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Local SEO serviceDo you want to implement local SEO service for your business in the right way? Generally, Local SEO helps to connect your business in your specific area, and it helps to make the brand in the particular location. For this reason, if you are running a business by targeting a city or country, you can take the advantage of Local SEO. Notably, Google gives more priority for the local business in the ranking on the SERP, if you can optimize your services, content, and products by following the right modules. With this in mind, ByteCode – a leading digital marketing firm is trying to help you to get the complete solution for local SEO.

ByteCode is providing local SEO services from the last five years, and we have seen that a business with proper local SEO optimization gets plenty of clients from the search engine. As local SERP competition is lower than the global stage, you can take this advantage for your business. If you compare, it’s straightforward to rank any local business for numerous keywords. With this in mind, you should take proper local SEO services ASAP to make the more targetted sell. If you want to know more, you can read the full content to find out more about local SEO, procedures and time to get ranked for. Not to mention, ByteCode is very experienced for completing the full audit and optimization for local SEO, and we’re maintaining a lot of clients from all over the world for this amazing service. Let’s see the full guideline for local SEO.

Why Choose Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

  • Google Maps listings dominate the first page while searching your important keywords.
  • Your business sells locally.
  • Your opponent dominates the local Google listings for the targeted keywords.
  • Local customers are turning to the internet to find local businesses on desktops and mobile device.
  • Local search marketing is highly targeted.
  • Huge return on investment.

It’s not enough to be ranked 1st in the search results anymore. Time is changing and day by day search engine also changing rapidly, Google continues updating search results that are based on user feedback and review to give users exactly what they want when they want — as compatible and quickly as possible.

To become more user-friendly, Google shows local search results while searching. In fact, Google has been increasing the amount of algorithmic weight put on Google Local listings and Maps, and if the current trends are any indication, that algorithmic weight will only rise. And that is why Local SEO is one of the best essential choices for Digital Marketing Plan.

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Getting your business’s information on relevant directories across the web is important to increase your online visibility and boost your local search. We carefully handle this entire process.


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By analyzing your competitors, we’ll help you to stay ahead of them. Competition analysis will help us take advantage of opportunities to enhance your brand awareness and harness more local traffic.


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We manage everything related to the setup and optimization of your company’s Google My Business profile and account. Google my business is imperative for local SEO, it let your clients know the information about your business.


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Mobile Optimization

Nearly 80% of mobile searches for a local product or service result in an offline purchase. The statics of mobile optimization makes it compulsory for any local business that wants to become successful or stay competitive should have a mobile SEO strategy. ByteCode also does the mobile optimization process.


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To create a good online reputation and authority for your company business listing and customer review is a very crucial part. We’ll create premium local directory listings on the major sites like Google+ Local and Yelp.


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Great First Impression

Don’t have a website? ByteCode can create a well decorated new landing page for your business. The landing page combines all the essential search engine optimization elements which are necessary for great rankings and content that drives conversions.


How frequently does Google return Google Map results while searching for local service? The answer is: Google is popping up all over the local search results and also ensures that your business is ranked top in the Google Local listings. It is absolutely imperative to your Local search engine optimization strategy.


ByteCode Specialize in Local SEO Service that gets results for the clients. Our team of SEO consultants is well expert; they know the way Google operates. Also, the team will help your business to keep that important #1 place in the local search results. We also have the prominent strategy to ensure you to give your company the extra boost it needs in local search results.


Time to Consider Google Maps SEO


Does Google Maps dominate the first page when you are searching your desired keywords as a search query? Does your business offer products and services to a specific and definite location? Are you dominating in Google Maps listings with your competition?

If all your answers to these questions are yes, then a local SEO plan will be a kind of online marketing strategy that needs to outrank your competition.

But before you set your mind on local SEO service for your business, consider the market you are targeting. Many companies would do well to optimize their site for Google Places namely local businesses. As we are providing Local SEO Service, we have learned which business benefit most from the local listings.


Local SEO Service is critical for the following Businesses:

  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Bakeries.
  • Maintenance Services like maid services, HVAC, plumbing.
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Medical and Dental Offices
  • Landscapers
  • Construction Services
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Photographers

By seeing this list may be, you will worry about Local SEO services. But it still possible to rank your local businesses by Local SEO. It can take many different forms and work for many different business categories.


Google Business View:


You can create a 360° virtual view of your business which will add more value to your business. It will let the visitors view your business and get more information about your business.

Google Business View is an affordable way to get more traffic to your website and Google Maps listing.

By hiring a local, trained, Google trusted photographer or agency, you can create a beautiful 360° virtual view of your business and invite potential customers and clients to have a look. You can also add a link to your virtual tour on your website, social media networks, newsletters, blog and more to round out custom SEO for Google Maps.


Need more proof? Click here to see an example of a 360° virtual tour for |Merchant View 360- Virtual Tour for Google Business View


Should you use Local SEO?


Local SEO is certainly a necessity when you want to establish your website’s online appearance in the search engines, but every search engine doesn’t display local search results by default.

Your internet marketing efforts will ensure you to have a strong search engine presence. Local SEO becomes another strategy in your present plan to cover all of the sectors.

Ranking highly in the official results and the local results could mean more results for you in one search query! In the average results, Google limits the number of times one domain can appear. But, if your Google Places listings appear in addition to your actual website, that’s another place your company holds and one of your competition does not.

Taking advantage of SEO for Google Maps, you can give your business important position in search engine results pages while giving it up to your competition.

Additionally, the regular search results tend to pull in Google Places data to give the users the desired and detailed information as much as possible. That means if you are ranking in the standard search results, your Google Local information is more likely to appear. So when your Google local listing is optimized, it fortifies your search engine optimization efforts across the board. If you don’t have that much time to obtain these listings, a digital marketing firm those who have local SEO service can work wonders for your needs. Local SEO companies like ByteCode specialize in the specific strategies you need to maximize your business’s presence online. A Google SEO agency can be the straightforward and efficient solution to implementing the methods for local SEO Service.


Try to Find More Competitive Local Search Pricing


At ByteCode, we are all about getting our clients the best ROI. We have a dedicated SEO expert who will work with you to ensure your local presence is optimal, and you are getting your desired value for your marketing. With SEO services for Google specifically, you can maximize your presence on the most popular and frequently-used search engine in the world.

Our local SEO service package includes exactly what you need to get your Google Places listing on the Google Map. We’ are proud to publish our local SEO pricing online because we know you won’t find better pricing like us anywhere. When you work with ByteCode, you will find the best in local Google SEO at a price that works for you.

Call +88 01609 820094 or contact us online to begin establishing a strong local search presence today.


Grow Your Business by using Local SEO Service

These Local Search trends are stable now, and they are getting more stable day by day. Now, it is may be the time you should take Local SEO Service and grow your business. All local businesses from builders to florists can improve their business and make more money through local SEO. So get started with the ByteCode’s Local SEO efforts.

10 Reasons Why Local SEO Will Help Attract New Customers to Your Business


If you can rank your business by using local SEO, you can get the ultimate benefit for the lifetime. Researchers show that most of the customer search a local business to find a store for their needs first.

1. Customers are seeking local business most often: Yes! Your potential customers are turning to the internet, and they are searching their needs from the local search. Similarly, they feel comfortable to buy something from the local business. See some statistics for local search.

  • 96% of local searches are from PC users.
  • 46% of total Google searchers are from local
  • 64% of Google users like local business as their first choice
  • 50% of mobile users search for getting mobile number or address from the search engine
  • 78% of searches from online like to handle their purchase from offline.

Can you imagine the potentiality of Local SEO optimization?

Local Business SEO

2. Local Searches are highly targeted: Local searchers are mainly seeking products from their familiar local company, or some of them don’t know any company who provides this services or sell the products, so they are using Google to find them. Overall, it’s very efficient and timely.

3. Highly conversion rate: Local directories or searchers generate 50% of conversion rate. If you can index local directories entirely, it provides mostly useful information including phone no., addresses, and email address and it shows the search engine on the first page. For this reason, it’s very effective.

4. Mobile users are increasing rapidly: Now mobile users are very targeted, and day by day it’s overgrowing. Important to realize, 60%+ users are from mobile, and they create higher conversion with local searches. So, it helps to get potential customers from the local search engine, directories, and reviews.

5. Engagement in the right time: You can provide your services when customers need you. On the other hand, it requires little investment. When you are providing ads or marketing for local newspapers, leaflets, direct mail, etc., it’s not highly targeted, and even they can be bored. But local searchers are when they need your services. For this reason, it increases the sales target.

6. Only a few businesses are using the local listing of Google: Claiming your business in the Google business is free, but most of the businesses are not using the services. So, you have a great chance to take the opportunity of it. Though in the US 44% of companies are using this services, in the country like Bangladesh. India or underdeveloped country the rate is under 10%. For this reason, you can take the help of local business listing quickly.

7. Most of the local SEO services are free: Yes! Most of the local SEO services are free. If you can know the use of them, you can get huge customers from here. For example, Google Business listing, Bing Business listing or online local directory submission.

8. Local Advertising methods are working very less: Now, we are very much fond of using the internet and trying to complete our needs from here. For this reason, the local newspaper, TV channel or other ads methods are not working very well. With this in mind, local SEO can work for you better than local advertising.

9. Local Review is very effective: The most effective marketing techniques is “Word of Mouth.” Here comes the local review system. If you can use it accurately, it can increase conversation rate highly.

10. Trust: Local business can generate trust by getting listed on the first page of Google and other search engines, and it’s very much sufficient for achieving the business goal for a long time.

Now it’s time to check how you can do local SEO for your business and what is the best method for doing it.

How To Rank Your Local Business

Local Business needs to rank in the local search engine, and it helps to rank globally. It’s the best ways to get reliable customers. Important to realize. it’s possible if you can follow the right method. As a business owner, you know how important to rank in the Google or other local search engines. For this reason, you should follow the below tactics to dominate your products, services or brand name.

1. Local listing and Authority: It’s more than link building for local SEO. You have to build local NAP citations. Similarly, you have to get local reviews and My business signals in the right ways.

2. Google My Business listing accurately: Now it’s time to claim your business into Google business, and it’s vital to rank on the Google locally or globally. You have to add a long and unique description, add some photos of your business. Never forget to use your business address and phone number. On the other hand, try to add a profile picture and cover photo with the opening and closing time. At last, take reviews from your customers and inspire them to rate your business.

3. NAP listing: NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) listing is essential for local SEO. Always try to use same address or phone number on your website as well as on the other listing. Never forget to use schema markup for local listing properly.

4. Local Reviews: You have to follow different techniques for getting the good rating for your business, and it’s very important for ranking of your business. Take rating not only from Google business but also from Yelp (Apple) or local directories.

Local SEO reviews

5. Local On-Page SEO: After doing the above off-page SEO techniques, try to do some on-page SEO as follows…

  • Add your address, City/Region with the relevant keyword of your products and services.
  • And do it for landing page title tag, H1 tag, URL, page content and ALT attributes.
  • Add a clear Google Map on your website.
  • Ensure mobile friendly and user-friendly website for better results.
  • Local Link building and citations from the local event, citations, sponsorship, press release, public data or resources.
  • Use Reddit and make authority here.
  • Give interview to local blog or online magazine for links, authority, and reputation
  • Provide coupon and promote it from local sites, blog, and newspaper
  • Offer welfare and scholarship for branding
  • Research and find out similar productive ways in your area to promote your services.
  • Ensure Schema.org markup
  • Always add proper title, tag and meta description targeting a keyword
  • Use social media including Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus
  • Generate good content targeting local SERP keyword and get reviews

And this is the overall summary for ranking on the Google or other local search engines.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO ranking depends on some specific factors. Though you could rank by some so-called techniques in the previous years, Google is now damn smart, and it’s not so easy to rank without following the right tactics. According to MOZ survey 2017, below 9 points are most important for ranking in 2017 and later. Let’s check it for boosting your business on Google.

Local SEO ranking factors

1. Google My Business: Claiming your business on the Google is one of the ranking factors in the search engine, and it has increased very much than previous years. Now 19.01% is depending on SEO ranking on Google My Business.

2. Citations: Adding your business to different directories for link only are not working huge now. You have to do it properly to get the results, and no13.31% is depending on it. But you have to do it with proper formatting and keywords and content.

3. On-Page SEO: On-page is also important, and it’ll be alive all the time. Though it impacts less but important for others ranking factors.

4. Links: Getting links from anywhere or spammy ways will not work anymore. Though 17.31% is also depending on backlinks, it’s very important to get in the right ways.

5. Reviews: Google takes reviews as keywords, and it justifies your popularity and quality. For this reason, reviews can affect for ranking your business.

6. Social Share and engagement: It (3.53%) never impact for ranking on the search engine, but it surely helps to increase engagement for ranking.

7. Behavioral: It (10.17%) depends on different factors including reviews, engagement and user-friendliness and CTR.

8. Personalization: It has described as brand or popularity. Here come the local presence and recommendation also.

9. Negative factors for ranking: Here participants share their experience for negative SEO. They describe it as essential when trying to rank your business. Example of negative SEO: False Business NAP, Incorrect business category, Malware or hacking, keyword stuffing, spammy links, Maximum negative reviews, Spammy reviews, New domain ETC.

It’s all about ranking your business with local SEO. If you can implement it perfectly, you will surely lead the search engine. If you need more help for local SEO optimization and ranking in the Google with guaranteed results, you can take a consultation with ByteCode experts, and you can also compare our local SEO services and pricing from the above. One suggestion, don’t do anything which is spammy and not a factor for ranking today and never goes with the latest update of Google.


Local SEO Checklist

  • Do you have keywords in your title? Read more
  • Use clean, SEO friendly URLs. Read more
  • Check for duplicate content. Check Here
  • Optimize your logo and other images. Read more
  • Ensure non-www to www redirect is set up. Read more
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools & Ensure that Google can crawl your site properly. Read more
  • Install Google Analytics Snippets. Read more
  • Ensure your navigation menu items are indexable. Read more
  • Does NAP on website match Google Places?
  • Add city/service pages to your website.
  • Does the website have a blog?
  • How Does Your Website Appear On Mobile? MobileTest.me
  • Do you have a Google+ Profile setup?
  • Claim your Google listing. Read more
  • Is your Google Local profile merged with the Google+ page?
  • Are you listed in the right category?
  • Ensure that your business name is EXACTLY listed in Google Places.
  • Add your logo and cover photo. At least five more photos to optimize for the carousel.
  • Test your website for existing schema. Test Your Website Schema
  • Generate local, and business schemas for your website See How You’re Listed
  • Add Business Details In Schema. Read more
  • Create & Claim Listing on Bing. Click Here
  • Create & Claim Listing on ExpressUpdate Click Here
  • Create & Claim Listing On Yelp. Click Here
  • Submit To Top 50 Citation Sites. Brightlocal List
  • Fix NAP For Wrong Citations. Free Citation Lookup On 100+ Sites
  • Submit To Niche Specific Sites. Best Sources Of Citations By Category
  • Submit To Hyperlocal Directories. Best Sources Of Citations By City
  • Find Your Competitor’s Citations and Additional Sources Whitespark’s Citation Finder
  • : Respond Back To Negative Reviews
  • Ask Existing Customers To Leave A Review. 5 Tips To Get More Reviews
  • Make It Easy For Customers To Review You. ReviewBiz Customer Review Badges
  • Is Your Call To Action Displayed Prominently? CTA Optimization Guide
  • Is The Phone Number Prominently Displayed?
  • Display Testimonials / Reviews On Your Website
  • Create A Twitter Profile. Twitter
  • Create A Facebook Page. Facebook
  • Claim Your Venue On Foursquare. Foursquare

12 Point Local SEO Checklist for 2018 & Beyond [Infographic]

Local SEO Checklist

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