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Consulting represents success at realizing the company is going in the wrong direction. The only time the company fails is when it is not possible to do a turnaround anymore. We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow. It is inevitable that companies will end up making a few mistakes; we help them correct these mistakes.


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Suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour or good day randomised words which don’t look even slightly believable. If you are going to use a passage of lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure there isn’t anything make embarrassing hidden in the middle of text.

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“Cognition-based coaching and consulting approach, we facilitate your business growth from small to size from mid-size to global or from crisis to success.
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“Cognition-based coaching and consulting approach, we facilitate your business growth from small to size from mid-size to global or from crisis to success.
Ruko Bendo
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Use this tool to make your PHP code look readable

Web applications are developed using various development languages and PHP is one of them. Working as a software developer can be quite challenging. Coding is not the only technical activity that a developer has to focus on. Other than, programming is not initiated until the programmer has created a proper architecture. Creating robust web applications requires developers to use various algorithms and programming logic. While writing code, the appearance obviously gets distorted as developers cannot afford to pay attention to the beauty factor. At that time, running the application successfully and fulfilling the functional requirements are the only needs. However, when the application is deployed, a clean and well-formatted copy of the code has to be delivered to the client. This serves two purposes. First of all, it becomes easy for any external stakeholder to read through the code. Secondly, the code stored for record purposes is in presentable form.

Adjusting each code statement is impossible

Distorted code written in PHP or any other programming language gives an unprofessional impression. Thus, before the final copy of the code is submitted, its state needs to be improved. For a developer running through each line and improving the appearance is not a possibility that exists. Most applications have a code length in thousands or even more. Hence, it can a daunting task to even each line and check its form.

Intelligent developers use the Prepostseo PHP beautifier

Most web applications are developed using the agile framework. This means that developers are a part of an incremental process. After every sprint completion, a code build has to be released. At times, a readable copy of the code has to be provided with each sprint. The time frame for sprints is quite strict in terms of the deliverables that have to be submitted. Developers cannot afford to spend time on beautifying the code. With this beautifying tool, they can easily sort the written code and bring into a readable state. This is a free tool but in terms of performance, it is definitely one of the best alternatives for programmers.

During a programming sprint, focusing on additional tasks can actually mess up things. As there is limited time, programmers have to be careful about what they spend time on. Sorting the code lines, removing empty white spaces and performing similar tasks is not possible for developers when they are working with short submission dates. 

PHP beautifier goes through the uploaded PHP code and improves the appearance. If there are any extra spaces, they are eliminated. Programmers usually do not align code statements when they are working on code logic and typing the syntax. If they are using this tool, there is no need to spend a minute on beautifying the code. Once you are done with the final compilation, upload the code and its appearance would be completely sorted.

An online tool that makes code readable

Every PHP application is developed for a particular client.  Before the final deployment, the final code copy also has to be submitted. A lot of clients have their in-house technical teams that examine the code when an enhancement has to make. At times, new features are added by the technical development team employed by the customer. To make changes, this team requires the code to be in a readable form. The use of this beautifying tool is a helpful option.

  • Improvement of written code appearance also lightens the application and enhances the performance scale. During development, a lot of factors are ignored by developers because they are busy focusing on coding requirements. Unnecessary use of parenthesis, colons and other syntax fields does nothing but makes the code-heavy. Through this tool, all extra constituents are eliminated. This tool has a major positive impact on the performance of any PHP web application.
  • There are no additional soft wares that PHP developers need to install for running this tool. It does not occupy any space in the storage of the related device. Most users do not consider the standard offline beautifying tools as they involve a lot of unnecessary steps. For instance, the user has to install the tool, download the code file and complete several other steps. On the other hand, by using this tool, PHP developers can bypass all these extra stages. 

Main steps of using this PHP beautifier

There is no rocket science involved in using this beautifying application. The steps are short and programmers can sort the code by using simple and time optimizing steps.  They do not have to think about delaying submission dates while using this tool.

  • Upload the code

In this step, select the PHP code in its actual state from the source file and paste it in the given text box. To begin the procedure for code beautifying, simply click the “beautify PHP” button.

  • Perfectly formatted code is produced is generated

This tool improves the overall appearance of the uploaded PHP code. All extra space between subsequent code lines is removed. The programmer does not have to focus on the appearance by using this helpful beautifier.

  • Ideal for professional PHP developers

Writing a piece of code does not assure in any way that the application would run without any technical problems. A programmer has to deal with countless bugs before a successful execution. Before the intended deadline, his main goal is to run the application successfully. 

  • Presented a well-formatted code copy is not an optional factor in most cases. This tool improves the overall layout of the written code. The best thing is that the developer does not have to burn his energy for this purpose.


It is hard to focus on the presentation of PHP code during the stages of development. Instead of paying attention to the appearance, programmers have to concentrate on the architecture, logic design and application flow. They cannot deviate from any of these tasks and work on the betterment of the code layout. With this beautifying application, you can bring the final code into a well-drafted organized condition without combusting several hours. 

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What is Cybersecurity?

Everything About Cybersecurity That You Need to Know

With growing internet usage, the demand for cybersecurity is growing. Cybercrimes are surging up rapidly, every second massive number of websites and their users are being targeted. Trillions of dollars are lost due to cyber threats. So, everyone should have awareness about cybersecurity, its importance, its growing challenges, and how to prevent it. With proper knowledge and regular steps, you can prevent your business and your users from upcoming cyber risks. 

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a defending practice that keeps the integrity of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks, or unauthorized access. It also refers to electronic information security or information technology protection.

Why Is Cyber Security Important?

In the era of the Internet, large financial transactions and sensitive data exchanges are finished widely. Cybercrimes are rising and, the News stories about ID theft and data breaches are commonly heard. Not only the online business and government institutions are being a target due to keeping the sensitive information that is unauthorized to access, but also the personal computers, tablets and cell phones are also on risk. That’s why online companies and institutions are continuously working to secure theirs as well their consumer’s data from cyber crooks. They use a wide range of business security measures to fight back against cyber risks.

The Most Common Cybersecurity Threats

Malware: Malware is malicious software that includes viruses, spyware, ransomware, and worms. Hackers send malicious software through emails. When these emails are mistakenly open, it may block access to key components of the network (ransomware) renders. The system inoperable installs harmful software or obtain sensitive information by transmitting data from the hard drive (spyware).

Phishing: Phishing attacks are those emails that resemble your reputable sources. The main purpose of phishing attacks is to steal sensitive information such as; credit card numbers, bank detail, personal and login information or to install malicious programs on the victim’s machine. 

Man-In-The-Middle Attack: Man-In-The-Middle Attacks are made to interrupt the traffic and to filter and steal sensitive data. An attacker pretends as a real person against the user and sniffs the details. In this case, the sender assumes that the receiver is real and not a fake one. 

Denial-Of-Service Attack: In such attack, systems, servers, or networks are flooded with traffic to exhaust resources and bandwidth. Therefore, the system is unable to fulfil the genuine user’s requests. Attackers can also release this attack by using multiple compromised devices. It is referred to as a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

SQL Injection: A Structured Query Language (SQL) injection happens when an attacker introduces malicious code into a server by using SQL. This attack forces the server to reveal the saved sensitive information that is generally not revealed. It may destroy the database as it puts nasty code in SQL statements.

Elements of Cybersecurity

The following elements should be part of your cybersecurity plan. These elements help to defend your entire organization architecture from cyber threats:

Application Security: Web applications are used to interact with consumers and to make business deals. So, application security is a must to defend clients, their interests and their assets from cyber crooks.

Information Security: A wide range of information is saved every second while doing online businesses. It may include consumer’s personal data, business records, and intellectual property. So, every business needs to make a robust cybersecurity plan for Keeping sensitive information safe.

Network Security: In network security, the usability and reliability of the network and information are ensuring. A network penetration test should be conducted so that the vulnerabilities in a system and other security issues can access that arise in servers, hosts, devices and network services.

Business Continuity Planning: There should always a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan for disastrous circumstances. It is a process that includes the prevention and recovery of malicious threats. It assures that the personnel and assets can quickly work in disaster as well are protected.

Operational Security: Operations Security (OPSEC) helps to guard organization functions. The vulnerabilities in the functional methods are identified by tracking critical information and assets.

End-User Education: When the organization employees are unaware of the cyber threats and how to deal with them, they easily get a victim of cybercrimes. Therefore, every organization should train its employees about cybersecurity. In this way, they can reduce approx. — 60 % of data breaching chance in their company. 

Few Preventive Tips

  1. Keep Software Up to Date

It is vital to keep all systems and web software up to date. As old software opens a window for cyber threats and leaves your PC or website vulnerable to attack. 

  1. Beware of Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are consciously rising and, thousands of web users are being targeted by phishing emails and links every second. So be aware of phishing scams and educate your employees about how to avoid them. Do not open any suspicious link.

  1. Use A Complex Password Structure

Cybercriminals can crack the weak password in a blink of an eye. So, make sure to use a complex password structure for every account like “$57VHN0xsx<>”. Combine big and small alphabets with numbers and special characters.

  1. Protect Sensitive Data

If you’re a web user, ensure the website is HTTPS before shopping and exchanging any sensitive information like Credit card number, bank detail, and personal identification number. On the other hand, if you’re a web owner, ensure installing an SSL certificate on your website to secure communication and data exchange between your server and a web user. SSL certificates don’t affect your business credibility but also improves conversion rate. 

  1. Install Anti-Virus

Make sure to install anti-virus from any trusted source. The old version of a virus may put your organizational or a personal computer at high risk. Keep up to date your anti-virus. 

  1. Data Backup

The habit of keeping data backups regularly may prevent you from a great loss if you become a victim of a website or system hack. 

  1. Regular Security Audits

Regular security audits of your networks, operating systems, applications, servers, infrastructure, and data can help to recognize the attack vectors and threats that may harm you in the future.


Cybercrimes are constantly evolving with their new threats. Cybercriminals are targeting a plethora of businesses and internet users and, millions of dollars are being lost every second due to cyber threats. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an internet user, web owner or an organization employee, you might be targeted any time anywhere. Therefore, you must have awareness about cybersecurity, its threats, and preventive measures. A little awareness will not only protect you from a great reputation loss but also can protect your business from huge financial loss.

Disclosure: This article may contain some affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we may make some commission.

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Getting the Windows 8.1 product key for your operating system

Windows 8 has been a very popular version of Windows. Launched way back in 2012 it was known for its amazing new design that changed everything about how people looked at Windows. If you want more information about the Windows 8.1 product key, then you may be having some trouble with using your Windows software.

The removal of the Start button was the main point of discussion that happened over Windows 8. There were a lot of critics who spoke against it and also many others of its features. After this, Microsoft promised to improve things when the next reiteration of the operating system came about. And that came to be known as Windows 8.1, which you are interested in. Without the Windows 8.1 product key, it would be impossible for you to use your computer in any way you might want to.

Why people need the Windows 8.1 product key?

Anyone who is trying to install Windows 8.1 for the first time will be asked for the product key. Without one, it is impossible to install the operating system at all, no matter what is done. It is quite common for most people to have no idea what the Windows 8.1 product key is or what it can do. That is not a problem. Here are all the things you need to know about it.

It is important to remember that without a product key, you may not be able to activate or use the operating system at all. You may be able to use it in some manner by using a generic key but you are not going to get full use out of Windows 8.1 this way.

What does the Windows 8.1 product key look like?

The windows 8.1 product key is actually a 25-character code that Microsoft shares with you to activate the operating system. If you bought a physical copy of it, you will get the product key in the DVD box. If you bought your Windows 8 online, you will get it by email. Sometimes finding the product key can be difficult and you may have misplaced it or deleted the email it came in. That’s okay because you will be able to find it with a key finder program in Google itself. Running the program will help you retrieve your product key.

How to get the Windows 8.1 product key?

The easiest way to do it is buying the operating system itself. You will find it physically or online. If finding trouble to locate the product key or you need more help, giving a call to the Microsoft call centre is the best way to go about it. The staff will help you and point you in the right direction.

You can also try some of the free Windows 8.1 product keys that you will find online. But there is no guarantee that any of them will work.

Features in Windows 8.1 you should know about

This version of Windows has got accolades as well as brickbats. Here are some of the new features it is equipped with:

Boot to the desktop

The desktop remains one of Microsoft Window’s most redeemable features that it is known for. People find comfort in starting their workdays with the desktop and so the tiles start screen that Windows 8 was launched with did not find a lot of enthusiasm among users. But you can easily bypass the tiles start screen by booting directly to the desktop. To make this happen, first you have click on the Desktop tile, and then you have to right-click any place on the taskbar, after which you will have to select Properties. Click on the Navigation tab. You will get a box that tells you to check it if you want to go to the desktop instead of the Start tile screen when you boot up your computer.

The importance of default apps for user comfort

If you are looking for the Windows 8.1 product key, you will also have some favourite apps you want to use. Though Internet Explorer has improved well over the last few years, it is very possible for you to not be comfortable using it. You may want to use other default apps for web browsing and now you can choose to have your favourite web browser as default.

Using the Star button

If you have been using a Windows computer for years, you may have got used to the Start button. Even though Microsoft brought back the Start button due to user demand, it is not the same as before. When you click the button, you will have the previous menu showing. If you click right on it, you will get the more traditional options you are used to.

Organize your home screen your way

After you have got hold of the Windows 8.1 product key, it is important that you organize the home screen your way. This is necessary because otherwise, you are going to have some trouble using it in the way you want. For most people, comfort is everything when it comes to using a computer and if it is the same with you, you need to make sure that the home screen is just the way you want it. You can resize the Live tiles in any size you want to.

When it comes to the Windows 8.1 product key, it is best to go for the original operating system. This is because you will get the support and promise of Microsoft with it. You can also see here for more information. Of course, many people are using generic product keys to use their computers and you too can do it. However, if you do use a free Windows 8.1 product key, make sure that you never activate it.

Windows Versus Linux And Why Windows Is A Way Better Option!

Are you planning on buying a new laptop? Are you utterly confused about the best operating system between Windows and Linux one? Well, we have a solution to all your doubts and queries and confusions. While a lot of people are making the switch to Linux, in our opinion Windows continues to be the better option between the two. Over the years Windows has remained popular and will continue to remain the better option because of its standard and excellent performance. Besides performance, Windows computers also have several other benefits. Here is everything you need to know before you make your decision:

Software Compatibility For Windows Is Far More

best operating system

One of the many reasons why the Windows operating system is far more beneficial is because most software programs that are created are Windows compatible. Only extremely popular software have a Linux version of the program too. If you have to use your laptop or computer at work, the software programs that you use at work will definitely be compatible with your Windows computer.

On the other hand, getting programs that are compatible with Linux is a nightmare. You may not even be able to find most of the important software programs that you use at work for the Linux operating system. Further, if you’re buying a new computer for the family and you have kids, it is most likely that the kids will want to play lots of games on the computers. Most of the popular computer games that are available in the market are only compatible with Windows computers and not with other systems. If your child has some favourite games that he spends hours together playing on the computer, he won’t be able to play most of them if you buy a Linux Computer.

Why Windows Is The Best Operating System?

Finding Anti-Virus Software Programs For Windows Is Much Easier!

While both systems are susceptible to viruses, Linux is a little less susceptible than Windows. This doesn’t mean that Linux doesn’t require an anti-virus software. Linux as much as Windows requires an anti-virus software. Finding a Windows anti-virus software is very easy.there are several brands that sell anti-virus software programs for Windows only. On the other hand, the number of available anti-virus software programs for Linux are very limited.

Further, the efficiency of the anti-virus software of Linux is far less than the Windows anti-virus software programs. Hence, if you’re looking for a computer that won’t break down because of an unexpected virus and make you lose all your data, then you should definitely opt for the Windows laptop or computer.

Windows Service Stations Are Easy To Find

In certain parts of the world, the Linux operating system is still to gain popularity. Very few people are using this system in places like India, Africa and other parts of the globe. Finding service stations for Linux computers can be a nightmare. Windows computers have service stations at every nook and cranny. You can probably just stroll down your street and you will find a Windows service station.

If you end up buying a Linux Computer but aren’t able to find a service station on time in the case of an emergency, what’s the point? Windows computers still remain to be the preferred option globally.

Windows Is Far More User-Friendly

Another reason why you should definitely not go in for a Linux Computer is because of its complicated interface. The Linux operating system doesn’t have the kind of user-friendly interface that Windows has. The Windows operating system has been around for over 30 years. The masterminds behind this operating system have mastered the art of offering users easy and instinctive navigation options.

If you aren’t the most comfortable with technology and computers, you definitely want to go in for the Windows operating system because these computers are far easier to use. You won’t find yourself struggling to find a document or file or application when using Windows. Linux, on the other hand, can drive a person who isn’t very technologically competent absolutely nuts.

Very Limited Options In Linux Computers

Unlike Windows, there are very limited options in computers and laptops on the Linux operating system. Typically you can find Acer and certain models of Dell computers that have the option of the Linux OS. Windows operating system is available on most leading computer brands including Dell, HP, Asus, Sony and many others. You can even get laptops that fold into tablets, laptops with touchscreens and other such options on computers that have the Windows operating system. People who are looking for laptops that are more new age and technologically advanced should definitely opt for Windows laptops.

As you can see Windows laptops are far more beneficial to users in many ways. People from across the globe continue to use Windows laptops even though so many competing operating systems have come out. Windows laptops are a lot more affordable too. You can get Windows laptops for as cheap as $120. Linux Computers and laptops are slightly more expensive than Windows ones.

Choosing a computer in today’s day and age can be a very confusing ordeal. People tend to get confused and end up buying the wrong computer for themselves. Don’t let this happen to you. Windows continues to remain the favourite choice of many. Don’t get carried away with trends and opt for the operating system that you have always known and loved. Windows computers even today are used in most corporate organisations and educational institutions. It is recommended that you purchase a new Windows computer only and not opt for a Linux one.


How to Start Your Own Business

Ever needed to know how to start your own business? In this short article, we will look at five prominent methods for turning into your own supervisor!

Methods On How To Start Your Own Business

Transform Your Side interest Into A vocation

Numerous business people really begin by transforming their leisure activity into an occupation. Cases of this course to advertise incorporate model prepare shops, cookery classes, specialty sites or online journals, and specialties stores. These all provide food for specialty side interests that other individuals share. This means an awesome market of individuals to pitch to that you may definitely know through expos or shows!

Transform Your Current Part Into Another Business

You most likely definitely know how to begin your own business however haven’t yet figured it out. Here’s a piece of information – do what’s going on with as of now, however not for another person! Consistently, a huge number of individuals begin a firm by stopping their old one and doing likewise part as an advisor. This is an incredible method to support your experience, show signs of improvement employer stability! However be cautious with this course. As you could without much of a stretch wind up working extend periods of time for an exceptionally requesting supervisor – yourself!

Develop Your Independent Income

Outsourcing is more well known then ever, and an extraordinary method to help your income. There is a contrast between an independent and a business, as a business ought to have the capacity to run itself without it’s owner. A consultant is the main individual who can convey the administration. In any case, you can change your limited band into a fruitful association by outsourcing parts of your support of different specialists. This is awesome for web designers or journalists who need to go up against more work.

Take care of An Issue

Have you recognized an issue that nobody has illuminated? This could be a hole in the market for you to load with your thought, which could be an item or an administration relying upon what the issue is that should be illuminated. Numerous social business visionaries begin off along these lines by settling issues in the neighborhood group or making occupations in territories where there are none. In case you’re somebody who definitely knows how to begin your own business, this can be a decent method to have a constructive outcome on your group or town.

New Innovation

Business visionaries are progressively swinging to innovation when they need to begin another association. That is to a great extent in light of the fact that there is such a major open door with things like sites, applications and ebooks. As more seasoned styles of disconnected organizations are in decrease, a site like an internet business website bodes well as it offers an extremely adaptable answer for maintaining a business. In the event that you don’t know how to begin your own business yet this is an extraordinary passage point as there are bunches of learning assets out there for this industry, also low section focuses to advertise. This is on the grounds that an online based firm doesn’t require the same number of assets like a blocks and mortar store or distribution center, in any event in the good ‘ol days.

Max Longman is a business person from Norfolk and the organizer of two fruitful new companies. He is exceptionally quick to share tips without anyone else business and appreciates helping anybody with an entrepreneurial style.


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    How to Recall Sent Message on WhatsApp in Android

    So here we are again, this time we have to discuss some really important matter if you send a message accidentally to someone, to whom you are not opting to, you could be in trouble, so let’s read how to recall sent message on WhatsApp in Android

    Let’s talk by considering a situation which almost everybody has faced.

    • You are chatting with your school friend and your sister.
    • Now you want to share a message with your friend but accidentally you sent it to your sister, this happens due do instantly coming messages in the inbox.
    • If the message is not appropriate for your sister then it will be a problem and it would be embarrassing.


    Believe me or not everyone has been in such situations in one or other time in his/her life we are here to suggest some ideas for controlling this happen.

    There are two days of this:

    1)  Offical WhatsApp App:-

    ‎            The official WhatsApp app is one of the answers for your question you can download it from the google play Store for free after the time when Facebook ever watch Sophia able to see a lot of updates even you feature and other stuff.
    ‎ In the beginning years the messages which bad accident please share bear big problem for people so Whatsapp decided to let its users have some protective feature.
    At first, this was released in a beta version. Under development, so there were bugs, it worked sometimes and not at others, later one on a stable version with this kind of feature was pushed out for use of normal people. This is having an option “Delete for Everyone”

    • If you sent something incorrectly then long press the message and then probably
    • There you will see “Delete for Everyone”option, press it.

    recall sent message on WhatsApp


    • Now the reader can only read, “This message was deleted” , thus you are safe from embarrassing problems which you would have faced before knowing this.

    • ‎You will also notice that you do see that “You deleted this message” in that message.

    How to get this feature

    • Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version to you this feature.
    • If your friend colleague or some other friends or family members, who have already got this version, you can simply take the apk from them.



    • Though this feature saves you from embarrassing problem what if the message is Seen and already been read by your receiver before you deleted that message.
    • To apply this features successfully, you and your reader both must have the latest version of WhatsApp.
    • This feature works if you press “Delete for Everyone” within 7 minutes of sending the message, after 7 minutes there is no way of deleting it.
    • The Internet Connection or Wi-Fi Connection must be good so your actions can be conveniently interpreted.

      In one way or other, this feature would have helped you.(2) The Other Way:-If your phone is too old to get a WhatsApp update or it cannot implement “Delete for Everyone” or may Not be fast enough to save you, do know that there is a lifesaver for you!“Gbwhatsapp”This GBwhatsapp that was developed by rising technology genius, who are excellent at work, even when WhatsApp didn’t give this feature, Gbwhatsapp gave that feature to us, so it did not help.

      How to get GBwhatsapp


    • Open any browser and simply Thai GB WhatsApp you can get apk from anywhere from that page.
    • ‎Or you can use a website


    • Install the apk and use it like a normal WhatsApp
    • This is also having many features just like official WhatsApp application you can have a backup, status, stories and many other cool kinds of stuff.How to use:

    The steps to use are same as the normal WhatsApp app:


    • If you sent something incorrectly then long press the message and then probably
    • There you will see “Delete for Everyone”option, press it.
    • Now the reader can only read, “This message was deleted”, thus you are safe from embarrassing problems which you would have faced before knowing this.
    • ‎You will also notice that you would see “You deleted this message” in place of that message.Drawbacks:-


    • Though this feature saves you from embarrassing problem what if the message is Seen and already been read by your receiver before you deleted that message.
    • To apply this features successfully, you and your reader both must have the latest version of WhatsApp.
    • This feature works if you press “Delete for Everyone” within 7 minutes of sending the message, after 7 minutes there is no way of deleting it.
    • The Internet Connection or Wi-Fi Connection must be good so your actions can be conveniently interpreted.

    Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

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      Mobile Optimization: Why You Have To Go For It (10 Reasons)

      Mobile Optimization

      The fact is you are walking with your half of the possibilities without Mobile Optimization. Maybe you are thinking you have heard about mobile optimization before but do not know why you have to go for it or how can you go with it.

      The researchers show that if your website takes time more than 3 seconds on a mobile device, you will lose 57% of your potential customers. At the same time, if the shopping cart and UX are not mobile optimized, you will lose other 30% of your customers. For this reason, you need to think to active your another hand for growing sales and getting the most potential place for online users.

      But why?

      I will show you why the experts are predicting to get ready your website for mobile users. On the other hand, you need to think why you should invest here and how can you engage your visitors with the optimized website which is different from Desktop users. Will you go with Responsive Design or AMP? (Check AMP Tutorial from here)

      Still in confusion?

      I will discuss why your website needs mobile optimization. At the same time, you will get some ways and case study according to the reasons for it.

      10 Reasons Your Website Needs Mobile Optimization:

      Researchers have obtained mobile users will increase in 2020, and it will be near about 2.8 billion. Even it will be tough to find out anyone who is not using a mobile phone. With this in mind, if you are doing digital business and want to generate more leads then you have to consider mobile optimization for the below reasons.

      Important: You can check if the website is mobile friendly and optimized for mobile from this tools of Google.

      1. Mobiles Users Have Time

      In general, when a user passes the time on mobile he/she has the time for surfing the internet. They come here to know something, or they are taking information for their next purchase. It does not mean desktop users are not buying anything or not doing any service. Comparatively, mobile users use the mobile when they are free enough. For this reason, they can take the decision quickly, and they give more time here. Important to realize, you need to optimize the page as user-friendly to attract them where comes the terms Mobile Optimization.

      2. Reduce Bounce Rate

      As the mobile users are passing the idle time in most of the cases, they are ready to take the information. I have seen when I am outside, I am using the mobile phone 99% of the cases, and then I read the review or passing the time by watching the quality of the product I want to buy in this month. For this reason, in the home or outside we have the quality time when we are ready to surf online and taking the entertainment as well as meeting the necessity. For this reason, if you design the website with the excellent user interface and the article is fantastic, surely the users will not leave you. Ultimately, the bounce rate will reduce. So, you are optimizing following the SEO Strategy.

      3. Mobile Users Buy More

      Researchers show that mobile users are ready to buy something. They are prepared to spend for more than one product. For this reason, if you can work for them with quality service and if you can happy them with your review and products they are waiting to become a customer of you. Here, you have to consider the mobile users are buying more item than desktop users. Important to realize, they buy the product which price modules are low. On the other hand, tablet users spend more than the mobile users. So, take a look here also.

      4. Reflects the Brand

      As mobile users are increasing daily, so if you optimize the page considering the audiences, it will increase the brand value. Even some users from desktop computer “cart-on” from the PC and finish buying from the mobile when they are in the free mode. So, if they do not get your business perfect on the little view, they may not accept the deal. For this reason, for representing the brand with the vast customers work for mobile optimization. It will surely add value and give you results for the lifetime.

      5. Increases Dwell Time

      People are spending more time on their mobile phone. Most of the users who have no computer and or not fit with the PC, they are also using the smartphone. So, you are getting a lot of audience from the mobile. At the same time, mobile users are spending their free time with productivity. With this in mind, if you can increase the content quality and if it is in the perfect mobile view, it will improve the Dwell Time. So, consider the issues to outrank on the Google Rankbrain algorithm.

      6. Google Give Priority to Mobile Users

      In a blog post of Google Engineers have declared that Google is giving more priority to the mobile indexing. If the page is mobile optimized, it will be indexed faster than the desktop view. Ultimately, the overall trust ratio will increase. On the other hand, you can be featured on the Google News. If your page is responsive and most of your competitors are not, you can get the featured snippets or rich snippets easily for the mobile users. Even it can happen quickly on the desktop computer.

      7. Half of the Web Traffic from Mobile

      The mobile users are increasing rapidly over the last years. Even now more than 50% of the readers are coming from the mobile phone. Google has confirmed that. For this reason, you will get more view and engagement from the mobile users. If you have the readymade mobile optimization page and if it is perfect for the user interface, you can capture half of the web traffic which will ridiculously increase the web traffic and CTR.

      8. More Social Engagement

      Audiences from the mobile phone are very social, and they interact with the social media including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They will surely share your content if they get it helpful and authentic and need to know of their circles. It will increase engagement. After all, they will convert as the lead at a time. So, if you build the page with mobile optimization, it will increase the social identity of your business.

      9. Everyone on the mobile

      If you look at your side or if you see your family or friends, you will find a lot of them who are not using the PC most of the time. But they are using the mobile phone for their necessary work. Surely, it is an excellent point to transfer your business to the mobile phone. Even the users will increase than your imagination.

      Important: Do you know how to build an App business? You can check the complete guideline on building App Business.

      10. Advertisers Like Mobile Users

      The advertisers need the lead, and they love the quality traffic. With the mobile users. They get sufficient response, and so they want to invest more here. So, if you are making a resource, you can take the advantages of the concern by transferring the website into mobile-ready. You can create Mobile Optimized page to target the audience and to get more targeted ads on the content.

      Different ways to optimize your site for mobile

      When you want to adapt the screen size with the best UI and UX, mobile optimization is the first thing you can do. It will increase the mobile visibility by reducing the page size and pixels combination. With this in mind, you should depend on it for a faster website on the mobile as well as on the desktop. Researchers are showing that mobiles users are 1.2 billion and it is increasing daily. For this reason, you have to consider the things.

      i. Create Fluid Layouts: You will find a lot of screen sizes considering different devices. For optimizing for mobile you have to ensure it. Here fluid layouts work fine. In the fluid layouts, you will define the screen size on percentages, not the pixels. For this reason, without losing the quality, compatibility High Disk Usage or size you can fix it according to the device screen. Important to realize, the elements will be no change. With this in mind, the high professionals like it for building standard layouts for the webpage.

      ii. Increase Functionality: If your website increases the functionality, it will improve engagement. The use of navigations menu, share button or add to cart can make the page innovative. You need to add advanced search options or currency converter to give the inside of the page. You have to also select where you are using the buttons and showing the elements.

      iii. Identify Users: By researching the previous data and the behavior of the users will define how will you design the page. That means consider the step the users are following. Are they interested in the informative contents or just want to read the review and want to buy products. Design the page by considering the users. Always target to add the creative call to actions and add similar comparison table to make easy to capture.

      iv. Design for Touch: As mobile users will use the fingers instead of mouse pointers for discovering the webpage, you have to make the menus, call to actions or internal link available with smooth and easy surf. With attention to, the UI will be depending on the touch. Surely, it will add value to users engagement.

      v. Make Accessible of all the contents:

      vi. Use Compression Tools:

      vii. Human Interface Guidelines:


      Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

      Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at info@bytecodeit.com We would be happy to answer you.

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        Wrapping it now…

        Are you concerned about the mobile users for your business? You can share your thoughts with us. Hope if you have got the article helpful and if you want to overcome the future SEO trends it is the best time to convert your business to the mobile. I will be happy if you share your opinions from the comment section. Thanks in advance. 🙂

        Digital Marketing Budget and Free Template For Your Company

        Whenever you are going to start new plan and strategy for your company, you need a specific budget. The same things are applicable for Digital Marketing. A realistic budget plan can reduce the cost or overspending. The marketing plan can be more authentic, and you can grow your sales 300%. At the same time, if you see any strategists are not working, then you can easily implement the alternative plan from your Digital Marketing Budget. Surely, it will reduce the amount of risk, and you can set up an actual roadmap or efficient Digital Marketing Strategy Framework. For this reason, it can give you return on your entire investment according to your budget.

        Most of the cases, all the entrepreneurs include the upcoming activities into the plan but they do not make the goals of spending by researching the market. With this in mind, they fail to calculate their investment after passing a couple of years, and they get overspending in some unnecessary places or events which can affect all over the company. Significantly, the plan and strategies can help to overcome the worst days or the small loss, but if they do so in the next year, it can create the vast gap in the company. With this in mind, if you are reading this article, you should prepare yourself to make an actual roadmap or Digital Marketing Budget for your business.

        Digital Marketing Budget Strategy and Plan

        Notably, I will share some free template where you can make the plan. It will help you to reduce the time and will give you a clear concept of spending and generate the revenue from the Budget plan. I will recommend finishing this article before starting making your Digital Marketing Budget for your company. The post will give you the complete sense of where you should spend and where not. So Let’s begin to learn.

        How to plan Budget for Digital Marketing?

        The guideline is about planning for Digital marketing Budget accurately. It is not only a free online Template or so-called motivational speech; it’s a roadmap for building the proper budget sheet and where you should spend and where not. It will significantly reduce the cost and improve your business for generating sales.

        1. Determine your Marketing Goals

        First of all, you need to determine your specific goals. It will be what you want and what you are expecting from your marketing strategy. You have to control yourself to make it realistic and what is possible to achieve in a specified period. For example, What is your marketing demand for a year or month. Specify it with the starting of the journey and researching your previous experience and present market conditions.

        Here you need to identify what was your fault for achieving the goals and what you have learned. With the perspectives of it make the goals achievable and targetting the future. Arrange the meetings or discussion session and hear from the experts or who are working in those fields. Your Marketing Goals will get more stability when you can implement the combination of previous experience and present marketing condition. At the same time, if you can take help from the experienced persons, it will be more efficient. For this reason, take time and establish your marketing goals for your company.

        2. Identify Annual Marketing Budgets

        At the beginning of the time, you have a lot of work for your business. In this time, you need to keep more budgets on marketing. The time will pass, and the number of marketing budgets will increase, but the percentage of lose will decrease. By researching on the big company, we get they reinvest at least 10% of their revenue. If you are at the initial level, you have to invest from your central investment here to promote your company, products or service. For this reason, make a super productive budget to generate maximum output. At the same time, you need to divide the total annual budgets into months. It will help you to implement it effectively.

        In some cases, we make the budgets carefully and here has no problem. When comes the implementation it does not work for lack of human resources or leadership quality. With this in mind, you have to take care here also. To point out, I have told to examine the competitors in your market and take help of the experts to take the overall strategy. You know what should you do for gaining the success and making the year memorable in your company. Additionally, the experienced person can support you make the plan, strategy, and budgets more productive. In particular, you have to discover how and who can do this. The overall concepts tell, make a specific annual and monthly budgets.

        3. Select Budget Categories Carefully

        This is the important section as you have to select the budget categories. You need to decide where you should spend more and where you should keep the touch with the single or slow marketing. That means, your company will try the most probable place and then from research or suggestions from the experts you have to invest more in the priority place. For example, you need to check if the “Old School” method of Marketing is bringing output for you. At the same time, if the digital ways including Content Marketing, Product Marketing is the best for you.

        It is essential to keep your business all the places, and you need to spend more where you will get the returns more. When you can reach your business most of the areas according to your needs, you can gain reputation. Ultimately, it will bring more brand and brands means sales. On the other hand, you need some real-time cash. So, you have to follow some marketing methods which will give you instant leads. For example, Public Relations, Events. Notably, you have to keep satisfied with your employees as well. Take care the areas to make the marketing budget efficient.

        • Paid Advertising: This is the traditional ways of Marketing, and it works. If you are working in a niche-specific market or your primary target is local clients, then it works. The most effective methods of direct ads are TV, Print Media, Social Media Advertising and PPC. You can specify it as Outbound Marketing. In some cases, your target customers may stay here, and they may feel interested. So, awareness building or why they need this service/product can generate your customer here. If your niche is Digital Service, then it works to bring some potential leads from here. So, when making the annual budgets take care of direct Paid Advertising to make the plan profitable.
        • Digital Products, Software, and Design: You will plan some works which may need to finish by hiring freelancers. At the same time, you need to buy digital products, software for promoting the service or doing the work. On the other hand, you need to manage stock photos or videos. You can refer it making the brand. When making the plan for annual budgets, you need to make it available. You may not need all the things, but some of the products or tools are necessary for you to do Digital Marketing. So include it in your budgets considering your company.
        • Website Maintenance: For digital marketing, you need to maintain a website. If you have a website already, you have to make budgets for maintenance or redesign of the site. On the other hand, if you are new then keep the development cost. You have to consider the annual or monthly cost of hosting, domain or theme renewal. At the same time, if you have any paid service integrated into the website you have to care for paying the bill. In some cases, you will also need an employee to maintain/update it regularly if you are not tech savvy or do not want to do this himself.
        • Content Writing and Marketing: Content Writing, Designing or Creating is one of the biggest parts of Digital Marketing. It can be Article, Image or Video and even the apps for promoting your service or product. You have to invest a lot of your budgets here for making the brand and doing the other marketing work. You may outsource some tasks here from the freelancers to reduce the cost. Never consider of writing the content or other formats of content promotion, because it will bring the reputation and in the digital marketing it is the key products for you.
        • Public Relations: In the digital or traditional marketing it is the basement of initial growth or generating sales for a company. If you are doing smart work for selling the products or service, it is necessary to maintain public relations, Reputation Management or Events. You can apply words of mouth here for growing your business. On the other hand, it is necessary to make the brand. You can get direct sales for PR marketing or Reputation Management. In the digital marketing, Reputation Management works as like giants which are necessary for increasing the sales.
        • Product Marketing: When you are launching a new product or want to bring a new edition of any service or product, you can arrange press releases or events. It can promote the products as well as you can increase the Public Relations. At the same time, you will get some newspaper are covering your service or business which will impact the reputation management and to grow the brands. For every company, it is necessary to maintain the log for increasing the sales.
        • Events: Events are the great way to communicate the fellow minded persons. At the same time, it creates more visibility of your business into social media or Press Releases. You can earn as a speaker if you think you are experts in the niche. On the other hand, you can promote your business here to bring targetted sales. No matter what is your niche but it can bring huge reputation and deals if you can continue it on a regular basis. You do not need to do it in every week but engaging with particular events can help you to keep in touch and to make the footprint on the places and mind.
        • Employee Training or Salaries: When you are making the plan of annual budgets you have to remember the needs of increasing the qualities of your team. For this reason, you can arrange training with the attendance of the experts, and it will ensure the quality of the team member. On the other hand, keep the incentive for good performance. It will inspire the team to do more work. Never forget ensuring salaries of the employee at the right time. If they are happy, you will get the proper revenue from them.
        • Assign the Budgets in each Area of Promotion: You will get some other areas of marketing depending on the niche, industry, and location. Consider it to participate by researching on your competitor. Be creative and do not do the things that others are doing only. Generate ideas which can make your company profitable. Make yourself updated with the latest technology and introduce the company to the technical ways to lead the future.

        4. Use Marketing Template and select the Goals

        Sometimes, you can feel hesitation to make the budgets properly dividing the month or categories. For this reason, I will share some free template which will help you to make the Digital Marketing Budgets accurately. On the other hand, it will support you to forget anything. Additionally, it will save some time for you.

        • Simple Marketing Budgets
        • Marketing Budget Plan
        • Event Budget
        • Quarterly Marketing Budget
        • Annual Marketing Budget
        • Channel Marketing Budget
        • Product Marketing Budget
        • Digital Marketing Budget
        • Content Marketing Budget
        • Social Media Marketing Budget
        • Website Budget
        • Public Relations Budget
        • Create a Marketing Budget in Smartsheet

        You will get the above essential Digital Marketing Template from here (SmartSheet). Now download the free excel template, and you will get the separate template for each category which will help you to make the smart annual Digital Marketing Budgers for your company.

        Some essential works you must do for Digital Marketing Budgets

        Digital Marketing is an on-going process. So before starting Digital Marketing Budgets, you have to think the below things to make it results driven. Otherwise, you will promote, but nothing will come. In this case, ensure the below jobs or keep the budgets of the strategists to make the promotion engaging.

        1. Make sure your website is ready for marketing

        A well-optimized and simply navigated website is perfect for marketing. You need the unique logo and design of the website. At the same time, you have to ensure if the website is mobile friendly. If you have implemented AMP on the website for targetting the maximum mobile visitors. You have to take care of security and fast loading of the website. For this reason, you need to optimize the website carefully. On the other hand, if the website is showing any results with 404 error, it is the time to fix it now. If the website is indexing all the content accurate. If you have implemented the right call to actions to make the website leads driven. You have to remember that Inbound Marketing is a way where you need to make the website user interactive and it is the great way to ensure the website up to date.

        2. Ensure Your Website is SEO Optimized

        If you want the traffic from the search engine, you have to take right on-page SEO or Off-page SEO optimization for your website. You need to make your website SEO friendly. Take care if you have submitted the sitemap on the popular search engine for tracking the results. Additionally, you need to make the website easily accessible to keep updated with the algorithm of Google Rankbrain. Make sure you are using the social sharing buttons and well-optimized visual content. Overall make the website minimal and drive the great call to actions to generate the leads.

        3. Develop Social Content Strategy

        It is important as like developing the content for your website. Social media is the amazing platform for driving traffic and targeted sales for your business. In this case, you need to plan to create social media content which will be more interesting and engaging. That means you have to take care of Social Media Marketing for increasing the visibility and making the brands as well as generating sales.

        4. Digital Marketing – Be Everywhere

        In the initial level, it is not so easy to go everywhere. But you have to make the plan of two or three years to work with the most of the available places to keep the name of your business. Some of the areas may be unnecessary for you, but it can ensure good brand, and you can get real-time backlinks for boosting the business. For this reason, you have to take care here and keep the most available places in your annual budgets.

        5. Take help of Experts and Redesign the Goals

        I inspire to meet the experts who are already working for someone as a Digital Marketer in your sector or similar industry. It helps to know the path or future clearly. It may support you to see the work plan who are already working in the industry. Someone feel hesitation if they should do it. I have seen it works very good to make the goals time-consuming.

        Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

        Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at info@bytecodeit.com We would be happy to answer you.

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          Need More Help?

          At last, I am at the finishing point. If you think you have got the instructions/guideline for making the Digital Marketing Budgets My research and work will succeed. I have taken help from a lot of experienced persons, blogs and entrepreneurs to create the guideline. For this reason, surely it will help you to make something innovative. If you get the article helpful, express your love by sharing it on your favorite social media. I want to know more about Digital Marketing keep contact us from the comment section. Thanks in Advance. 🙂

          On-Page SEO Checklist 2020 (The Complete Proven Guideline)

          When comes to ranking a page you know it needs to optimize with the right on-page SEO. In the On-page SEO checklist, adding Meta Descriptions and enriching the focus keyword describe all of us for optimization. Furthermore, you need to follow some additional tasks which is essential when desiring to rank on Google.

          In general, there have some other points you should not skip in 2018 to make the content search engine friendly. Notably, you have the necessity of adding Meta Descriptions or keeping the right keyword density. Henceforth, you need to do some other work to complete the SEO for the ranking of the page.

          on-page seo checklist

          With this in mind, in this post, you will know the complete guideline of on-page SEO and which one is more necessary in 2018 to keep the balance. On the other hand, you need the traffic from the searcher to increase the CTR and bring sales. In this case, you have the necessity of some other factors according to the future of SEO, especially on the Artificial Intelligence with the Rankbrain on Google.

          What is On-Page SEO and why it is the biggest factor for ranking:

          In general, On-Page SEO is the optimization of your content, post, or page. The writing styles or content optimization of this content is also the perfect example of on-page SEO. That means adding heading tags, formatting the content, increasing keyword density is part of on-page SEO. Similarly, it needs to follow some other essential checklists to optimize the content. With this in mind, I will show all the matters in this post.

          To point out, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is divided into two types including On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. In the previous days, after publishing content if you can bring the backlinks, it gets the rank. In recent days, Google is very smart. For this reason, you need to optimize the content first and enrich it with resources; then a little off-page SEO can rank the content. For this reason, optimizing on the on-page is very necessary for ranking the page or post.

          On-Page SEO Checklist:

          I have tried to collect all the on-page SEO checklists which will affect for ranking of your content after 2018. For this reason, if you follow the below checklist, you do not need to manage anything for on-page SEO. Are you ready to implement on-page SEO on your post, page, or blog? Let’s start to learn.


          1. Generate SEO Friendly URLs:

          URLs of the post are not the most significant factor for ranking, but Google gives priority to this if it gets the keyword or similar types of the word in the URL. For this reason, you should not skip this area.

          On the other hand, a keyword-friendly URL helps the users to think this is the page that they are searching for. It is the best practice to keep the URL short and without unnecessary words or numbers.

          Better to keep the page like that: https://bytecodeit.com/on-page-seo. Avoid date or other formats of the URLs. It helps to understand the readers about professionalism and Google takes it as neat and clean and ranking juice.

          2. Keep Keyword in the Titles:

          When searchers look for the answer, they enter on any content 70% of the cases only by getting the keyword on the titles. At the same time, they think it as the most reliable page when it stays the keyword in the titles. For this reason, it is your duty to keep the exact keyword on the titles. On the other hand, you should try to keep it on the first of the titles. It helps to increase the organic CTR. So do not forget to optimize the title with the keyword.

          3. Add modifiers to the titles:

          Modifiers on the titles help to increase the CTR by 300% of the cases. If you can add modifiers that are attractive and go into the mind of the searchers, they will open your page with satisfaction. That means adding modifiers increase the Click Through Rate and according to the Google Rankbrain updates, organic CTR helps to rank a page quickly. With this in mind, you need to use your creativity of you. Important to realize, the modifiers can vary from niche to niche. Most used modifiers are Best, Review, Complete Guideline, Ultimate Guideline, Best Tips/Review, Adding the Year or number.


          SEO Services By ByteCode

          4. Keep the titles on the H1 tag

          In the total content, you should use the H1 tag one time, and it will be the titles. Google counts H1 as the title. So, you should use the titles one time per post. It indicates the heading tag as titles. In the CMS you will get the post titles as H1. Though I will suggest the code if the theme is using the H1 as the heading. At the same time, if you are using an HTML template you should follow the H1 tag as titles.

          5. Enrich Visual Content

          Using visual content including images, videos or Infographic increases the boost in the search ranking. The more attractive visual content you will use the more engagement you will get.

          For this reason, it will reduce the bounce rate and increase the Dwell Time. Not to mention, the bounce rate and Dwell Time are some of the significant factors for ranking the content on the search engine. With this in mind, if you use visual content according to the page size, it will surely help the ranking of your post.

          6. Use subheading (H2….H6)

          Formatting the content accurately is very important to make it user-friendly. If you can make the content user interactive, it will surely get targetted leads, and automatically it will rank in the search engine. For formatting the content you need to use the H2….H6 tag among the content.

          At the same time, you need to use Bold or Italic words on the content which is very important to rank a page. With this in mind, the sixth option for on-page SEO is using the subheading and formatting the content accurately.

          7. Keep Focus Keyword in the First Paragraph

          If Google does not count the Meta Descriptions, it takes the first some words (320 Characters) into consideration to show on the search engine. At the same time, it indicates the content is telling something about the things on the keyword.

          On the other hand, you need to use keywords to satisfy the readers. They will understand why they should read the content. So, it is the best practice to keep the keywords in the first paragraph or between the first 100 to 300 words on the content.

          8) Ensure Responsive Design

          Google is giving more priority to ranking with mobile-friendly pages. Now 50% of the searches are coming from the mobile phone. For this reason, making the page mobile-friendly is very necessary for you to rank quickly on Google.

          On the other hand, you will get a lot of visitors outside of desktop users. With this in mind, it is your duty to make the pages mobile-friendly.

          9) Place Sufficient Outbound Links

          Outbound links are something that tells Google about your page as like the links pointing you. It makes the page more informative, and so you have to place outbound links to make the content informative and to increase the engagement of the readers.

          If you use outbound links to the authority, the search engine takes it as an important signal. Though you can lose some juice surely Google will take your page as more priority. Important to realize, Google takes care of content types of outbound links. So do it with similar topics of you which will add value to the content.

          10) Interlink Properly

          It is more important (Must Need) to make internal Linking among similar pages on your website. It distributes the juice among the whole website. At the same time, it helps to reduce the bounce rate.

          On the other hand, it helps to increase page view which takes Google as a ranking factor and increases trust factor as well. With this in mind, it is very important to increase the internal linking of the content.

          11) Boost The Site Speed

          Loading speed is very important to keep valuable visitors. Researchers show that if your website takes 1 or 2 seconds more time to load the website, it can reduce 50% of your visitors. For this reason, it is the duty to increase site speed.

          On the other hand, it needs to keep under 5 seconds to load a web page. It will surely increase the visitors and Google will rank your content.

          12) Keep LSI Keywords

          LSI refers to Latent Semantic Indexing. It indicates the terms similar to the keywords. That means the related words of any keywords. For increasing the focus keywords on the content, LSI plays an important role. You can use it as many similar words as you get. Surely, it will increase the density of the keywords. At the same time, Google will take it as a ranking factor. Important to realize, Google can understand the similar terms of the word now for implementing AI on the algorithm.

          13) Optimize the image

          I have told you before enriching the visual content makes the content more user-friendly, and it helps to rank the page. Here if you do not optimize the image, it will add less value. For this reason, it is your duty to optimize the image with the keywords. Use similar titles of the keywords in the image. At the same time, use the ALT Text and Descriptions to make it authentic in the eyes of Google. It will add more value to rank the content and the image as well. You can get a lot of visitors with an image search engine also.

          14) Use Social Sharing Buttons

          Social sharing impacts search ranking, and it increases social engagement. You can get some loyal leads from here also. For this reason, you have to share the content on social media. At the same time, you have to keep the social media buttons on the page or post. It will help to share others easily into their social channel. It makes the process easier. For this reason, it increases social share.

          15) Post Lengthy Content with Resource

          The time of short descriptions or content has gone. This is the time of writing lengthy content. On the other hand, it is not the duty only to write the long post; you need to add value here. You have to increase the resource and information which will add extra attention to the users and the search engine as well. For this reason, it is your duty to make the content lengthy with reliable and similar information. It will surely increase the rank on Google.

          16) Optimize for Increasing Dwell Time

          Dwell Time defines the time spending the searchers on your content and going back to find another. Google determines it as the content quality. Google counts it as the ranking signal. When anyone comes and goes back to see another page, then it indicates low quality and unoptimized page. On the other hand, if Google gets the visitors are spending more time on the page, it provides an excellent signal. Surely, you can increase the Dwell time by optimizing the content and writing the lengthy content regularly.

          17) Optimize for reducing Bounce Rate

          Sometimes, you may make a fault with the Dwell time and Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate indicates the signal of coming back without going into another page. That means the readers are not getting any similar or necessary topics on your website. It is helpful to rank a page. When you have a low bounce rate, then Google thinks it as beneficial and if it happens the opposite you need to optimize the page and increase similar types of quality content to catch the eyes of the readers.

          18) Encourage Commenting

          Most of the so-called bloggers keep the comment options disabled, and they think they are the bloggers. In general, bloggers will make a community, and the readers will get the solution from the comment also. So, I appreciate keeping the comment section enabled. On the other hand, Google takes the comment into consideration. It increases the engagement as well as gets some similar types of content here also. For this reason, I will inspire to keep commenting and making a good community.

          19) Always Generate Quality Content

          Maybe I should say it needs to stay at the beginning of the content. Anyway, content is the life of your blog. When you write quality content, then you can do the on-page SEO here. For this reason, you have to give importance here. Without generating quality content, you have no way to do the rest of the work. Even you can’t do off-page SEO in the right way. With this in mind, it is the only and most efficient tip to generate quality content always and then do it SEO-friendly.

          20) Redirect the page with 302

          If you get any important page a 302 error, you need to redirect it to a similar page. In some cases, you can also redirect it to the homepage. It passes juice to the new pages. At the same time, Google takes it as valuable. Otherwise, the visitors will go back if they do not get any content on the page. For this reason, redirecting the 302 pages is good for the SEO of your page.

          21) Reduce Broken Link

          When you are blogging for a long time, you will get the enormous broken link where you are pointing to or on your website. You need to fix it. You can do it manually. On the other hand, you will get the free plugin if you use WordPress. It will check all the broken links on your website. That means you can disable it later after finishing or fixing the broken link.

          on page seo checklist contact usOther On-Page SEO factors

          I have separated the below points in the second heading does not mean it is not necessary or less important. I have just side some factors which you need not do all the times but of course at least one time. For example, Domain Name. When you finish buying the domain name, you can skip it. Though it is an important ranking factor in the case of on-page SEO.

          1) Domain Name

          Choosing the right domain name can define your success. In general, the domain name is the business identity in most cases. For this reason, you need to choose the domain name carefully if it will be SEO friendly or you can fulfill the need for you. Do not catch anything which is not good to hear or complicated to pronounce. So, take care of the below things when choosing the domain name.

          • Make it easy to type
          • Keep it short
          • Try to use the keywords or similar terms
          • Avoid Numbers or Hyphens
          • Choose something memorable
          • Better to go with .com
          It is not all for the success of your business but really affects to make the brand.

          2) Update the Site Regularly

          In particular, Google loves the updated content, and if you update or add some new words, Google takes it as updated content. Even you will see the date on the search engine when the searcher is looking for the results. For this reason, it is good practice to update the content regularly. At the same time, keep your website updated with the latest CMS, Plugins, or security services. It will increase the trust among the readers and Google will take it as a good signal as well.

          3) Keep the Skyscraper technique in mind

          The first thing to remember, I may not describe the methods here on the on-page SEO checklist, but I have added it. Why? Because the ways of Skyscraper technique tells to generate the high-quality content and encourages the on-page optimization. For this reason, for bringing the backlinks or outreaching the blog, skyscrapers do the things in a 100% legal way which is good for the ranking of your content. With this in mind, it can surely inspire you to do very well on on-page SEO. So when doing On-Page SEO or generating the content keep the skyscraper technique in mind.

          4) Keyword Density

          Keeping a good ratio of the keyword on the content helps the search engine to crawl and show the page with certain keywords. On the other hand, Google can easily understand the content. For this reason, keep a good ratio of the focus keywords and try to keep it around 1%. At the same time, use the LSI keywords to increase the ratio but decrease the possibility of keyword stuffing. Notably, if you do keyword stuffing, you can be infected with Panda updates.

          5) Use Good Typography

          When Google has implemented Artificial Intelligence into the content, it has given more importance to the UX or UI. For this reason, using Good Typography is not directly a ranking factor, but it helps to increase user engagement. At the same time, it will surely help attract the readers if they can easily read the content. On the other hand, it increases the overall User Interface of the website.

          6) Submit XML Sitemaps

          Google can crawl the page of your website automatically. If you use the sitemap, it will help to control the search engine which page it will crawl and which one not. Surely, it will help you to control the page for indexing. At the same time, you can add the sitemap to the Google WebMaster Tools which ensures fast indexing of the page. So, using the XML sitemap is a must. You can easily generate the sitemap by using the Yoast SEO plugin. Surely, it is 100% trusted in case of handling on-page SEO.

          7) Use Schema Markup

          Google is giving more importance to Schema Markup or using rich snippets. You will see some feature snippets on any question or listing quires. Google is trying to implement it in the search results to impact the engagement or get a similar answer quickly. For this reason, you need to work with schema markup. If you generate quality content, then you can also go with rich snippets. So, I will recommend going with it quickly to lead the niche.

          8) Ensure SSL/HTTPS

          SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) provides the data with encryption. It gives the green signal on the left side in every browser. Google takes it as a useful signal. If you want to keep the website secured or want to provide valuable data, then you should implement an SSL certificate. It prevents the data from losing or being stolen. At the same time, it helps to enable a secure layer on the webpage.

          9) Prepare with AMP

          Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an optimized format of the webpage which is ready for mobile pages. As mobile visitors are increasing day by day, so Google has discovered it to show the webpage on the mobile clearly. Even most of the popular websites are already implemented AMP on their website. It helps to rank the webpage on the mobile. If you are targetting mobile visitors, then you can use AMP by following this tutorial.

          10) Use Short URL

          It is not the direct ranking factor for Google. But using the clean URL and optimizing it by considering the domain-related URL can help you to make the brand as well as it can get more CTR which is actually the ranking factor for Google.

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            Finally, I am at the finishing point of the On-page SEO checklist in 2018. Google is changing daily and implementing AI in the ranking algorithm. For this reason, following the above point when formatting the content and optimizing the post, surely can help to rank on Google quickly. For this reason, you need to check the above checklist carefully. If needs any further question ask me from the comment section. At the same time, if you get the article helpful share it on your favorite social media. Thanks in advance 🙂