How to Start an IT Startup in 2021 (A to Z Guideline)

How to Start An IT Startup Business


Whenever you plan to do something different including starting a Startup, you need to think and give more time. Building a startup is not so easy and easier as well if you can generate an idea that will be innovative and solve the problem of others. At the same time, an IT startup can be a great way to keep the footprint in the business world. Though we know a startup needs a lot of work to implement it accurately and when it is something about the IT industry, it has much more intention to arrange all the things in a place.

 Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

With this in mind, I will talk from my experience about starting an IT startup. At the same time, I will point out the strategy which will work for every business startup. For keeping the sequence, I will show you the roadmap step by step. So, if you are planning to start an IT Startup, stay with me, and you may get some information that can help you to start more efficiently.

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  • How to Build a Startup Business From Scratch?
  • How to start a startup (infographic)
  • 7 Big Things A Start-Up Must Have To Succeed
  • 10 Tips To Launch Your Startup Faster
  • How to Start a Business (Legality and Promotion)
  • Finally, Follow these 10 steps to turn your idea into a startup

Important to realize, I have takes the sources from different startups, interviews, and blog posts to keep the sequence and providing something special. By the same token, you can get some points similar, as they are providing priority here. So I have kept the point as they have told. So, take it as necessary. Let’s go to the main content.

How to Build a Startup Business From Scratch

First of all, I will discuss from the beginning of the startup. As you are going to plan for a startup in the twenty-first century, you have to become smarter, and you need to imagine the overall idea in a workbook if you don’t want to fail at the starting level. With this in mind, you need to think of the below 4 things.

1) Find a problem and plan you will solve it than others

You will need the niche first when you want to build a business startup. It will define how much can you become a success and go ahead in the future. So, what will you do here? In my case, I suggest doing the following things.

  • Find a specific problem you can lead it: The original ideas need to solve a problem. As you want to build a startup, you have to keep attention here. You have to analyze from some of the problems which you can grow the solution than the competitor. It is the most crucial area. You have to think you can lead the niche and you can attract the concentration of others.
  • Research if you can raise it: Yes! Follow Google Trends or more places for your startup, and even you can talk with the experts in your niche. Collect data as much as you can. It will help you to make a great decision. You have to know why you will become a success or what is the weak point of your competitor. If you think all the challenges go with you, then make one problem that can help you lead and bet others. Notably, if you fail to choose the right product or service, you can’t go a long way.

2) Think to start with proper planning

As you want to start a startup business, you have to begin very fast. That does not mean you have no time in your hands; I am trying to realize you do not need to wait for an excuse. For example, capital or resources or manpower. I will show you in the next part of the article, how can you start a startup without any investment.

So, what does it need to do right now?

  1. Generate a brandable business name: Show your creativity here and try to create a brandable business name for your newborn startup.
  2. Registered the Domain name with the business: Check out here, how to choose a domain name.
  3. Create a professional logo: As you will need the logo to use everywhere in the business, so spend some money here to create an eye-catching and professional logo. See the logo design service details here for the attractive logo for your business.
  4. Design the website creatively: For a digital business, a website is a showroom and presentation of the brand for your startup. For this reason, be careful of building a website with great UI and UX. See how can you get a fantastic website design with an affordable budget.
  5. Create a social media profile with the business name: Social Media is the best place to promote your business. So, make social media profile with the proper information and upload the profile picture and cover photo as well. See how can you outsource social media services.

The first thing to remember, it is the fundamental thing for starting the business. Though it is the very beginning of the startup and it will affect the rest of the work you.

3) Develop an overall routine and work plan

Now is the time to make the overall plan for your business. Without the proper plan, you can’t go ahead. You have to make the plan for at least 5 years, and then you need to divide it. How much small part of the plan you can do, the success rate will be much bigger. For this reason, you have to make an excellent work plan by dividing yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily basis.

You have to build the habits to follow it. On the other hand, you need to manage and track the data of previous month or years to examine the progress and bringing a new routine and work plan. Overall, if you can do it uniquely and by following the data and metrics, you can go a long way, and at a time, you can get the desired level.

4) Don’t think to do it alone

If you have a big plan and want to establish a startup actually, you have no way to work alone. You need to generate the ideas and system to include someone energetic in your team. If you can distribute the work to others, then you can go far away quickly. At the same time, if you think you will do it alone, you can’t go a long way.

For this reason, as an entrepreneur, you have to make the goal of distributing the task to others, and it will ensure the success rate you. By the same token, it will measure the success ratio of you.


How To Start A Tech Company With No Money

If you are going to start a tech startup, then you can grow it without spending any money at all. You are thinking about how it is possible? Especially, it can happen in the tech or digital startup. In a discussion on Quora, a lot of successful persons shared their experience of how they build a company with no money. I will point some of the important factors from their discussion. It will help you to understand the matter easily.

Know the Niche and Do not do anything excessive: It is necessary to become experts in the area of your startup. That means you have to become an expert in your niche. For example, you want to establish an IT Firm with a Web Development niche. You should know the web design and development. On the other hand, you want to build a Digital Marketing Firm; you should know Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing very well. Then you can think to establish a company. Another key point, it is tough work to build a tech company without keeping practical knowledge.

Now the point is- Don’t do anything which is not mandatory at the foundation level. For example, you do not need to handle Tax account or insurance. It will need to spend some money to manage the documents or opening the file. For this reason, no need to pay anywhere which is not necessary for you now.

Sell Before Starting: It is the most important area. As you are an expert in your niche, you have to start selling your product. As you are working in the web development industry, you can offer the company to develop their website and give them some special discount (For example, 25%) as presale customer. Then try to take some booking money. Contact as many companies as you can by offering the presale customer. You can build a custom template for email.

Important to realize, as you are a tech entrepreneur, most of the time your product will be no physical existence. For this reason, you can take presale orders easily if you are really experts. If you sell software or digital marketing service, you can do the same work. If you try in some places, you will realize the matters. So think, plan and start to sell products as a presale to bring some cash in your hand.

Find a Talent with Share: Now you need to manage a co-founder in your business. Notably, you can think you can establish a company himself, but it is impossible in most cases. For this reason, it is the right decision to find the same-minded people to work with you. In this case, you should take the quality of the person. You should fulfill the requirements of the newly born startup. So, it is wise to find someone who knows something which you do not know, but necessary to go ahead smoothly. At the same time, it will add value to your company.

Now deal with him how will you share the company. If you can handle all the things, start with him. Do not forget to make paper contact if possible and don’t break the commitment. Otherwise, you can’t go a long way. If you see the large startup in the IT world including Apple, Google or Microsoft, you will see they have done the same work. So, choose someone very wisely.

Promote Your Product with Relations: If you can manage a decent amount of money with the presale, then you can invest some of them as marketing. As I am discussing starting a startup with no money, so I will show you the process of spending no money.

Keep connected to Skype, Slack, Linked In, or other professional Social Media, Group, or Forum. Communicate with them and hear from them and share your story as well. In the meantime, tell them about your product and request them to share your products in their connection, social media, or blog. It will bring some sales to you. Continue it for several months and make good relations.

If you can spend money, then you should do the above work also. It helps to make contact with the similar-minded people from all over the world, and it is very important to manage investment or selling the products with words of mouth.

Invest from the Earning: If you think all the time to work without money, the results will not be good. For this reason, you need to invest intelligently in growing your business. Always meet with similar minded people to learn new things and travel as well, it will help you to take strict and healthy decisions. Arrange the meeting with the shareholder or important persons in your company before taking any essentials and big decisions. It will help you to implement it accurately. Do not forget to think big about making your startup a million-dollar company.

7 Big Things A Start-Up Must Have To Succeed


Someone thinks starting a business in this era is not easy work. It is not wrong at all. By the same token, opening a new business was not easy at any time. It needs to do smart work and should ensure the below 7 things to succeed. Let’s discuss the matter.

1) Maintain Smart Timing: You will notice I have told you to maintain Smart Timing. That means following the time, and smart timing is not the same at all. You have to follow the data of the previous days to do anything here. For example, you want to launch your company, but you should pick a time when you will get more value. At the same time, you need to make a detailed plan of where and when you need to do work. If I say in a word, I should tell you that you need to make the timing plan to spend the whole year and divide it into every month. The situation can come differently in some cases, and your timing will discuss the worst days as well.

2) Right Distribution of Money: Most of the time, we don’t follow the latest strategy for spending the money. As you are starting a new business, you have to research similar businesses to make a money plan. You need to do the exact and complete plan for growing your business. Technology is changing day by day. For this reason, when you plan the money distribution for your business including salary, promotion, or investment, you have to look in your time and situation. You can see some great platforms where you can place or establish your startup, and it can bring huge benefits. At the same time, you need to work with employees too for making your business models.  You have to think do you need any persons who will work for digital approaches of your business because it is the time of thinking digitally to make you different.

3) Self-Discipline: As you are a startup, it is essential for the business. You need to work more time than an established company. I am not telling you to forget the rest of the world or your family time, but you need to think about the years, months, and days to make the business grow up. If you are from a well-known company, then you can leave the business for a day or week. It will not make huge issues, but if you start to do it at the starting level, your business may fall, and you can lose all the things. So, At least first 1 or 2 years you need to become more disciplined or conscious to make the business profitable.

4) Sharp and natural social skills: For being an entrepreneur you know the importance of relationship building. Even I have seen the two years of a business goes for building the relations with the industry people and your target customers. The marketing system has gone, and you need to become smart before showing your business to anyone. It will increase the brand value, and you will be accepted cordially by the industry. At the same time, you need to continue to work with the targeted company that can be your customers. That means you have to take care of the industry leader and the targetted company leader to grow your business smoothly. It may take time, but it will take your business in the upper position with great reputations.

5) Build A Great Business At One Time: What it would be if you think of a mission rather than multiple at a time? Markedly, you can give all of your time to grow it. When you are thinking about a startup, it can bring all the things in your life. You can get the chance of leading the country with this. Yes! It is true you have many more ideas to implement, but it is a good practice to make one idea successful. Ultimately the other will be easier to build in the future. You will get the time and human resources for working with others. With this in mind, first- work with one and then try to give all of your time, thinking, and effort for it. Surely, you can make it a leading business in the world.

6) Figure out the Money: I have told you before about the distribution of Money. So why again about Money? Because money is not all, but something which can stop the whole work. With this in mind, you have to careful here. If you just store the money as a business owner, it can regret you later. For this reason, you have to learn to reinvest it. From the starting of the business, you have to pass a lot of days without money for making the surrounding happy. At the same time, you need to learn how to spend and invest the money for increasing the profit.

7) Be Visionary and increase quality: When you start the business, you may have a lack of knowledge and quality in some areas. When you will see your business is growing then you need to increase your quality. At the same time, you have to visit the industry leader from the country or abroad to build it accurately. You can bring new services or you can add value to your existing services if you want to stay here for a long time. Without being extraordinary you can’t bring any change in your new startup. So be exceptional and do the work with a well-organized vision to become great.

10 Tips To Launch Your Startup Faster

I have talked to launch your startup, and I will share why do you need to start it faster. You can generate a lot of ideas, but if you do not start, it will not come true. I will show you the top 10 tips for launching your startup faster.

1) Just Start: Sometimes we waste huge time planning the ideas. After some days we get another idea and pass the time on this new thing. Thus we can’t start anything. So, you have to start first from the ideas which you think this is perfect for you, and it goes with the digital time. Start today. When you want to start, do the below things.

  • Find out a brandable name and register the domain. Take time here. As it will be your future and all will know it.
  • Write down the product plan
  • Design the Overview of the company and how will you go ahead.

2) Design the Product: In some cases, we can’t design the product. For this reason, you have to work here with proper research. Make the product innovation in the market. You can sell physical or digital products which have no physical existence. It is no matter. The presentation with the excellent description and why they need it selects why you can sell the product. So, give more time here. Your reputation will depend on your products.

3) Keep some answers for later: Most of all, feel hesitation as they do not know all the things which are necessary for their business. Notably, as a man, you may not have some skills, but surely it is not your fault. If you know how to sell and how to bring the company in the profit, then you can take some answers from the experts. Don’t sit by thinking about it. Just go forward and keep in mind what you don’t know and capture it at the right times from the right people.

4) Hire Remote Workers: In the digital age, you have the quality of maintaining remote workers. It will save you a lot of money. At the same time, it will help to get talented persons from all over the world if you can choose the right persons. So, it is very good to hire someone who can work from the remote. If you can find out the talented persons for you from the remote, it will save money and time as well.

5) Manage Contractual Workers: Without taking the full-time employee on a permanent basis, managing contractual workers can bring more output for you. At the starting level, you need more work and service than maintaining formality. For this reason, you can make the contract to work with you permanently but make an agreement to work on a contractual basis for 1 or 2 years. It will help you to bring more revenue from the workers. If you get the right work, you have no problem satisfying him.

6) Find A Cofounder: Most of the time, you can’t do all the work without a co-founder. For this reason, it is the right decision to find out a co-founder who can add value and can take appropriate decisions for your business. Your quality will define if you can arrange a good team who will think like you. It is very important to bring the business to a profitable platform.

7) Find someone who will push: The success of the Apple company was Steve Jobs and he has described that he knows how to work and when needs the resources. He drives the worker for making it happen. For this reason, you need the person who will do it. You can also work for it. On the other hand, you can find someone including co-founder, friends or anyone who will work to support the team and will inspire/push to finish the work accurately.

8) Forget Money from the start: You should not think about money for the first one or two years. You have to realize it will not bring any money for the digital business. If comes any money, you will think it is an inspiration. Most of the time, we forget the reality of generating cash you need to make the basement. For a digital business, it takes more time than traditional marketing. As your service will be sold online, it will take time to spread your brand. Not most of the business or niche, but it needs the time to grow the reputation of a digital company.

9) Promotion: You have to keep a decent amount of money for advertising. You have to try every possible way and even in some cases, you need to try the traditional marketing (Place/country Basis) to outreach your business. As you are thinking of a startup, you need to consider it here most of the time. You have to make the plan when and how you want to promote your business. At the same time, you need to research your competitors to know how they get the sales. You have to modify those things too.

10) Analysis Data for next Approaches: In every month after 6 months of launching your business, you need to analyze the data of the previous month. Why you are getting the sale for this product like others or why others are getting the sale not you like this. If you can keep track of this research you can be successful. You can do it every month or after 2/3 months. Surely, your upcoming startup will get life if you can follow the above things.

How to Start a Business (Legality and Promotion)

For every business, you need to do some initial work when you are ready to start a business, and you have done the planning of your business. The same ways need when you are going to start an IT startup.

1) Making your business legal: For Startup, you need to manage business legally at a time for doing a lot of tasks. If you do not do it from the starting level, you need to do it now. For handling business work, you will need it. If you are doing share business, you need to do it also. Make clearance with the help of legal authorities. For example, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Corporation. In every area you have a lot of works, take the help of experts to make it neat and clean. At the same time, make it available for all the shareholders.

2) Registering your Business Name: Registering the domain name is not all for the startup. At a time, when you will think you should reserve the name for yourself, you need to register the business. For accessing the trademark and adding value to your business name, do the work with the experts and register the business name. It will help you to handle some work, and you have no issues which can make conflict in the future.

3) Seller’s Permit: When you will sell physical items in your company, you will need to get permission from the authority to sell them in public places. At the same time, you need specific permission from the particular location. It will help you to avoid the hassle on the spot. At the same time, your worker will be safe from specific behaviors from the police or others.

4) Business Licence: If you register the business name and take the permission for selling the service or products, then you may not need as compulsory the business license. Though I will recommend making a business license from the specific authority for doing the business. It will help you to make the baking process efficient. You can take the loan and will help to avoid hassle again.

5) Small Business Taxes: As you are doing the business, you need to manage the federal Tax file under your company. You have to submit annual tax for doing business in your location. So, you should make it for staying the safe side. If possible ensure self-employment taxes, Employment Taxes, and Excise Taxes.

6) Marketing Strategies: Your business will depend on your marketing strategies. Depending on the location you need to bring some unique techniques ad it will define your credibility. If you can drive the particular attention to your promotional approach, you will undoubtedly lead the industry one time. Now maintain the below work for effective online marketing.

  • Narrow down your target customer
  • Develop a brand identity
  • Build your online presence
  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Make available the marketing tools and resources

7) Selling your Products or Service: Selling the products or service is the main task for a business. If you fail here, no work can’t keep you alive. So, you need to work here directly, and promotional strategies will work for selling the products or service. Make a new and actionable plan here to maintain the log.

  • Set up your sales infrastructure
  • Identify your sales goals
  • Hire a sales rep
  • Get more out of your sales activities

8) Increase Customer Engagement: Your customer will promote your business one day and the formula for growing your business incredibly, you need this. For this reason, ensure good product or service and take care of customer engagement.

  • Answer the Problem quickly.
  • Keep connected with the customers
  • Take feedback
  • Maintain FAQ page for a basic guideline

9) CRM (Customer Service Management): CRM can bring massive engagement to your business if you can do it perfectly. Make the database of the customers and make the connection with them individually in their liking methods. When comes the inbound marketing tactics then Customer Service Management (CRM) plays a vital role.

10) Funding: When your business will grow then you will need the fund for increasing the service area. At the same time, if you target another area or location with the same service, you will have more persons to grow the business. Here you will fund. For this reason, you have to focus here, if you can manage funds/loans with easy conditions. You can contact and make the connection for the below types of funds.

  • Small Business Loan
  • Crowdfunding
  • Venture Capital Financing

Finally, Follow these 10 steps to turn your idea into a startup


At last, we will learn the most effective 10 steps from the above discussion for turning your ideas into a startup. If you are reading the guide still now, undoubtedly you are dedicated and passionate about starting your business. I will show you the summary of the below discussion. Let’s discover it in the short bullet point.

1) Research your Niche or Target Market: Before starting the startup, you need to research the market, your competitor, and your target niche and customers. Make a question yourself will it solve any problem to the customers and do you know about the niche. At the same time, can you compete with others? Do you have confidence in your niche? Write down the answer and make a list. Here you will keep the advantages or disadvantages of the present scenario on the market. Then take the decision if you can solve the problem.

2) Secure Intellectual Property: When you are confident and want to establish the company you will need to plan for launching it. At the same time, you need to secure Intellectual Property as patents, copyright, and trademarks. Register Brand Name and Create a logo and website to run it. Now it is time to add products or services to your requirements.

3) Work for creating Brand: The future will depend on your brand. At a time, people will buy the products for getting the brand of you. It is not so easy to make the brand. But it can surely establish the identity of you. You can grow yourself as the leader in your industry. On the other hand, you can get popularity with the brand if you can keep targetting with different approaches.

4) Legal Documents: Never forget to collect all the legal documents according to your business. It will ensure to get funds and doing business in the different places. Arrange the legal materials, seller’s permit, business license, and taxes paper. For making the brand and handling with the shareholder or signing with other companies for business purposes will help the legal documents.

5) Choose a Co-founder: It is mandatory to go a long way. Time will come when you can’t handle all the work. Otherwise, if you can find a co-founder who is motivated like you and know work in your niche, it will be beneficial for you. So, from the starting of the business, look for a perfect co-founder for your business.

6) Start Business Plan: A company depends on selling the products or services. At the same time, it needs an excellent procedure to provide the service. In this case, you need to make a plan for creating and delivering the service.

7) Pick A Workplace: Creative thinking and works need a pleasant environment. It increases the activity; it enhances the power of eternity. For this reason, you need an excellent workplace to work more time without any weakness. In most cases, the IT entrepreneur likes to work from home and they think it is good for them. Though I will suggest trying in a different place if you want to make the team. It will surely help you to work in a helping environment. At the same time, give priority to your creativity and operating power for working from home or sharing a coworking place.

8) Follow a Mentor: Mentorship is very efficient for the startup. You can also stay in the mentorship, or your co-founder can do the same work. If you think you need another mentorship who will work closely with you or the team, you can do it also. But it will depend on your working process. You can keep anyone who is the experts but does not want to work with you full time, but you can use him on a weekly or monthly basis for more efficient work or practice guidelines.

9) Increase Investment or collect Fund: When you will follow the above action, then your business will need more funds for increasing the service area. At the same time, you need to increase the investment if you want to spread the company with more employees or space. At the same time, you may want to take a second or third office for handling more clients. Surely, there needs a lot of investment or funds. So, try to make planning from the beginning.

10) Depends on Data: At last, you need to work with the previous data and experience to widen your company or startup. If the main service is IT, then adapt yourself to the new changes or technology. Surely, it will increase the brand value, and you can bring new updates to your products or service. Certainly, the data or strategies from the previous time will help to make further decisions and implementing them as well.

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    Finally, I will wait to listen to the success story you. I have discussed a lot of valuable things for building the startup and especially starting an IT startup. If you can follow the above steps, there have no chances to make any gap in information. Though depending on the product or service, you need to develop some different strategies and plans. Surely, it will help you to go ahead. If you see any unwanted typos or mistake inform me and I will update them in the next revision. At the same time, if you need any further help, you can share it with us from the comment section. Thanks in Advance. 🙂

    The Future of SEO (5 Predictions To Happen)


    When the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes, it appears some common approaches to Link Building, generating high-quality content and Brand. Do you think anything which will dominate the search engine in the near future? That means I am trying to realize you what the Future of SEO is? When we will live in the age 2020 or later, what will happen of this SEO or Digital Marketing world. With this in mind, I have talked with the lot of leading Digital Marketers and SEO gurus from the world, who are giving priority in the below areas.

    To clarify, Search Engine including Google always trying to provide high quality and informative content for the users. In this cases, they follow some algorithms to index and rank the pages. Some terms including quality content, link building, and brand are always king in the SERPs. At the same time, some aspects will be needed in the near future. With the changes in technology, Search Engine will be smarter and the ranking process will be different than now. With this in mind, which things will lead the SEO sectors with the common factors? Let’s talk about the future of SEO.

    Future of SEO:

    All the gurus agree with the use of Rankbrain. That means the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be widely used in the SEO sectors. Though we are getting the impact of AI at present, in the future it will be smarter, and then the quality work will get more priority. At the same time, Mobile SEO, UX effect, and voice search will also be a part of SEO.

    1. Widely usage of Artificial Intelligence (Rankbrain)
    2. Mobile Friendly Query (AMP)
    3. Better UX will get priority
    4. Voice Search will increase
    5. Knowledge Graph and Social Engagement

    Let’s discuss in details about the Future of SEO.

    Widely usage of Artifical Intelligence (Rankbrain)

    Google is the most innovative search engine and covering 85% of the search engine industry over the world. Important to realize, Google has recently implemented Rankbrain in the Algorithm. It is in the exploring mode but will be used widely in the near future.

    Not to mention, Rankbrain is the third most important rank factor in the SERPs (1. Quality Content 2. Link Building). For this reason, you need to think about Rankbrain or Artificial Intelligence now. How will it work? In general, it does not count the link anymore. The most significant approaches for Rankbrain is content and users engagement on it. So, we can tell, content will play a significant role in the future and relevance of the linking to other pages will impact ranking as well.

    With this in mind, it is the duty as a webmaster to keep a great influence here. Important to realize, some of the Google Employees in the Digital Marketing Team is confirming the tactics also. They are describing Google always want to provide the right information to the readers and who can work with it will lead the future. So, thinking about Rankbrain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must.

    Mobile Friendly Query (AMP)

    The necessity of Mobile Friendly Query has no bound. Now approximately the 50% of the searches come from the mobile device. For this reason, it is mandatory to ensure a mobile-friendly website. In this case, the user experience on the mobile is essential. Placing the content and visual elements of the content should be mobile friendly. As if, the readers can access it accurately.

    Loading speed on the mobile is also important. A lot of websites in the SERPs is not ready to load fastly in the mobile devices for not optimizing it accurately. With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure by reducing the size of the visual content and page size. That means we can tell; you have to take the approach for making the website 100% mobile friendly to lead the future SEO.

    Better UX will get priority

    As Rankbrain is a great ranking factor now, and it will increase day by day. So, there has no way to improve SEO without the user experience (UX). In this case, you need to control the page and ensure it is providing the right information and internal link. At the same time, you need to go with attractive visual content. It will undoubtedly increase the user experience. What should you implement to increase UX on a website?

    I have mentioned in the below, and it will give you an overview. You can check it here for more details.

    1. Keep white space around the Titles, Paragraph, and Heading. It helps to capture the page at once.
    2. Page speed is very important to increase UX on your website. If the website takes more than 5 sec to load the page, half of the users will not enter your content.
    3. Use the Attractive and eye-catching call to actions. Surely it will help to convert the sales.
    4. Use fantastic text when linking to other pages. It will reduce the bounce rate and increase the page view.
    5. Increase the bullet point, and list, use of bold and italic text among the content is a must.
    6. Enrich the content with images. A proverb goes one picture can say thousands of word. For this reason, it will attract the readers to get the visual content.
    7. Think about the Heading and Titles. It needs to become attractive.
    8. Develop an excellent UI for the website. That means ensuring right font, size of heading or titles. It will enrich the branding, and it will look as professional.
    9. Take a look at the 404 page. As visitors will come here, try to make a great 404 page which can help you to bring in your targetted page.
    10. At last, make the page mobile friendly and ensure great UI and UX here also.

    If you can follow the above steps when building and growing your website. It will surely ensure and get the highly impacted results from the search engine and the users as the future of SEO.

    Voice Search will increase

    Nowadays, people love the alternative way, and they are lazy actually. Typing on the keyboard takes time rather than trying. Researchers are telling it will increase day by day. For this reason, expanding the video or audio content on the post will help to rank. On the other hand, it will increase the UX, and your business will get the branding look so quickly. With this in mind, give importance here.

    Knowledge Graph and Social Engagement

    Google started to work with Knowledge Graph in early 2012, and from then they are trying to increase the use of it. It provides the rich answer on the search engine which attracts the users to enter the page. For this reason, you should take care here for increasing the use of rich snippets or featured snippets.

    At the same time, Social Engagement is very important. As Rankbrain is playing a significant role to rank the webpage. It will surely help the page to rank higher. On the other hand, social media can bring new visitors daily to your website or blog. For this reason, try to give importance here.

    Future of SEO Professionals:

    As I have discussed the future trends of the SEO industry, I think you have realized the enormous demands of SEO professionals. Another key point, all the task is very technical, and so you need to capture it. You have to learn how Rankbrain works as well as how to make a webpage mobile friendly. On the other hand, what users actually want. Google is the best search engine as it thinks for the users and it has been developing the algorithm considering it. For this reason, you have to believe as like Google.

    In this case, you need to forget tricks and at the same time, you need to become more tricky. What is this? That means you have no way to do anything which will impact the ranking rather than try to think about the users. You can inevitably lead the future of the SEO world. With this in mind, we can tell, as an SEO expert, it is very necessary to stay with learning all the time and implementing the right approaches. Don’t try to do anything over which is not user-friendly.


    Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

    Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at We would be happy to answer you.

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      What’s your thought?

      Finally, I am at the finishing point, and I will eagerly wait to hear from you. What do you think as an SEO professional will need to learn for leading the future of SEO and need to add to the above steps? Surely, it will make the content more informative and the newbie will get more information. So, express your thinking with a shout from the below comment section.

      At the same time, if you get the article helpful, share it on the social media. Never hesitate to comment if needs anything support from us for SEO and Digital Marketing purposes. Thanks in advance. 🙂

      How to Get Top Ranking on Google in 2020

      Who cares you are a blogger or writing a lot of useful tips for making their life more convenient and easiest? The truth is here, and that’s why you need to get top ranking on Google. Are you confused still now about what do I want to tell? I know if you are a newcomer or expert in the SEO field, you know that without ranking in the first page on Google you have no value of your evergreen materials to others. If others do not access your creative, hard work how will you evaluate you? For this reason, every bloggers or webmaster tries to get the answer “How to get top ranking on Google in recent years?”

      In general, Google loves the quality content, and it tries to provide high value to rank your page. But there have some other things too. If you follow the so-called link building tactics or doing the social bookmark or submitting in the Forum or Directory, it is time to stop now. Google is very smart now, and it is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect the content quality and users engagement. For this reason, it is true, the old school method is not backdated at all, but you need to provide quality here.

      how-to-get-top-ranking-on-googleParticularly, Google loves natural content and it does not like them who try to impact the SERP. But it is also the reality that Google is not telling you to do SEO on your website, it needs to keep the naturalism. So, in 2018 and the next years Google is trying to keep the search ranking algorithm almost neat and clean. So, creating quality content will get the priority. On the other hand, you have to do the SEO to get top ranking on Google. You need to become smart as well. For this reason, I have researched in many places and content of the Guru in the industry and getting that the below 13 steps will be the highest value. With this in mind, I will recommend to follow all the 13 steps and not to forget anything to get your writing piece or service in the first position on the first page of the search engine.

      13 Steps to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2020

      Getting No. #1 position in Google is not so easy nowadays by following the traditional backlink strategy. Though it is not impossible as well. For this reason, you need to follow the right techniques to get the top ranking on Google. With this in mind, I have discussed all the essential and white hat tactics (Which Google loves most) to keep your page on the top position on the search engine. Let’s talk about details.

      1. Create a list of targeted keyword

      It is not the year of writing all the things which come to your mind. That means you need to depend on metrics to get the success and listing on the top of Google and other search engines. With this in mind, the first thing you need to follow is making a list of targeted keyword first to get the proven results. For this reason, you need to do Keyword Research and you have to take care of your niche. If you start blogging without any plan or targeted keyword, you will not get the top position on Google with the profitable keyword. With this in mind, the very first duty of you is making a list of targeted keyword.

      2. Find out the cost of SEO Campaign and top keywords

      When you want to get the rank with your desired thinking, you need to examine the competitors. You have to understand the tactics of your competitors and quantity of links that you need to outrank them. You will understand the cost of your SEO campaign by exploring the competitors. Google analytics or Link Analyzers software will help you to get the appropriate results. If you can find out the high potential and traffic keywords for you and how can you place yourself in the top position, then your research will be successful.

      Finding the right keywords will help you to reduce the cost as well as to rank the keywords easily. With this in mind, the primary responsibilities of you are looking for the best keywords which will be profitable and low competition. The research shows that the long tail keywords become low competitive always. For example, if you target the keywords “Link Building Service” it will be highly compatible. On the other hand, the “link building service in the USA” can be more specific and low competition. So, you can get the top results easily, and it can bring you highly targeted traffic.

      3. Prepare a detailed Link Building Plan

      Backlinks are the most effective things which will affect the ranking of your site. For this reason, you need to take a great care here. Basically, a successful planning is the half of the battle. On the contrary, you need to make a detailed link building plan for accessing the desired success. As the amount and quality of the link will define where your page will stay, so you have to give particular attention here.

      Equally important, Google does not like the spammy link at all. So, you have to avoid in this area. On the other hand, you need to give focused on the content. In spite of, you have to complete and check you have done the work. Getting the backlinks in a day, it is very useful to get the links in a specific time period and a consistent way. It makes the link natural and smooth. So, you have to follow a schedule as well when planning for link building.

      4. 50% of backlinks should point to the inner pages of your website Source

      The importance of Backlink Distribution has no need explain again. If you get the link in the same format, it will seem as spammy. So you have to take the backlink in every way of linking. When you want to make the link natural for the lifetime, it is very essential. For this reason, I will share 5 methods of backlinks which will change the ranking of your sites. At the same time, you will stay in the safe position.

      • Always get the link to different anchors text

      For example, your main keyword is “Best Coffee Brand” then your anchor text should be like this

      Best Coffee Brand in the USA

      Best Coffee Brand in the World Ranking

      Best Coffee Brand 2018

      Best Coffee Brand in New York USA

      Best Coffee Brand with user ratings

      That means you are using your main keyword, but you are not using the same keywords in every link. I have told it just for the concept. Keep as many variants as you can bring.

      • 45% of your anchor text should contain the website URL

      It is also efficient for making the anchors text natural and mostly uses this type of anchor text. Here you will keep the URL of your website with text or not. For example. is the best Digital Marketing Firm

      Digital Marketing Firm in USA

      Get Higher Ranking

      get quality links using

      • 30% of anchor text should contain Brand Name

      When you are trying to make the backlinks natural, then you need to use the Brand Name with the anchor text. For example.

      ByteCode – Best Digital Marketing Firm


      Digital Marketing Firm ByteCode

      Link Building Service ByteCode

      ByteCode Content Creation Service

      That means, your duty is making the link with the Brand Name and bringing the variations.

      • Diverse the keywords with Synonyms and semantic

      As you can’t use the exact keywords all the time. For this reason, you can use the synonyms or semantic keyword to make it natural. For example.

      Get Digital Marketing

      Get Internet Marketing

      Digital Marketing Service

      Digital Promotional Service

      Best Digital Marketing for ranking

      • 15% link should be more generic

      Yes! It will make the link more natural. Here you will find some unusual words for getting the click. For example.

      Read More

      Click Here

      Check it out

      More Information

      Desired Link

      See here

      Try it now

      That means the words or phrase which will attract the visitors to enter the page but have no keyword.

      5. Do On-Page SEO Properly

      On-page SEO is the life of content. Without it, you can’t do anything for ranking the page. Google will treat it as spammy material. Backlinks help to rank the page, but without the right on-page SEO or formatting, Google will not take it as natural or helpful. So, you will not get the rank. On the other hand, you can get the penalty for doing Off-page SEO of a null or unoptimized page. To make the process easier, I’m pointing some must need on-page SEO steps here.

      • Eye-Catching Titles or Headlines:  Titles or Headlines are used to describe the full content in a sentence. Search Engine gives the importance here too. So, generate an Eye-Catching title and keep the keywords here.
      • Meta Descriptions: Meta Descriptions is the words which stay below the titles and URL. If you use the keywords and right call to actions here, it increases CTR as well as Google considers it for ranking well.
      • Heading Tags and Formatting: If you write the content only without formatting Google will think it as spammy words. Undoubtedly, Google understands the content, and when it crawls the content, it keeps in consideration about Heading tag, Bold or Italic words. So, use heading tag (h1…..h6) to organize the content. Surely, it will help the readers to understand the content appropriately. Don’t forget to use bullet point for better understanding.
      • Clean URLs: Someone don’t give importance here. If you want to make the URLs neat and clean, avoid the date or category in the URL. Try to use the titles or keywords only.
      • Images Titles and ALT tag: We know the importance of visual content for ranking the page. But if you don’t use a specific title or ALT tag, it will not add value to your content. So, always add the titles and ALT tag with the related words.
      • At least 50 Pages of Content: Only the content can make the page attractive, and Google likes unique content for ranking. At the same time, you need to generate lengthy content which is informative and descriptive. Try to write up to 1000 words to attract the search engine to rank your page.
      • Avoid Duplicate Content: It is very necessary. You can’t do anything with the duplicate content. So, remove it as early as possible or rewrite the content for attending in the competition.
      • Sitemap submission: Sitemap tells the search engine when you make any changes or adding any content or page. For this reason, it is must need to inspire the search engine crawling your page.
      • Yoast SEO for WordPress: Yoast SEO is the plugin in WordPress CMS, and for taking care of on-page SEO this single plugin can do a lot of work. It checks the content for on-page SEO and provides a signal. For this reason, you have no chance to miss anything. At the same time, it creates the sitemap and helps to get analytical data.

      This is mandatory. If you think you need the clear concept of on-page SEO, you can check this page of ByteCode.

      6. Avoid 5 tricky SEO mistakes

      Sometimes, you feel tired when you are not getting desired results. At the same, you may be leaving your site for watching good results. Quitting or leaving is not good at all for keeping your site evergreen. So, don’t do or think the below things.

      • They don’t analyze the competitors: In some cases, you may take links from different sources. But you are not getting the actual results or not getting the rank on the first page. On the other hand, you don’t know what’s happening. For this reason, you may want to quit. But you will make the great mistake. Most of the cases, for not analyzing the page or competitors accurately, you don’t get the top ranking. So, analyze all the website on the first page and make a plan of how much backlinks actually need to get the top rank.
      • Removing or canceling the links before 3 months: In some cases, you may think you have purchased or placed the links pointing your page. But 20% of the cases the owner can remove your links. For this reason, you are not getting the desired rank. Google will not count any link as juice younger than 3 months.
      • High Use of Exact Match Anchors Text: You have got the backlinks, and you should get the rank. But you are not getting it. For this reason, you need to check all the backlinks again. You may use the Exact Match Anchors which can infect your page. On the other hand, your linking page may not be qualities. So, always check the things which can affect a page.
      • Be social: Social media is the place which Google likes a lot. It does not give any direct boost to rank your page. But engagement on the social media is very efficient for ranking of the page. So, do share your content on the most popular social media. At the same time, make available the social sharing button to get sharing with the readers.
      • Don’t sit, go forward with the new strategy to keep the rank: Suppose, you have got the rank, and you are getting the proper response from the page. At the same time, dollars are also coming in your pocket. So, you are leaving by keeping it alone. But most of the cases, it brings worst things. You need to take care or need to build new links or sharing on the social media. Otherwise, any new site can outrank you as well as you can be affected by any recent algorithm changes of Google. So, work smartly, not hard and don’t sit in comfort always.

      7. Depends on organic traffic

      Organic traffic is the best way to grow your website. It will not even get penalized so easily. If you are not getting proper organic traffic, it may occur for the below reasons.

      • Your Content Is Low Quality: If you generate a lot of content with low quality, it will not add value. Google will not count it as valuable. At the same time, the readers will be bored. It will not increase engagement. For this reason, it can decrease the amount of traffic day by day.  
      • A keyword is not highly valued: If you choose a keyword is most saturated, or the competitions are very high, it can be a tough process to get the top rank. That means you will not get desired traffic. In this case, you need to go with low competitive long tail keywords.
      • Your Site Speed it low: Your site speed is a significant factor to bring the traffic. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can lose half of your traffic. At the same time, maintaining a mobile-friendly website with high speed can bring massive traffic.  
      • You are hit with recent Google Algorithm changes: Do you know Google has not published any new algorithm update and your site is not affected by it? You should check this if you see the massic decrease in the traffic.
      • Your working process is not natural: If you follow any black hat ways or doing something which is not suitable for your site, you can see the major drop in your total traffic. For this reason, you should take care here.

      8. Get backlinks from Diverse sources

      I have told you before the importance of getting the backlinks with different anchors text. At the same time, it is also most valuable to bring the backlinks from the various sources. Getting the one or two backlinks from the different website is good rather than getting a lot of backlinks from one or two websites. It adds more value. On the other hand, it reacts as juice and receives the high authority of your website. For this reason, try to get backlinks from different sources including directory, forum or web pages.

      9. Budget Planning

      Is it possible to get the results without proper planning on the budget? As you are doing the digital business, you need to make a clear-cut budget to get the actual rank. Otherwise, you will swim in the water; you will get the bank.

      1. Do you know where are you sailing the boat?

      If you think Digital Business means building the website and getting the sales, you are living in the fool’s world. You need a proper plan for spending the money and getting the results. If you own the boat and sail it knowing nothing where will you go? Do you know if you are in the river, sea or ocean? Considering the place and industry, you have to change the budget, and here Digital business is very critical. Everyone is not getting the success.

      1. SEO and Content is the Core Investment for Digital Business

      Maybe you have heard you will invest in your digital business, but don’t know where you should spend it. Especially, as digital business anything which is running and getting the customer, you have to research a lot of places to get the rank. For this reason, you have to know in which place you have to invest most for ranking or getting the quick results. Otherwise, you will fail.

      1. Others are also trying to outrank you

      You have to remember always; a digital business is a global niche. From all over the world a lot of persons are trying for doing well and making their business profitable and getting the first rank on Google. For this reason, you have to become innovative.

      1. Rely on Data and Analytics

      In the digital business, you can get all the data and techniques from your competitors. So it is easier to take the challenges. If you do not know about the process, you will not get any significant results. So, always make the budget depending on the data and analytics.

      10. Good UI/UX for better SEO

      UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) both are necessary to get the trust and reliable visitors in your business. At the same time, Google loves it also. Google tells in the guideline to make the website crawlable and easy to understand for all. So, creating a website by considering it is very necessary to get the top ranking.

      On the other hand, you have to enrich visual content on the page to attract the visitors and getting the natural backlinks. If you present yourself as a brand, you need to create a great website with Good UI and UX. Important to realize, don’t forget to make the website SEO friendly.

      11. Track the results/Positions  

      If you are doing SEO and generating high-quality content regularly, and getting the traffic also. Is it enough for doing good for ranking on the first page always on Google. I will tell, No. If you want to rank your most of the content on the first page of Google, you need to track the results or position of data and analytics. That means you have to know why your content is ranking.

      If you can explain it itself, then you can stay in that place for a long time. If you do not why are your staying in the first place of the first page, can you stay here? Your competitors can easily outrank you. For this reason, it is your duty to analyze the data and talk or think anything depending on it.

      12. Take help from an SEO experts or Firm

      Most of the time, you can’t meet all the above criteria or you can make the fault when building your website. For this reason, if you are getting the top ranking on Google. At the same time, you are getting massive traffic; henceforth you should take the help of any SEO experts or Firm for checking the health of your sites.

      On the other hand, if you are not getting the desired results and trying a lot, you need the consultancy of any experts person or Firm. They can support you for pointing the fault in your work or website. Then surely, you can easily get to ranking on Google.

      13. Keep in mind this 5 things for top ranking

      I have discussed all the important factors at the above point. At the same time, you should follow some matters to get the top ranking on Google always.

      • Surrounds Your Links With Content: As backlinks are the biggest reasons for content writing, you need to get the links where encompasses the content. That means you should not bring any links with little content or null content.
      • Get links from Quality Page: A link from the quality page is the future of your site. So getting the link from the quality place is important rather than getting a lot of link from spammy sites or page.
      • Update your Blog Regularly: Though you can get the rank with a big amount of links, the future will always stay on the content. So, publishing post regularly is very good for ranking on Google. It takes Google as a good sign of your site. It gets the authority very quickly.
      • Make the Brand: Google loves the brand. If you can treat your blog as a brand, it will always help you to rank any content. Even newly published content with zero links can get the first-page rank. For this reason, making you an authority is essential for ranking in the top positions.
      • Be Exceptional: It is not any rules for ranking your sites, but it can help you to serve the digital for a long time. In general, we try to do all the same thing for getting the rank. But if you study and research, you can bring some exceptional things. It will make a lot of trusted readers on your site which will increase the engagement always by social sharing or comment.

      Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

      Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01913 189 378 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at We would be happy to answer you.

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        Wrapping it now…

        Finally, I am at the finishing point. It is true, getting top ranking on Google is so tough. But if you follow the right tactics in the proper way, you will get the first position. For this reason, you have to rely on data and analytics. The person who can research a lot he is the hero in the digital world. If you get the article helpful, share it on the social media. If needs any help make comment on the below section. Thanks in advance.

        How to Increase Traffic to your Blog in 2018? [20+ Proven Ways]

        Whenever you are running a blog for your business or for earning money, you know how much tough to increase traffic in a blog. It is not so easy to get readership. So, you always search the guide how to increase traffic to your blog? With this in mind, I have researched in many places, and I am also maintaining some of my blogs which are getting massive organic traffic from the search engine. At the same time, it is also getting direct traffic from my loyal visitors.

        I know how much blog is run in a day. On the other hand, a lot of them is quitting themselves from the blogging world for not receiving decent of traffic. For this reason, they fall in frustration, and at a time, they take the decision not to stay in the blogging sector. Though it is true, you can get the traffic if you can go forward with the right strategy. As Google is very smart and now Google is trying to rank the quality sites only. For this reason, you need to follow the latest strategy for promoting and creating content.

        Important to realize, it is not impossible at all to generate the traffic for your blog. You need to try in the smart ways. Even I think it is an excellent chance for the newbie to start blogging. As any black hat method is not applicable here nowadays. With this in mind, if you can learn the right methodology of SEO and can write evergreen content, surely, you can lead the blogging world. To clarify, I will show you 20+ proven ways on how to increase traffic to your blog. Let’s start to learn the best techniques in 2018.

        How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

        How to increase traffic to your blog?

        The below ways are completely white hat tactics to increase the traffic to your blog and day by day you have no way to do anything to impact the ranking in Google. SEO Audit report of ByteCode in 2018 is showing it clearly for some recent works. So, I will point out here the most legal and efficient strategy for receiving traffic on your blog.

        1) Write Regularly

        Google is very much fond of regular fresh content. If you want to increase ranking on Google and if you want to prove yourself as authority, there has no alternative way rather than writing and publishing new quality content regularly. So, keep a publishing format. You may not publish daily, but you can follow posting at least one or two posts in every week. You will get more attention by the search engine as well as by the visitors. If you can’t get the time to write regularly, you can take the service of any reliable Content Creation Service.

        2) Increase Engagement of Social Media

        It is a great chance to get new visitors daily. It can increase the traffic fastly. It will increase engagement on social media. At the same time, search engine including Google gives the value of the social signal. For this reason, if you can share every new post on the most popular social media, it will increase the rank and you will get some regular traffic. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You may not need to share all the blog post daily. But you can share at least 5 to 10 post on the social media to increase the engagement and driving quality traffic.

        3) Generate Eye-catching Headlines

        Headline or title is the attention point for a post which encourages the visitors to click on the content from the search engine. So, give more attention here. If you can create exceptionally, but eye-catching headlines, then you can get more visitors from the search engine. On the other hand, it will increase CTR. The reason is- the visitors see the headlines or titles first, so it inspires them to enter on the website for taking the information or support.

        4) Master the Niche

        It is very important to know the niche clearly. When you will know your niche, you will be able to cover all the topics here. Even you can highlight something which is very small terms, but you are providing special information. It is very effective. When any visitors will come, they will take it as authoritative. At the same time, they will take it as the reliable place in the niche. So, the ultimate way to do that is marketing the niche.

        5) Do Image SEO

        The image is a big part of SEO optimization and you can get the decent amount of traffic by the image only. For this reason, you need to attach the high-quality and relevant image in every post. At the same time, you need to provide a relevant title, ALT tag and Description for ranking the image on the search engine. It is very effective to get the content rank as well. For this reason, always follow the tactics to do Image SEO and never keep the image name or ALT tag field empty or something irrelevant.

        6) At least One Keyword in every post

        If you publish the post only, it will not rank at all. You need to target at least one keyword which the readers are looking for information or review. It will help the search engine to understand the post. At the same time, you should skip over using the keyword in the post. Try to keep it under 1%. On the other hand, you need to give clear and easy to read information. It will enrich the readability. To point out, it will also give you insight and authority into the post to collect the data for writing the article for the future. With this in mind, I will recommend using at least one focus keyword in the content.

        7) Diversify Outbound Links

        Sometimes, you may not put the link to other valuable sites. It is very bad. It helps the Google to understand the post. At the same time, it tells the search engine, I am sharing the important information and I have told the reader to discover other reliable things in the article. It is very helpful to rank the sites. Here, it is also important to make the outbound link relevant. If you point any link which is not similar to your topics, it will not add any value to the reader. So, Google does not like it also. With this in mind, it is very important to put the outbound link which is informative and relevant.

        8) Include Social Sharing Buttons

        I have told you before that social signal is a ranking factor on the Google. At the same time, it brings the new visitor. For this reason, if any visitor comes to your site and gets the article helpful, he/she will want to share it. But if they do not get the social share button, they will not be able to do that. For this reason, it is mandatory to make available the social sharing button on every post. It will bring new visitors and the search engine will get the social signal as well.

        9) Allow Guest Post

        Guest post is very effective when you want to get the more social share and automatic backlink. But it has some demerits too. You need to check if it is copied and if it will add any value to your readers in your niche. If you publish a guest post which is not related to your niche, you will not get the actual value and it will not add any benefit to your blog. For this reason, I will tell, ask for the guest post, but try to check and understand if it is original, high-quality and providing any value to you. Surely, the guest post will bring the backlinks, social share and more authority on your blog.

        10) Attach Video

        Google always love the content with more visual elements. As YouTube is owned by Google, so it is good practice to share the video on YouTube. It will reduce the bounce rate as well as it will increase page stay time. For this reason, it can surely add more value to rank on Google. On the other hand, you can earn more money. At the same time, you can get the actual brand for a long time. You can easily make the video with the information of the post. You should follow the Video SEO guide to rank it also. With this in mind. always try to keep a video for better ranking and attractive the visitors on your post.



        Don’t have time to manage your blog or website? or thinking about the security of your website?

        you can check our two services: 1. Blog Consulting 2. Website Maintenance Service

        11) Follow Right On-page SEO

        When you want to get traffic for a long time, you need to check on-page SEO effectively. You have to make the content easy to read. On the other hand, you have to make the format of the content eye-catching. Anyone can easily capture the main concept. For this reason, you need to use the H1…..H6 tag, you need to use bold, italic or bullet point content to make the content evergreen. On the other hand, you need to add focus keyword and Alt Description. At the same time, you need to make the content attractive by adding image, video or infographic. Overall, if you can follow complete on-page SEO you will get the automatic boost on the search engine.

        11) Quality Distribution of the Content

        As you need to spread the content to get the traffic, you have to keep in your mind about the quality distribution. Do social share and make it available where the customers are looking for it. For this reason, Inbound Marketing is very good for distributing the content and getting the targeted traffic and sales. You have to follow the best and the latest tactics for distributing and promoting the content of ByteCode. For this reason, you need to follow right method of Content Promotion.

        12) Free Ebook for Email Subscribers

        Providing a free Ebook for the readers is a good practice to make the authority of the niche. They will take it as the expert on the niche. At the same time, you can manage the Email subscribers by providing the free ebook. It will help you to follow the email marketing method. Important to realize, the subscribers are interested in your niche. So they are very targeted. You can convert it into sales at any time. For this reason, you need to write a high-quality Ebook and start to distribute it as free.

        13) Start Guest Posting

        It is more important than purchasing guest posting. It provides high-quality backlinks as well as you can spread the brand of you on a different stage. Though it is necessary to start with the same industry. Sometimes, you can go with the semi-niche which is not completely in your niche. Surely, you will get some quality visitors. At the same time, your brand will spread to other popular places. With this in mind, start guest posting for bringing high-quality and targeted traffic and links.

        14) Increase relation with other bloggers

        Success in the blogging world depends on the success of the community. Yes! You may think how is it possible. But it is true. It will increase the communication with the similar minded people. You will get the opportunity to share your website. At the same time, you will get the mention on other blogs a the relation. You will get the chance to guest posting. On the other hand, you can manage the blog as a community. That means I can tell if you want to go in a far place you need to increase the presence on the different blog, forum or online group. To increase relation with ByteCode bloggers, you may be interested in partnering with ByteCode

        15) Do SEO properly

        I have described on-page SEO before. It is something which is necessary to make the content search engine friendly. On the other hand, you need to do off-page SEO too. For this reason, you need to submit the blog to the different quality directory, forum. You need to maintain the community work. You have to collect the backlinks. To explain, off-page is the work outside of your blog and here networking is very important to get the success in the white hat way. To learn SEO, you can check this SEO course

        17) Increase engagement on the blog

        In the recent times, Google is using AI for ranking the blog post. For this reason, it counts the users’ engagement for ranking a blog post on the SERP. On the other hand, it is necessary to continue making a community. If you can continue your blog as the community, surely, you can get the identity as the author and your blog will be the mentors on the industry. On the other hand, it will get huge traffic from direct users. As Google likes engagement, it will rank on the first page on the first position. So you will also get the search engine traffic.

        18) Generate High-Quality content

        I am repeating the point again, and regular high-quality content is the beauty of blogging. Your reader comes to get the information and solution. For this reason, you need to write high-quality content all the time. It will get the rank and will generate the traffic one time. Your blog will be an asset. I think you know the difference between asset and property. For this reason, always work to make your blog an asset rather than the instant benefit. To learn content writing, you can check this content writing course

        Give content creation or content marketing headache on us, Learn More 

        19) Mobile SEO

        The mobile users are increasing daily. If you can capture the mobile users, you will lead the future. 50% of the total traffic is now on the mobile device. For this reason, if you want high-quality traffic all the time, you have to take care mobile SEO. For example, Mobile SEO, AMP, Responsiveness and fast loading on the mobile. If you can grow your blog by following this metric, you will surely get the traffic for the lifetime.

        Get updated mobile SEO Service from ByteCode

        20) Follow Analytics

        For competing with the new trends and market, you need to become smart. If you follow the work as you learn before, it is tough to stay. For this reason, you need to follow the analytics of the previous years to become innovative and surviving for a long time. You will get the competitor all the time, but if you can take care your blog, it will be a real asset for the lifetime. With this in mind, I will inspire to follow different types of metrics for driving the traffic and results.

        21) Be a resource

        If you want to make a living with your blog you need to make a resource. There has no alternative way without it. On the other hand, you need to become a storyteller. You have to make the resource as like a story. Then all the time it will be liked by others. Be funny, clever, remarkable for getting the substantial lead. At the same time, you need to learn how to ask questions. It will help to increase engagement. After all, you have to plan to make a resource with the best tactics and information. Then you will be able to lead your life with blogging.

        22) Do Email Marketing

        Though email marketing is old school method but still digital marketers or bloggers using it to generate active traffic. So you must do it to get active traffic on your blog or website. You can get help about email marketing service or email marketing course from ByteCode

        Final Suggestion

        If your work in digital marketing, you know how important it is to have accurate information on each and every listing for your client. Inaccurate information leads to a loss of contact, which lowers conversions, which loses your clients hard earned money. Navads helps you make sure that each citation for each of your clients is accurate. With more than 90% of people using mobile GPS technology, you can’t afford to have the wrong information on your listings. With Navads, you can control and edit each listing from one location, making the whole process much more simple. This invaluable tool will be a great benefit to your customers.


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          Tech Alert Australia- The Best Utility Apps that Make your Life Worth Living

          Apps are the latest lifestyle essentials helping users meet their needs based on their requirement. Whether you are a backpacker finding his way to a location in Australia, someone who wants to stay on top of breaking news, want to engage your children with fun educational apps, or want to track your expenses automatically, users indeed have options galore. We have listed the best utility apps compatible with iOS and Android and that can make a lot of things much easier while you are in Australia.

          Must have apps for Australia visit

          If you are planning to visit Australia soon and if it’s the first time, you would need some guidance from an expert. Before even we get in to other details on how to explore the country on your own, you need to know the crucial part, that is, how to get into Australia.

          The first step is to get an Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to be able to enter the country as a tourist or as a business visitor. This authorisation is for short term stays and does not include working permit in Australia. As a foreign resident, you must apply through a reputed website and hold a passport from any of the countries listed in the website, a valid email address and a credit card. So, if you are travelling to Australia without the valid documents, you may be refused entry or face delays unless your identity is established and the claims to enter Australia are validated. For more details on how to apply and the rules, please visit here.

          So, for those who want to fly down to Australia and make it self-discovery trip, below are some of the apps that can be extremely handy.

          Webjet, Free

          This is a multi-utility app that helps tourists book their flights, find hotels and hire a car all at one place. This saves you that added time spent searching for all of these on the internet.

          Sydney Australia Official Guide, Free

          If you are in Australia, there’s no missing Sydney. From shopping destinations, looking for attractions, or finding the best food, this app offers just the right help you need to discover Sydney.


          The only way to get a taxi in Australia is via Uber. Book a cab in advance or in moments, pay in card or cash, and a have hassle-free ride anytime anywhere.


          Download this app that offers you complete beach and water safety functions along with real-time details on different beaches across the continent.

          Zomato, Free

          This foodie app is the ultimate alternative to get information on the best of the meals in any country. Read reviews, check menus, and find your food joint accordingly.

          Australia on the cheap

          From money saving tips and finding over 450 attractions that are free to visit to recommendations on best places to camp and stay, it’s that ultimate app that can help you save those added bucks.

          Must have apps for backpackers

          Visit by Road

          It’s a website that helps you plan your road trip in the most efficient manner. Not just that, you can also share your itinerary, look for hotels while on the way, and explore any hidden destinations or events that may be of your interest.


          From, amenities or services, to points of interest, sights or the local information this is hands down the best app for GPS navigation that can also be used offline.

          There’s nothing like Australia

          Get access to hundreds of videos, interactive images, and travel stories inspired from real life with this app that makes your road trip a memorable one. You can also find places to stay, information about the town among other features.

          XE Currency App

          This app is useful whenever you need help with currency conversion anytime, anywhere.

          Google Translate

          Any foreign country would be a familiar place in minutes when you understand the language they talk with this app.


          When heading to Melbourne this one app would be extremely handy to locate the best food and drinks in town by finding out the most famous restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes.

          Must have apps for your news interest

          Keeping up-to-date with daily news is a healthy habit that many nurture and so, an app that helps you stay in sync with the all the breaking news is a must.

          Google Now

          This app needs no introduction is one of the smartest apps that can help you stay updated with latest news via push notifications.

          AP Mobile

          Get the latest news directly from the source – Associated Press, and stay in sync with timely alerts that’s unmatchable.


          The most innovative news app ever, that collates news from Twitter and Facebook shred by your friends and even filter the news headlines depending on its relatability and popularity.

          Must have apps for kid’s education

          Going beyond the mundane tried and tested ways of educating child can have its own benefits. Make use of the latest gadgets like, Tablets, iPads or smartphones to download these apps that will be fun for the kids while learn.

          Endless Reader

          Perfect for kids aged 5 and under, this app helps develop literacy and reading skills of the child by introducing “sight words”.

          Wizard school

          If your kid is between the age group of 6 and 8, this is an app that infuses the much-needed interest and creative thinking across many subjects like, languages, science, sports, and geography.

          Quick Maths

          For kids aged 9 to 11, this app helps improve their math skills with an added focus on self-improvement.

          Must have apps for budgeting and tracking expenses

          Thanks to evolving technology, that keeps your spending habits in control with the help of budget tracking tools and apps.


          This is the ultimate financial app in Australia that capture your complete financial scenario. From gathering information on your expenses from your credit cards and bank transaction to helping you reach your financial goals or manage your bill payments, this app is all what you need in this financial instability. The best part is, it comes with a money back guarantee.


          This is a pretty simple app and is rather a basic budget tracking tool that gets all your transactions in one place to keep a track of all your expenses and even analyse your transactions.

          Track My Spend

          This is an app, created by the Australian Government, that’s not connected with your bank account(s) because many are not comfortable with the idea. It allows you to enter your details manually just as you would write down on a diary and keep track of the daily expenses. That’s so simple and with no complications attached.

          Thanks to technology for gifting us these apps, that mot just make life easier. Also technology takes away the need of added resources like a laptop, diary, stationery, and even a book. It easily replaces the physical items to help us keep away from the clutter and the bewilderment. So, get your Australian ETA today, download these apps, and enjoy the beauty of Australia.

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            Can we download iMessage on Android?

            If you are someone who has recently shifted from Ios to Android or someone who has friends who use iOS, then by now, you must have realized the importance of iMessage. This is an application which is only used by Apple users. Apple users use this service for sending messages from their iPhone with the help of their Apple ID. There are a number of applications available like that of Whatsapp and Hike, but users who have used iMessage for a very long time tend to get attracted towards it. iMessage also provides end-to-end encryption, helps in the transfer of files, and also provides you with cross-platform support. Also, this application has a very simple layout and the user can directly send a message.

            All the Android users will now be able to use iMessage on their phone. This can be easily achieved with the help of an application known as Pie Message that allows Android users to use iMessage on their phone. This application is not developed by Apple, instead it is an open- source project that gives customers access to iMessage on their Android phone.

            download iMessage on Android

            For all the Android users, there is a catch to it- You need a Mac. For using Pie Message, a special kind of server is required that will help you to send messages to an Android device. Mac is the one that will handle all your workload in this case. This Application is easily available on GitHub. Though this application is available now, there is a fair chance that Apple might block this application in future. One of the most important reasons being the security threat. Pie Message will help you stay in touch with your friends and relatives who are already using iMessage.

            How to Download iMessage on Android Device?

            1. Start by downloading iMessage on your Android device.
            2. Your messenger will start downloading.
            3. When the download is finished, you have to connect the file in your Android mobile with your PC or laptop.
            4. After doing this, the file has to be transferred to your mobile phone.
            5. The installation process will start.
            6. When the installation process is complete, you will have to verify your mobile number.
            7. If you download the application straight away from your mobile phone, then you can easily verify your mobile phone number from there. But you can do this only if you allow your device to install this application from an unknown service.

            You can now start using iMessage on Android device. Before that, it is important for you to know the difference between your iMessage and your normal Android message. The best differentiator in this case is color. If the message that you just received is in green colour, then it means that it is a standard message and in case, the color is blue, it means that the message is an iMessage.

            In case the above method does not work, visit this blog post or follow the steps given below.

            1. Download Android SMS sync on your Android phone.
            2. Create an account on the same.
            3. Open Messages Application on your Mac.
            4. Click on the Messages menu from the top bar and Add Account.
            5. From that list, select Other messages account and then click on Continue.
            6. A field box will appear. You have to fill the same with the required information.
            7. Now the setup is completed.
            8. Go to Sync Message, you will see an option of New Message. Click on that.
            9. Start typing the message and start sending it your contacts.


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              9 SEO Tools You Need for Your Website

              WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System and is used to build all kinds of websites all over the globe. Its ease of use is prodigious, but what really makes people fall in love with WordPress is the huge array of plugins available for them to download and use. Powerful as they are, plugins can be tricky without proper support. Knowledgeable and specialized technical support representatives can be found at the trusted WordPress hosting companies, who provide unmatched speed, optimized WordPress environment and highly trained support agents. All the same, it is worth reading about the most popular plugins out there in order to get the maximum out of your WordPress site.WordPress has particularly powerful SEO plugins. You can find anything from helpful keyword planners, through broken link checkers, to comprehensive SEO solutions. Some of the best seo tools can be found below, so be sure to check them out!

              9 Amazing And Best SEO Tools You Need for Your Website

              • SEO by Yoast
                Yoast is the most well known SEO plugin provided by WordPress.
                It is so good and functional that is one of the most downloaded plugins of all time.
                Yoast has it all and is described as a comprehensive solution for all your SEO needs, including the ability to add an SEO title, meta descriptions and keywords, custom titles and much more. It takes care of all the technical optimisation while also helping you write better content that search engines will love.
                It will check all the simple things that you might forget, such as if your post is long enough and if you have included enough keywords.
              • Google Keyword Planning
                Seeing as Google is the world’s search engine giant, no one else knows what search engines are looking for better than Google itself.
                By using the Google Keyword Planning tool, you are able to work out what keywords work best for your brand, and what you should be including in your content. It is free of charge and available for anyone to use. It shows advertisers the estimated search volume of the keywords, the number of results and difficulty level. It is the perfect tool to help you find keywords with a high search volume and high advertiser interest.
              • Open Site Explorer
                This is another free tool that allows you to check the data for any domain name. It is a great way for you to find out who is linking to the domain that you search and what anchor texts they are using. Not only that, but Open Site Explorer can also be used to find out information such as which pages are linked on your site, linking domains and much more. The free version has daily search limits per person, so you need to make sure that you are using your searches wisely, or invest in the Pro Subscription which will also give you access to other tools.
              • Broken Link Checker
                Although this may not be the most obvious SEO tool, broken links can be very damaging when it comes to the SEO of a website.
                If you have a blog on your site or pages that have not been changed for a long time, it is definitely worth checking for broken links, if you want to improve the user experience and the ranking of your site. As a free WordPress plugin, Broken Link Checker is very popular. It allows you to find broken links across your site and fix them without even having to edit your posts.
              • SEOPressor
                SEOPressor is a very powerful plugin due to the fact that it can help bring organic traffic to your site by optimising blog posts. There are many useful features that come with the plugin including a keyword analysis tool and keyword research tool. Once a post has been written, SEOPressor provides you with a score based on the analysis which can help you improve your next blog post.
              • Squirrly SEO
                This plugin helps you create content that is not only search bot friendly but also human-friendly, so you have the best of both worlds. Therefore, not only will you be ranked higher in search engines, but you will also have an engaged audience at all times. You are able to receive weekly SEO audits, SEO stats and keyword research to name just a few of the features.
              • SEO Internal Links
                Internal links are an important part of the SEO process, as by including internal links in your site you are able to direct search engines to other important pages on your site. Internal links can help you get the best out of your linking strategy by automatically linking keywords and phrases in both your posts and your comments.
              • Rich Snippets
                This plugin can make your post look much better in search results. It can provide more information about the post and can include all sorts of information like photos, price, star rating and much more, all of which will make it stand out from other similar blogs. This additional information will make your listing more noticeable, not only building organic traffic to your site but also helping you to establish authority in your niche. You can use a range of different content types within the plugin, including item review, events, person, product, recipe, video, and article to name just a few.
              • All In One SEO Pack
                With over one million downloads, this is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. As the name suggests, the plugin will supply you with everything that you need to create an SEO friendly site. The greatest thing about this plugin is that you don’t have to understand technical terms in order to use it. It is made for beginners. The default installation is good enough to use as it is; alternatively, you can play around with the settings and options to make sure that they are exactly as you want them to be. All In One SEO Pack automatically optimises your blog titles and gives you the ability to overwrite the default details if they are not to your requirements.


              Relevant Services You May Like:


              51 Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress from website builder reviews.


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                Employee Monitoring Software / Apps: An Expense or an Income Generator

                TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is a complete remote monitoring, employee tracking, spying app that is costly but it has multiple uses. It is definitely an asset as firms – be it a little wander or an extensive one – regularly needs to stress over their workers. Dealing with a workforce can be a troublesome employment. Controlling data and information spills, guaranteeing representatives’ are working and not squandering time, taking care of organization assets effectively – these are all issues that businesses need to handle consistently. This is the place TheOneSpy comes in. It gives you all of the data you have to make sense of what your staff is doing.

                For a few proprietors of organizations, observing their workers is something superfluous, the cost of which is additionally an additional weight. Be that as it may, checking of workers can realize various advantages for entrepreneurs which can help them change their perspectives seeing this point too. Watching an assortment of exercises which representatives lead can give managers a superior thought regarding the path in which their representatives are working and help them achieve an all the more clear viewpoint. One of the courses in which this should be possible is to hunt down any errors which might be submitted. Doing as such can help different managers to comprehend where their representatives are missing and turning out badly. This was additionally moved down by the Houston Chronicle which expressed that such frameworks utilized for observing workers can help managers comprehend their wrongdoings and the ranges in which these may happen. By spying app for android what the representative wronged, the entrepreneur can then address the issue at a later date by addressing the worker by and by or maybe approach the matter in a survey. Bringing up the error that was made instantly after it was conferred won’t help both of the two which is the reason some time must be taken before the matter is investigated. Now and again, botches made on the benefit of the worker are not because of his/her blame but rather could be because of falsehood. If so, the observing frameworks set up would have the capacity to bring up where the deception is happening which would permit the slip-up to be altered to guarantee representatives later on don’t commit comparative errors.

                Workers can likewise profit by the observing frameworks set up. As indicated by the Houston Chronicle, this is conceivable on the grounds that it would permit the business to educate his workers regarding their quality which would support their spirit. It would advance urge them to improve at work and giving them the consolation expected to enhance them. Along these lines, the observing framework does not just concentrate on the shortcomings of the workers and where they might need as far as execution however it additionally permits bosses to make sense of where they might do well.

                Wellbeing is another viewpoint which can be observed through the framework. Contingent on the sort of business that is being run, video observing frameworks can be utilized to comprehend where wellbeing is missing and where facilitate measures should be taken. In the event that through the video checking framework, a business discovers that his laborers are not wearing the proper apparatus amid development work, he can take care of the issue before it advances into one which may turn out to be much harder to handle at a later stage. Another angle which can be centered on through checking frameworks is the efficiency of laborers. Through the framework, businesses can see the profitability of their laborers and take a gander at where they might utilize work hours for individual time which once found, can be wiped out.

                In conclusion, observing of workers is likewise essential for bosses as it helps them remain at the highest point of their advanced bend. With organizations starting to depend incredibly on innovation, administrators ought to know about the acts of their representatives be they negative or positive. Whether the checking framework is utilized to watch out for the representatives while they make utilization of the workplace phone or the PC, bosses will have the capacity to watch continually what their specialists are doing. Hence their investments and business can be ensured to receive continuous profits.


                Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

                Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at We would be happy to answer you.

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                  What is Inbound Marketing (Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy)

                  Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy

                  Do you know how to put the customers in the driver’s seat and how you can make the existing customers into lifetime leads? Yes! It is possible if you follow the techniques of inbound marketing. It is very efficient in the digital marketing world.

                  At the same time, search engine takes it as the positive impact for your sites. With this in mind, in this articles, you will learn what is inbound marketing and how does it work. At the same time, I will discuss the complete inbound marketing strategy. Let’s discover the digital world of inbound marketing.

                  Inbound marketing will help you to make the website evergreen. It will give you the fuel for search engine ranking. On the other hand, it will help you to increase the brand reputation. That is to say, the benefits of inbound marketing have no limits.

                  What is Inbound Marketing?


                  Inbound Marketing is one of the best marketing tactics in the white hat ways. In general, targetting the customers with different types of relevant content to help the customers for buying is known as inbound marketing. The positive sides of inbound marketing are- you get the potential customers from the real ways including blogs, search engine, events, content marketing, and social media. Similarly, Google loves all the methods of inbound marketing.

                  When outbound marketing is working with the outside world, then the success of inbound marketing depends on attracting the customers with the quality content and promoting the services on the social media and the search engine. With this in mind, you get the ideal customers by focusing the trust and credibility. When outbound marketing works for finding the customers, inbound marketing helps to come customers in the automatic process. So, you get the benefits for the long times.

                  Inbound Marketing Strategy

                  Inbound Marketing


                  Inbound Marketing is the best ways to make the strangers into potential customers. In particular, Inbound marketing can be divided into four phases. Important to realize, every aspect will be succeeded if you can complete sub-strategy during the primary stage.

                  The most used four phases are- Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. 

                  Significantly, you have to remember that the customers are very smart now. They take decisions by realizing the needs, and if you can fulfill it. Otherwise, if you follow the ancient methods of marketing, you will go backward.

                  With this in mind, you have to understand the psychology of the customers and all the available essential strategies are included in the inbound marketing. If you can do it, your business will increase rapidly, and it will stay in the upper position for the lifetime (Long TIme).

                  At the same time, you will make a brand where customers will be pleased, and they will keep interaction with your business. So, what is the magic of inbound marketing? Let’s discuss in details.

                  The Complete Methodology of Inbound Marketing


                  The beauty of inbound marketing is winning the customer experience with the winning of sales target. For this reason, the strategy is growing fastly to make up the marketing success.

                  1) Attract – Make Your Website Resourceful

                  I know you are not happy if only the visitors come in your website. You want it to increase the engagement and bringing the leads. Similarly, you want to see happy customers experience. The only way to make it through relevant informative content. You have to show the content at the right time when they are going back from you. If you can keep them happy with the content. Ultimately, it will increase the sales. So, what should you do?

                  i. Blogging

                  Blogging is the most effective ways to start with the inbound marketing. It helps the strangers to stay on your website. At the same time, when they are happy to get the answers from your website, it will automatically inspire them to make the purchase. Do not forget to generate content what they want to know and you have to try to provide the answer to their question.

                  ii. Content Strategy

                  Only content will not bring the sales fastly. For making the sales you need to grow the strategy. For example, what types of content the customers are looking and what types of content will fulfill their needs. At the same time, make sure to keep available the content where your customers are searching.


                  Content Creation Services and Content Writing Courses

                  iii. Social Media

                  Social Media is a great way to bring potential customers from the informative content. For this reason, you may need to generate highly eye-catching content with valuable information and right call to actions. You can generate some content which is only on social media targeted. It will bring some effective visitors and surely it will generate the lead.

                  2) Convert – Make the Sales Panel

                  When the visitors are coming to take the information or getting updates about the services, you need to apply for converting them into leads. You can do it by attaching forms, by collecting email address or by meeting somewhere. That means you have to try to impress them and make a possible way to interact with them. You have to find out which methods work for you for touching with them. You can increase conversion by following the below methods.

                  i. Forms

                  It is the most effective ways to generate the lead. You will inspire the readers to fill up the forms to stay close to you or to get the same types of quality content in the next time. Make highly effective forms and make the forms as simple as you can. Try to build it in a way, that the readers can give you information within seconds.

                  ii. Meeting

                  Another way to interact with the customers is arranging meetings. It is a good way if you sell the services. You can do it via phone call, virtual meetings platform or face to face. But the virtual way is the best methods to communicate perfectly. Try to collect information for a good presentation, give the guideline pointing your websites content to present yourself as an expert on that topics.

                  iii. Messages

                  Get involved with the customers. In the digital ways chatting with the inspired persons for selling your products or services is the best ways. When the customers will see you are responsive and giving priority them, they will attract with your ways of service. On the other hand, you can inform them services or important resources on your website by messaging. It will help to inform them the new services and updated information about you.

                  iv. CRM

                  CRM refers to Customer relationship management. It is very effective to deal for the next time. It will help you to promote the services by considering the needs of the customers. If you can show the necessity of the customers, you will get good conversion regularly. So, it is good to maintain a good database and doing work by following this.

                  3) Close – Try to Recycle the sales

                  You have generated quality content to entertain and meet the needs of the customers. At the same time, you have generated the leads. Now it is the very important step to recycle the leads for a long time. I think If you can’t make your existing clients a new customer, you are not following the right marketing strategies. For this reason, you have to work with the previous customers of you also. Let’s see how you can make the recycling the sales efficiently.

                  i. Lead Nurturing

                  You should remember, you have made the first lead with huge efforts. So, if you can regenerate it, it will cost you less than before. For this reason, you have to nurture the existing leads. How can you nurture the previous leads? You have to find out the best ways according to the types of your leads. You can do messaging or similar types of marketing.

                  ii. Email Followup

                  Email Marketing is very effective for lead nurturing or informing the existing customers about your updated services. At the same time, you have to track the interest of the visitors from the call to actions or their behavior on the website. If you can do it, you can go ahead in the efficient ways.

                  iii. Be selective on leads

                  At a time, your company will be larger, you will make more customers and you will bring new products or services. Then you may not nurture the previous clients. But you may make fault here. It is necessary to filter the valuable clients from CRM database or you can give importance to the most effective customers who love you in general.

                  4) Delight – Marketing with Words Of Mouth

                  The beauty of inbound marketing is happy customer experience. Here, you are trying to provide the essential information. At the same time, you are offering the best products or services. On the other hand, you are trying to nurture them and all the methods will make you happier when you will see the recommendation for the family member, relatives or friends by the existing customers. For this reason, you have to bring new strategy, you have to increase the quality of the products as well as you should make them interacted with you. How can you do that?

                  i. Good Customer Services

                  You need to react to your customers friendly, not only before the sales but also after the sales. When they are facing any problem, ensure them 100% solution for making them happy. You can not make one happy by selling the products only, you have to take care of the sales as well. On the other hand, you need to follow right management and strategy to make it happened.

                  ii. Generating More Smart Content

                  Content is the life of marketing for digital business. When you are trying to generate the money, you need to create smart content all the times. It will work as like magic. When the customers will see a lot of information about the services and related one, they will become interested to stay with you.

                  iii. Spread everywhere

                  Yes! It is very important to keep the footprint in every place you can which will ensure your customers are getting you everywhere. It will help to increase the brand as well as you will get proper engagement. You will generate huge traffic and leads from lots of places.


                  Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

                  If you see some difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing, you will understand which one is most effective for your business in this digital age.

                  • Inbound Marketing depends on Pull Tactics. On the other hand, Outbound Marketing follows pull tactics where interaction is the major factor in bringing sales.

                  The beauty of inbound Marketing is creating valuable content which helps to go to the customers with modern communication technology. You can attract the customers without imposing anything. For this reason, Inbound Marketing is considered as Pull Tactics.

                  When Outbound Marketing tries to push a message among the people then Inbound Marketing tries to solve something for the consumers. That means Inbound Marketing is standing on the needs of the customers. The basement of inbound marketing is a blog and blogs help the customers to know the details of the services or products before the sales. Even the Customers can get the after sales support from the blog post. It is very interactive and highly effective tactics in the digital age.

                  At the same time, When the Inbound Marketing Methods is based on Traditional marketing tactics, then the Inbound Marketing is offering services and How-To solution with the Blog, Apps, and Different social media, group or Forum.

                  inbound Marketing

                  • In the Inbound Marketing, marketers always try to provide value. On the other hand, the outbound marketing, Marketers never provide any value rather information about the services only.
                  • In the Outbound Marketing, Customers can rarely come or join in your business. On the other hand, Customers comes first and then you plan for business (If possible).
                  • The difference in Communication ways: The most effective ways in the marketing method is communication. In general, Outbound Marketing depends on traditional Mass Media and it has less opportunity to communicate with the customers directly. That means it is one-way communication tactics. The marketers are shouting to express their services, customers can listen or not.

                  On the other hand, The Inbound Marketing relies on Customers interaction. They are talking, sending email, joining with the social media. At the same time, they are sharing the blog post and they are increasing engagement in your company. That means you are getting direct communication as well as digital communication which ensures brand and amazing sales funnel for the lifetime.

                  As all the Inbound Marketing depends on the communication process, you need to stay transparent and honest. Otherwise, your brand will not stay. You have to ensure the quality of your services and solving where problems exist.

                  5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important To Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

                  The time has changed and now inbound marketing is the best marketing tactics considering all the matters. Notably, Social Media is a big part of Inbound Marketing. In this section, you will learn how social media is helping to grow your business with Inbound Marketing.

                  i) For Content Promotion Social Media is Important

                  Maintaining blog with updated resources is a must and social media plays an important role to promote it. Social Media is a great way to make the huge fan by providing interesting and funny content. At the same time, it can bring reliable customers visitors to your blog.

                  On the other hand, you have to try to create content for the social media entertaining. Then you can go for free or paid promotion of your content. You have to follow both of tactics to get organic reach. Surely, it will fulfill your target as well as will bring huge leads.

                  So, we can tell creating quality content and promoting it via social media can make you successful in Inbound Marketing.

                  ii) Social Media helps for Generating new Content Idea

                  Social Media is a great way to generate the new content idea. You have to remember that you need to discover most of the places of social media. If you stay on a social platform like Facebook, you will not huge idea for making your Inbound Marketing succeed. For this reason, you have to go ahead with good techniques and getting the lead from most of the platform.

                  See the below image where you will find how Social Media can give you a good insight and helps you to generate the good content idea for inbound marketing. 


                  From the above graphic chart, you will find different types of benefits of the social platform. For example, Reddit and Quora is a great social platform to generate newest ideas and getting the source of content. At the same time, Facebook, Twitter will help you to enrich networking. For this reason, you have to maintain all the social platforms to promote the content and getting new content ideas.

                  iii) Social Media Helps to Understand Your Audiences

                  Social Media is the platform of entertainment and sharing the thoughts what one wants. For this reason, you can explore the niche you are promoting to understand what the audiences want. On the other hand, you can check their behavior to understand what they are searching.

                  Surely, it will help you to make the content user-friendly. At the same time, it will be search engine friendly too. Search Engine likes the content which loves the audiences. Here you can use the Social Media to explore the better ways to present the content. Not to mention, this method will help you to stay in your business for a long time with the great reputation.

                  iv) Social Media is Big Part of SEO

                  Must be remembered, social media is a great way to increase engagement on your website. Notably, the social signal is a big part of boosting your content on the eyes of the search engine. At the same time, search engine including Google likes the users’ engagement. For this reason, it helps to rank your content in the search engine.

                  Important to realize, the search engine can skyrocket your business if you can get the rank with the content. On the other hand, social media can increase the brand value if you can outreach and can increase the engagement. Surely, Seach Engine loves the brand and it will get more priority in the future.

                  v) Social Media Will Express New Opportunities

                  Social Media is the ways to engage with the people from the different geographical location. If you can promote your business technically among them, they can bring your new sales and more sales means newest opportunities. Even you can get some other facilities for your business which you have not think at all.

                  At last, I will tell, social media is the biggest part of Inbound Marketing, it can be amazing if you can implement in the right ways. At the same time, you can get organic reach among the fellow minded people and the customers will take your brand as the trusty place to get the services.

                  6 Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

                  There are a lot of ways to implement Inbound Marketing for your business. Especially, it works for the business which is small and a startup. The large business can spread the business with paid boosting. But the small or media call of business is limited to spending for digital marketing. For this reason, Inbound Marketing works very fine for promoting their business without spending a lot.

                  I have pointed 6 Inbound Marketing Techniques which are efficient and well-organized. You can take a look at the below.

                  1) Offer Free Guide related to your business

                  It is the fantastic way to make engagement with your business. Try to provide a small business guide or How-To guide or anything related to your business which is attractive and wants to know the similarly minded persons. Now offer it as free. When you will share it with the social media or anyone come to your website or business blog, see a free ultimate guide. They will collect it and it will increase the brand value. You will be considered as the expert in that field and it is very effective to track the industry.

                  2) Pick one or two similar keywords and boost those page

                  Whenever you want to get search engine traffic or want to spread your business in a manual way, you need to use one or two keywords at a time. If you work with the multiple keywords, you need to give focus on several (One/Two) keywords first. Then you need to work to get rank for that keyword. The most important thing is getting the results for one or two keywords and the other will be presented in the same way. One day it will be ranked and you can build several keywords into the SERP ranking.

                  3) Build Your Personal Brand

                  For promoting any business, it is very necessary to build your personal brand first. You can work and gain authority by learning and getting proper knowledge in your field. When other will get you as an expert in that field, they will take you as a mentor. For this reason, when you will build your personal brand, you will get the boost for your business as well. In most cases, in the Inbound Marketing, it works very fine. So, the important step for Inbound Marketing is growing your personal brand.

                  4) Arrange Q/A session on the Social Media

                  Now, we are living in the age of social media. Here all are real human and they come here to make the connection with their friends and family and wish to participate in some group or events. So, here you should not involve them with serious matter or details topics. You need to discuss here simple session including Q/A which is easy to participate and comparatively not so hard. In this matter, it is very helpful to engage with them and they will take you as well-wishers. Automatically, you get the boost for your business and they will consider your business as the reliable brand.

                  5) Create an Email Popup

                  Email Marketing is the best tactics to promote your business without any considerable cost. It increases the brand value and brings loyal customers to you. At the same time, it increases the engagement with your business. On the other hand, you can get some reliable customers for the lifetime. You can inform any new services or products easily fro email marketing. By the same token, you can build the connection with your readers easily. For this reason, you should an Email Popup to increase the list. It really works very fine.

                  6) Guest Blogging

                  Guest blogging is the amazing way to increase the reputation of your business. It provides your 3 reliable boosts for your business. For example, Powerful backlinks, bigger community audience, and Personal Brand. All of them are very necessary to do Digital Marketing and for this reason, it a very popular in the Inbound Marketing world. For keeping the footprint of your business into another community or brand, guest blogging is the best way. You can drive direct traffic to your business and it is very effective visitors for you.

                  By all means, there are many other ways in Inbound Marketing to promote your business, but it is very effective to follow the above techniques at the very beginning of your business or startup.


                  Content Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing: What’s The Difference?

                  Sometimes, we make conflict with the terms content marketing and inbound marketing. In a forum, I got the question, “Do You Need Both Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?” Actually, we think Inbound Marketing means Content Marketing. In reality, there has the far difference between the two terms. They have the similarities, but not the same concept.

                  What is Content Marketing?

                  Content Marketing is the promotion of your content in the different channel. That means you can tell it as outreach. With this in mind, we can tell Content Marketing is the terms of promoting the content and getting visitors to your website or blog. Here is the work of distributing the content in more relevant and informative way. You will get here more attractive marketing ways including Email Marketing, Event Promotion, Website User Interface. For this reason, Content Marketing is a short term of distribution of your content.

                  What is Inbound Marketing?

                  Inbound marketing is also the promotion of your content. In general, Content Marketing is the core part of Inbound Marketing. But Content Marketing distribute the content only, it has no liability to make the lead. In this cases, Inbound Marketing appears. Inbound Marketing helps to make the visitors into the lead by the user interface, right call to action. It works to make available the content where visitors are looking for the service.

                  Inbound Marketing not only generates the lead, it also nurtures the lead to convert it into the sale which is most important in the sense of marketing. At the same time, it provides the real-time data or insights to make the marketing tactics innovative. For this reason, when content marketing distributes the content, Inbound Marketing works to make your earning potential. Even it helps to grow your business at a stable level.

                  How Do They Work Together?

                  It is true, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing both are necessary for growing your business and sales. They work with one another as components. You can’t do anything without the content strategy. At the same time, you need the Inbound Marketing to make the content into sales. You need the content including blog article, eBook, Web pages and content for social media too. With this in mind, you need to make them into potential earning with Inbound Marketing.

                  So, we can tell Inbound Marketing is the results-driven methodology with the help of content. You can’t work or implement one with the help of other. As you need the content, you need to increase the conversion rate. That means you need the combination of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Then you can make it innovative. With this in mind, it will change the metrics and you can serve your business for a long time.

                  Do You Need Both Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?

                  I think you have got the answers already. If you write the content only and follow the traditional method of promoting it, you will able to go in a long way. It will not bring the targeted sales for you. For this reason, you need to become the smarter. For this reason, you need the help of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing will help to reach the content where your audiences are waiting or looking for the service with the metrics and data.

                  Suppose, you want to increase the outreach of your service or content. Then you need to collect the email address, you have to learn the use of different email client. On the other hand, you need to make it easy to capture. Then you can easily convert the Content into sales and it is the beauty of Content and Inbound Marketing. For this reason, you can include Content Marketing into Inbound Marketing, but you can’t tell fully Inbound Marketing as the Content Marketing.

                  So which method you need to follow?

                  It is a strategic question and I like it. You can’t imagine the digital world without the content. At the same time, you can’t get the desired results with the content without the Inbound Marketing. In particular, Content will help you to get the Brand and Authority and Content Marketing will work to distribute it to the customers. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing will help to make it available in every place you need to keep your footprint. With this in mind, you need to generate the content first as well as you need to drive the best way of content marketing by researching, outreaching and generating the leads.

                  Inbound Marketing Framework which Delivers Results

                  It is not the actual Framework but something like the below when we work for Inbound Marketing. In Inbound Marketing it can really drive results. We have done a lot of task by following the exact method. Though we are adding new strategy to adapt to the new trends. But we can tell the below step as the most efficient Inbound Marketing Framework. Let’s how does it work.

                  Step 01: Plant The Seeds

                  When you want to work with Inbound Marketing, you need to follow the exact method which can plant the seeds. If you make the fault here, you can’t get the data-driven results. For this reason, you need to give a look here. Here, comes the brand name first. You have to choose a name which will work as a brand. Then you need to follow the personas which will give the data and infographic about your business and customers at the same time. At last, the website design is important as user-experience is very important to attract and make the sales.

                  So, the foundation of planting the seeds will be:

                  • Branding
                  • Buyers Personas
                  • Website Interface

                  Step 02: Prepare to grow

                  Now, it is the stage to grow your business with reliable, informative and results-driven content. You have to focus on Buyers Persona to lead the niche. You have no options to fail here. Content is the core part of Inbound Marketing. All the effective will rely on this. For this reason, you need to write/create entertaining content for the visitors. It will really drive the visitors and the Inbound Marketing will covert it as sales. So the growing phase is totally about content for your business.

                  The growing phase will be:

                  • Creating amazing content including Blog post, article, eBook and Journals
                  • Increase awareness about the service
                  • Deliver the Content to different places

                  Step 03: Blossom and Analyze

                  When you will create awesome content which is your main material for Digital Business, then you will need to outreach them. Here data and market research are very important. As you have taken it before, so do the every outreaching method including Email hardly and follow all the steps carefully and always check and analyze the data. Here is the most effective part of spreading the content and you can take the help of any Digital Marketing Firm who provides Inbound Marketing services. For example, ByteCode – Digital Marketing Firm.

                  Step 04: Lead the Sales

                  As you have built your business website and brand planting quality seed, you have created quality materials as content and analyzed the competitor and customers, it is time to lead the sales. This phase is also important to make the business innovative and growing yourself at the top in your industry. If you can follow the metrics and can continue Inbound Marketing, surely you can do the best. Important to realize, you have to rely on data all the time. At the same time, you have to hear the customers.

                  Best Inbound Marketing Personas to See the Best Results

                  Your Inbound Marketing results are always dependable on Buyers Persona. It will describe the marketing efforts and sales process. Buyer Persona will see you the future of your marketing in the right way. It will increase the customer and product support with the sales technique and data which is very important in the Inbound Marketing. You will understand with personas when you need the basic data including Job Titles, Age or Sex. Let’s see the best practice of Inbound Marketing Personas.

                  What Is a Buyer Persona in Inbound Marketing?

                  Buyer Persona will select the target market and it will ensure the target customer on your business. Actually, it is based on research, real-time data and interview. It will create what type of content you need and why you should know your customer and their need. Basically, it depends on the objectivity, focus, and strategy.

                  It will define what type of content is very necessary and what type of content you need to make for keeping the brand. For example, you can create blog article, online videos, podcasts, White papers, E-Books, Newsletters, Social Media Posts and Online Advertising. As the digital promotion, you need all types of content method, but the priority depends on the types of business. For this reason, according to the customers, you need to define it.

                  How to Build a Persona for Inbound Marketing?

                  When you are depending on Inbound Marketing, the buyer persona is essential to do the work effectively. For this reason, you need collect real-time data as well as you need to research based on it to get the successful results. How will you collect it?

                  • Internal Conversions and Interviews
                  • Customer Conversions
                  • Synthesis and writing

                  You need to point out every essentials data for your business and you need to become here smart to bring the right success to Inbound Marketing.

                  How to Use Personas For Inbound Marketing?

                  As you are doing the whole process of Inbound Marketing to covert the visitors into sales. For this reason, you need to track the data of salesperson, customer manager, and other Marketer too. It will help you to get the behavior of the customers. For this reason, you need to track the actual incidents and you can keep the records for updating the service and content. It will help to make the business evergreen.

                  Advanced Personas in Inbound Marketing:

                  As you are working to increase the leads for your service, you need to follow this also. You have to collect the data for negative attitude of the customers for your service. Even in some cases, you will see negative marketing effect. So, be smart and solve the issues technically and you will lead the personas with Inbound Marketing and if you can continue it, surely, you will get the results for a long time.

                  So What is Inbound Marketing and what needs to follow?

                  If I come to conclusion, I can tell the Inbound Marketing will be like that for targeted sales and reputation:

                  1. Develop a great and updated content strategy
                  2. Focus on B2B for content and bringing brand
                  3. Make essential call to action and design the website with an amazing look
                  4. Always make website interesting
                  5. Create the content for the visitors and the search engine also. That means don’t forget the search engine to crawl your hard work
                  6. Provide helpful information for your service and enrich awareness with the content
                  7. Ensure you are following the latest outreaching method and getting the right feedback
                  8. Attend on seminars and event and it is one of the best tactics in Inbound Marketing
                  9. Make your business available where the customers are waiting to hear from you
                  10. Be strategic and make yourself innovative

                  If you follow the complete guideline, you will get the insight of Inbound Marketing clearly. I have tried to make it like that. Never forget to see the infographic from the below to get the full concept.

                  Inbound Marketing Related Services

                  Inbound Marketing (A to Z) Infographic


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                    Final Thought

                    At last, I will tell Inbound marketing is the beauty of internet marketing and it is 100% white hat and the search engine like it very much. For this reason, try to implement the methods with the help of the experts. It will surely benefit you for a long time for your digital business.

                    If you get the article helpful, share it on your favorite social media and inform us from the comment section if you have any question related to inbound marketing. Thanks to Advance.

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