalized customer experiences.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.
  • Industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, retail, and more.
  • Flexible deployment options.


  • Seamlessly connect sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • Enhanced productivity through automation.
  • Improved data security with Microsoft’s robust infrastructure.
  • Access to a wide range of productivity tools.
  • Scalability and adaptability for evolving business needs.
  1. Oracle NetSuite

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution.
  • Financial management, CRM, e-commerce, and more in one platform.
  • Global business management capabilities.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting.
  • Extensive customization options.


  • Enhanced financial control and compliance.
  • Accelerated order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.
  • A unified view of customer interactions.
  • Scalability to support multi-subsidiary and multi-country operations.
  • Reduced IT overhead with cloud-based deployment.
  1. Tally.ERP 9

Key Features:

  • Accounting, inventory, and payroll management.
  • GST compliance features for the Indian market.
  • Easy data synchronization and remote access.
  • TallyPrime for advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Support for multiple languages.


  • Simplified accounting and tax compliance.
  • Cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Improved data accuracy and speed.
  • Quick implementation and user-friendly interface.
  • Strong community support and training resources.
  1. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

Key Features:

  • Industry-specific solutions for manufacturing and distribution.
  • Advanced planning and scheduling capabilities.
  • Comprehensive financial management.
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics.
  • Scalable cloud deployment.


  • Optimized production and supply chain operations.
  • Reduced lead times and improved on-time deliveries.
  • Enhanced cost control and profitability analysis.
  • Better demand forecasting and inventory management.
  • High configurability to meet unique business requirements.


How to Choose the Right ERP Software for Your Business

Selecting the best ERP software for your business in Bangladesh requires careful consideration of several factors. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Assess Your Business Needs

Start by evaluating your organization’s specific requirements. Consider factors like the size of your business, the industry you operate in, your growth projections, and the complexity of your operations.

2. Set a Budget

Determine a realistic budget for your ERP software implementation. Remember to factor in not only the initial software costs but also ongoing expenses like training, maintenance, and support.

3. Choose Between On-Premises and Cloud-Based Solutions

Decide whether you want an on-premises ERP system or a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based ERP offers scalability and accessibility, while on-premises systems provide more control over data.

4. Evaluate Vendor Reputation and Support

Research the reputation of ERP vendors and their level of customer support. Look for reviews, testimonials, and case studies from businesses similar to yours.

5. Consider Integration Needs

Ensure that the ERP software you choose can integrate seamlessly with your existing software and systems. This is crucial for data consistency and efficiency.

6. Customization and Scalability

Check if the ERP software allows for customization to meet your specific business needs. Additionally, assess its scalability to accommodate future growth.

7. Demo and Trial Periods

Whenever possible, request demos and trial periods to get hands-on experience with the ERP software. This will help you understand its usability and functionality.

8. Compliance and Local Regulations

For businesses in Bangladesh, compliance with local tax regulations is essential. Ensure that the ERP solution you choose can handle these requirements effectively.

9. Training and User-Friendliness

Consider the ease of use and the availability of training resources for the ERP software. User-friendly software reduces the learning curve for your employees.

10. Long-Term Vision

Think about your long-term business goals and whether the chosen ERP software aligns with your vision. It should support your growth and evolving needs.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a vital tool for businesses in Bangladesh seeking to enhance their operations, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge in a dynamic marketplace. The best ERP software solution for your organization depends on your unique requirements, industry, budget, and long-term goals.

SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite, Tally.ERP 9, and Infor CloudSuite Industrial are among the top ERP software options available in Bangladesh, each offering a set of features and benefits catering to various business needs.

Before making your decision, thoroughly assess your business needs, set a budget, and consider factors such as scalability, compliance with local regulations, and the reputation of the ERP vendor. Additionally, take advantage of demo and trial periods to ensure that the chosen ERP software aligns with your organization’s goals and objectives.

Investing in the right ERP software can significantly contribute to the success and growth of your business in Bangladesh, helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities of an evolving market.

Best Time Tracking Tools That Can Skyrocket Your Work Productivity

A business’s processes and daily operations involve a lot of things. Of course, employees are nowhere less. Right from daily office work to occasional project or assignment related things, employees and managers handle a lot of things in a 9 to 5 day. This is all one point. But we never truly will know how many hours actually we are working and on what we are are spending our time. The reason I am saying this is because when we realize the number of works we are spending then we can much effectively and efficiently manage our time and simply accomplish our work goals.

Knowing how much time really you are spending on each of your daily or occasional assignments will improve your work productivity and efficiency. Recording activities such as how much time you are spending on your work at your office will add up in no time. So the best way to manage your time effectively is by tracking it.



What is Time Tracking Software and How to deploy it for Professional Purpose? 

Calculating time isn’t as difficult as you think. All you will need to do is to find the right effective time tracking software that can exactly calculate every single minute that is being spent on each task by you. For example, if you run a business that usually is based on employee working efficiency then this tracking application can not only assist you in improving your work productivity but also give the encouragement to complete the given job in or on time.

The time tracker app will show a deep effect on your overall work productivity no matter whether you are at your workplace or home. It keeps tabs on well-performing employees and encourages them so that their excellent performance will get seen and rightfully paid. In addition, it holds stragglers in place or brings concerns to the management knowledge in a timely manner. For instance, if one of the team members is highly struggling with a specific task, in such situations, if self-employed, you can introduce the training and work professionally in yourself to evolve into a developed company.

Now, let’s discuss a few of the many advantages of time tracking application that will turn all unproductive time into productive and will reduce unwanted costs.


Enhanced Work Management 

For any business, it will have some moving parts and many difficult duties that managers and employees have to perform whether it is on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In such situations, time tracking software will help you in making jobs and project management remarkable efforts. This is indeed true in situations when companies have only a few number of employees who generally will be taking care of various distinctive assignments in the office. Tracking each and every single employee’s working hours and the time they generally spend on each of the projects and routine work and knowing whichever of the tasks is the important will make it simpler for them to handle all of their duties. 


Better Payroll Processing 

Some tracking applications on the market nowadays let the staff members do beyond just tracking their time. Such as building time-sheets, later which the higher management even managers can use it for payroll processing purposes. In addition, extra features like this will be extremely helpful in making sure that the employees will definitely get their salary on time for the assignments. This tracking application can make most of your tasks easier and frequently, a part of the guesswork, out of payroll. This is highly useful for businesses with smaller management and a limited number of staff members or employees.


Let You Concentrate

Managers always have to keep tabs on your employees in every step of their assignment dealing or task. It is fine only until some extent but beyond that, it will not work as it can make your employees feel insecure and monitored 24/7. If your employees know how much time they are spending productively and every single minute is being tracked by an application then they there are fewer chances for them to make excuses for not doing work.

They will focus in a better way and explore ways to finish their job in the given time. By calculating the tentative completion time of the assignment, they can let their managers or management to know that the specific task may not be finished in the stipulated time-frame as anticipated. This way both management/managers and employees can work hand in hand.


Self Learning Effect 

Not is normal for everyone to think that they are spending enough time or time that is actually needed. That very thought can be broken when they find out that they are not exactly spending their time as they thought they were. A time management application provides powerful insights. It is helpful for your employees in deciding what job is crucial and what is not.


A Proven Methodology 

There are various companies who are making profits after deploying the time to track software. However, one such true case is Fisher Vista. It is an advertising/marketing company that indeed got benefited from the tracking application and resulted in enhanced time management, a decent reduction in unwanted and unnecessary costs and many others.

Relevant Post

It is essential for companies and entrepreneurs to not to execute and try on small samples. You should try the software for at least 4-8 weeks. Doing so, the employees and managers can get to know the approximate time spent on tasks. It is quite usual for any organization that will face such situations where employees will be performing distinctively. Not every person performs same. Some employees have the capability to adapt to the new changes in the system within no time. While others take some time to adjust and understand the process and the way how it works.

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    ByteCode’s Exclusive Services

    Important Digital Marketing Tools To Increase ROI

    Important Digital Marketing Tools To Increase ROI

    Important Digital Marketing Tools To Increase ROI

    Best SEO Tools


    Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers


    Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers. To research on your competitors or getting the new opportunities it is must to have best SEO tools at your fingertips. It is not important only for SEO specialists, but also for digital marketing manager, multi-national businessman, account manager of digital marketing firm/ digital marketing agency, Search engine marketer, even if you run your website or blog.

    Previously I have written about Important Digital Marketing Tools increase ROI, but here I want to inform you about Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers.  Read the article to know update SEO tools.



    SEO Monitor 

    SEOmonitor has a Google data based (not provided ) solution that brings back the lost keywords and splits the organic traffic into brand and Non-brand. SEOmonitor works as an Automatic Keywords Research tool, as it is able to identify thousands of relevant keywords and provide valuable insights such as SEO difficulty and opportunity to rank in top position. SEO monitor takes the search volume, the difficulty and the rank of each tracked keywords into consideration. The Dashboard offers a summary view of all the monitored websites and is designed to draw the user’s attention to significant SEO performance changes or site errors.

    SEO Monitor seo tool bytecode

    It permits to access as a user with a free account. Some selected features are free Service free, the other are charged.


    SEMrush is a software research suite mostly used by digital marketers & PPC specialists, designed to provide businesses related data to inform marketing and business decisions. If you want to operate a business via the internet, SEMrush will make the job easier by researching the market and competition.


    Contemporary Digital marketers use SEMrush to justify marketing strategies and to back up the decision with the data provided by SEMrush. You can report back to clients about the results of their PPC and SEO campaigns by link building progress. If you are a PPC specialist SEMrush perfect for you as it allows unlimited research and competitor analysis to plan and track performance campaigns. You will be able to analyze trends based on the data provided by SEMrush.


    This tool helps you to analyze the top results from Google and Bing and instruct you which keywords of the sites viewers want to track rank for.



    This tool can be used to find out what terms of site ranks how and uncover those keywords viewers. ‘What Ranks Where’ provides useful data such as the current position, past position, position difference, search volume, cost per click value, traffic estimation, traffic cost, competition level and some results for each keyword it finds.


    SEO Quake 

    A powerful toolbox for the browser. It’s a free plugin provides key SEO metrics.You can use it like  SEO Audit. SEOquake allows you to review all major metrics in a heartbeat, analyze  SERPs and export the results in CSV format.


    You can estimate keyword difficulty instantly and also set parameters for a search query. It will enable you to run a complete SEO audit of a web page, including a check for mobile compatibility. Moreover, you can check social statistics for Facebook and Google+. It is also expert to provide a full report for internal/external links determining a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list. Here, you can found extra criteria as it can compare URLs/domains.

    Ahrefs (Paid)

    Ahrefs give you the chance to check a domain, sub-domain or exact URL & how it ranks in Google. If you put process.St into the Positions Explorer, it shows more than 7,000 keywords that we rank for, including search volume and competition.


    Ahref’s Keywords Explorer is for generating new ones that are the completely positive reaction.It shows a list of synonyms and related terms, alongside their volume. You can use it for backlink intelligence & SEO audits for content marketing analysis and link prospecting.


    Mozbar is a popular choice among SEOs. In two ways, you can be able to use this extension. When you search in Google for a specific keyword, oz bar will display statistics below for each of the search result. To know better info for the competition you can see the page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA) of the pages.


    You can also use the button beside the Google search bar to get a keyword difficulty score.Another way is when you use Mozbar is for a web page, you’ll see a bar pop up including the page’s overall status.It’s a useful extension, but it relies solely on  (OSE) data that is considered as shortening its arena.OSE’s database is smaller and updates slower so it may be lengthy time.

    Screaming Frog 

    Screaming Frog is a well-known go-to tool for SEO’s, famous for website crawler. It’s  the main objective is to save you time while site auditing. And, that is what it does exactly.While entering a site’s URL, Screaming Frog drags to look you the whole site with a depth of info about each page.

    Screemingfrog seo tool bytecode

    Within a short time, you will get the report data so; it must be useful & valuable to you. You will able to use it on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu and it’s free license.Under the free license, you can crawl up to 500 URI’s. But if you purchase the license, you will be allowed for more URIs to be crawled in addition to few more features.

    The Panguin Tool 

    Google users are anxious as your traffic can be affected by a Google Update. The Penguin tool is here to solve this problem. It will show you what was the last Panda or Penguin update. It will also show you full traffic statistics and a correlation between various sites.


    If you see any data dropping after a major update, you can find it out and get feedback using it. You will also be informed how can you restore from Google’s good graces. But you have to continue your research outside of the tool.


    Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

    One of is the most comprehensive SEO crawlers in present digital market. Crawling more than 100,000 pages is difficult. But Deepcrawl allows you to crawl millions of pages. I want to give here an example- If I have a list of 404 pages and want to arrange those on one page, simply I have to copy and paste the link to that page and  people will be able to see the 404 pages  In addition to that they will see those pages link and can connect through the links as well as other information. It can detect duplicate content, and you won’t face any problem while crawling on large sites.


    Wayback Machine


    This tool is incredibly simple to use. It has three major use-researching older links, tracking website modifications & using archived pages. 455 billion web pages are currently archived by the Wayback Machine, so it has proved it’s quality as SEO Tool.

    If you want to use way back machine, you have to surf to and then type the Internet address on the provided search box. You can see any versions of the Web site close in your Internet address that is archived will come in a chronological list.  Then, select the version or date as your desire.  The archived version of that Web site on specific dates will appear, and you will be able to see the review.

    It is license free and very useful.




    You can choose LongTailPro, keyword research software, to generate more than 800 keywords collecting data from Google keyword tool. It will allow you to bring about hundreds or thousands of keywords within minutes based on root keywords at once. Freely visit Long Tail Pro Software Page to read on the benefits and features of Long Tail Pro. Today, many keyword research tools are available, but the biggest benefit of Long Tail Pro is to search for different types keywords at once.  You don’t need to waste your time by searching every option individually.  Just fix in your ‘seed’ keywords all at once, and it is ready to work.




    If you are a business owner or online marketer, then you would like to see more people visit your website. Keyword tool will help you to make this task easier. Among recent tools, is one of the relevant keyword tools among marketers. It helps you to get 750 long tail keyword suggestions looks like your root keyword. The ranking is based on people’s searching number. This swift search makes your job easier by finding out some extra keywords based on your content. You can use it both for finding long & rich content ideas.


    Yoast SEO


    It is a complete WordPress SEO plugin mostly used by users. Here integrates all from a snippet editor and real-time page analysis which co-ordinates pages content, images titles, meta descriptions, and XML sitemaps. Yoast SEO features keyword and content analysis, Posting title and meta descriptions, meta configuration, Readability checking, Canonical, Breadcrumbs, Permalink cleanup, etc.If you Connect it with your WordPress site, you’ll see a section to fill a criteria section to do SEO for your page. Then it will be crawlable by Google.You will see the direction to improve, to change and how your content is looking for optimal results. So, you have to follow the guidelines.



    Linkminer is here to make smarter decisions quickly. You can find out more details about the links while checking. It takes broken link checking to next stage. You can be able to get link & social data, to export all links from a page and to display link data of each link to the page by using it.You can utilize it to find out the number of external links on the page currently you’re viewing.Besides, you will get finally the number of referring domains, social metrics, exporting data into a CSV file.

    Wikipedia Link


    Wikipedia is the most authoritative website on the internet that makes Wikipedia link important for SEO. If you can create backlinks from Wikipedia to your website most probably, you get relaxation. Wikipedia link gives you links from different authoritative sites, high-quality traffic.If you want to get authoritative links continuously which brings new traffic & many links, then Wikipedia link is the right place for you. WikiGrabber made Wikipedia Link Building tactics a lot easier.

    Seed Keywords

    Best SEO tools For Digital Marketers

    It’s very easy to use. While starting, it will provide you some great keyword ideas & will try to establish search terms. It’s an excellent free tool for research areas. It is different from others. You can see that other tools suggest links based on search data while Seed Keywords ask you it directly. Using this, you create a scenario if someone searches for your product. You can research keyword based phrase, page or according to product category. Sometimes keyword research may need human element, and you may have asked it to your consumer audience to know how they search for something. Seed Keywords would help you to create a survey and give you that feedback.

    Google Analytics

    Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

    If your website looks like millions of other websites, then Google Analytics should be installed.  Google Analytics supports you by adding new skills to understand better about web traffic. You can know the process of navigating the GA interface, understanding natively collected data and the importance of digging. Google Analytics data are comprehensive. Through this, you can monitor, prove and see the results of SEO efforts. Your campaigning, link building and changing to a certain site will be reflected in Google Analytics. Marketing needs it badly nowadays.

    Bing Webmaster tool


    Bing Webmaster Tool is one of the best SEO tools provides a user-friendly interface to retain multiple websites from one single account. Bing Webmaster Tools is advanced in many ways. It offers you many features on your post. This information brings mainly from Bing documentation and some firsthand experience.You can easily add a site by Bing Webmaster Tools.Firstly, log in & then enter the URL from your site’s home page and after that click on “Add” button. Now, you will be directed to a particular screen to entry basic information and sitemap URL.The Bing Webmaster tool runs like Google Webmaster tools and an important SEO’s toolkit.It will give you lot of valuable traffic source in comparison with other tools.


    Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

    URLProfiler can be used for auditing content, backlink monitoring, link prospecting, diagnosing SEO penalties, extracting big data, look up social data, searching contact details & more.It’s Simply awesome.Mostly used for link classification and competitive analysis.It integrates various tools like Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Copyscape, SEMRush & uClassify. It can be configured to complete different tasks & can look up high volumes of data for thousands of URLs just in 1 click. It is so powerful according to an analysis tool.


    Best Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

    If you want a tool to get updated from present market PVanish is a reliable VPN that is worth for checking out. It has a big network of servers that provide you fast & reliable connection from anyplace in the world. This software is so simple and straightforward, so no trouble happened while getting it figure out. But you have to mind it that help can’t be gotten instantaneously with IPVanish.Though customer service is 24/7, you have to wait for e-mail for the response. It may take a few hours while using IPVanish.It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebooks, Windows Phone, Ubuntu & more.You will get the two-week guarantee, so it’s a good option for checking out on SEO research.It secures connection & encrypts browsing, but it makes easy to spoof your location by a simple click of the mouse.

    Google Search Console

    Best Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

    Google Search Console is a Google’s suite of tools to analyze & diagnose data to get a Google-friendly site.Mostly user for getting SEO information about your website from Google directly.

    It is free for any website. But installing it won’t improve your SEO or any organic traffic. It is a toolset that means you can use Google Search Console to change on your website.It may be a bit difficult to understand. But if you get any chance to take advantage from Google, then why not Google Search Console SEO tool?It can give you an overview of your site from an SEO perspective.It may identify errors.Besides, you can find useful data with backlinks to your site. It can analyze your performance if there’s manual penalties & a bunch of other things.  So, you can connect it with Google Analytics for free SEO data.


    Xenu Link Sleuth

    Best Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

    Xenu Link Sleuth is a site crawler and famous enough among the best SEO tools to crawl website from any broken link. Xenu’s Link Sleuth can be downloaded free.It can run on all versions of Windows without Macs. You can apply it in different SEO-related issues.

    Link verification can be done on links, images, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, frames, plug-ins, scripts and java applets.You can sort out updated list of URLs sort by different criteria at any time. The additional features are simple user-interface,re-checking broken links, report format, Support SSL websites, Detect and report redirected URLs, Site Map.Finally, it will give you an output report that highlights all broken links to your site.


    SEO Auto Linker

    Best Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

    The SEO Auto Linker plugin is a fantastic solution to the internal linking problem.It’s one of the best WordPress SEO tools that are encouraging visitors to stay on-site of your internal linking.SEO Smart Links plugin links words and phrases automatically in your posts, pages or custom type content. Just click on the link button on WordPress text editor, linking it to existing content, and you will find the article you wanted linking. SEO Auto Linker completes the rest.

    Some other SEO tools that may help you

    Best SEO tools for digital marketers


    Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog Quickly


    Social Media Tools For Significant Marketers

    Social Media Marketing Tool ByteCode Digital Marketing Firm


    Social media tools can now be a right tool to visit your customers to your website.

    Present statistics says that Facebook has more than 1.28 billion active users that are now the world’s #1 social network. The other popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+  have hundreds of millions active users at present.

    The social network is not only the best platform for conversation and sharing, but it also provides service & marketing arena. Today, investors and employees choose it as a medium of communication with their clients. Social media marketing targets this increasing number of active users.

    Most of the digital marketing firms use the following social media tools to ensure their ROI.



    CoSchedule can manage editorial, marketing, or social media calendars and mostly suitable for a single user and can support different connected accounts including WordPress. It will enable you to create and execute a work calendar. It can post your WordPress posts schedule immediately.

    CoSchedule social media marketing

    You can share text, graphics, tasks, notes, deadlines, and workflows and videos in the different social network and can enable to import any document from Google Docs or Evernote with images or videos. Here you also get the function to re-share your content on the social network during the breaking of your schedule. It will remind you to link new related links with old posts.



    AdEspresso is mostly known as a Power Editor to create Facebook ads. It’s a very easier process to create add through AdEspresso. It will also save your valuable time; you can create 60 ads just in 10 min.You can create a different on your old ads. It’s Customizable dashboards allow you to create innovative ads. Information displayed here in an actionable way by making the process simple to understand. You can be available to different social media coverage by only using AdEspresso.

    AdExpresso Social Media Marketing


    You can get the whole action section on how to create the first campaign with complete a video in AdEspresso webpage.



    The buffer is another mostly used social media tool that can support in total six different k platforms. Its free version can be able to optimize you to post on your connected accounts at any time. Moreover, it features detailed analytics, data exporting options, team collaboration and more.

    Buffer Social Media Marketing Tool

    It will Buffer provide you track engagement on your current account across all the platforms.Recently, it ads connectivity on Instagram to navigate more all over the world. So you can create tweets from anywhere.So, you can start from here by following the above advantages. It’s free version is also available, but you will get the full function at the cost of $10 & in a package.



    BuzzBundle helps you to generate more traffic; especially you are new in blogging section. Besides blogs, it allows monitoring of social media, Q&A sites forums, & more as your target keywords.If you want to promote your brand, then it can be a suitable one for you to drive more traffic and power up SEO campaign by using social media managing.

    Buzzbundle Social Media Marketing tool

    The online marketer needs to involve the massively on Social Media. It will help them to optimize more effectively.Just some clicks reach you to with interact with your clients and the result will be seen immediately from customer response. [sociallocker id=”15934″]


    TubeAssist will increase more views on your YouTube channel  & spread your channel more quickly.

    Simply, you have to connect your channel & will turn off any prebuilt campaigns what you are trying to stop.  You can comment on various other channels videos, subscribe new channels, send messages & others.

    TubeAssist Social Media Marketing Tool

    This can be done automatically via YouTube API, and you have to follow YouTube’s terms and conditions. You tubers get huge assistance from this tool to promote & share more videos.What you get here is to find out the right people in the category that mostly suited to your video and can create a YouTube user base. Sharing videos with YouTube system consume a lot of time but, TubeAssist makes this task easier.


    Edgar mostly works as a buffer. It focuses mainly on getting highest exposure for users social media updates. It can save your last update and also new comment on the post & then can republish it on a different occasion in the future. So, there no chance to miss any updates. Firstly, it presents the snapshot of your all the updates to your audience to reach many people within a short time. If you are an online marketer & targets to enlarge your business by social media marketing, I will recommend you to have a try on it. Most probably, it won’t make you frustrated.


    TweetDeck, a dashboard, manages all your Twitter happenings & updates. You can use it in a normal feed. Another way is to add separate columns monitoring with hashtags and mentioning you and your site. It can be switched very quickly and can see Twitter context within less time that can make your actions not lengthy.

    Tweetdeck Social Media Marketing Tool

    I give here an example to understand easily, just you have to set up the hashtag to follow & you will be directly involved in conversations which are happening. You won’t depend on Twitter; moreover, you will be able to know it momentarily.


    It’s free to access and you can run it from your browser or by an external application.


    Stencil allows you to make beautiful images if you don’t have any required skill that won’t create any problem. Within a short amount of time you can learn the skill using this application.  What are you think about creating an appealing image, how many time it cost? If you think it is created wasting 1 hour, that is wrong. It is just a few minutes work.Stencil permits you to access to more than 680,000 free background images and also 200,000 icons. You can choose your design making system from here.

    It’s  Google Chrome plugin will help you to create this. You can also try it’s on-site application. The free version provides you ten images in one month, but if you pay only $9 in a month, you are permitted to access everything.



    If you are not satisfied with Stencil or Canva then can a trial on Pablo. Pablo will make you be able to create more than 500,000 images, and it started this huge package from its starting period. After the trial, you can understand how useful it is.

    Publo’s function can be expanded to different social networks like twitter & facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. You can create & share the images across all platforms and just analyze how well it perform. Pablo 2. Supports you to create any types image- Tall & Vertical, Short & Horizontal, Square, etc.


    It can help you to analyze your Twitter. You can manage your follower and those who follow you by a simple Dashboard. One of its main features is Weekly Scheduled Messages. It will help you to keep managing daily scheduling content as it’s a greatly demandable feature to social media.You can share the content directly, make connection & interaction with your influencers and can know who are your most close followers.

  Social Media Marketing Tool


    You can get a free trial to examine it but the available premium will cost $19.99 monthly. The Twitter game lover will be greatly benefitted by it.

  is a mostly used social media tool to explore different hashtags and analyze their relationships. This analysis data is collected from1% sampling of tweets and this tool will boost you to reach Twitter and Instagram. social media marketing tool

    Hashtags have huge benefits if utilized appropriately in popular social media. If you want to know it properly, you can choose Hashtag Guide to know the basic. Business professionals use a hashtag just like people find a perfect keyword when finding information online. [/sociallocker]


    Tagboard is a good choice as a research tool for people’s social strategy. It’s like a Pinterest board for Hashtags. It will give you updates about your Hashtag. So, easily you can find out what people are looking for when they post any comment. It will help you to manage a lot of information about your follower or your influencers in your niche.

    Tagboard Social Media Marketing Tool

    Tagboard can gather text, video or image posts that can give you an idea on what are you want to say to your audience. It can arrange relevant conversations from various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Vine & then puts all the information in a user-friendly interface to interact you with the results.



    Woobox is a funny Social Media Platform especially used for Contests and Promotions.This  Social Media Platform works to create unique, promotional content for the business area.

    Woobox Social Media Marketing Tool

    It will allow you to use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube through only one tool.You will be able to host video contests, sweepstakes, coupons, polls and more. Currently, it’s app has 40 million active users in every month. Now, more than 1.5 million professional brands use Woobox. It will be more helpful for WordPress blog. This tool will help you to increase revenue and engagement that mostly fits your strategy.



    Casey Neistat, mostly known as YouTube Superstar, is the innovator of this social media channel. You can record short videos through it. After uploading, you will be able to see the review. You have to hold the phone to your chest, after hearing a beep, make sure that the record is succeeded. It will make your short videos more authentic and realistic to your eyes.


    Snapchat is a social media app for new generations, especially for marketers.

    Though  Snapchat has 100 million active users & 400 million Snaps are uploaded but it’s a matter of sorrow that it won’t reach a mainstream level like other social networks. The older generation still not accept it largely but it is very popular among millennials. About  50% of Snapchat users age is between 18-24 years.

    Snapchat’s daily viewers have 10 billion, isn’t it a large number of people..! It is good for marketers as it mainly focuses on organic research, marketing, and advertising. So, if you are a marketer, can chose it without hesitation.



    A periscope is a video tool that is used to broadcast and explore anything across the world through live video. You can get news update, visit the new place, can meet people and share your interests at any time. You can get more details on

    Periscope Social Media Marketing Tool

    It allows you to upload longer content directly on your TV channel. You are also permitted to see highlights & replay of the total video. Privacy is completely maintained. You can broadcast your videos to any specific followers or friends. Marketing power can be got applying it. You can make webinars, review talks, products review and present yourself.


    SoundCloud is one of the leading web-based music-streaming sites. It allows uploading music, to listen to music & a good platform for upcoming artists. By the upgrading application, more features are being added to fulfill user demand. It’s a good way to spread your voice across the world & repost your songs to reach the new audience.

    SoundCloud Social Media Marketing Tool

    Messaging and commenting features make this music application more popular.Now, it has over 200 million users who are an active stream of the musical site. I highly recommend my readers to use it as it is user-friendly and accessible. If you’re a marketer having a good voice, then your target should be to focus on mobile listeners.

  is among the top 30 most used tools mobile-only video feed in the US. getting a lot of attention. The females, under 30, are attracted by their products mostly. This social media platform engaged the audience like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram with musical features. Social Media Marketing Tool

    It features is all about short music videos specifically lip-sync and dancing videos, that is loved by younger one.Comedy, Action-style videos, Product Placement, are other features. So, I guaranteed you would be fallen in love with it if you deserve young age.



    Twitter network make chat easier and chat a common &  convenient method for communication.

    TwChat can monitor hashtag and can create a simple chatroom. By using it, you can receive & send messages & will be able to control over the content. TwChat earns its popularity day by day.

    twChat social media marketing tool

    TwChat is a free platform for monitoring official hashtag on the web. It makes Tweet-chatting more attractive. Definitely, Influencers love to hang out through Twitter chats.


    These are total 19 best social media marketing tools for digital marketers to plume your business next level. Remember; competition is going up at present days and no way but to go on deep analysis to overpass your competitors.

    Social media marketing tools basically for

    • Getting more followers
    • To increase users’ engagement ultimately introduce your business or service
    • Drive more traffics to your website converting them into subscribers or clients
    • Informing them about your upcoming products that lead to more sells

    Before we are tucking in, this post, let remind you one thing all the visitors come to your website, do not convert into customers or subscribers. Only 30-35% engage with your websites, but rest of the part never come again. [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#74a2f3″ size=”2″]Let us know[/su_button] how we can help you if you really stuck with this problem. We will help you to overcome this challenging part and turn them into your clients with maximum potentiality.

    In case, if you think we have left any important tool that may benefit to others, please let us know, we will add it to this list. Any experience with these tools, you’re welcome to share here.

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    Email Marketing Tools To Accelerate Your Success

    Email Marketing Tools

    If you consider social media as the unpredictable uncle, then the email would be a grandparent in your marketing family. You may have a different observation, but you have to agree with me at this point that email has already proved its effectiveness.

    E-mail continues its marketing service from the starting point. E-mail marketing is a very practical & valuable channels. Just you have to know how to use it. There’s no chance to stumble here if you avoid making it critical.

    Just like social media tools, you need to find out profitable email marketing tools to reach your target. Here are some of the best email marketing tools for your email marketing campaign.




    Very well-known email marketing software. Most marketers are satisfied with this email marketing tool as it’s very easy to operate. It’s automation features & segmentation features are totally impressive. It makes your task easy integration to your sites. I recommend to sign up if you have the budget.

    It never directs you in wrong way. It doesn’t matter how long is your mailing list; Aweber packed all awesome email marketing analytics & statistics to customize & refine your campaigns. I used it several times and didn’t face any problem. So, just try it and see how well it works.



    Best Email marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    In present digital world, you will see hundreds of new contenders in email marketing area; Drip is one of them.It’s like Aweber in many ways. Just like Aweber, it can add tags to email subscribers when anyone visits specific pages to your website. You can replace filler text by your product names and other. You can also set the timeframe of sending the emails as you want. Drip will be more helpful for advanced marketers who sell different products. It will take $49 monthly charge for 2,500 subscribers up to 20,000 sent emails.



    Email marketing tool


    ConvertKit is innovated for professional bloggers. Here you will find all email marketing features with a wide range of opt-in forms and landing pages so that

    It comes with all of the usual email marketing features but also includes a range of beautiful opt-in forms and landing pages that you can expand your blog.  It breaks Aweber & Drip in this arena.It can upgrade content, deliver lead magnets or start email sequences automatically. Professional bloggers who sell & delivers eBooks will get here the problem solving of landing page templates.



    Email marketing Tool


    Infusionsoft is another powerful email marketing tool, especially for small business. Infusionsoft has full sales and marketing automation features.It contains a full CRM system that makes it something more than a typical email marketing tool. It’s CRM system features lead management, e-commerce supportive, offline integration & many others. As I realized, it is better advanced campaign builder.You can automate your emails, phone calls or can send out early your postcards, letters, certificates & more. Shortly, by using it, you can regulate your sales and purchase tasks customer behavior, In short, you can automate your sales and marketing depending on customer behavior.

    [sociallocker id=”15928″]

    Email Hunter



    Email Hunter enables you to find out any person’s email address from any domain. So, there’s no chance to lose any contact in your connection.

    We marketers, basically focus on retaining present customers, so email campaign is necessary. When you add any websites to email extractor, it will help you to find thousands of relevant addresses within few seconds.You will be informed of which links your customers open & are they open the messages.   You can easily focus on email marketing as all unsubscribe requests are processed automatically. It will help you to increase your ROI.You can split, merge, and personalize all your email lists. Currently, It’s the most comprehensive application.





    You can set up Gmail as your email client if you are the independent marketer. If you’re are a webmaster, blogger or an entrepreneur then you will get greatly benefit using Gmail. Gmail works like marketing machine if you can utilize. Nothing to worry about, it’s very simple to use. It permits you to access all other great Google tools while using the mailing list.

    I want to recommend here that, if you are not a business professional & need to use personal emails, you can choose this tool without any hesitation.





    Rapportive will help you to arrange lots of important information with a mail connection. If you have to deal with lots of people, there is no alternative of Rapportive. After plugin, you will get online details about how it support you. You will get its social media feeds in your inbox. You will be connected with new online friends and thus take networking advantage. Even, you can connect with any social media with it.Obviously, this is a great convenience what Rapportive do.

    Ninja Outreach



    You can choose Ninja Outreach for email outreach. Firstly, you have to enter your keyword, and Ninja will find out every popular blog to your niche. It will arrange lots of data including contact information, SEO metrics, social signals & more. Then, you will be able to reach at lots of email subscribers. Ninja Outreach campaigns on link building, lead generation, finding post opportunities, & more. Ninja Outreach offers Personalization of templates, Automatic email outreach, Tracking email statistics for its users.This tool provides you a variety of features that will save your time and generate higher response rate on your outreach efforts.





    Boomerang mailing tool will improve your email workflow. You can set schedule of your emails at different times. It will give you the reminder if there’s need follow up emails or you don’t get any reply. It will help you to save lots of email in one place & you can divert in another task.

    Its free package is also available. There is another option to upgrade your account. You need to cost $4.99 in a month for upgrading. Recently, its  Outlook version has been released. [/sociallocker]





    MailTrack is here to track who has checked your emails. It will help you to focus on sending mail in right follow-ups. It is available in your Gmail in Google Chrome. It’s the best alternative to sidekick. Free for your device and very simple to use.If you’re looking a simple service to track your emails which are read, the main track is perfect for you. It will show you when your emails were read, how many times, how long the mail is open and from which device. You also get access to the dashboard which will show you what emails are unseen.


    Gmail Snooze



    Gmail Snooze is that type of snooze button which lets you come back to your email at any time. It will temporarily remove unnecessary emails from your inbox. But when you need them, it will come to your inbox at the top. It may be that’s tomorrow, next week, or next month. You can see your snoozed emails in Snoozed Menu. For starting it, you have to Open the email, then select snooze at the top of that email and choose snooze option. It can run on the phone, PC or tablet.

    Marketers can also try it to gather unnecessary ones in one section.





    Outlook can be best for you if you have allergy on Gmail. It’s supported for Hotmail.Marketers consider it as more productive than g-mail. If you always search for simplicity, then Outlook is ideal for you to go one more step on your street. Microsoft configures to set your email account by Outlook.  What you need to do is to install Outlook on your computer and then open Outlook. If you face any difficulty, you can take support from its help center. I will refer advanced users to open the help center to find out more options.


    Header Emojis


    Emojis are not only applied in personal contacts but also you can make an official relationship more friendly if your mail is attached with some smile emoticon. From Header Emojis you can select any animated emoticons according to your subject lines.You will get those emojis in Twitter Emojis, Unicode Emoticons, Animated Emoticons. If you are a marketer, you can embrace emoji as an expressive way to your subscribers’ inboxes. Even, World Emoji Day is celebrated nowadays.

    Use emoji in replacement of words to engage with your subscribers. This engagement will become a  game in email marketing.

    The effect of emoji engagement a is undeniable. Statistics show that Brands, those are using emoji, have observed 45% increase in their sales.




    ClearVoice is a research-based content marketing tool. You will be astonished seeing its incredible data. You will see complete lists of your influencers. The list is organized based on your topic.

    Just searching the topic, that is called Travel Hacking.Then you will be able to find out your influencers and enable to see their profile.

    You can set this tool as background research of your sale. Currently, it provides paid package but there is the chance to test drive & you can bring good mileage from it.




    BuzzSumo has already proved its standard to find out quality content. Besides that, I am also satisfied with its influence search system.In this tool, at the top of the page, you can look up for Influencers & then search your topic.In the free model, without costing any money, you get lots of influencers. You can change topic while searching to generate variations. As a professional blogger, I use it mainly for getting blog post titles and for seeing how my content is performing.It won’t take a long time pointing influencers in your niche.


    Birdsong Analytics



    Birdsong Analytics must stay in my marketing tool list.

    It exports follower data from anywhere. Birdsong Analytics can bring any content in online, and you can use on your targeted email list. Just you have to share it. Another benefit of this software is building personal profile page while you share any content.It also provides a wide range of social media analytics.You can also allow guest posts. Whoever wants to write guest posts, make them friends. This will also help you to find journalists and also advertise your products or service.Birdsong Analytics’s pay as you go package starts from 19.99 USD.It’s very reasonable price.Isn’t it?

    So, stay with Birdsong Analytics.




    email marketing tool


    The connector will send the highest possible Outreach emails to your influencers or bloggers in your niche. I’ve engaged in email outreach for years & sent over 2 million emails for different reasons like outbound sales, content promotion,  link building, influencer marketing, etc. So, I like Connector as a new email outreach tool.I’ve also realized it abilities to automate outreach too. It makes my connection easier than before. It has different packages, but there is no free version.If you buy a package at $9, that is worth for you.





    You can get Mailerlite at a reasonable price. Moreover, MailerLite gives you free service up to the first 1,000 subscribers. MailerLite offers you easy drag and drop builder opportunity. Having so many templates this service has a professional outlook which makes it painless to use. MailerLite includes almost all the features, and one can implement opt-in-in box on every page of a blog.

    MailerLite allows you good rating link tracking, open tracking, click tracking and even you can use your domain for sending. It especially suits with the startup businesses, while they need easy management of subscriber list.

    Another great feature you can get on Mailerlite, it allows your subscribers content consuming, no matter what devices they’re using.






    GetResponse offers you a cheaper price than many of the other competitors, especially when you have a large number of email address on your database. GetResponse consists of a wide range of templates that you can choose to send to your subscribers having with autoresponder functionality.

    GetResponse has beautiful responsive email designs and social sharing tools, also provides you in-depth reporting. It gives you more comprehensive split testing functionality than the other competitors.

    GetResponse has a clean interface and easy to use and do all the basics like create campaigns, import contact, set up autoresponders and finally check statistics.

    For any of your difficulty, they offer you phone support along with along with email and live chat support. GetResponse also provides you enough tutorials for your easy understanding.





    MailChimp likely a very old service in email marketing tools offers you basic and advanced features and easy customization templates. Working with MailChimp’s template editor, you can drag and drop text boxes, images, and buttons. MailChimp’s system best suit with new users who lack enough skills but surely can do all by himself.

    MailChimp presents you easy import of contact list, and even you can monitor customer an activity through contact management system.


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    Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers


    Content Creation

    Walking in the park is easy, right? But content creation is not as easy as walking in the park. It is as hard as swimming in the ocean.

    On the other hand, everything is becoming automated in the area of marketing and business but content creation is still manual, that’s why we need lots of content marketing tools every day.

    As a content marketer of ByteCode (Digital Marketing Firm) I use fifteen content marketing tools every day, Now I am giving you a short description of those tools.

    Keep continuing reading about content creation tools without which content marketers can not live in their daily life.




    Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers


    The present content marketer depends on Feedly greatly realizing its content readable service from a single place. A serious, serious content marketer need to know aggregation strategy. We use Feedly to create custom feeds, where articles are aggregated.  You can add relevant and interesting content from news sources, Website or from online. You have to find out the perfect keyword from online magazines to create feeds & then your desired content will come to you.Feedly provides you all relevant feeds each and every day under a quick search. So, there is no chance to get out of the loop.

    You can update Feedly Pro by a monthly charge of $5.41 per month.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


    Content marketers need to communicate with others. Moreover, they provide various critical questions answers. Quora can be the best platform for their research presentation. Quora is used to find out the readers and to give answers. If you are new in email marketing & blogging area, Quora can support the content marketer to understand what readers want to know. While writing on our email marketing, it provides me a detailed guide.Quora is a good choice for smart marketers as it has 700,000+ monthly visitors, provide product review  & create an authority on chosen topic.





    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


    AnswerThePublic, neat data visualization tool, helps to search questions online. It’s one of my favorite pieces content creation software.It brings to you keyword suggestions, performing like Google search. Just enter a keyword in it, and you’ll find out questions, alphabetical lists, propositions which are relevant to your query. It will help you to export data to.CSV file in spreadsheet database.

    If you find a poorly answered question, then there you can get a chance to add your new ideas here & to distribute it.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


    If you want to find out new competitors and want to create a new target, then Flipboard can be the best one for you.It will be available both on your phone or desktop. Samsung Phone users are already well acquainted with it. It will help you to follow specific channels or any other special program as your selection. It will attach you with all relevant information & stories which are submitted to Flipboard; instantly you will be notified about those stories.



    Content Gems


    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers



    A very useful content finder tool to speed up your content creation & enrichment. Just select a root keyword and put it into the search bar, you will find thousands of content related to your topic. You can visit to get the basic version for free. If you want to research on more numbers of keywords, just pick up paid version at a $9 monthly cost.This tool is free for one interest (keyword). It will allow you to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other networks in one-click of social buttons.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


    A content creators dream is to publish his/her course curriculums. Udemy, an online course tool, can make your dream true. Udemy offers both free & paid courses with a wide variety of topics. Its site is well-designed to create & publish your courses to reach at nearly 1 million students and million of site visitors monthly. You can enjoy the same feelings of publishing a book if your professional online course is created successfully.Here you also find 60% video content in a 3 hours lengthy content. Your task is to create a slide presentation with clear, concise lessons.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


    While surfing the internet, have you ever thought that you need to save the article to read afterward? If think so, then Pocket is here to solve your this problemYou can save links, content, online images from your PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone. I save many links here related to my researching topic and read it at free time. It’s very convenient as it provides easy access.



    HubSpot idea generator


    Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers



    Hubspot is an expert for content generator in the marketing arena. If you enter just three different keywords relevant to your industry or business and click on “Give me blog topics.” This generator will bring to you lots of articles with the worth of titles. Now, your task is to arrange it according to your area. You will found here algorithm or formulaic quote; pick it if needed, skip it if not needed. From my point of view, I think it is the biggest tool for marketing automation. If you may not find the perfect blog but time won’t be wasted, this information will sharpen your creative idea.




    Best content creation tools for digital marketers


    Portent is another content idea generator that will show you million of contents by your subject choice. For example, if you entered “Small Business Marketing”  you will get “The 18 Best Small Business Marketing YouTube Videos.” Firstly, you have to select any subject & Portent will gather and combine a variety of information in your chosen industry. The rest is up to you. You have to edit & finalize it. If you are not acquainted with Portent, just visit its homepage to get a pretty idea.



    Google Docs

    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


    Google Docs is known to all; nothing is new here to introduce with new and active users. I would like to say here shortly. For new learners, it’s the best starting point.It’s the greatest benefit is to get new, upcoming or trending topics in line with your target demographics. Google Docs can be a replacement for  Microsoft Office, and most probably it’s better.It contains Word doc, Excel, Powerpoint, and others. You won’t lose important features while using it, I guaranteed.It’s collaboration features is more helpful for marketers. You can share document file, add comments and create a different form of the document also.

    Its combination with Google Drive makes it the perfect one for any remote work between multiple computers.




    Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers


    Hemingway works like a perfect editing tool to improve your writing skill.You have to cost only $10 for downloading it. Another free version for the browser is also available. It can check out which lines you do copy and paste and show it to you in different colors. If you are not skilled in writing & there’s no in-house editor, Hemingway helps you to edit and remove your tension.Hemmingway Editor is different from other spellchecker and grammar app. Hemmingway Editor not only checks your grammar but also it suggests you on correct phrases and vocabulary.





    Professional writers prefer Scrivener as basic text programs can’t meet writers’ needs. This is available both for Mac & Windows.It is created especially for those who tried to writing in in-depth content & take writing profession seriously. Scrivener contains a list of fonts to choose for writing formats select yours from  AP style, essays or screenplays. It is a great alternative to Word or Google Docs.Scrivener offers 12 days free trial on its website, but you have to drop $49 for the product.



    Google Slides version or Powerpoint

    Best Content creation Tools For Digital Marketers


    Both recent graduates and business professionals are known about it. Powerpoint become an integral part in the business arena. Powerpoint presentation makes your content creation into effective parts of your content & it’s very simpler. That custom images make your content more linkable and shareable. You will be able to access, create, and edit presentation slides from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you don’t have any internet connection, just download the apps.



    CoSchedule’s headline analyzer


    Best Content Creation Tool For Digital Marketers


    I love CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to write better headlines. It helps me to understand headlines in great depth. It suggests you what people want to look at and click on.Headlines selection is very important to reach your articles to your target audience. CoSchedule’s headline analyzer will take this responsibility. When you don’t have enough time to think & research about your title, this content creation tool will help you to select a great headline. It will make you sure that you have right word balance to command readers attention.



    Facebook instant articles


    best content creation tools for digital marketers


    Though it’s a new tool to most marketers, there’s a great opportunity of Facebook instant articles in future if you notice on its features.

    It will connect your instant articles on Facebook. There is an option to integrate your article with  WordPress software so that you can upload it on your site. It loads very quickly so bounce rates go down. Here include features like video playing that will enable to grip people more effectively. My experience says that it inspires people to share articles 30% more quickly than mobile web articles and amplify to reach your contents in Newsfeed.

    Relevant Articles:

    Productivity Tools That Will Change Your Life

    Productivity Tools For Digital Marketers

    While writing this article, I’ve opened 15 tabs. If I am not wrong, most probably you are doing the same while reading the article. I love to use lots of applications & devices. So, both you &me have to know about time management while using lots of tabs, applications or devices. You need to set up time management to work efficiently. My friends and colleagues ask me which tools &  tactics I used to increase my productivity. I am here to suggest you some productivity tool here that will be greatly useful for you. Here I include 11 productivity tool to make your tasks easier.

    It’s 2017, make this year more productive.





    Evernote, though old but good.If you are searching for a single place to save your notes, favorite articles, presentations, videos, web clippings, random musings and photos, then there’s no alternative except Evernote. It’s a versatile app that can be used on any desktop or mobile devices. If you need to jump constantly from one device to another, it is perfect for you. Its free version is enough for small usage, but you have to pay $45  for premium per year. I use it both for business & personal reasons.

    Google Keep

    Google Keep


    If you want to avoid Evernote, then just chose Google Keep to get the best service. Its basic version is free, just like Evernote software.  You can store here articles, and itnotes, and images. Besides  Android app, it works better in Chrome browser. A better web app in current time. Though there’s no iOS app or desktop version at present, Google Keep users won’t be unhappy as you get more than a simple app.





    Rescue Time is here with advanced features.It can be installed on your command it starts to track that programs and websites where you spend the most of the time. It also tracks what hours are you spending most productive, and whats are least productive. Also, identify your best and worst days, it may be counted weekly or monthly. I used it to know about my wasting time. It makes me alert and increases my productivity.

    It’s free version packs also has impressive features. So, start time tracking.

    [sociallocker id=”16010″]




    If you are weak in remembering password & get bored on remembering it as wasting time then, LastPass is a miracle for you. It will remember all the passwords. You can use One LastPass across several devices & store various passwords, audits your passwords to create better & secured passwords. Don’t worry; it’s totally safe & very simple to use.  So, you don’t need to think of the tricky code.

    LastPass practices multifactor authentication that secures your single master password. Its free version is also ultra-secure, but you get the best features like password folders, mobile syncing in its paid version.It can work on all of your devices whether it is your smartphone or tablet.





    IFTTT allows automating your workflow. It will regulate automatically the next action if you take one action.

    IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is allowed on various apps & services that connect and work together. For example, If  I create an IFTTT recipe that will upload my Instagram photos to Google account.  You can experience awesome integration even you won’t have any programming knowledge. It’s an endless combination that is suitable not only for social media but also you can use it in many other areas. But social media users can understand its essentiality in the social shed.By using it, you can innovate your IFTTT ‘recipe’ within just a few seconds.

    [sociallocker id=”14146″]




    Zapier works like the similar basis as  IFTTT.Some key differences are here.Its free accounts are limited, and you can choose more apps from here.You can create excellent personalized recipes using it. If you have Excel Macros, it will help you to connect hyper-specific elements.If there’s any serious productivity problem that needs to be personalized, Zapier is then the right choice. It will help you to add Eventbrite attendee’s to your MailChimp & add MailChimp subscribers from Google Form entry, Send Tumblr posts to Buffer & Feedly articles to Evernote. It’s free plans are available now, but you can buy a monthly plan at $20.


    Google Now



    Google Now works as a personal assistant in Google app for Android and iOS operating system.Google offers myriad ways to become more efficient. Let’s know it.Google Now presents to you all the information holds in cards.It has many features, but I mainly use it as a productivity tool. It organizes all the information to me like what I need to do today, where I meet the deadlines and whom I need to email every day.





    The Pomodoro technique will alarm you on your time scheduling. The Pomodoro Technique benefits come from frequent breaking that makes your mind fresh. In this productivity ‘hack’ if you work 25 minutes, take rest for five minutes & consecutively. The Pomodoro technique will tell you when the time will be up.  Psychologists and Business professional used this time to track widely across the whole world. If you try,  definitely works.It will remove your distractions, and you can work steadily until completion.





    Slack is here to communicate in one place among existing teams. You don’t need to run separately Skype, Mail, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger. All of them can be run at the same time.

    You can talk and share your documents. Time-saving is the most benefit here. You can call and access everything from your phone. You just have to put the information. You can buy the monthly package at $6.67.It also allows third party integration services to make the task easier.


    Meet Franz

    Meet Franz


    Franz, a free messaging app for desktop. Here you see the perfect combination of chat & messaging services in one application. It currently supports Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, HipChat, WeChat, Telegram, GroupMe, Steam, Google Hangouts, Skype and more. It can be downloaded for Mac, Windows & Linux. If you want instant messengers, just pick a meet, Franz.It will help you to minimize window clutter, and you will find that it is a very organized tool. You can use it in managing multiple businesses and also for private accounts at same time. You can use five different Facebook Messenger accounts at a once.

    So, chatter, Why do late!




    Hello, here I am just sharing my experience of using

    Email checking consumes huge time. Moreover, we all have bitter experience on junk mail.  Is a better email organizing tool  & it’s totally free. I would like to encourage you to have a trial on this free app. It enables you to unsubscribe those emails which you don’t want to receive. I want to add here that if you are an entrepreneur, you can easily understand its importance.

    So, rely on And save time to spin on your chair.


    Avast WiFi Finder

    Avast WiFi Finder


    It helps you to locate any Wi-Fi networks nearly your area. To start on you have to turn on Wi-Fi Finder map to find any free, public hotspots around you & then it will connect so quickly as you get it at home. It connects you to the most reliable & strong WiFi.So without looking around for decent WiFi near any coffee shops, you can pick it to save your time.

    I promise I don’t deliver here any false hope.


    Since I’ve used the above tools,  my tasks become quicker and more focused. I include here all the market demandable productivity tools. I think it helps me to work more efficiently, eliminate distress & increase my workflow. I bet you, just implemented the above all; you will notice a difference. Start today, don’t regret later for not using them earlier. Share your experience with us. Life is busy; Bytecode make your life easy!


    Relevant Articles:

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    Content Marketing Tools


    When you create awesome content, consisting a lot of valuable information that offers a great value, but in reality, the journey yet not finished. What you need to reach your content to your readers and to add another thousand readers on that list. Getting more outreach means creating more worth. Right now, here stick up for best content marketing tools for digital marketers, and it will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. By the end of this article, I’m sure you will be able to gain a massive response of your content by implementing these content marketing tools.



    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers



    Reddit contains 36 million user accounts, and you can see billions of comments there. Here you can see related subject matter that has a targeted strategy, so, there’s possibility to go your post viral. Reddit has created “go to” service for existing content marketers.Once it was known as an entertainment site but now the time has changed. Reddit is like now an ocean of information where you get lots of content marketing topics and subtopics. Just notice on the headlines & search. Reddit can bring ideas to your next article, video, infographic, or any other type content.





    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    The top Digital Marketing Firm / Agency marketing professionals share ideas, leave feedback, suggestions to others, establish authority, and discuss on present trends in this site.You can create here new posts based on your specific piece of content. You can argue and establish your ideas on any hot topic. can be the right platforms for you where influencers, professional marketers, and experts search for the right answer to their questions. You have an opportunity to create fabulous content to impress your followers & readers. is simply the best platform to the world of marketers.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    If your focus is on a various field like business, technology or any breaking news then most probably Alltop can fulfill your demand. It will work as ammunition for your blog posts and also provide you the overall idea of any hot topic.Content is entered from a variety of latest publications. Different categories can be here like Work, Health, Interests, Tech, Culture, News, Geos, People, Goods, and Sports. Newbie or content experts take advantage from here on trending content that helps to create the significant article.

    So, why do late? Grab world’s eye on your content.





    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers



    Hootsuite is most famous as a social media management dashboard works like Buffer. At present more than 10 million Marketing agency, advertising agency & other business professionals have used the service. It is capable of animating their demand. Hootsuite will enable to connect you with nearly 35 social media platforms so that you can distribute social media content more smoothly. You don’t need to visit each social site separately to create updates.It’s already entrusted by millions of people.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

    Do you think about online press release services, PRWeb is the stock king of the hill. Just pick the right package that can get your release to more than 25,000 journalists and 250,000+ email subscribers. Don’t ever think that press release distribution is dead, PRWeb is here to make it alive.You can send SEO optimized press releases to news subscribers and also to the three million monthly visitors via their website ( It is both easy &effective tools to distribute your press release.

    Monitor & find the difference.





    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    BuzzStream one of the dominant tools including few categories.You can use it for conducting outreach, managing relationships, contacting influencers, managing followers & so on..One of its top features is the ability to build a list of influences that will make your content’s widespread distribution.This tool can make your task faster, but you must have the ability to catch client’s attention. BuzzSream is an awesome platform for link building and outreach. So, be proactive and promote your content if there’s any chance.

    Don’t let your incredible content unseen!

    For more info just visit on






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Kissmetrics will convert your visitors into customers, An awesome & widely used tool. Want to know who are visiting your website. It will make this possible.Here you found a more opportunity to turn these visitors into customers. Kissmetrics will help you to reach your goals with a variety of solutions in content marketing.

    KissMetrics is mostly used as an analytics tool by online marketing services. It is created by some genius persons. Neil Patel, a very well-known blogger, is one of them. It offers great features for your visitors.Most online marketing agency & firms used it on their sites.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Google Analytics is ranked as one of the top analytics tools & the best platform for online marketers. It’s convenient &totally free. You will find chock-full of features that retain Google brand name. If you don’t have knowledge on case study area just search by the engine giant.Simply you have to enter Google Analytics code on your website’s HTML; the rest is Google Analytics. It will add certain goals for your area. Besides,  you are informed about your visitor & how long they stay on your website.When customizing data, you can learn on certain campaigns which are driving traffic to your website.

    Content marketing success depends largely on data. You can rely on Google Analytics for this.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Dasheroo is a newcomer in business dashboard solution. It enables you instant visibility in your KPIs. It allows its users to track KPIs spanning in various platforms and apps. As a content marketer I have to use Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, LinkedIn, MailChimp, and other social networking sites. Dasheroo makes my task easier by integrating all the tools. Shortly I can say, Dasheroo imports all data in one super-attractive dashboard. Many times, I forget to open  You can forget to open multiple tabs and logins to different sites is time-consuming. It supports me to get everything in one place.







    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Simple Reach mainly focuses on content assessment, evaluation, and distribution. Marketers badly need it.This distribution tool guides publishers to publish & identify their content. It will help them to drive maximum traffic via different social media channels.Publishers can feature all the highly shared content on any other authority publishers’ sites.This paid distribution tool target on your right audience to present your best content on Twitter, Facebook, Taboola, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, and Outbrain.It enables you to programmatically optimize the content on any earned media. Better yet, SimpleReach allows driving your traffic at a low cost.It also provides to you historical reports so you can identify your effective channels.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Simply Measured will make you understand that how important it is to publish your content in social media. As a content marketer, I advise all content marketers to use it for researching your posts and measuring its effectiveness.You can enable to research on competitor comparison analysis. Simply Measured offers both free and paid plan. Here you found all the element needed for online marketers such as cross-platform analysis, hashtag monitoring, top photo tags, top filters, social brand maintaining, etc. You can add unlimited users to your account without additional charge.







    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Content marketing technique is very competitive in the present world, so if you join in this area, you have face plenty of competition regardless your niche. Zuum powerful social insights are for mitigating your hassle. At every turn, it will help you to compete with others. Zuum will compare your social media efforts with other competition’s, pinpoint on competitor’s latest campaigns, and identify on whom the competitors are depending on to expanding their message. Here you get services such as private data sources like Facebook Insights, Automated reporting, modifying social networks profiles, Filter out irrelevant words, Influencer behavior analysis.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

    Traackr is more than just identifying influencers on your niche. Moreover, it allows managing relationships between you and the influencers. It also tracks influencers impact on your business. Traackr’s sophisticated marketing software will enable you to build the relationship with the influencers. Here you discover key influencers & measure their impact on certain business. Traackr drags your influencers to grow your business.Key Features are to identify top influencers in your niche, relevance-driven discovery, geo-targeting with multi-lingual search, track time of conversations with your trusted contacts, create projects, upload known contacts & to track performance.





    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Klout mobile app can rate your social media influence by analyzing your profile & activity.It scores between from 1-100. Don’t forget to see the Klout Score; it measures your influence. Higher score proves that you have more influence.You also get suggestion about which content you might share with your target audience. It creates content that is relevant to your friends, followers, and fans. Recently Klout upped the ante by affording curated content for its users, that is more helpful on social media feeds seeding with your related content.

    It’s free to use publicly—just you have to log in Twitter or Facebook account to increase your social value.






    Best content creation tools for digital marketers

    Kred was designed mostly like Klout. It’s ideal for connecting people with influencers in various social media. Kred ensures to boost you on social media standing. Klout Scoring sometimes is murky, Kred provides more here. You get two scores: one is for your influence, and another is in your outreach. Your influence is measured on the 1,000-point scale. Here the focus is based on how much you retweeted, mentioned, replied, and followed on Twitter. You get influence points analyzing your Facebook profile & your wall. Kred compares your account with others who have Kred account. Your get outreach point is analyzing your activity on Twitter. Current highest Outreach score is 12.

    Kred is free for any individual account, but if you open the account for Brands, that will be cost associated.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Socedo allows you to find out target audience &engage them to fill your funnel. Socedo assists your pipeline in every step.This tool has great impact recently on your inbound marketing efforts. You can boost your website traffic by 550%, and the increase of sales leads by 250%.  It drags your targeted buyer both on Twitter and LinkedIn.Visit to learn more if you are completely unknown about Socedo.Before starting you can choose 14-day free trial packages.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Every moment’s million of people are sharing their experience & thoughts by online. Storify is to identify, collect, and share what all their ideas & saying.content marketing strategy should focus on uniqueness. Storify help you to create the unique story and share it with the targeted audience. Storify is commonly used for Twitter Chats, news stories collection from outlets, announcing new programs & for Showcasing speaker quotes from various conferences.Hashtag Using here earns best responses online.





    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers Bytecode


    If you believe that time is money, then you should choose Quuu without any hesitation.Here you can put social media marketing by autopilot, So there saves much time to concentrate on other areas in your business. Here you can you can manually edit your posts, before published or can automate hand-curated content based on your categories of interest & can distribute it using one connection with Buffer, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.Here you see topics like Freelancing, Blogging, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Fitness,  Technology and more.Just you need to  Connect your Quuu account with Buffer and then select your publishing schedule, and then do edit if necessary.If you’re searching an easy way to grow social media presence and want to build your authority, then there’s no alternative to Quuu.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Online Content marketing and Twitter go side by side. But many people are not very used to Twitter & they need many hours for Twitter management. Tweepi is to support you on this. It protects your Twitter account by helping & providing ideas. Tweepi will help you to find users so you can connect with relevant users.You can interact with your influencers and you are noticed by a variety of tools. It enables you to engage with those users who are searched & interested to your topic.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Everyone is infatuated on Twitter nowadays; You can tweet on Morning, noon or night.  Twitter never sleeps. Whole day lies to hear your saying.But, the problem is that: We won’t know, are we reaching to our largest possible audience!!

    There remains a question always. What do you think? What will be the solution?

    Tweriod can solve you this problem. Tweriod will know you when your audience is on Twitter. So you can start tweeting when others are listening.Twitter is now a killer networking tool.Tweriod helps you to fight against all ignored tweets.The tool simply churns out all serious data.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Visual content attracts your readers mostly & also increase readers willingness to read.So, people are now more interested in this type infographics r visual content.

    Spruce allows its users to create social-media-centered images within seconds. Before Spruce coming, we have to search lots of photos, added text on it and have to post it on social media or our website. Spruce makes our this task easy. Now, you don’t need to be concerned about copyrighted image. It relieves your stress & works more practically.








    Meme Generator can create & customize your potential meme. The meme is the form of an image, phrase or video. Your unique meme can be viral, and other may use it roughly.By using Meme Generator, you can add now background image that is provided by Meme Generator tool. This tool allows hottest images via the Internet to start from a new sector.

    What you need to do is to place your cursor on the top of its website and just click on the box named “Create a Meme Image.” See how neatly it works to attract your audience’s attention. You can create lots of funny images by this free tool.

    I guaranteed it would bring serious result on your social media.






    Best content creation tools for digital marketers


    Visually makes you affordable to create visual content for your marketing campaigns. You can create highly visualized infographics, reports, videos, presentations, ebooks, by using this app. It saves both your time & money.You can even allow a third party on content marketing techniques. That may be more skilled if you are new in this area.







    Uberflip is a great responsive design tool for content marketing. If you are not known with this, don’t worry. You don’t need any tech knowledge for using Uberflip. For today’s content marketing professionals Uberflip is a must using a tool.It lets you streamlining content management, accelerating lead generation, and automating fuel marketing. It enables you to aggregate blogs, e-books,  white papers, and others into a Content Hub. It even helps you to create Flipbooks for supercharged PDFs.Scoring is also available.So, just pick quick insights on your content performance in Uberflip Content Score.






    PowToon is another freemium video marketing tool created focusing on marketers, presenters, educators.  The users can instantly create animated presentations and videos that help to engage their intended audience.Besides video editing, PowToon can drag-and-drop templates that permit you to finalize professional-looking projects in minutes. A quality maintaining video or presentation add extra benefit on your business map. So, why do lag behind?You can share this on social media to your blog post. Just see & realize this unique experience.By dragging and dropping templates, you can captivate and engage message just within 20 minutes or less.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Are you searching for a less cost-effective content marketing tool then Canva is great. It’s very light-weighted and the best alternative to Photoshop or Illustrator. It allows you to create quickly design for website, blog, eBooks, presentations, or social media posts. No matter what the image size is. Anybody can become a designer using canva, no training needed. If you need graphics for blog posts, social campaigns, canva will make you a professional designer. Just see the result.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

    Content marketing is not like typing words. You have to enough knowledge about the area & research a lot when writing in a marketing area.While content marketing, we need to make infographics & if you don’t have professional designer, can be an alternative to fill the gap.This tool will help you to create over four million infographics. You can generate more traffic and backlinks. From starting, has averagely 900,000 users & those are created two million infographics. It also allows its users in designing powerful visual media like posters. There you get options for creating the fresh infographic or choosing from various templates. You just need to drag and drop the content to the appropriate place & download the image. Then use it to increase content marketing efforts.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    To promote your company’s product, or service Magisto can be a possible choice for you.It allows turning lots of photos and videos into business professional videos so you can get the good response while sharing it with the whole world. Its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm allows you to provide automatic video editing.Firstly, you have to pick a video; secondly, add a soundtrack; finally, just add a title and shares it accordingly.If you are a professional marketer & don’t want to waste time &energy for video editing, Magisto is the top shop for your beautiful video content.It will enhance & rich your content marketing strategy in case of marketing.






    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

    Animoto another very well known video editing tool.It’s easy to process, and impressive results make it my first choice for video editing.It’s Compatible with iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch. Animoto offers plug-in options so that you can for export your photos into Animoto directly. It’s trial package is free but monthly packages starting from $9.99. Other features that surprised you are HD videos, video downloads, longer videos, photos, cloud storage & videos to upload.Present marketing arena needs visual content for spread their brands, so you have to choose this one.





    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    I was amazed, starting the first-time Nutshell seeing its amazing features. It can create funny mini-movies within seconds using just very few elements. Even, it can create the audio track for you. Most Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: iOS 8.0+. It’s cost-free & there are no other additional paid features. All you need just to Select your category from animated text options and then insert the message in each of the text graphics you selected. After that choose animated graphics to arrange your selected three photos. Nutshell will then create a mini-movie just in few seconds & the elements are your three photos, graphics and the text you inserted. Now send it to your friends. Friends can respond on this Nutshell movie by Nutshell cartoons.You can share the video on your email, social media or Prezi website.





    Image result for PardotBest Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    Pardot focuses mainly on B2B marketing automation. After using, you will confess that it’s a leading management tool & it won’t make you disappointed.

    Current online marketers are too much busy, so sometimes they need to automate some parts of their marketing if you have faced the same problem just choose Pardot. Here you find all the elements that you need to excel. It can generate leads, create both custom and targeted emails, calculate return on investment.

    So, bag it.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    When content marketing become interrelated with social media marketing, then you need something new upgraded tool that can tie both things together. Marketo can fulfill you this demand. But you have to know first which features is mostly suited in your marketing campaign.

    Though it’s a hard question, there remains solution.

    Marketo is also a Predictive Content tool that will help you to identify what will be your strategy.It will pinpoint your best content like blog posts, videos and any of your interesting topics on your website.

    Marketo can be said “integration” in one word.Just check it out what is working and what is not.







    Right On Interactive is an advanced automation software that is designed to automate Customer Lifecycle Marketing. You can integrate this automation software with your content marketing tasks like email and social media marketing.It features awesome & best-fit for customers.It will help you to understand where the prospect lies in the sales funnel. Right On Interactive’s automation process scores profile integrates data, automates campaigns & shows customer lifecycle by graphically.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode

    Over 5,000 brands are habituated with this marketing tool in their marketing programs. You get here many of your solutions as here includes some amazing features.Here, an email marketing platform is attached for its users to allow simple creation, distribution & for messages sending.Silverpop works like Drag & Drops program builder. Silverpop will help you to inquiries narrow down your the audience for creating segments.It’s revenue reporting dashboards will indicate your most successful campaigns.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    It’s may be easier to generate many leads, but you won’t feel safe if those do not turn into customers. The route will track people very soon when visitors land on your web page. Route will develops your connection building on sales and marketing.This software is widely used for providing trustworthy content, feedback of your tasks & update your sales process. Route will send your active subscribers automated emails & inform you what the users are doing on your site or application. If you are a newcomer in this area, you can easily understand Route. Route supports you in Inbound Marketing, Lead Scoring, Lead Management, Lead Nurturing. And the email works as a powerful tool to engage and convert your site seer into the customer.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    Salesforce is a well-advanced brand on this arena. It is known as the number one CRM software solution in the current world.Though It has lots of sales components, there is plenty of marketing tools that grab your attention. For example, by using Salesforce, you can share your social experience with your audience to interact with them to the personal level.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode

    IFTTT stands for “if this, then that” that tells you, your need for the service. Just like its name its work is also interesting. IFTTT makes your task easy while working on web applications and platforms altogether. IFTTT integrates multiple apps to produce “recipes.” For instance, you can save all your Tweets to Google Drive spreadsheet.This tool compatible with around 300 “channels.” If you pick this one on your writing, surely get the complement in your content marketing efforts.

    There’s no space to tell you more go & check out yourself you will understand why I recommend it.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    By using Optimizely you can “check, personalize & optimize” your site. This will help you to increase conversions, that will improve your content marketing ROI.It’s a code-free visual editor. You can generate your ROI data in real time, integrate data & fit your content marketing strategy nicely.Optimizely is very easy way to plunge your content into A/B testing with Optimizely. It’s one of the most easygoing platforms while testing through on-page elements. You can customize your headlines, calls-to-action, and many others by integrating with WordPress. If You are new in conducting marketing experiments, it will offer you a fantastic introduction that is invaluable.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    You need to familiar with Wootric’s tagline to understand it. Its tagline is  “Net Promoter Score platform for boosting customer happiness.”It helps its user to analyze customer sentiment in every important stage of the customer lifecycle. I just love Wootric because of its effectiveness.It is good for Data-driven approach, to follow-up with promoters & for your targeted campaigns to convert consumers. It helps you to like your product or service to your loyal customers.All you need to is Just signing up for Wootric, request to download Marketo NPS survey template & follow up the procedures for your campaign.

    Let’s try it.





    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    It’s a very popular marketing platform to begin an end-up solution. It manages your lead-to-revenue lifecycle completely.

    Act-on is a very easygoing testing tool. You can Test anything with button colors to assets, offer copy and much another usability. Even you can track engagement, conversions, clicks, sign-ups, or much more. You don’t need any coding abilities, but if you have any, you can customize it later.

    Content marketing can Generate your leads & definitely if it is successful that is a great start. But the critical thing is converting these people into your consumers. To attract & build relationships, Act-on will help you by fulfilling your need.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode

    If you put more effort on content marketing, your network will bigger day by day. You can realize your leads are upgrading from your blog, social media, and other referrals.Contactually turns your relationships with customers into a good review. This tool cultivates each of your relationships into something special.Contactually  CRM  focuses on your contacts list, gather those to your email inbox and your social sites. Your dashboard follows up who are searching you and integrate email app so, there’s no chance to skip any mail.If you need contact-focused tool & drip campaigns, I think it’s the best CRM to check out.

    The monthly package can be got at $29.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode

    You don’t have enough idea content marketing before knowing Ahrefs. It allows its user to track key data relevant to marketing strategy. Ahrefs enables you to check backlinks, backlinks destination, keywords, and brand name of those backlinks.It’s known as the Content Explorer. It’s very effective to find the most renowned topic in your niche.Just like BuzzSumo, Ahrefs tool will amaze you. Just log in to find out the most shared content. You can understand its model structure and replicate the success of yourself.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    Zapier is used for connecting the mostly used the apps. You can automate different tasks & dig deep into all your sorted data.You can set up a “Zap” for sharing all latest tweets from your Twitter list of Slack.You find here more than 400 supported apps &  Zapier can handle all these. Zapier helps you on not to waste time while scheduling the same post in dozens of different channels. It will reduce your content marketing efforts. You will relieve from workload & get a complete optimized marketing calendar.

    The premium packages can buy at $20 monthly cost.




    Image result for Cision


    Cision has already 100,000 customers as it steps towards something right. Cision serves you the solution on media monitoring, content marketing, and on your press release distribution. You don’t need any web design experience; you can create & optimize visually appealing content.

    You can restore all elements in one place, and v will take care of your layout. Cision can elevate all your message by categorizing your content and generate a social pitch. You can upload and incorporate photos, infographics, videos and also many marketing collaterals.

    All the materials on content creation, amplification, and results will you get here.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    A very well-known platform to high-quality freelance business writers. Contently also organizes payment and management of the editorial process.If you bear the dreams to elevate content marketing strategy, Contently excels your efficiency. This award-winning platform will fulfill your need in generating, distributing, and optimizing your content.You get all your relevant content on the same page.Contently is also an advanced analytics tool. It suggests you what to do next, even allow you to get every points detail of your content.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    Are you struggling to manage content creation, distribution, and measurement in various channels across this global markets, then I introduce you with a new platform that can relieve you?

    Yes, I am telling on NewsCred content marketing platform. It simplifies your process on creating content that attracts your audience. Collaborate your brand consistency using NewsCred.It will enterprise your calendar with workflow.

    You don’t need to worry about how much content you need for demand generation programs. NewsCred grants access to that marketplace where 13+ content resources, formats,  topics & languages are available.

    These large network creators make your content writing more reachable.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    There are many reasons why people like Textbroker as writing service.

    Quality maintenance is the major amongst them. You find many online resources. So it’s too much competitive. If you write a poorly written article, nobody looks on it wasting just a few minutes.So, you should invest more in high-quality writing. Text Broker is one of the best reliable writing firms. Remove your stress & outsource it. Textbroker knows what contents will increase your site’s ranking.This self-service platform gives you the charge of content creating from beginning to end, but you don’t need to write a single word. You can also justify quality corresponding with the price. Textbroker is now a dependable service to many marketers for this issue.





    If you are a content marketer, Trello will relieve you from sticky notes, and long email threads. Trello is a visual way to integrate your projects between multiple team members. If you lose accidentally email threads, spreadsheets folders & many other inefficient methods, you can try out Trello to fulfill content management needs.It’s totally cost free. It will enable you to see every aspect of the project at a glance, drag and drop cards between your different lists, add more people as your need, adapts your project with the team, and workflow. You get updates in immediately. So, why late!!




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    Basecamp will support you while managing a project or group. Basecamp is a well-known project management tool. Here you can create to-do lists, share your files, and can communicate with your projects. A calendar feature will show your target date of the projects. You can see recent editing on the project. You can also change tools settings. You also get a notification if there found any change. So, no chance is there to missed out. If you use Basecamp, you get the opportunity to track and assign your project on due dates. It will eliminate your confusion in communication while running the project.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    MindNode App Makes your Brainstorming more Simple and Easy.This app provides you a visual representation with lots of new ideas to map out brainstorming process.

    If you need to organize and develop your ideas, use MindNode through mind mapping. The app can run in Mac OS and iOS. It visualizes both your central and branching ideas to grow out the new one. It allows creating unlimited mind maps.If at anywhere you generate a new idea, suppose at an office, you can log into MindNode from your phone and create the mind map or can continue your existing saved maps in the cloud.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode

    Asana already won customer mind as a team productivity tool. It will help you to stay on-task and more organized. Maybe it’s not very useful for solo workers, but while working on a team, Asana store all the projects and tasks in the single spot. Here various users are assigned for different jobs.

    You can log in freely, but you need to pay monthly $21 for five team members. If you want to add more team members, the cost will increase.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    The tool can help you to enlist your blog post ideas, brainstorming, keep the editorial calendar, share your ideas with others & much more. Evernote is a supreme note-taking & task management application.

    The software is applicable both to a desktop and mobile devices, so from anywhere, you get the access to your documents.Its free plan offers multi types features. You get more functionality and flexibility on premium plans that is reasonably priced. You can Clip any articles from Web and save it to read later by using it’s  Web Clipper tool.It provides numerous applications for digital marketers and bloggers.

    If you don’t try Evernote before, I think it’s time to try the &make change.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    For creating beautiful &  powerful lists to upgrade your content strategy, Wunderlist is a very effective tool. It can be used in any device whether desktop or on mobile. Present digital marketers prioritize it in their Planning procedure. Before writing blog post & publishing, you have to follow outreach strategy. Then, you can go on the right strategy.Wunderlist belongs exclusive features to simplify content marketers tasks. When using Wunderlist you get notification & reminder while sharing your files with the business partner.





    You will be well familiar BuzzSumo if you are experienced in writing marketing content.What you need to do is entering your topic in specific search box  & BuzzSumo will handle the rest. Within few seconds, you can see the most shared content on your searched topic by a social platform. Even, you can see various backlinks related to each post.

    You can use it for tracking more effectively your competitors. It’s very trusted and relied tools among content marketers.You can better understand on how to compete with other social media in your niche.

    I consider BuzzSumo a top most tool in my the list.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    HARO helps you to connect with various journalists whenever you quote in an upcoming blog post.You found here lots of features in different publications. While Signing up, you found lots of opportunities to share your ideas to enhance both of your brand and authority. You will be introduced to   475,000 sources every year with a connection of 35,000 journalists. Every day you will receive minimum 3emails in your chosen subjects. HARO sends  50,000 media requests each year from high-quality outlets.  It’s a very suitable way to upgrade your SEO campaign.

    So, don’t hesitate to pick it up.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    If you need to generate more content, Google Drive is essential to save it. There is no alternative to google drive to save lots of files.It’s already a very popular tool.

    Content marketers use it freely for saving and sharing content material. Google Drive works as a free cloud storage provider. This unique content marketing tool can be used from anywhere & by any device. There is an integration of productivity apps and collaboration tools for content writing and marketing effectively. It’s free of charge, so you don’t worry about costing.

    So, without any tension, you can choose it to communicate with your team & other clients.








    Content marketing is becoming more competitive day by day. iSpionage can reveal competitors’ PPC strategy to you. iSpionage positioned now as the only competitive intelligence tool which monitors the full conversion funnel. If you want to compete with a paid advertising, this is a perfect tool that can satisfy you.Just you need to uncover a new strategy to boost your business.You need to know the exact Adwords ads and keywords to target to those ads that can bring new insight to you. iSpionage allows you to piggy back off your research which the other your competitors are used.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    With lots of features, Aweber is an awesome tool that is very easy to use. If you are interested in continuing email marketing in the right way, Aweber won’t disappoint you to do it. It is called the email marketing industry leader due to its smooth deliverability . as a content marketer, I suggest it to you to achieve good results.

    If you are a beginner in this sector, please try it. Though there is no free option for this tool, you can get the reasonable monthly package. So, you can you organize your team to execute a new plan with Aweber.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    MailChimp’s only goal is to help customers by sending better email.It has more than 10 million users & it sends every day 600 million emails to its customers. It’s benefits, and features can’t be explained in a single word.This email platform deserves special attention for its flexibility.It is designed to help all types industries marketers for sending better emails.Even, you can set up an RSS feed directly into MailChimp from your blog post, so that latest blog entries will be notified soon automatically in your mailing list.





    Best content marketing tools for digital marketers


    A well-known email marketing platform that attracts customers based on easier that its solution.

    It has 350,000 customers around the world in 182 countries. GetResponse customers engage every day with 1 billion subscribers through email.

    Its primary benefits are the feature list that is suitable both for beginners and expert email marketers. Through this, you can send email &  publish the posts on Facebook and Twitter account. You can hire  GetResponse’s designers to make a customized template design for you.You can save draft emails that can return to your work o at your convenience at any time.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    If you are interested in combining email marketing with social media marketing, VerticalResponse can fulfill your needs.It is made to create, send, and track your emails and social media updates any device.

    It has 15 years long experience with 1 million customers in this business so, VerticalResponse can bring to you the right response. So, It’s time to check it out.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    iContact is focused on small and medium-sized businesses with a  variety of features for users email marketing success.It works on results-oriented features to make you feel comfortable in the right path.If you have a long list of contacts, iContact enable you to add a sign-up form from your website to convert the visitors into solidified subscribers. Whenever sign up for the newsletter, the autoresponder sends your customer’s automatically short welcome message. Even, it wishes your customer’s birthday by email coupons.




    Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers ByteCode


    Constant Contact is a very used tool in email marketing. After using it, you will better understand its effectiveness.Here you find different features with customizable templates that guide you where & how to start in email marketing.Now, Constant Contact positioned itself as a proper marketing solution for any user.It engages you with billion customers all over the world.




    Best Content Marketing tools For Digital Marketers


    You won’t skip WordPress while listing the top ten content marketing tools.

    Now, about tens millions of websites are running on the WordPress content management system. You can see here TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and BBC America like brands who use it.Even if don’t have enough knowledge about blogging profession, you can easily set up  WordPress website just within few minutes. Sharing your content is very easy by this in anywhere around the world.

    So, just try it to develop your content marketing strategies & get the service.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers


    Yoast provides various features in  WordPress plugins to optimize your blogs.Content marketing and website optimization are very affordable while using it.As a blogger, I think that website optimization without this tools is much more challenging. So, Yoast is your best  WordPress SEO solution.




    Best Content Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

    For getting more keyword ideas, Google Keyword Planner can be your right choice.

    You need to know your most related keywords to target right audience. Google Keyword Planner helps you to identify suitable keywords to more traffic on the website.You need to experiment a lot before writing a blog post.The more searches, the more you can understand how to do it & which one tool is suitable most. Multiple searches bring a better idea on your site.

    This tool supports you to uncover the right terms & process.

    Content Marketing is very important to generate the lead in your site. The above tools will increase your accessibility and readability to your website very quickly.So, readers please just make a switch on it.




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      ByteCode’s Exclusive Services

      SEMrush Keyword Research Tool Review

      Review on SEMrush Keyword Research Tool

      SEMrush Keyword Research Tool Review

      To find your website at the top of the list you have to make sure that the content you make is not only loved by your readers but they also have to be loved by search engines too. The quality of the content is just not enough and to get loved by the search engines your contents have to have keywords, right advertisement, and other factors too. Making sure that your content has all of these is not an easy job, and it is close inhuman if you see that you can do all of these without any help. To sort out all the troubles for there is software like SEMrush.

      The introduction of it changes the way of writing and SEO. It is a leading software available in the market right now which will help you to get the result you want. In this article, we will get through all its features and let you know how to make your life easier.Continue reading

      Stop Making Mistakes in English Using Grammarly ( Software Review )

      All the success of your business depends only on content that describes your business, your planning, your vision, your attitude, and your approaches towards your customers or readers.

      A search engine like Google drives the operated online business fluently and efficiently. Google operates only the website holding the company contents which has quality content, design and structure. Only content can add a lot of visitors to your site and business as well.

      Continue reading

      Long Tail Pro Review ( Best Keyword Tool for Affiliate Marketers )

      Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool Review: Is It the Best Keyword Tool or Not?

      Long Tail Pro keyword Tool Review

      Any person who understands anything about marketing will understand the importance and value of keywords. They play a significant role in the search engine optimization process (SEO) of any website that is trying to reach the maximum echelons of the search engine. Keywords will work like magical words for you if you want to be on the top of search result. Long Tail Pro is software that will help you to generate such keywords.

      What is Keyword for Articles or Contents?

      Keywords are words or phrases that are present in your article. Which you put in the articles, and when keyword optimization happens, it allows the search engine to find your articles through those keywords and let others know what are you offering.

      Why has Keyword Research So Important?

      If you want to be successful in money making through your websites, then the main thing you need is a solid foundation. These keywords create the organization. Making mistakes in the process researching keywords and selecting them will give nothing but failure. So that’s why keyword research is crucial.

      Long Tail Pro as a Keyword Research Tool

      Long Tail Pro keyword Tool Review

      Long Tail Pro (LTP) is right now the best tool for keyword search available in the market. It is the premium choice for many online businesses. Spencer Haws with his team developed it so that the need for finding keywords that have low competition can be solved. Using this will reduce the not only the time also you will have to put only minimum effort find keywords. This software will find them for you.

      Long Tail Pro will review every keyword you have selected and then it will provide you the matrix that is easy to understand. These will be so easy to comprehend that any newbies will be able to use them. Its sleek data will save hundreds of hours from Google search, and your contents will stand out from your competitor’s contents and ultimately it will get more hits than theirs.


      What can you do with Long Tail Pro:

      • Search multiple seed keywords at once
      • Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword
      • Quickly determine if you should compete for a keyword…or leave it alone
      • In-depth competitor analysis
      • Find out how many people are searching a keyword or phrase each month
      • Quickly analyze the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords
      • Find out what competitors are willing to pay to for keywords
      • Track unlimited amount of keyword rankings in real time
      • Check domain name availability

      And a lot more. You can read more about this awesome tool.

      How Does Long Tail ProWork?

      Long Tail Pro keyword Tool Review

      At first, the LTP will take the Google Keyword Tool data. It will then assess the competition of the keywords available in the search engine, and it will provide you the great results.

      How to Use Long Tail Pro?

      1. Start a New Project
      2. Decide on the keyword information you want in your results,  from the drop-down list in the top right corner.
      3.  Click Find Keywords and add your seed keywords. Many other tools allow you to enter just one seed keyword.
      4. Click Generate Keywords & Fetch Data.
        The tool will generate hundreds of related terms.It is very easy and very fast.
      5. The filter you results by entering parameters to the right of the little funnel symbol as shown below: See how fast it is.
        There are some filters that you can apply. For example:

        • You might be interested in phrases with 3 or more words (usually more competitive than just one-word searches). The tool allows you to do this in a snap.
        • You can specify that you only want to see keywords with an exact search volume of more than 3,000 or some other figure that you choose.
        • You can enter the minimum CPC (Cost Per Click) value, useful if you are considering using Adsense to monetize your site.

      For Whom the Long Tail Pro Is

      It is an excellent solution for everyone who finds researching keywords very tough and struggling to do it. In the case of limited available time, this software will boost your success. From the Newbies to the professionals, everyone can easily use it and get benefit by using it.

      The Long Tail Pro Will Pay for Itself

      It’s the truth that not every site will become a successful and become big winning site. Using this will significantly reduce your time that you are spending to find keywords. It will give you more time to do more work, and you can use them to improve the website than losing the hours for the unproductive researchers.

      Pros of Long Tail Pro


      When you are paying money to use the software to do a function, you will want to run it at prime speed. The LTP is very sleep in its function, and it outperforms any other software that is available in the market.

      Customer Support

      They an excellent customer support section which will help you any time to solve your difficulties you were facing in using the software.


      The main reason behind the Long Tail Pro’s success as the number one tool for keyword success is that it is very easy to use. Also, keep in mind that lots of mathematical formula and calculations are happening behind the scene to give that data you are needed, and all this just takes a click of a button.

      Money Back Offer

      LTP has The money back guarantee that lasts 60 days, but there is pretty low chance that you are giving it back.


      Cons of Long Tail Pro

      Monthly Subscription

      You need to subscribe monthly for the software. The question will come in made that some of the tools offer one payment for life and then why you need to pay the monthly fee for the LTP? The answer is that you can get the basic version for free. But when you want the best features you will need money, and we all know that all great things always cost money.

      Things that are necessary to operate This Product

      It often happens that you need other software when you install the original one. You will not face such troubles to run this tool. You will need only two things to run this. If you have the Google AdWords account and the Adobe Air of the latest version, then you will be able to run it correctly.


      Q. Can newbies use the LTP quickly?

      Ans: No training is needed to run the tools. You will be able to run it and get results from it with minutes. However, support videos are also available.

      Q. Is customer support available to it?

      Ans: It is available, and it is great in your need.

      Q. Is it possible to install on more than one machine?

      Ans: Yes. It is possible, and it is explained in the support section too.

      Q. How much will it cost me?

      Ans: There are three different options for you right now

      1. The free is available for ten days which is free.
      2. Long Tail Pro (without the KC feature) is available for $97 (one-off payment)
      3. Long Tail Platinum is available for $97 + $17 per month. You will be able to cancel it anytime.

      Long Tail Pro keyword Tool Review

      Where can I buy Long Tail Pro?

      It is sold through ClickBank network. Click here to get it.


      Finally, if you are looking for a powerful and useful tool for keyword research, then the Long Tail Pro is number one choice for you. It is a product that does more than just typical keyword research. It is a fresh of breath amongst the poor and time-consuming product available in the market.

      2018 updates about LTP

      1. You Will Be Able To Find a low competition keyword in your niche. Read More.

      2. You will be able To Make notes in LTP Platinum on the content. Read More.

      3. To Create excellent content and for publishing it. Read More.

      4. Open Rank Tracker and paste in your page URL and add the keyword you are hoping to rank for.


      Long Tail Pro beats Market Samurai by a long shot. After the issues MS had a few years back which rendered their product useless for this kind of research, there is no coming back for them.

      The clunky old-school interface is in dire need of a facelift and just cannot compete with LongTailPro both on looks and performance. I think that about covers it.

      If you are in the market for a powerful, easy to use and super effective keyword research tool that offers so much more than just keyword research, then Long Tail Pro is the product for you.

      If truth be told, the majority of keyword research tools on the market today are time-consuming, poorly explained, and quite awkward to use. Long Tail Pro offers the exact opposite to all of these things.

      Thank you for reading my Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool Review and best of luck with whatever route that you decided to go down.

      Click here to buy Long Tail Pro and drastically increase your chances of finding profitable keywords.

      Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

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