Windows Versus Linux And Why Windows Is A Way Better Option!

Are you planning on buying a new laptop? Are you utterly confused about the best operating system between Windows and Linux one? Well, we have a solution to all your doubts and queries and confusions. While a lot of people are making the switch to Linux, in our opinion Windows continues to be the better option between the two. Over the years Windows has remained popular and will continue to remain the better option because of its standard and excellent performance. Besides performance, Windows computers also have several other benefits. Here is everything you need to know before you make your decision:

Software Compatibility For Windows Is Far More

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One of the many reasons why the Windows operating system is far more beneficial is because most software programs that are created are Windows compatible. Only extremely popular software have a Linux version of the program too. If you have to use your laptop or computer at work, the software programs that you use at work will definitely be compatible with your Windows computer.

On the other hand, getting programs that are compatible with Linux is a nightmare. You may not even be able to find most of the important software programs that you use at work for the Linux operating system. Further, if you’re buying a new computer for the family and you have kids, it is most likely that the kids will want to play lots of games on the computers. Most of the popular computer games that are available in the market are only compatible with Windows computers and not with other systems. If your child has some favourite games that he spends hours together playing on the computer, he won’t be able to play most of them if you buy a Linux Computer.

Why Windows Is The Best Operating System?

Finding Anti-Virus Software Programs For Windows Is Much Easier!

While both systems are susceptible to viruses, Linux is a little less susceptible than Windows. This doesn’t mean that Linux doesn’t require an anti-virus software. Linux as much as Windows requires an anti-virus software. Finding a Windows anti-virus software is very easy.there are several brands that sell anti-virus software programs for Windows only. On the other hand, the number of available anti-virus software programs for Linux are very limited.

Further, the efficiency of the anti-virus software of Linux is far less than the Windows anti-virus software programs. Hence, if you’re looking for a computer that won’t break down because of an unexpected virus and make you lose all your data, then you should definitely opt for the Windows laptop or computer.

Windows Service Stations Are Easy To Find

In certain parts of the world, the Linux operating system is still to gain popularity. Very few people are using this system in places like India, Africa and other parts of the globe. Finding service stations for Linux computers can be a nightmare. Windows computers have service stations at every nook and cranny. You can probably just stroll down your street and you will find a Windows service station.

If you end up buying a Linux Computer but aren’t able to find a service station on time in the case of an emergency, what’s the point? Windows computers still remain to be the preferred option globally.

Windows Is Far More User-Friendly

Another reason why you should definitely not go in for a Linux Computer is because of its complicated interface. The Linux operating system doesn’t have the kind of user-friendly interface that Windows has. The Windows operating system has been around for over 30 years. The masterminds behind this operating system have mastered the art of offering users easy and instinctive navigation options.

If you aren’t the most comfortable with technology and computers, you definitely want to go in for the Windows operating system because these computers are far easier to use. You won’t find yourself struggling to find a document or file or application when using Windows. Linux, on the other hand, can drive a person who isn’t very technologically competent absolutely nuts.

Very Limited Options In Linux Computers

Unlike Windows, there are very limited options in computers and laptops on the Linux operating system. Typically you can find Acer and certain models of Dell computers that have the option of the Linux OS. Windows operating system is available on most leading computer brands including Dell, HP, Asus, Sony and many others. You can even get laptops that fold into tablets, laptops with touchscreens and other such options on computers that have the Windows operating system. People who are looking for laptops that are more new age and technologically advanced should definitely opt for Windows laptops.

As you can see Windows laptops are far more beneficial to users in many ways. People from across the globe continue to use Windows laptops even though so many competing operating systems have come out. Windows laptops are a lot more affordable too. You can get Windows laptops for as cheap as $120. Linux Computers and laptops are slightly more expensive than Windows ones.

Choosing a computer in today’s day and age can be a very confusing ordeal. People tend to get confused and end up buying the wrong computer for themselves. Don’t let this happen to you. Windows continues to remain the favourite choice of many. Don’t get carried away with trends and opt for the operating system that you have always known and loved. Windows computers even today are used in most corporate organisations and educational institutions. It is recommended that you purchase a new Windows computer only and not opt for a Linux one.


Best Time Tracking Tools That Can Skyrocket Your Work Productivity

A business’s processes and daily operations involve a lot of things. Of course, employees are nowhere less. Right from daily office work to occasional project or assignment related things, employees and managers handle a lot of things in a 9 to 5 day. This is all one point. But we never truly will know how many hours actually we are working and on what we are are spending our time. The reason I am saying this is because when we realize the number of works we are spending then we can much effectively and efficiently manage our time and simply accomplish our work goals.

Knowing how much time really you are spending on each of your daily or occasional assignments will improve your work productivity and efficiency. Recording activities such as how much time you are spending on your work at your office will add up in no time. So the best way to manage your time effectively is by tracking it.



What is Time Tracking Software and How to deploy it for Professional Purpose? 

Calculating time isn’t as difficult as you think. All you will need to do is to find the right effective time tracking software that can exactly calculate every single minute that is being spent on each task by you. For example, if you run a business that usually is based on employee working efficiency then this tracking application can not only assist you in improving your work productivity but also give the encouragement to complete the given job in or on time.

The time tracker app will show a deep effect on your overall work productivity no matter whether you are at your workplace or home. It keeps tabs on well-performing employees and encourages them so that their excellent performance will get seen and rightfully paid. In addition, it holds stragglers in place or brings concerns to the management knowledge in a timely manner. For instance, if one of the team members is highly struggling with a specific task, in such situations, if self-employed, you can introduce the training and work professionally in yourself to evolve into a developed company.

Now, let’s discuss a few of the many advantages of time tracking application that will turn all unproductive time into productive and will reduce unwanted costs.


Enhanced Work Management 

For any business, it will have some moving parts and many difficult duties that managers and employees have to perform whether it is on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In such situations, time tracking software will help you in making jobs and project management remarkable efforts. This is indeed true in situations when companies have only a few number of employees who generally will be taking care of various distinctive assignments in the office. Tracking each and every single employee’s working hours and the time they generally spend on each of the projects and routine work and knowing whichever of the tasks is the important will make it simpler for them to handle all of their duties. 


Better Payroll Processing 

Some tracking applications on the market nowadays let the staff members do beyond just tracking their time. Such as building time-sheets, later which the higher management even managers can use it for payroll processing purposes. In addition, extra features like this will be extremely helpful in making sure that the employees will definitely get their salary on time for the assignments. This tracking application can make most of your tasks easier and frequently, a part of the guesswork, out of payroll. This is highly useful for businesses with smaller management and a limited number of staff members or employees.


Let You Concentrate

Managers always have to keep tabs on your employees in every step of their assignment dealing or task. It is fine only until some extent but beyond that, it will not work as it can make your employees feel insecure and monitored 24/7. If your employees know how much time they are spending productively and every single minute is being tracked by an application then they there are fewer chances for them to make excuses for not doing work.

They will focus in a better way and explore ways to finish their job in the given time. By calculating the tentative completion time of the assignment, they can let their managers or management to know that the specific task may not be finished in the stipulated time-frame as anticipated. This way both management/managers and employees can work hand in hand.


Self Learning Effect 

Not is normal for everyone to think that they are spending enough time or time that is actually needed. That very thought can be broken when they find out that they are not exactly spending their time as they thought they were. A time management application provides powerful insights. It is helpful for your employees in deciding what job is crucial and what is not.


A Proven Methodology 

There are various companies who are making profits after deploying the time to track software. However, one such true case is Fisher Vista. It is an advertising/marketing company that indeed got benefited from the tracking application and resulted in enhanced time management, a decent reduction in unwanted and unnecessary costs and many others.

Relevant Post

It is essential for companies and entrepreneurs to not to execute and try on small samples. You should try the software for at least 4-8 weeks. Doing so, the employees and managers can get to know the approximate time spent on tasks. It is quite usual for any organization that will face such situations where employees will be performing distinctively. Not every person performs same. Some employees have the capability to adapt to the new changes in the system within no time. While others take some time to adjust and understand the process and the way how it works.

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    AMP Tutorial for WordPress! Total Guideline for SEO and Installation of AMP.

    AMP Tutorial For WordPress

    AMP is the latest technology for increasing mobile engagement. It has been developed by Google, Twitter, and similar types of leading tech giants. If you’re thinking to know more about AMP or not sure if you should use it, then this guideline can surely help you. In this AMP tutorial, I will discuss about AMP, how does it work, the benefit of AMP and how can you enable it on your website. Let’s talk in details.

    AMP Tutorial

    What is AMP:


    AMP refers to “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. It’s one of the great innovation for serving fast web browsing for mobile users. It helps to load the static page of the website quickly. As mobile users are increasing daily. So, it very much needs to get the extra visitors. On the other hand, Google is also giving priority to mobile users. With this in mind, Google has built this technology to serve the smartphone users with better service quickly.

    We have a belief it’s very tough to integrate AMP on our website. But it’s not true at all. It’s an easy process. If you use WordPress, then you will get a plugin for doing the whole work within one click. Though you have to do some customization for ranking quickly and I have discussed it A-Z in this AMP tutorial. If you are a newbie and wants to start AMP for your website, then it will surely help you to take the taste of AMP.

    Why AMP:

    AMP helps the users to enter in the web page quickly. But how it can assist the mobile users? Generally, it doesn’t load the full website from the search engine; it opens the page into the browsers without loading all the files or web page. For this reason, it helps the users to take necessary information easily.

    If you see Facebook or Apple, you will realize the matter easily. It opens any page or URL from their browser. For this reason, the users are not leaving them as well as it opens so fastly, though the technology is not free from them. You have to become their premium member to use it. On the other hand, Google has made it totally free, and you can use it in your website to do the same work in the search engine, and it’s so easy.

    How AMP works?

    AMP collaborates with the combination of AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP web cache. Generally, AMP creates the web pages for mobile friendly. As most of the website uses a lot of additional scripts, JavaScript or third party apps. For this reason, it takes the time to load, and in the mobile, it takes more time.

    With this in mind, it will create the website into the mobile friendly web page. In reality, it converts the entire website into mobile view without cache scripts. For this reason, it opens the webpage very easily. It helps the users to load the web page fastly. They get their necessary information without spending more time. With this in mind, Google is giving priority to this technology, and already Google is trying to rank better AMP enabled pages.

    Benefits of AMP:

    Why Google or other search engines are giving more priority for ranking AMP web page? There have some issues which count the search engine as ranking factors. For example,

    • Google take loading time as one of the ranking factors in the SERP. On the other hand, 65% of users are from Mobile, and they will be able to load the website within seconds for using AMP. With this in mind, Google is providing more value for AMP enabled webpage.
    • Google will give more attention for the mobile users day by day, and then you will not get any chances to rank your web page without AMP. For this reason, it will be good to implement it today.
    • As mobile users don’t wait more than 5 seconds for loading of a web page, so AMP can help you to increase the bounce rate. As visitors will be able to load your website fastly by using AMP. 
    • Google is showing the AMP enabled page in the Google News carousel. That means, you are getting extra attention from the search engine and it’ll definitely attract the visitors as a brand and reliable website.
    • At last, the web world will be more dependable with the mobile users, and already they are getting more priority by all. With this in mind, it will be right decision to join with this technology.

    In the same way, do you still have any fear for AMP? First thing to remember, it has been developed and maintained by Google. So, Google will not do anything which can hamper the webmaster.

    How to use AMP for WordPress website:

    [sociallocker id=”19276″]

    As AMP is giving instant access facilities for all the website in the search engine, why are you not using on your website today? Oh yes! Are you using WordPress? No problem. Google and Automatic have made the WordPress users easier to implement AMP. Do you know 58.6% of CMS website users are from WordPress? So, how can Google ignore them? Google has built a plugin to do the work very easily.

    If you want to use AMP for your WordPress blog, follow the AMP Tutorial.

    First step: Download the plugins from here and now install it. Try to install the latest version of AMP.

    Second Step: Now it’s time to customize it to your need. For this reason, go to the general tab and upload the logo first. You should remember, AMP creates separate pages for all the pages of you. So, you have to add the branding logo or footer credit again from this tab. You can also use particular branding color of you, and you can add anything to the page which makes your user satisfied.

    Third Step: Here is the notification area and you can select what kinds of notification you want to get from AMP pages.

    Fourth Step: Are you in tension for adding ads code in your AMP page. This is the tab (Advertisement tab) where you can add any of the code of AdSense or affiliate or other ads network.

    Fifth Step: It’s the single tab, and you can add some special section. For example, adding social icons, share buttons or any other pages or post.

    Sixth Step: If you want to change any color of a particular area or if you can add the specific width of the page, you can do it from this Structured Data page.

    Seventh Step: This is the CSS editor area, and you can add custom code to implement in your website. Generally, you can change the colors of the web page from here.

    Eighth Step: You can also show custom menus in your AMP page. For this reason, this menu editor will help you to show the menu, and it will be different from the PC users. Fantastic or not?

    Ninth Step: You can also change the things in the live mode, and it can help you to do the work by watching the preview. You will get it from Appearance<AMP.

    Tenth Step: Repeat all the previous step and check if you are missing anything and provide your readers the taste of AMP on your website from now.

    You will get more advanced functions in this plugins. For this reason, you have to explore and design the web page according to the needs of you. You can also try this plugin, but I get the best results and feedback by using the AMP plugins from Automatic. 


    How to check if it’s working?

    Yes! It’s very important to check if the AMP is working fine for your website without allowing it to go live or submitting the page on the Google to index. Notably, Google has built a tool for checking the website if it’s working or not. You can check your website from this link. You can also test the web page from here and it’s the official tool for checking the validity of AMP.

    If you see everything is OK, then submit it to Google.

    Can I show the Ads Code in the AMP web page?

    Definitely. If you read the fourth step of customizing the AMP for WordPress, you will get this advertisement tab for showing your ads code in the amp pages. Even you can control the size and area of the visible area by this tab.

    Will you recommend me to use AMP?

    Of course. If you can do the above work by using the plugin, I’ll recommend it to use. On the other hand, you can take the help of experts for using it. Anyway, who doesn’t want to rank in the Google and who wants the readers not to visit him. With this in mind, I will tell, if you think about the future, then use the AMP without any hesitation.

    Myths about AMP:

    Someone asked if he uses AMP for his website, will it make the duplicate content problem? The answer is no. There has no problem for SEO. Google has developed the technology by considering this. With this in mind, you can use AMP for better rank and provide fast website for the mobile users.

    Trapping it up…

    Now it’s the time to enter in the AMP technology. It’s the good practice to implement your site with the latest technology. On the other hand, as it’s for the benefit of mobile users. There has no way to wait. So dear readers, if you want to get maximum benefit from the Google and want to provide fast loading website, then it’s time to join with the free AMP technology.

    By all means, if you get this AMP tutorial helpful, then share it on your favorite social media and if you want to ask me anything about this, express it from the comment section. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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