What is Google Rankbrain? How Rankbrain is the future of SEO?

Google Rankbrain

If you are conscious about the future of SEO, then you should take Google Rankbrain into consideration from now. In general, Google is giving more priority in Rankbrain, and it has been considered as the third most important factor (1. Quality Content, 2. Natural Backlinks) for ranking on the Google. For this reason, you should adapt and organize the site with the Rankbrain to lead the SEO world in the near future and for ranking your content on the important search engine including Google.

Using the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not new in the Google Algorithm, but Google is trying to provide the valuable content for the users. With this in mind, Rankbrain will be a major factor for increasing the ranking on Google. For this reason, you need to implement it from now for your personal or clients project for doing well than your competitors. I will discuss in this article what is Rankbrain and why and how will you work with it. At the same time, what is the process of ranking your content considering the Rankbrain Algorithm and why it is the future of SEO?

What is Google Rankbrain?

Rankbrain is the super productive algorithm which tells the SERPs to show the best results of all the quires. In general, Google has used here the Machine Learning Algorithm, especially the Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the previous days, Google uses the Hand Made Code to rank a content, but the present scenario will work with the Artificial Intelligence. Important to realize, the code is written by the engineers, but it can optimize the content with the use of AI. For this reason, here users intention will get the importance to rank a content. In reality, Rankbrain can track the data and user satisfaction with the use of Artificial Intelligence. So, some of the old methods will now work now, and some of the new strategies will get the priority.

Rankbrain is the algorithm for optimizing search results with the combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

In this case, the below things will be the most effective part of ranking on Google.

  • Quality Content
  • Fresh Backlinks
  • Content-Length (Duration of Stay)
  • Domain Authority
  • and User’s Satisfaction.

That means the backlinks profile or domain authority will not affect the ranking only. Here you will need fresh content and user’s satisfaction to stay on the first page. Take a look at the below video to see the use of AI on Google.

Overview of the Content:

I will discuss here all the aspects of Google Rankbrain. Before going in the description, see the overview of the table of content.

  • How Rankbrain Works?
  • Keyword Research in RankBrain
  • Optimize Titles and Description Tags for CTR
  • How to Optimize Your Content For Bounce Rate & Dwell Time
  • More RankBrain Optimization Strategies
  • FAQ’s About Google Rankbrain

How Rankbrain Works?

Google’s Rankbrain follows the below two things when ranking or optimizing the content and the SERPs.

  1. Understanding Keyword or Search Queries
  2. Knowing How Users are Reacting (Users Interaction)

How Rankbrain Understand Keyword or Search Queries?

In the previous days, Google showed the results of the search queries by knowing the exact match keyword. In this case, Google was unable to show 15% of the queries daily to provide the answer. With this in mind, Google fails to solve millions of quires. Not to mention, daily google performs 1 billion+ searches. For this reason, it was not good at all. In reality, you need the solution to this problem. Here, Rankbrain works very fine.

Rankbrain can understand the similar words or phrases that describe best for the quires. By the same token, it can take users interaction from the showing results. For this reason, it can provide the best results every time. With this in mind, Rankbrain is going to become the most efficient ways of optimizing the SERPs. At the same time, users are quite happy with the results.

In particular, the hand-made code can’t show the similar terms with the search words. Significantly, it misses a lot of queries as unsolved. With attention to, Rankbrain is the blessing for the users, and now most of the quires are performing very well with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

How Rankbrain knows the Users Interaction?

I think this is the most critical question you are looking for the answer when I have said the word User Interaction and Rankbrain. I will explain it clearly. Before that just look for the below infographic to understand the how Rankbrain will know the user satisfaction or interaction.

Image Credit: Backlinko

In general, when users will type the keyword, Google will show the answer according to the quality of the content and backlinks. In the next phase, Rankbrain will track the user interaction on the content. When they are happy with the content, it will outrank, and the content which can’t meet the need of the users and the users will not do any significant engagement, it will drop the rank. In the second phase, it will bring other content from the next page and it will show the user and if they do well, it will rank, otherwise, it will drop as well. At the same process, the content will rank or drop in the SERPs.

Now you can ask how Google Rankbrain will measure the user interaction or satisfaction. They will consider the below things.

  1. Organic Click Through Rate
  2. Dwell Time (Time Spent on the content)
  3. Bounce Rate (Visiting only single page)
  4. Pogo-sticking (Visiting a page, but quitting too quickly and entering another website)

Here, Organic Click Through Rate on the search engine is calculated the amount of the click on the content from the search engine also the user’s attitude with your content. At the same time, Dwell Time define how much time the users are spending the time on the content. On the other hand, Bounce Rate has defined if the users are interested in entering any of the related content on your website. At last, Pogo-Sticking is the things which will know how a visitor visits the page and quitting time and where they are entering again for the answer.

I think you have realized the matter of Rankbrain, users satisfaction level and how it measures the interaction.

Keyword Research in RankBrain:

As Rankbrain is now impacting on the ranking of the page, you should know what is the actual keyword research formula? In general, the value of keyword targetting the similar terms with the different pages is decreasing daily because the Rankbrain algorithm can understand the related words of the search quires. For this reason, in the previous days, you can optimize the same topics with different keywords terms, but nowadays it will be dead. So, what will you do considering the future?

Ignore Long Tail Keywords:

The long tail keyword will not work anymore like before. So, you should skip it now. If you target keywords with the best SEO tools, it will be count as SEO Tools, SEO Tools for Keyword Research. So, you do not need to make the pages for every keyword with the similar terms. Rankbrain can understand they are all the same terms. For this reason, if you search on Google with the same terms with different words, it will show the nearly same results. So what will you do to rank a page? See the next options.

Optimize with Medium Tail Keywords…

As long tail keywords will no longer work at present, so you should implement the different strategy. Here, Medium tails keyword work very well. What is it?

If your target is ranking the SEO tools, then you can fix it with best SEO tools, instead of ‘Best SEO Tools For Keyword Research’ or long anything. If you use the keyword phrase sometimes among the content, Google will understand the terms. For this reason, you need to work with one page and include all the similar terms here. Surely, you will get the same value.

I think you have realized, Google Rankbrain wants to show the quality content and does not want to frustrate the users anymore. At the same time, it will increase the user’s interaction with quality and resourceful sites.

Keyword Research and On-Page SEO in a RankBrain

So, how will you do Keyword Research or On-Page SEO according to the Rankbrain Algorithm? Very easy. You do not need to target a keyword, just write the content what will user like and then optimize it with other things like Meta Description, internal linking. It will be OK when it comes to on-page SEO.

At the same time, for Keyword Research try to skip long tail keywords and find out the keywords from the crowd and do not try to repeat with the similar terms or queries. That means it is more comfortable than before but will need quality content and longtime planning.

How to Optimize Titles and Description Tags for CTR

In the Rankbrain Algorithm, getting Organic CTR is the best way to rank an article or page. For this reason, you need to work here to compete with others. At the same time, it will increase boost of the page on the search engine. To improve the organic CTR, you need to follow the below steps. It will give you permanent ranking on the first page.

1. Create Emotional Titles Tag

It really works. When you want to increase the CTR, you have to play with the emotion of the user to enter the content. If you make the traditional headlines with the keywords only, it will not attract the visitors. For this reason, you need to create the Emotional words on the titles with the keywords.

You can ask now how I will create it? It will depend on your creativity. For generating good titles, you need to use numbers in the titles. On the other hand, you should add Eye-Catching words as well. It will make the titles emotional. To know more check the below points.

2. Add Eye-Catching words in the titles on Brackets or simply

When you add attractive words in the titles, it will inspire the user to click on the page. So, it is not a ranking factor actually, but it helps to improve CTR. Ultimately, you will get the ranking according to the Rankbrain Algorithm. See the example of some Eye-Catching Words which you can use in the headlines.

  • Ultimate Guideline
  • The Complete Guideline
  • Get Permanent solution
  • That Actually Works
  • Proven Tips
  • Real-Time Case Study

Your work is driving the traffic with your words. It can vary from niche to niche. Use your creativity to add the words to the Brackets.

3. Use Numbers on the Titles

Adding the numbers on the titles works very fine to get organic CTR. It tells the users how many ways you have shown, and it inspires them to see the tips. So, use the numbers on the titles for increasing the CTR. For example, 6 ways, 10 proven tips, 5 methods that work, and like that.

4. Don’t forget to increase CTR with Optimization

Click Through Rate (CTR) is essential for improving the SERPs. For this reason, increasing the CTR will work for your every post.

  • Make the titles emotional: I have discussed it later. So, use the words or numbers which will increase the CTR and inspire the user to click. Another key point, people love the emotional things than the real. So, it is a good point.
  • Which words inspire you to click: Add the power words in the Titles and Description to improve the ranking and Click Through Rate.
  • Follow Paid Advertising Words: When you are working with keywords, you will see the ads, and it is well-optimized by the professional in the niche. So, check the words which they have added and use some of them in your titles or meta descriptions.
  • Use Target Keywords: Don’t forget to use the keywords and the similar terms of the titles and Meta descriptions. It makes Google Bold when users use the terms. So it is efficient to attract the readers. They will realize the content is the same thing they are looking for.

Optimize Your Content For Bounce Rate & Dwell Time

Yes! Dwell Time matters in the Google Rankbrain Algorithm. For work to improve Dwell time on the content. At the same time, reduce Bounce Rate by optimizing the content. I will show you how you can do it.

How will you take care of Dwell Time?

Dwell Time will be one of the most important factors for ranking your content when Google Rankbrain will count the ranking signals. So, what is Dwell Time? It is the amount of time a Google Searcher come to our site and the time they spent. No doubt, the longer the searchers will stay in your content, it will get the higher ranking. It will tell the algorithm; peoples love the content and overall discussion.

On the other hand, when a searcher will drop within seconds, it will impact on the ranking. Google does not get more priority on Off-page SEO, but it is true it will count the signal for ranking the content. A Google Employee ensures the matter when comes the discussion of Artificial Intelligence. Researchers show that the recent updates of Google are affecting the ranking signals on Dwell time.


How to reduce Bounce Rate of your content?

In general, Bounce Rate is the signal when the visitors are leaving the page without clicking on your page or showing any other page on the website. When the bounce rate increases, the ranking falls very quickly on the search engine. So, it is the duty to reduce the bounce rate of your content.

So, How can you reduce the bounce rate and increase the Dwell Time? Let’s see some amazing ways. 

Method 1: Give Short Answer First

A visitor does not come to your content to justify the quality; they want the answer to their question. So, to keep them engaged, give the short answer on the first paragraph of the question and use some words to inspire them to know the ways deeply. You can catch the attention of the users in this way. At the same time, it is useful to increase the engagement.

Method 2: Use short intros

Using the short and eye-catching introduction of the content is very important. As you want to attract their attention, it can help you. It helps to stay on the content. Try to add the short answer here and add the powerful word to help them keep reading.

Method 3: Publish Lengthy Content

Content is the best way to keep the readers engaged and entertained. So, the most efficient way to reduce bounce rate and increasing Dwell Time is writing lengthy and resourceful content. The time of 500-1000 words has been finished. Now you need to write the content up to 2000 words. Though depending on the niche it can vary, but it is good practice to keep them as much longer time as you can. It will help the visitors to think your business as the brand. At the same time, they will come back, again and again, to get the tips from you.

Method 4: Use Subheading and right On-page SEO

When you are writing the lengthy content, you need to optimize it accurately. For example, use sufficient subheading to describe the content. At the same time, use bold and italic words and sentence to make the content attractive. Overall, keep the keywords in the first and last paragraph. By the same token, use bullet points and list among the content.

More RankBrain Optimization Strategies

Without the above ways, you need to work in some cases, which is necessary to do well in the Rankbrain Algorithm. At the same time, it will help you to stay alive in the digital marketing world. With the quality content, backlinks and increasing CTR, you need to follow it also.

1) Increase Brand Value

Brand Value is the untold ranking factor of Google. It gets the popularity among the visitors. When you get the brand, your Organic CTR will increase automatically. So, the first step for bonus Rankbrain optimization tips, increase the Brand Awareness. When you are searching any terms on Google, you will also see if you get any previous sites which seemed a brand, you will read the content. For this reason, I say in the digital marketing tips, Brand Value is the unexpressed ranking factor.

2) Promote the Content

Content Marketing is the biggest factors for generating targetted leads. In the future, Digital Marketing will depend entirely on Content Promotion. For this reason, you can promote the content on the social media including Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. On the other hand, you can try PPC (Pay Per Click) which is Text Based. That means you need to try probable reasons for content promotion for keeping the balance on ranking the page.

3) Start Email Marketing

Email Marketing is always right ways in the promotion of the content. You can spread the content with email marketing. If you are doing outreach of your blog or content, then Email Marketing also works. You can drive the massive amount of traffic with Email Marketing. For this reason, it is a good practice which you can do for the lifetime. At the same time, you should collect the email address with popup plugins or free download.

4) Use LSI Keywords among the content

LSI which is the short form of Latent Semantic Indexing is a mathematical term. It defines the similar terms of the word. You can use LSI to increase the use of keywords among the content. Google Rankbrain can understand the similar terms of the keywords. So, it can surely improve the ranking. On the other hand, you are increasing the keywords. When you will use the same keywords into the content more time, it can cause the Keywords Stuffing. But if you add the LSI keywords here, surely it will add value, but you will not get any issues for using excessive keywords.

5) Follow Google Analytics to boost the content

It is very old but evergreen ways to increase the CTR or getting massive traffic with the same content. If you check the Google Web Master or Analytics, you will get insights of the traffic. You can discover which content is getting the traffic and which one can increase the ranking if you update with more information. You can improve the content and can add more keywords to boost the content. It can surely make your content more updated, and you can get more traffic.

6) No Extra Page for similar types of terms

The Long Tail Keywords will not work anymore. At the same time, the tactics of using similar keywords with the different are dead now. For this reason, you have to forget it. On the other hand, you should increase the content length and quality backlinks to impact the SERPs. Don’t forget the user’s engagement.

Sources: Google Webmaster Blog, Backlinko, Quick Sprout, MOZ, Search Engine Land. 

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    1) Write Regularly

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    2) Increase Engagement of Social Media

    It is a great chance to get new visitors daily. It can increase the traffic fastly. It will increase engagement on social media. At the same time, search engine including Google gives the value of the social signal. For this reason, if you can share every new post on the most popular social media, it will increase the rank and you will get some regular traffic. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You may not need to share all the blog post daily. But you can share at least 5 to 10 post on the social media to increase the engagement and driving quality traffic.

    3) Generate Eye-catching Headlines

    Headline or title is the attention point for a post which encourages the visitors to click on the content from the search engine. So, give more attention here. If you can create exceptionally, but eye-catching headlines, then you can get more visitors from the search engine. On the other hand, it will increase CTR. The reason is- the visitors see the headlines or titles first, so it inspires them to enter on the website for taking the information or support.

    4) Master the Niche

    It is very important to know the niche clearly. When you will know your niche, you will be able to cover all the topics here. Even you can highlight something which is very small terms, but you are providing special information. It is very effective. When any visitors will come, they will take it as authoritative. At the same time, they will take it as the reliable place in the niche. So, the ultimate way to do that is marketing the niche.

    5) Do Image SEO

    The image is a big part of SEO optimization and you can get the decent amount of traffic by the image only. For this reason, you need to attach the high-quality and relevant image in every post. At the same time, you need to provide a relevant title, ALT tag and Description for ranking the image on the search engine. It is very effective to get the content rank as well. For this reason, always follow the tactics to do Image SEO and never keep the image name or ALT tag field empty or something irrelevant.

    6) At least One Keyword in every post

    If you publish the post only, it will not rank at all. You need to target at least one keyword which the readers are looking for information or review. It will help the search engine to understand the post. At the same time, you should skip over using the keyword in the post. Try to keep it under 1%. On the other hand, you need to give clear and easy to read information. It will enrich the readability. To point out, it will also give you insight and authority into the post to collect the data for writing the article for the future. With this in mind, I will recommend using at least one focus keyword in the content.

    7) Diversify Outbound Links

    Sometimes, you may not put the link to other valuable sites. It is very bad. It helps the Google to understand the post. At the same time, it tells the search engine, I am sharing the important information and I have told the reader to discover other reliable things in the article. It is very helpful to rank the sites. Here, it is also important to make the outbound link relevant. If you point any link which is not similar to your topics, it will not add any value to the reader. So, Google does not like it also. With this in mind, it is very important to put the outbound link which is informative and relevant.

    8) Include Social Sharing Buttons

    I have told you before that social signal is a ranking factor on the Google. At the same time, it brings the new visitor. For this reason, if any visitor comes to your site and gets the article helpful, he/she will want to share it. But if they do not get the social share button, they will not be able to do that. For this reason, it is mandatory to make available the social sharing button on every post. It will bring new visitors and the search engine will get the social signal as well.

    9) Allow Guest Post

    Guest post is very effective when you want to get the more social share and automatic backlink. But it has some demerits too. You need to check if it is copied and if it will add any value to your readers in your niche. If you publish a guest post which is not related to your niche, you will not get the actual value and it will not add any benefit to your blog. For this reason, I will tell, ask for the guest post, but try to check and understand if it is original, high-quality and providing any value to you. Surely, the guest post will bring the backlinks, social share and more authority on your blog.

    10) Attach Video

    Google always love the content with more visual elements. As YouTube is owned by Google, so it is good practice to share the video on YouTube. It will reduce the bounce rate as well as it will increase page stay time. For this reason, it can surely add more value to rank on Google. On the other hand, you can earn more money. At the same time, you can get the actual brand for a long time. You can easily make the video with the information of the post. You should follow the Video SEO guide to rank it also. With this in mind. always try to keep a video for better ranking and attractive the visitors on your post.



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    11) Follow Right On-page SEO

    When you want to get traffic for a long time, you need to check on-page SEO effectively. You have to make the content easy to read. On the other hand, you have to make the format of the content eye-catching. Anyone can easily capture the main concept. For this reason, you need to use the H1…..H6 tag, you need to use bold, italic or bullet point content to make the content evergreen. On the other hand, you need to add focus keyword and Alt Description. At the same time, you need to make the content attractive by adding image, video or infographic. Overall, if you can follow complete on-page SEO you will get the automatic boost on the search engine.

    11) Quality Distribution of the Content

    As you need to spread the content to get the traffic, you have to keep in your mind about the quality distribution. Do social share and make it available where the customers are looking for it. For this reason, Inbound Marketing is very good for distributing the content and getting the targeted traffic and sales. You have to follow the best and the latest tactics for distributing and promoting the content of ByteCode. For this reason, you need to follow right method of Content Promotion.

    12) Free Ebook for Email Subscribers

    Providing a free Ebook for the readers is a good practice to make the authority of the niche. They will take it as the expert on the niche. At the same time, you can manage the Email subscribers by providing the free ebook. It will help you to follow the email marketing method. Important to realize, the subscribers are interested in your niche. So they are very targeted. You can convert it into sales at any time. For this reason, you need to write a high-quality Ebook and start to distribute it as free.

    13) Start Guest Posting

    It is more important than purchasing guest posting. It provides high-quality backlinks as well as you can spread the brand of you on a different stage. Though it is necessary to start with the same industry. Sometimes, you can go with the semi-niche which is not completely in your niche. Surely, you will get some quality visitors. At the same time, your brand will spread to other popular places. With this in mind, start guest posting for bringing high-quality and targeted traffic and links.

    14) Increase relation with other bloggers

    Success in the blogging world depends on the success of the community. Yes! You may think how is it possible. But it is true. It will increase the communication with the similar minded people. You will get the opportunity to share your website. At the same time, you will get the mention on other blogs a the relation. You will get the chance to guest posting. On the other hand, you can manage the blog as a community. That means I can tell if you want to go in a far place you need to increase the presence on the different blog, forum or online group. To increase relation with ByteCode bloggers, you may be interested in partnering with ByteCode

    15) Do SEO properly

    I have described on-page SEO before. It is something which is necessary to make the content search engine friendly. On the other hand, you need to do off-page SEO too. For this reason, you need to submit the blog to the different quality directory, forum. You need to maintain the community work. You have to collect the backlinks. To explain, off-page is the work outside of your blog and here networking is very important to get the success in the white hat way. To learn SEO, you can check this SEO course

    17) Increase engagement on the blog

    In the recent times, Google is using AI for ranking the blog post. For this reason, it counts the users’ engagement for ranking a blog post on the SERP. On the other hand, it is necessary to continue making a community. If you can continue your blog as the community, surely, you can get the identity as the author and your blog will be the mentors on the industry. On the other hand, it will get huge traffic from direct users. As Google likes engagement, it will rank on the first page on the first position. So you will also get the search engine traffic.

    18) Generate High-Quality content

    I am repeating the point again, and regular high-quality content is the beauty of blogging. Your reader comes to get the information and solution. For this reason, you need to write high-quality content all the time. It will get the rank and will generate the traffic one time. Your blog will be an asset. I think you know the difference between asset and property. For this reason, always work to make your blog an asset rather than the instant benefit. To learn content writing, you can check this content writing course

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    19) Mobile SEO

    The mobile users are increasing daily. If you can capture the mobile users, you will lead the future. 50% of the total traffic is now on the mobile device. For this reason, if you want high-quality traffic all the time, you have to take care mobile SEO. For example, Mobile SEO, AMP, Responsiveness and fast loading on the mobile. If you can grow your blog by following this metric, you will surely get the traffic for the lifetime.

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    20) Follow Analytics

    For competing with the new trends and market, you need to become smart. If you follow the work as you learn before, it is tough to stay. For this reason, you need to follow the analytics of the previous years to become innovative and surviving for a long time. You will get the competitor all the time, but if you can take care your blog, it will be a real asset for the lifetime. With this in mind, I will inspire to follow different types of metrics for driving the traffic and results.

    21) Be a resource

    If you want to make a living with your blog you need to make a resource. There has no alternative way without it. On the other hand, you need to become a storyteller. You have to make the resource as like a story. Then all the time it will be liked by others. Be funny, clever, remarkable for getting the substantial lead. At the same time, you need to learn how to ask questions. It will help to increase engagement. After all, you have to plan to make a resource with the best tactics and information. Then you will be able to lead your life with blogging.

    22) Do Email Marketing

    Though email marketing is old school method but still digital marketers or bloggers using it to generate active traffic. So you must do it to get active traffic on your blog or website. You can get help about email marketing service or email marketing course from ByteCode

    Final Suggestion

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      Do you know how to put the customers in the driver’s seat and how you can make the existing customers into lifetime leads? Yes! It is possible if you follow the techniques of inbound marketing. It is very efficient in the digital marketing world.

      At the same time, search engine takes it as the positive impact for your sites. With this in mind, in this articles, you will learn what is inbound marketing and how does it work. At the same time, I will discuss the complete inbound marketing strategy. Let’s discover the digital world of inbound marketing.

      Inbound marketing will help you to make the website evergreen. It will give you the fuel for search engine ranking. On the other hand, it will help you to increase the brand reputation. That is to say, the benefits of inbound marketing have no limits.

      What is Inbound Marketing?


      Inbound Marketing is one of the best marketing tactics in the white hat ways. In general, targetting the customers with different types of relevant content to help the customers for buying is known as inbound marketing. The positive sides of inbound marketing are- you get the potential customers from the real ways including blogs, search engine, events, content marketing, and social media. Similarly, Google loves all the methods of inbound marketing.

      When outbound marketing is working with the outside world, then the success of inbound marketing depends on attracting the customers with the quality content and promoting the services on the social media and the search engine. With this in mind, you get the ideal customers by focusing the trust and credibility. When outbound marketing works for finding the customers, inbound marketing helps to come customers in the automatic process. So, you get the benefits for the long times.

      Inbound Marketing Strategy

      Inbound Marketing


      Inbound Marketing is the best ways to make the strangers into potential customers. In particular, Inbound marketing can be divided into four phases. Important to realize, every aspect will be succeeded if you can complete sub-strategy during the primary stage.

      The most used four phases are- Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. 

      Significantly, you have to remember that the customers are very smart now. They take decisions by realizing the needs, and if you can fulfill it. Otherwise, if you follow the ancient methods of marketing, you will go backward.

      With this in mind, you have to understand the psychology of the customers and all the available essential strategies are included in the inbound marketing. If you can do it, your business will increase rapidly, and it will stay in the upper position for the lifetime (Long TIme).

      At the same time, you will make a brand where customers will be pleased, and they will keep interaction with your business. So, what is the magic of inbound marketing? Let’s discuss in details.

      The Complete Methodology of Inbound Marketing


      The beauty of inbound marketing is winning the customer experience with the winning of sales target. For this reason, the strategy is growing fastly to make up the marketing success.

      1) Attract – Make Your Website Resourceful

      I know you are not happy if only the visitors come in your website. You want it to increase the engagement and bringing the leads. Similarly, you want to see happy customers experience. The only way to make it through relevant informative content. You have to show the content at the right time when they are going back from you. If you can keep them happy with the content. Ultimately, it will increase the sales. So, what should you do?

      i. Blogging

      Blogging is the most effective ways to start with the inbound marketing. It helps the strangers to stay on your website. At the same time, when they are happy to get the answers from your website, it will automatically inspire them to make the purchase. Do not forget to generate content what they want to know and you have to try to provide the answer to their question.

      ii. Content Strategy

      Only content will not bring the sales fastly. For making the sales you need to grow the strategy. For example, what types of content the customers are looking and what types of content will fulfill their needs. At the same time, make sure to keep available the content where your customers are searching.


      Content Creation Services and Content Writing Courses

      iii. Social Media

      Social Media is a great way to bring potential customers from the informative content. For this reason, you may need to generate highly eye-catching content with valuable information and right call to actions. You can generate some content which is only on social media targeted. It will bring some effective visitors and surely it will generate the lead.

      2) Convert – Make the Sales Panel

      When the visitors are coming to take the information or getting updates about the services, you need to apply for converting them into leads. You can do it by attaching forms, by collecting email address or by meeting somewhere. That means you have to try to impress them and make a possible way to interact with them. You have to find out which methods work for you for touching with them. You can increase conversion by following the below methods.

      i. Forms

      It is the most effective ways to generate the lead. You will inspire the readers to fill up the forms to stay close to you or to get the same types of quality content in the next time. Make highly effective forms and make the forms as simple as you can. Try to build it in a way, that the readers can give you information within seconds.

      ii. Meeting

      Another way to interact with the customers is arranging meetings. It is a good way if you sell the services. You can do it via phone call, virtual meetings platform or face to face. But the virtual way is the best methods to communicate perfectly. Try to collect information for a good presentation, give the guideline pointing your websites content to present yourself as an expert on that topics.

      iii. Messages

      Get involved with the customers. In the digital ways chatting with the inspired persons for selling your products or services is the best ways. When the customers will see you are responsive and giving priority them, they will attract with your ways of service. On the other hand, you can inform them services or important resources on your website by messaging. It will help to inform them the new services and updated information about you.

      iv. CRM

      CRM refers to Customer relationship management. It is very effective to deal for the next time. It will help you to promote the services by considering the needs of the customers. If you can show the necessity of the customers, you will get good conversion regularly. So, it is good to maintain a good database and doing work by following this.

      3) Close – Try to Recycle the sales

      You have generated quality content to entertain and meet the needs of the customers. At the same time, you have generated the leads. Now it is the very important step to recycle the leads for a long time. I think If you can’t make your existing clients a new customer, you are not following the right marketing strategies. For this reason, you have to work with the previous customers of you also. Let’s see how you can make the recycling the sales efficiently.

      i. Lead Nurturing

      You should remember, you have made the first lead with huge efforts. So, if you can regenerate it, it will cost you less than before. For this reason, you have to nurture the existing leads. How can you nurture the previous leads? You have to find out the best ways according to the types of your leads. You can do messaging or similar types of marketing.

      ii. Email Followup

      Email Marketing is very effective for lead nurturing or informing the existing customers about your updated services. At the same time, you have to track the interest of the visitors from the call to actions or their behavior on the website. If you can do it, you can go ahead in the efficient ways.

      iii. Be selective on leads

      At a time, your company will be larger, you will make more customers and you will bring new products or services. Then you may not nurture the previous clients. But you may make fault here. It is necessary to filter the valuable clients from CRM database or you can give importance to the most effective customers who love you in general.

      4) Delight – Marketing with Words Of Mouth

      The beauty of inbound marketing is happy customer experience. Here, you are trying to provide the essential information. At the same time, you are offering the best products or services. On the other hand, you are trying to nurture them and all the methods will make you happier when you will see the recommendation for the family member, relatives or friends by the existing customers. For this reason, you have to bring new strategy, you have to increase the quality of the products as well as you should make them interacted with you. How can you do that?

      i. Good Customer Services

      You need to react to your customers friendly, not only before the sales but also after the sales. When they are facing any problem, ensure them 100% solution for making them happy. You can not make one happy by selling the products only, you have to take care of the sales as well. On the other hand, you need to follow right management and strategy to make it happened.

      ii. Generating More Smart Content

      Content is the life of marketing for digital business. When you are trying to generate the money, you need to create smart content all the times. It will work as like magic. When the customers will see a lot of information about the services and related one, they will become interested to stay with you.

      iii. Spread everywhere

      Yes! It is very important to keep the footprint in every place you can which will ensure your customers are getting you everywhere. It will help to increase the brand as well as you will get proper engagement. You will generate huge traffic and leads from lots of places.


      Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

      If you see some difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing, you will understand which one is most effective for your business in this digital age.

      • Inbound Marketing depends on Pull Tactics. On the other hand, Outbound Marketing follows pull tactics where interaction is the major factor in bringing sales.

      The beauty of inbound Marketing is creating valuable content which helps to go to the customers with modern communication technology. You can attract the customers without imposing anything. For this reason, Inbound Marketing is considered as Pull Tactics.

      When Outbound Marketing tries to push a message among the people then Inbound Marketing tries to solve something for the consumers. That means Inbound Marketing is standing on the needs of the customers. The basement of inbound marketing is a blog and blogs help the customers to know the details of the services or products before the sales. Even the Customers can get the after sales support from the blog post. It is very interactive and highly effective tactics in the digital age.

      At the same time, When the Inbound Marketing Methods is based on Traditional marketing tactics, then the Inbound Marketing is offering services and How-To solution with the Blog, Apps, and Different social media, group or Forum.

      inbound Marketing

      • In the Inbound Marketing, marketers always try to provide value. On the other hand, the outbound marketing, Marketers never provide any value rather information about the services only.
      • In the Outbound Marketing, Customers can rarely come or join in your business. On the other hand, Customers comes first and then you plan for business (If possible).
      • The difference in Communication ways: The most effective ways in the marketing method is communication. In general, Outbound Marketing depends on traditional Mass Media and it has less opportunity to communicate with the customers directly. That means it is one-way communication tactics. The marketers are shouting to express their services, customers can listen or not.

      On the other hand, The Inbound Marketing relies on Customers interaction. They are talking, sending email, joining with the social media. At the same time, they are sharing the blog post and they are increasing engagement in your company. That means you are getting direct communication as well as digital communication which ensures brand and amazing sales funnel for the lifetime.

      As all the Inbound Marketing depends on the communication process, you need to stay transparent and honest. Otherwise, your brand will not stay. You have to ensure the quality of your services and solving where problems exist.

      5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important To Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

      The time has changed and now inbound marketing is the best marketing tactics considering all the matters. Notably, Social Media is a big part of Inbound Marketing. In this section, you will learn how social media is helping to grow your business with Inbound Marketing.

      i) For Content Promotion Social Media is Important

      Maintaining blog with updated resources is a must and social media plays an important role to promote it. Social Media is a great way to make the huge fan by providing interesting and funny content. At the same time, it can bring reliable customers visitors to your blog.

      On the other hand, you have to try to create content for the social media entertaining. Then you can go for free or paid promotion of your content. You have to follow both of tactics to get organic reach. Surely, it will fulfill your target as well as will bring huge leads.

      So, we can tell creating quality content and promoting it via social media can make you successful in Inbound Marketing.

      ii) Social Media helps for Generating new Content Idea

      Social Media is a great way to generate the new content idea. You have to remember that you need to discover most of the places of social media. If you stay on a social platform like Facebook, you will not huge idea for making your Inbound Marketing succeed. For this reason, you have to go ahead with good techniques and getting the lead from most of the platform.

      See the below image where you will find how Social Media can give you a good insight and helps you to generate the good content idea for inbound marketing. 


      From the above graphic chart, you will find different types of benefits of the social platform. For example, Reddit and Quora is a great social platform to generate newest ideas and getting the source of content. At the same time, Facebook, Twitter will help you to enrich networking. For this reason, you have to maintain all the social platforms to promote the content and getting new content ideas.

      iii) Social Media Helps to Understand Your Audiences

      Social Media is the platform of entertainment and sharing the thoughts what one wants. For this reason, you can explore the niche you are promoting to understand what the audiences want. On the other hand, you can check their behavior to understand what they are searching.

      Surely, it will help you to make the content user-friendly. At the same time, it will be search engine friendly too. Search Engine likes the content which loves the audiences. Here you can use the Social Media to explore the better ways to present the content. Not to mention, this method will help you to stay in your business for a long time with the great reputation.

      iv) Social Media is Big Part of SEO

      Must be remembered, social media is a great way to increase engagement on your website. Notably, the social signal is a big part of boosting your content on the eyes of the search engine. At the same time, search engine including Google likes the users’ engagement. For this reason, it helps to rank your content in the search engine.

      Important to realize, the search engine can skyrocket your business if you can get the rank with the content. On the other hand, social media can increase the brand value if you can outreach and can increase the engagement. Surely, Seach Engine loves the brand and it will get more priority in the future.

      v) Social Media Will Express New Opportunities

      Social Media is the ways to engage with the people from the different geographical location. If you can promote your business technically among them, they can bring your new sales and more sales means newest opportunities. Even you can get some other facilities for your business which you have not think at all.

      At last, I will tell, social media is the biggest part of Inbound Marketing, it can be amazing if you can implement in the right ways. At the same time, you can get organic reach among the fellow minded people and the customers will take your brand as the trusty place to get the services.

      6 Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

      There are a lot of ways to implement Inbound Marketing for your business. Especially, it works for the business which is small and a startup. The large business can spread the business with paid boosting. But the small or media call of business is limited to spending for digital marketing. For this reason, Inbound Marketing works very fine for promoting their business without spending a lot.

      I have pointed 6 Inbound Marketing Techniques which are efficient and well-organized. You can take a look at the below.

      1) Offer Free Guide related to your business

      It is the fantastic way to make engagement with your business. Try to provide a small business guide or How-To guide or anything related to your business which is attractive and wants to know the similarly minded persons. Now offer it as free. When you will share it with the social media or anyone come to your website or business blog, see a free ultimate guide. They will collect it and it will increase the brand value. You will be considered as the expert in that field and it is very effective to track the industry.

      2) Pick one or two similar keywords and boost those page

      Whenever you want to get search engine traffic or want to spread your business in a manual way, you need to use one or two keywords at a time. If you work with the multiple keywords, you need to give focus on several (One/Two) keywords first. Then you need to work to get rank for that keyword. The most important thing is getting the results for one or two keywords and the other will be presented in the same way. One day it will be ranked and you can build several keywords into the SERP ranking.

      3) Build Your Personal Brand

      For promoting any business, it is very necessary to build your personal brand first. You can work and gain authority by learning and getting proper knowledge in your field. When other will get you as an expert in that field, they will take you as a mentor. For this reason, when you will build your personal brand, you will get the boost for your business as well. In most cases, in the Inbound Marketing, it works very fine. So, the important step for Inbound Marketing is growing your personal brand.

      4) Arrange Q/A session on the Social Media

      Now, we are living in the age of social media. Here all are real human and they come here to make the connection with their friends and family and wish to participate in some group or events. So, here you should not involve them with serious matter or details topics. You need to discuss here simple session including Q/A which is easy to participate and comparatively not so hard. In this matter, it is very helpful to engage with them and they will take you as well-wishers. Automatically, you get the boost for your business and they will consider your business as the reliable brand.

      5) Create an Email Popup

      Email Marketing is the best tactics to promote your business without any considerable cost. It increases the brand value and brings loyal customers to you. At the same time, it increases the engagement with your business. On the other hand, you can get some reliable customers for the lifetime. You can inform any new services or products easily fro email marketing. By the same token, you can build the connection with your readers easily. For this reason, you should an Email Popup to increase the list. It really works very fine.

      6) Guest Blogging

      Guest blogging is the amazing way to increase the reputation of your business. It provides your 3 reliable boosts for your business. For example, Powerful backlinks, bigger community audience, and Personal Brand. All of them are very necessary to do Digital Marketing and for this reason, it a very popular in the Inbound Marketing world. For keeping the footprint of your business into another community or brand, guest blogging is the best way. You can drive direct traffic to your business and it is very effective visitors for you.

      By all means, there are many other ways in Inbound Marketing to promote your business, but it is very effective to follow the above techniques at the very beginning of your business or startup.


      Content Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing: What’s The Difference?

      Sometimes, we make conflict with the terms content marketing and inbound marketing. In a forum, I got the question, “Do You Need Both Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?” Actually, we think Inbound Marketing means Content Marketing. In reality, there has the far difference between the two terms. They have the similarities, but not the same concept.

      What is Content Marketing?

      Content Marketing is the promotion of your content in the different channel. That means you can tell it as outreach. With this in mind, we can tell Content Marketing is the terms of promoting the content and getting visitors to your website or blog. Here is the work of distributing the content in more relevant and informative way. You will get here more attractive marketing ways including Email Marketing, Event Promotion, Website User Interface. For this reason, Content Marketing is a short term of distribution of your content.

      What is Inbound Marketing?

      Inbound marketing is also the promotion of your content. In general, Content Marketing is the core part of Inbound Marketing. But Content Marketing distribute the content only, it has no liability to make the lead. In this cases, Inbound Marketing appears. Inbound Marketing helps to make the visitors into the lead by the user interface, right call to action. It works to make available the content where visitors are looking for the service.

      Inbound Marketing not only generates the lead, it also nurtures the lead to convert it into the sale which is most important in the sense of marketing. At the same time, it provides the real-time data or insights to make the marketing tactics innovative. For this reason, when content marketing distributes the content, Inbound Marketing works to make your earning potential. Even it helps to grow your business at a stable level.

      How Do They Work Together?

      It is true, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing both are necessary for growing your business and sales. They work with one another as components. You can’t do anything without the content strategy. At the same time, you need the Inbound Marketing to make the content into sales. You need the content including blog article, eBook, Web pages and content for social media too. With this in mind, you need to make them into potential earning with Inbound Marketing.

      So, we can tell Inbound Marketing is the results-driven methodology with the help of content. You can’t work or implement one with the help of other. As you need the content, you need to increase the conversion rate. That means you need the combination of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Then you can make it innovative. With this in mind, it will change the metrics and you can serve your business for a long time.

      Do You Need Both Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?

      I think you have got the answers already. If you write the content only and follow the traditional method of promoting it, you will able to go in a long way. It will not bring the targeted sales for you. For this reason, you need to become the smarter. For this reason, you need the help of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing will help to reach the content where your audiences are waiting or looking for the service with the metrics and data.

      Suppose, you want to increase the outreach of your service or content. Then you need to collect the email address, you have to learn the use of different email client. On the other hand, you need to make it easy to capture. Then you can easily convert the Content into sales and it is the beauty of Content and Inbound Marketing. For this reason, you can include Content Marketing into Inbound Marketing, but you can’t tell fully Inbound Marketing as the Content Marketing.

      So which method you need to follow?

      It is a strategic question and I like it. You can’t imagine the digital world without the content. At the same time, you can’t get the desired results with the content without the Inbound Marketing. In particular, Content will help you to get the Brand and Authority and Content Marketing will work to distribute it to the customers. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing will help to make it available in every place you need to keep your footprint. With this in mind, you need to generate the content first as well as you need to drive the best way of content marketing by researching, outreaching and generating the leads.

      Inbound Marketing Framework which Delivers Results

      It is not the actual Framework but something like the below when we work for Inbound Marketing. In Inbound Marketing it can really drive results. We have done a lot of task by following the exact method. Though we are adding new strategy to adapt to the new trends. But we can tell the below step as the most efficient Inbound Marketing Framework. Let’s how does it work.

      Step 01: Plant The Seeds

      When you want to work with Inbound Marketing, you need to follow the exact method which can plant the seeds. If you make the fault here, you can’t get the data-driven results. For this reason, you need to give a look here. Here, comes the brand name first. You have to choose a name which will work as a brand. Then you need to follow the personas which will give the data and infographic about your business and customers at the same time. At last, the website design is important as user-experience is very important to attract and make the sales.

      So, the foundation of planting the seeds will be:

      • Branding
      • Buyers Personas
      • Website Interface

      Step 02: Prepare to grow

      Now, it is the stage to grow your business with reliable, informative and results-driven content. You have to focus on Buyers Persona to lead the niche. You have no options to fail here. Content is the core part of Inbound Marketing. All the effective will rely on this. For this reason, you need to write/create entertaining content for the visitors. It will really drive the visitors and the Inbound Marketing will covert it as sales. So the growing phase is totally about content for your business.

      The growing phase will be:

      • Creating amazing content including Blog post, article, eBook and Journals
      • Increase awareness about the service
      • Deliver the Content to different places

      Step 03: Blossom and Analyze

      When you will create awesome content which is your main material for Digital Business, then you will need to outreach them. Here data and market research are very important. As you have taken it before, so do the every outreaching method including Email hardly and follow all the steps carefully and always check and analyze the data. Here is the most effective part of spreading the content and you can take the help of any Digital Marketing Firm who provides Inbound Marketing services. For example, ByteCode – Digital Marketing Firm.

      Step 04: Lead the Sales

      As you have built your business website and brand planting quality seed, you have created quality materials as content and analyzed the competitor and customers, it is time to lead the sales. This phase is also important to make the business innovative and growing yourself at the top in your industry. If you can follow the metrics and can continue Inbound Marketing, surely you can do the best. Important to realize, you have to rely on data all the time. At the same time, you have to hear the customers.

      Best Inbound Marketing Personas to See the Best Results

      Your Inbound Marketing results are always dependable on Buyers Persona. It will describe the marketing efforts and sales process. Buyer Persona will see you the future of your marketing in the right way. It will increase the customer and product support with the sales technique and data which is very important in the Inbound Marketing. You will understand with personas when you need the basic data including Job Titles, Age or Sex. Let’s see the best practice of Inbound Marketing Personas.

      What Is a Buyer Persona in Inbound Marketing?

      Buyer Persona will select the target market and it will ensure the target customer on your business. Actually, it is based on research, real-time data and interview. It will create what type of content you need and why you should know your customer and their need. Basically, it depends on the objectivity, focus, and strategy.

      It will define what type of content is very necessary and what type of content you need to make for keeping the brand. For example, you can create blog article, online videos, podcasts, White papers, E-Books, Newsletters, Social Media Posts and Online Advertising. As the digital promotion, you need all types of content method, but the priority depends on the types of business. For this reason, according to the customers, you need to define it.

      How to Build a Persona for Inbound Marketing?

      When you are depending on Inbound Marketing, the buyer persona is essential to do the work effectively. For this reason, you need collect real-time data as well as you need to research based on it to get the successful results. How will you collect it?

      • Internal Conversions and Interviews
      • Customer Conversions
      • Synthesis and writing

      You need to point out every essentials data for your business and you need to become here smart to bring the right success to Inbound Marketing.

      How to Use Personas For Inbound Marketing?

      As you are doing the whole process of Inbound Marketing to covert the visitors into sales. For this reason, you need to track the data of salesperson, customer manager, and other Marketer too. It will help you to get the behavior of the customers. For this reason, you need to track the actual incidents and you can keep the records for updating the service and content. It will help to make the business evergreen.

      Advanced Personas in Inbound Marketing:

      As you are working to increase the leads for your service, you need to follow this also. You have to collect the data for negative attitude of the customers for your service. Even in some cases, you will see negative marketing effect. So, be smart and solve the issues technically and you will lead the personas with Inbound Marketing and if you can continue it, surely, you will get the results for a long time.

      So What is Inbound Marketing and what needs to follow?

      If I come to conclusion, I can tell the Inbound Marketing will be like that for targeted sales and reputation:

      1. Develop a great and updated content strategy
      2. Focus on B2B for content and bringing brand
      3. Make essential call to action and design the website with an amazing look
      4. Always make website interesting
      5. Create the content for the visitors and the search engine also. That means don’t forget the search engine to crawl your hard work
      6. Provide helpful information for your service and enrich awareness with the content
      7. Ensure you are following the latest outreaching method and getting the right feedback
      8. Attend on seminars and event and it is one of the best tactics in Inbound Marketing
      9. Make your business available where the customers are waiting to hear from you
      10. Be strategic and make yourself innovative

      If you follow the complete guideline, you will get the insight of Inbound Marketing clearly. I have tried to make it like that. Never forget to see the infographic from the below to get the full concept.

      Inbound Marketing Related Services

      Inbound Marketing (A to Z) Infographic


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        Final Thought

        At last, I will tell Inbound marketing is the beauty of internet marketing and it is 100% white hat and the search engine like it very much. For this reason, try to implement the methods with the help of the experts. It will surely benefit you for a long time for your digital business.

        If you get the article helpful, share it on your favorite social media and inform us from the comment section if you have any question related to inbound marketing. Thanks to Advance.

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        Sailor info is a digital marketing company from Bangladesh and maintaining local and global clients. You can check them from here.


        16. Newscred

        Global PR Agency in Bangladesh and they are offering services to 60+ employees in Bangladesh.  You can check them from here.


        17. DigitalVast

        Digital Marketing Agency

        If you need digital marketing services, you can take the help from the above company or agencies from Bangladesh. Important to realize, if you are providing digital marketing services from Bangladesh for local or global clients, you can also send us your information, we will enlist your company in the next update. Linkedin Profile

        18. Boomerang

        Creative marketing agency who create practical, relevant and effective solutions for your business. Linkedin Profile



        Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

        Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at info@bytecodeit.com We would be happy to answer you.

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          ByteCode’s Exclusive Services

          Effective digital marketing strategy framework (digital products, ebooks, or video courses, etc)

          Do you want to sell your digital products online? Then this post about Effective digital marketing strategy framework for digital products can help you the most. In this article, I will discuss effective strategies for marketing digital products. Your digital products can be e-books, audiobooks, video courses or anything which can be sold in the digital media. But you have to follow the right strategies for making it as best-selling or popular than similar ones. Let’s talk about strategies about the right ways for marketing digital products.

          Digital Product Marketing Strategy:

          What is the digital product’s Marketing or digital marketing strategy framework? Digital products are something which can be distributed by online. It has no physical existence. For examples, e-books, audio books, video courses, etc. So, the ways of promoting and selling these digital products take some particular strategies. We mention it as digital products marketing. There have many ways to promote your digital products online.

          Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

          Effective digital marketing strategy framework:

          Digital products need some special attention for promoting it and establishing it as the brand. If you can do this, it can bring huge sale for you. Let’s check the highly proved strategies in details.

          1. Business Plan:

          Before starting marketing, you have to ensure your plan of activities. Here. I always advise following the rules of 7P from the very beginning of the digital products marketing. I describe 7P as Price, Product, Promo, Place, Pkg, Position and people. You have to confirm it according to your product. That means, you have to select the price of the product, you have to keep in mind about the promotion and special promo offer. Similarly, you have to ensure the place or targeted people of your product.
          On the other hand, you have to analyze your competitor, your target market and full roadmap of the products. How will you get the payment, how will provide the customer services? What are the methods of contacting with the consumers? If you can’t audit all the primary needs of the business and the customers, then it can fail the whole process. With this in mind, you have to take care of the proper plan of activities.
          Focus Point: Following the 7P methods for preparing the products, Road Map of the products, Ensuring all the primary needs of the products.

          2. Marketing Plan:

          Now it’s the time for doing the marketing plan. You should audit your competitor of the digital products, and you should check how they are promoting their products. What is the primary target of them? Researching the similar products and their marketing strategy can bring a lot of new changes in your digital marketing. When you want to become the best author, you have to do some exceptional marketing techniques.

          The most common and basic tactics for marketing plan of your product is:

          • Content Marketing
          • Search Engine Optimization
          • Awareness campaign
          • Promotion strategies including freebies, offer or discount
          • Traditional events or campaign

          PPC ads or others digital marketing That means you have to engage your digital products into different types of marketing. Similarly, you have to generate ideas according to your target market. Another key point, you have to ensure your competitor’s techniques for marketing to out rank them.

          3. Content Marketing:

          Content is the best strategies for promoting your digital products. Web content can generate the maximum sale for digital products. For this reason, Content marketing is considered as one of the best marketing techniques for digital products. If you see most successful digital marketer in the different niche, you will find their primary marketing method was content. Actually, you can’t promote your digital products anyhow without the content.
          When your products have no physical existence, how a man will know about the quality or future needs of the products? Yes! to inform about the benefits of your product and how it can solve their some problems, you have to take the help of web content. Then it will inspire the buyers.


          Researchers show that 85% of customers like a product with trust for the content and content marketing. For this reason, you have to maintain a blog or website with high-quality content, and the content will be thoroughly informative. You have to create content for informing them about your products. Similarly, you have to write similar tips and tricks to bring huge customers from the search engine. You have to realize that, the search engine will give you huge customers/visitors if you can create valuable content in your niche.

          So the content marketing can be by the below methods…

          • Creating the resources
          • Product blog
          • Publishing article in the journal or magazine
          • Guest Blogging
          • Creating the brochure or infographics
          • Providing e-Book For effective digital marketing, you have to take content marketing very seriously. Otherwise, all the step for promoting the digital products of you may not work.

          4. Search Engine Optimization:

          Search Engine is a great way and popular methods to bring customers on your platform, blog or website. So, if you can rank in your products keywords on the first page of the search engine including Google, Bing or Yahoo. It will surely help you to make a lot of faithful customers. Important to realize, staying on the first page of the search engine also contributes to gain the positive reputation among the readers. With this in mind, you have to take care of the search engine optimization with your keywords.

          For this reason, you can take the help of SEO experts, or you can also maintain an in-house team for proper SEO optimization. When you will create excellent content, and you will do SEO for the keywords, you will surely stay in this digital world for a long time. Absolutely, SEO is not all, but the most reliable part of the creating content.

          5. Awareness and Branding:

          Creating awareness can help you for growing trust. You have to remember that branding is better than short-term popularity. If you can create your digital products as a brand, it will give you eggs for the lifetime. Similarly, you can also produce more products to sell.
          With this in mind, you have to arrange events, or you have to take sponsorship of any event. It can be digital or traditional. On the other hand, you have to promote your digital products with SEM ads. Try to increase the email list by email newsletter in your website or blogs. It’s one of the best tactics for generating the digital sale.
          Focus Point: Creating and attending awareness program, Trying to make the brand, SEM Ads.

          6. Develop Professional Communication:

          When you communicate or meet with the different author in your niche, then it can surely increase the accessibility and quality of your products. Try to inform about your product by email or social media. Try to communicate with the industry influencers and request them to give a review of your products. Provide them a copy or access of your digital product freely. They will take it as honor, and they will provide you essential review.
          It can help to promote your products as well as to increase the quality for the next edition. You can also take the help of phone messaging to inform the customers about your products.
          Focus Point: Increasing communication skill with the industry-leading man, Collecting and promoting by email or messaging, Promotion on the social media.

          7. Launch Activities:

          It’s an effective advertising method for your digital products. You can arrange launching journey of your products. Similarly, you can celebrate the launching ceremony of the products in every year. It can surely help you to bring some industry leaders in your program. When they give update they are attending in your program in their different social media, and it will increase the brand value of your digital product.

          Similarly, it will help you to reach in their followers and fans. On the other hand, you can prepare impressive press releases or news coverage about your digital product by this activities.
          Focus Point: Promotion by Launch Activities, Making brand and entering with industry influencers, Publishing press release or news coverage for marketing of your digital products.

          8. Sales Techniques:

          A good marketer is he who can generate new ideas by considering the situation and customers. If you follow all the rules what is doing your competitors, it will not make any difference for you. For this reason, you have to take some special techniques for promotion of your products. It can be, bringing the variation on the content marketing, giving the special discount in the different ways which is innovative and enjoying. If you can do this, it can surely help you with all the methods of mentioning here.
          Focus point: Generating new ideas and techniques for attracting the customers differently.


          9. Care about Feedback:

          Digital products have no ways to taste it before taking the services. For this reason, they may face different problem for starting or signing up or using procedures of the products. With this in mind, you have to care about this. You have to maintain a good system for providing the solution quickly and easily. On the other hand, you should provide an excellent documentary with the products. It can help the consumers to take initial support from the well-written documentaries.

          Notably, you should care about the problem of the users. If they face any major issue, you should provide them individual support. Similarly, you should bring update or edition of your digital products by following the feedback of the users.
          Focus Point: Providing well-guided documentaries, Good customer support and Bringing edition or update of the digital products

          10. Platform:

          As you are selling your products on the digital platform, you have to make the platform user-friendly. You should maintain a website which can help the users to buy the product easily. On the other hand, you have to endure, and they are getting the products without any hassle. Similarly, if it needs download, you have to confirm they can download the products quickly.

          Similarly, when you are promoting your product by email or other platforms including social media, you have to make the process easy for buying the products quickly from your website, and they are coming without any loading or security issues.
          Focus Point: Maintaining a user-friendly web platform, Make the download process easy and quick, ensure security and loading time of the platform.

          11. Training:

          Sometimes you may need to train your customers to use it spontaneously. Though you are providing user manual or documentaries with the products, it may also require some specialized training, which can help them to use the products in the right away. You can provide it by video tutorial or any other method.
          At the same time, you should provide training of your employees in the different sectors. It will ensure providing necessary support anytime for your customers. If they are not qualified, it can reduce the reputation of you. Important to realize, offering support in an easy and time-consuming process is the pre-requisite for selling digital products.

          Focus Point: Providing specialized training the customers by tutorial or documentaries, Growing your employees quality daily.

          12. Metrics:

          It’s an important area for marketing any products. You have to collect the metrics. Which methods from the above are working fine for you or not working? You have to ensure it. If you can’t give priority in the previous metrics, you will make the same fault again and again. In this situation, you should measure the possibility of your products. It can damage your brand for the long run.

          With this in mind, you should follow the metrics by justifying which method is working very fine and which one is not effective for your digital products. If you can do this, you are going to become a hero absolutely in your industry. Focus Point: Follow the previous metrics and take step according to it strictly.

          With this in mind, you should follow the metrics by justifying which method is working very fine and which one is not useful for your digital products. If you can do this, you are going to become a hero absolutely in your industry.

          Focus Point: Follow the previous metrics and take step according to it strictly.

          Final Thought:
          By all means, I can assure you that marketing is not so easy as well as not so terrible work. But you have to become technical, and you have to implement the same strategies in different ways. If you can make the right uses of the above 12 strategies, you are going to lead your sector than your competitor. I think, if you read the article entirely, you will learn the Effective digital marketing strategy framework and you can implement it efficiently.

          Above all, have a great journey in the digital products marketing world. Thanks a lot from ByteCode Digital Marketing Firm. 🙂


          Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

          Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at info@bytecodeit.com We would be happy to answer you.

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            ByteCode’s Exclusive Services

            Facebook Advertising Service in Bangladesh

            Facebook Marketing Service in Bangladesh

            Facebook Advertising Service in Bangladesh

            Do you like to make marketing your products or services to one million plus people? According to official information, more than one million Bangladeshi inhabitants are now Facebook user. And day by day the user of Facebook is increasing. Yes, you have to do marketing using Facebook, if you like to market your product to one million Bangladeshi citizens. And you have to realize most of that one million natives are adolescent or youth. If you can catch at least 1% of that adolescent or youth, your any type of business will rise for a lifetime.  Those persons are mostly targeted for your product or business.

            Facebook is an exceptional opportunity for digital marketing throughout the world, which is more efficient than any other medium. And ByteCode offers you best Facebook Advertising service in Bangladesh to avail this opportunity. Moreover, worldwide services are also available.Continue reading

            How To Build Links For Your Website

            How To Build Links To Your Website?

            How To Build Links For Your Niche Site


            If you think that link building is very simple as you will go there and write a few articles and then submit them to a site of article submission with a link. Then they will take all the traffic to your site just because you left a link. Things don’t work that way now. Now the right links will grow your ranking in Google but it also can go wrong easily, and your site will be penalized too. Finally, you will have no idea what is Google going to do next.

            So before you start to build links for your page, you have to ask yourself the following questions some question.  You have to ask yourself that whether the contents of your site well organized or not? Next, you need to ask what are you proving enough information to the sites that will link to your site. You have to provide useful and right information so that you can build trust. Because from the given picture you can see it consists about 24% of Google algorithm.


            For many people, link building is a stressful job. The main reason for that is they are not making good contents that will people feel to share with others. The content of your writing is crucial. In the book “How to Rank” Cyrus Shepard said, “90% of your effort should go into creating great content, and 10% of link building.” This is known 90/10 rule of the link building

            The best link building guide

            In 2017 Google is now smarter for traditional SEO. Google is always trying to provide the best information and solution to the readers. So, if you want to make yourself as an authority in the eyes of Google, you have to try to provide the quality content as well as you have to build the link as an authority.

            How can I build quality link as like authority?

            There has no value in building links usual ways. On the other hand, the techniques and the procedures are changing daily. With this in mind, I wanted to make this content as a great resource in the link building world. I want to make this guide as the best link building guide ever.  If you want to get the latest tips, techniques and updated information for SEO basically for link building, you can take this post as a total guide.

            Note: From starting of ByteCode, we are working as the digital marketer, and from then I have tried to research and collect even more techniques, tips and tricks to acquire links. I have told you that I’m trying to make this post as the complete list and I’m always taking steps for making this post as the complete version of link building.

            Important to realize, I have made the techniques with the combination of white hat, gray hat, and black hat. If you think you want to take the overall latest guideline for link building, you can take it as the science of link building in 2017.

            Relevant Service: Link Building Service

            The best link building guide:

            Let’s take a look at the best link building guide in 2018 which is working by following the latest update of Google.

            Master Content (White Hat)

            Here first come the techniques of master content. As content is the best way to generate links and providing the advanced resources. The techniques are familiar with “Skyscraper technique, ” and it is well-known for creating well-researched content and content marketing. That means the content will be worth linking to.

            Here comes the technique to cover the particular area or problem which is essential and searching the visitors most often. You should remember that all the great blogger, author, and marketers are following this technique to lead the next SEO world.

            For example, if you see the content of Neil Patel or Backlinko, you can discover it quickly. Mainly, they are giving time for generating content and trying to outreach it into the fellow minds. With this in mind, it is getting massive backlinks. Another key point, it’s getting high-quality natural backlinks too.

            So at this stage, I will share all the method or tactics to create master content which is worth linking.

            1. The concept

            For generating the best linkable content, you have to find the ideas first. With this in mind, you should check Reddit, forum or other areas for getting the concept.  

            Reddit is a community news site, and here you will find all kinds of topics as sub-Reddit. You will find the different topic in each subreddit, and it is reliable and mostly engaging.

            If you see some popular topics under SEO subreddit, you will find.

            • Local SEO case studies
            • Google Updates
            • Link networks and backlinks as a whole

            Do you understand anything or will you get any ideas for mastering with content? You can easily get the headlines which can be popular in your topics. For example,

            • What is the best local SEO methods
            • A to Z history of Google Algorithm updates
            • My experience for buying links from popular link networks

            You can easily get the ideas for generating headlines for creating the massive piece of contents on a regular basis. It will need time to research, then write it and design it with your essential information.

            2. Creating Your Content

            Without content, you every marketing tactics will not work. For this reason, it is very important to generate content with proper research indicating source with on-page optimization.

            In the skyscraper method, it’s the only one primary techniques for creating the great piece of content. You have to invest here most of your money for getting links in natural ways. I can assure there have no other ways of getting links naturally without writing great content.

            On the other hand, you should write the content with the use of high-quality images, infographics, and videos. Not to mention, content isn’t fulfilled without the use of visual elements, and it makes the content more engaging and proofs the post and the whole website as an authority.

            3. Gaining Links

            Now you have written a great masterpiece of content on your topics. As your content is well-researched and engaging with the latest update, it will go viral and get links if you can outreach it perfectly.

            That means it’s the time to gain links for your master content. Before going live, I will recommend experimenting in the different forum or Reddit. Share; ask your question or opinions according to the topics in your area. It will help you to update some parts of the content. Similarly, it can add some values and point to the content. Not to mention, it will be familiar you on the same topics, and it can work as self-marketing. When you share your content for links, then they will take it as natural behavior.

            After experimenting, it’s time for getting links. Let’s see which one will work for you.

            • First of all, use similar content in your niche and try to find people who are linking the content. Now outreach.
            • Use social media. Share and inform your fellow bloggers and influencers by tweet, post or message.
            • Start email marketing. That means outreach via email including BuzzSumo and NinjaOutreach. Inform them your new piece of content.
            • Outreach the content from the resource of popular content is using and make a strong connection with them and make the secure connection for future purposes too.

            That means you have to outreach your building assets. You will not get any output or results without informing others about your pieces. For this reason, you have to do it for getting automatic and natural backlinks.

            Similarly, try to use social media ads to outreach your content. It can surely bring some loyal visitors and loyal readers to your blog. On the other hand, the webmaster will take it as valuable resources for linking.

            Anyway getting solid links with skyscraper method can help you, rank you and make you as an authority on your topics.

            Private Blog Network (Black Hat)

            Private Blog Networks or PBN’s are one of the most used methods to acquire links. It has been widely used and popular to rank a website within the short time. It was so much used before five or six years without any extra techniques. Today it’s also working, but you have to do and follow the methods with great care. Otherwise, Google can fall you as blacklisted.

            I’m not going to write the whole method of building PBN networks, but you can see the post for doing the process step by step. Here, I will surely talk about the PBN industry, how you can start your own PBN networks and so on.

            The cost of Private Blog network

            As like directories, guest post, forum or comments links, PBN is also important for ranking your websites. The advantages of PBN are, you can control it, and you can change the anchor text or anything else with your PBN networks. PBN is always good if you can use it in the right ways.

            How much it can cost you for maintaining your blogging network.

            1. Domain Name: $25 per domain. If you want to run 10 PBN site, then it will cost you total $250.
            2. If you take hosting $10 for every month and it will cost you 10×12×10=$1200 in every year.
            3. Besides, you can create 10 PBN site networks with only $1200+$250=$1450

            Thus you can maintain total highly quality links for creating safe and highly effective PBN networks. Though the cost can vary according to your niche, host providers, and content types. You should try to post as much content as you can do to make it more authenticate and natural.

            You should follow the below 14 tips for running your own PBN networks with safety

            • Host your different domain into varieties hosting providers
            • Never registration your all domains as private
            • Register domain from various providers
            • Publish content as like you are trying to generate money from the site
            • Take links from one site to you from one PBN. Never over optimize it for more link.
            • Always avoid sidebar links or footer links from PBN
            • Link out with different authority sites from your PBN. Distribute it accurately.
            • Link out to different websites before taking links for your money sites
            • Never use the same anchor text all the times from different PBN. Make it natural.
            • Never disclose your PBN to others, even your friends.
            • Buy the domain with high page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA).
            • Try to use SEO friendly hosting.
            • Try avoid use the same providers for PBN and money sites for hosting and domain.
            • Choose the domain carefully.

            Blog Commenting (Gray Hat)

            Blog commenting is one of the popular and reliable methods getting links quickly and easily. Every blogger does it for increasing domain authority and getting links pointing you back.

            It can be do-follow or no-follow, but it has a great impact on ranking your sites in the SERP. Similarly, there has the vast opportunity to approve the comments, if you can express yourself creatively. What should you do for blog comments?

            Firstly discover the comment opportunities

            Before starting the comment, niche or blogging topics are important. If you want to do blog commenting on white hat way, you have to prove yourself it as a natural process. For this reason, you have to find the niche first, and here Google can help you the best. How?

            You have to search your desired niche as like SEO on the Google. You can follow some techniques to filter the results. For example, search for the below format or similar ways.

            • Inurl: SEO “Add New Comment”
            • Inurl: SEO “Your email address will not be published.”

            For your results make sure, you are changing the terms SEO with your Keyword term. Similarly, you can modify the attributes if you think it will help you to filter.

            At the same time, you can search by filtering by time. Just go to search tools and select last hour, days, month or year. I try to stay in the month or year. It helps me to get the ranked post from the different blog.

            Secondly commenting procedures

            You have to remember a comment is the reply of a post. So, it’s not a way of building link only. When you will do it in a natural process, and when you can add value to the comment it will surely accept by the webmaster. On the other hand, it helps to increase the communication and relationship with the bloggers.

            So, you have to comment on pointing the necessary. You can disagree in some areas; you should point out the things in a friendly manner. On the other hand, if you want to add values, you should also do it. Similarly, in some areas, you may need to show your agreement with the topics.

            Important to realize, always try to add values as well as ask a question which you want to learn. It will make the maximum changes time to approve.

            Finally Waiting

            You have to wait for approving your comment. You may get answers from the webmaster, and then provide him thanks, or you can also start the discussion from here. That means makes all the process natural in a friendly manner.

            Thus you can build links, and it can bring the authority of you from different websites. Keep the comment website, email, and URL in an excel sheet. It will assist you to recheck it for the next time if your comment is approved by your website URL.

            Guest Posting (Gray Hat):

            Guest posting is very effective for link building. You can consider it as the white hat. Even Google thinks it so. But after the misuse of guest posting only for linking purposes, Google has started to take actions for it. Though with great content and high authority, there has no way for the search engine to take actions against guest posting. With this in mind, guest posting with high-quality content and authority, you can get solid links to rank your page very easily.

            At this point, I like two types of guest posting for the link. One is direct link building with high-quality content and other is building the link with existing content. You can use this for bringing link from other people’s guest posting.

            Before you make any relation with any authority sites and build relationships with them and start doing guest posting, you need to learn about the following things

            Please read details guide about Domain Authority, Trust Flow & Citation flow. Before starting niche site link building,

            Direct Link Building with guest posting

            Yes! It’s the most popular and available method for link building with the guest post. Not to mention, it’s not so easy to find out the right person. One of the reasons, if you can’t provide valuable content for the sites, they will not permit you to publish a guest post, and at the same time, you will not get the desired links also.

            For this reason, you have to take necessary steps to publish the guest post. Follow the below steps getting the appropriate persons for posting a guest post.

            • Find out quality sites for guest posting.
            • Contact with the bloggers or webmaster for requesting a guest post
            • Try to contribute to his blogs by the comment, share and reply with value.
            • Attract the webmaster with your comment or behavior
            • At last request for guest posting

            Now you have found some excellent guest post sites/blogs. You have to follow the below steps for guest posting now.

            • Write high-quality content and make it original and valuable with proper resources
            • Format it accurately and try to follow the rules of the desired blogs
            • Always offer useful resources and try to internal linking with the similar content. (Though the bloggers do it after publishing your content, you should help him to attract his attention)
            • Use the quotes in the right ways
            • Check the spelling correctly.
            • Check the readability and grammar before submitting it.
            • If you get the author permission on the blog, try to format it with bold, italic and heading tag
            • Make it SEO friendly and focus on a topic and keywords
            • Take only one links from the body, and you can also ask for links from the author profile too.
            • Reply all the comments properly with respect and value.
            • Promote your guest post with your tactics.

            Remember, if your post gets good responses, they will ask for more article, or you can ask for more guest post for another sites or links.

            Getting links from the others peoples guest post

            It’s another excellent idea/method for getting links from the guest post. Some persons and agencies like “ByteCode – Leading digital marketing firm” are providing guest posting services and they have a good connection with the different authors and bloggers who accept their guest post easily. Here they submit high-quality content, and they point some links with payment. You can take the help from them, and it’s straightforward to get the links without any hard work. Though it will take you some money. You have to remember you are doing business online for longer lasting. So you have to try the different method for staying in this world.

            One of the best things you can get from link building services is the authority and high valued links. It’s very effective for ranking of your sites. On the other hand, it will bring huge visitors for you, if you can choose the right places with good articles. Here come the agencies for high-profile articles and links. Can you imagine links from Mashable, The Newyork times or the business insider? I know it’s very valuable in the digital world and your domain will get the high volume of traffic and authority in the eyes of the search engine. So, if you can go ahead in the right way, you can get a lot of links from guest posting.

            Broken Link Building (White Hat)

            It’s one of the most effective tactics for SEO and link building. If you can find out the broken links for any sites with your similar niche, you can easily convert them into links for you. Even it will never cost you as well as the webmaster will be happy.

            The broken link is not good for SEO, and it shows 404 errors. For this reason, it’s not okay the user satisfaction too. With this in mind, you can work for building these types of links.

            On the other hand, there have many tools for checking the broken links in your desired niche. If you can use it perfectly, getting links will be a natural process.

            You can also use these tactics for building wiki links too. Not to mention, these types of links are very effective and trustworthy, and you know that Google loves the trustworthy sites. When you want to find out Wikipedia broken links, you can use WikiGrabber.

            The process of getting broken links are very easy. If you can follow the methods accurately, you can collect high PA links within the short time with little time and cost.

            Firstly, find out the web page that has broken links. Then inform the bloggers about the broken links and notify him also you have a great article as like the existing one. If you have great content. You will get the links in most of the cases.

            Infographic Submissions (Gray Hat)

            We know an image can express thousand of words. Similarly, making a well-researched infographic can highlight all the important matters within a picture only. It’s proved that an infographic can bring a lot of high-quality links. On the other hand, it creates a reputation for your brand.

            Why infographic is important: 

            • Infographic is more funny and attractive with the text.
            • Provides a great overview of the content.
            • Infographic use table, chart, and graph which make the things more understandable.
            • Infographic helps to demonstrate the brand value.
            • It helps to make the content viral.
            • Above all, it is very effective for SEO.

            At the same time, infographic helps to make your content awesome and must read to all. Why does infographic get links and become viral? Because it takes time to research and designing it takes time and cost. For this reason, most of them are not going to invest here. If you can do that you will be exceptional and extraordinary than your fellow ones. Finally, getting the links will be a natural process forever.

            Forum Link Building (Gray Hat)

            A forum is a community where we get valuable tips with experience sharing. Here comes a lot of people to share their experience and get answers too. For this reason, building Forum link is one of the great and old methods for taking special juice for SEO. If you think it’s not working today or it’s so tough to get the links, then I will tell it works fine till now. But you have to forget the previous days of pasting links anywhere and getting the benefit of SEO.

            If you want to get the benefit from the Forum, you have to follow the quality method. Every Forum has some unique rules, and you have to follow that. The most important tactics for getting links from the forum is the profile backlink with signature. On the other hand, you can also get the links by posting tips and information. But it takes time to become familiar with that forum.

            Sometimes the links can be no-follow, but if you can give time with niche, you can surely get the quality links over the time. Always try to add value to your answers and activities on the forum, then it will be very easy to get the links. On the other hand, try to respect others and the rules of the forum when posting anything. If you can do the work by following the rules of forum posting, then it will be very easy to get the links quickly.

            Web 2.0s (Black Hat)

            This is a popular method for building link and taking special juice for ranking of your money site. You can think it as the free alternative of PBN. Though it will not work effectively as like the PBN. But you can take juice for trusty and authority.

            You will find hundreds of sites which provide web 2.0 services including WordPress, Blogspot or Tumblr. You can ask if it is riskier? Yes! But if you can build it as individual sites, then it can provide you much value freely. Though the work is not so easy as it needs a lot of unique content now. Similarly, indexing the content with link takes time, if you cannot implement it in the right ways.

            If you don’t want to run PBN sites with the huge budget, then you can invest here. You will need to generate content only for ranking and indexing the web 2.0 sites. If you can react as like individual sites, then it can provide your huge eggs. Though you will need to publish all the necessary pages and at least five high-quality content. It will reduce the risk.

            Consider the below things before building Web 2.0 sites

            • Select easy to rank keywords and try to keep it on the web address.
            • Keep the whole sites focusing one keyword and publish content following the keywords
            • Maintain the keyword density 0.5% to 1%
            • Post long form of the content and do it for safety. Never go for 500 words only now, try to keep it around 2000 words (At least two content)
            • Use visual element perfectly as like images, infographics, and videos. Never forget to use ALT tag for visual content.
            • Keep the main keyword in the H1 tag
            • Maintain the keyword on the URL of the page
            • Don’t keep it empty the title and description tag
            • Keep content follow-ance. If you see your money site is performing fine and the links are indexed then add value after some days or months.

            Overall, web 2.0 is a free service, so you have to invest it for content, and if you can do it perfectly, it can provide your huge value for ranking of your sites. Though it never offers value for ranking high volume keywords, surely it will give benefit for ranking your sites. It will undoubtedly increase the domain and page authority. Important to realize, never take more than two links from a web 2.0 site. Even try to keep it one and of course make the anchor text variation for every web 2.0 sites.

            OnSite Broken Links (White Hat)

            It’s not exactly a link building strategy, but it works as like the backlink for your site. You can’t imagine how many pages will stay as 404 errors and it can give you huge juice for your existing content. For this reason, if you use Google webmaster tool to find out all the 404 errors pages. Then you can redirect the page to the existing one.

            On the other hand, if you can discover the link pointing the pages from Majestic or any other link prospecting tool, then you can contact the webmaster for informing the pointing is not prevailing, but you have made another important page which is updated and well-written. Then you can take the links to your existing content. That means you have to work for saving your link and link juice at anyhow.

            301 Redirects (White/Black Hat)

            301 redirections among the previous or 404s page into existing content, provide some juice for ranking. It’s not black hat tactics, and even it’s good for SEO. But don’t do it over optimize.

            On the other hand, if you buy a trustworthy and safe domain and if you redirect it to your money sites, what will happen? It’s not any bad idea actually if you can do it accurately it can provide you as trustworthy too. You have to careful when choosing an aged domain. On the other hand, you have to find out if it is a good one for your money sites or not. No one can help you. So, for taking 301 redirections with an aged domain, you have to make it happen.

            There have many businesses who are doing this. You have to remember that it needs a good budget to do the same things for juice and protection.

            Local Citations (White Hat)

            Citations are very easy to build and local directory, and business listing tries to add your business without any excuse. Though you have to remember it will not work fine for your AdSense or Affiliate sites, it’ll surely work fine for your local business. Even you can take help of global listing too.

            Citations help in two ways: 1. It contributes to list on the local directory with your site/business address and map 2., and it gives you a link to the brand or profiles text link. It’s one of the easiest ways to link building and ranking your sites in the local area. It’s very effective for local SEO.

            Citations refer to listing in the local area as well as getting links to your actual business address.

            Always try to add your sites or business with the below information

            • Keep listing your brand or business name. Don’t try to add only keywords or anything.
            • Add your local phone number and if they offer two phone number then add a toll-free number.
            • Make sure you have used all the necessary info including phone number, address and map directions
            • Don’t use it for getting keywords link, make it natural with the brand or business name.

            If you want to lead the local search engine then confirm the below things accurately

            1. Add titles and meta descriptions and optimize it with your local keywords and locations
            2. Add your business to local directories and citations with NAP
            3. Claim and optimize the Google My Business
            4. Control online reviews and try to get right feedback
            5. Make sure you are using local structured data markup

            Don’t the things when doing citations

            • Don’t provide incorrect information and address for local citations
            • If you change business address, then citations will not work. So, take steps for to update the list.
            • Keep your phone number legal for all types of citations.
            • Don’t try to add new citations when changing anything for the NAP. Try to update the old one.
            • Keep the citations list in an excel sheet as though you can control it anytime.
            • Always keep the info updated similar to your web address.

            For local SEO and ranking, your sites on a specific area citations work very fine. For this reason, never neglect it and do it properly.

            Link Networks (Black Hat)

            There have many link networks who provide links with low cost. You can take the services for boosting your page in the SERP. Russian link networks are very familiar with buying links from different sites. Though you will find it from various places including USA, UK or Canada.

            I will tell, buying the link from link networks is not a best practice. But if you can choose any reliable places which provide the niche related link from directories or Forum, then you can take it. You have to remember that buying link is not a safe practice. You can take help of experts for links from very reliable source without link networks, and it may cost you, but it’ll be effective for future use.

            Sponsored Link Building/Guest Blogging (Gray Hat)

            Though it’s a gray hat method for link building, it is a safer way to link prospecting. If you want to get quick results for your sites, then these tactics can help you the most. It helps to get the links with little cost. Even it’s not an unnatural way for link building.

            How does it work? It’s like getting links from any post which is already published. On the other hand, you can offer the guest post for a link. The only tactics which are necessary that informing the desired bloggers with an email that you want to get a link and you will pay him for the works. It may cost $20 to $100 to get the links within a short time.

            You can also take the links from any multi-niche blogs and even out of your niche. It can help you to rank your sites easily. Similarly, it can help you to get the links indexed. Similarly, it will help you to make a connection with the bloggers.

            Link Reclamation (White Hat)

            It’s another great way to getting links to your brand. You will get a lot of sites who have mentioned you but have not included the link. If you get these types of mention, then you can contact with them to linking the text to your website and most of the time they do it for you.

            You can ask how I can find out this? It’s effortless. Just search site: your site on the Google and it will show you where you have mentioned. It’s so easy to process. But it will take sometimes only.

            You can also use the tools called mention to do the same things. You can do the same work for images and video too to give credit to you with a link.

            Other Link Building Tactics:

            You may think there have other many link building tactics and how can I get it? Yes! I will discuss the techniques here with the short guideline. Check the below point to get the overview of the extra link building tactics.

            1. Press Releases

            Publishing press releases on a regular basis with update news is very effective for link building. It’s very effective for reputation management of your brand too.

            2. Q/A sites (Yahoo Answers/Quora)

            You can share your thoughts and help others with your opinions. It will surely bring some traffic and backlinks to your site.

            3. Directories

            You can join with your related directories, and it can give you the opportunities to place a link.

            4. Competitor Link Building

            It’s another effective link building procedures. Just find out your competitor and explore their link sources. You will find a lot of forum, directories where you can also build the links.

            5. Scholarship Link Building

            It’s very simple and helps to get Edu links, and you know that Edu link is very efficient for trust flow. Firstly, you have to make a competition or anything which is related to education, and you have to offer a prize for attending the event. Now get the links from the education site.

            Link Building Tools:

            To get the backlink and other SEO purposes, you will need a lot of tools to do the work easily. I have made a great list of all essential tools for SEO here. You can check it now. Though you can check what types of tools, I have described here from the below.

            Ahrefs: Aherfs works for link and traffic checking, and you can also use it for keyword research.

            Majestic: Majestic is a Link Checker tool

            Excel – For data sorting and researching perfectly you will need the excel for doing the work perfectly.

            PitchBox – PitchBox works for linking out reaching services.

            If you want to know the best SEO tools check the above links, and it will provide you all the best and updated SEO tools.

            Link building a brand new site: 

            When you are building a new site, you have to take care it for making link. As it’s new, it will take hard work for link building. You should follow the below basic strategy for building link:

            • Take starting links from your familiar persons
            • As Google lives fresh content always maintain a blog, it will bring natural links
            • Create Profile backlink
            • Build relation with local organization and get links
            • Blog commenting
            • Local Newspaper
            • Local non-profit organizations
            • Submit your site to local and business directories
            • Social bookmarking sites
            • Submit press releases
            • Submit articles to article directories
            • Work for Edu or Wiki link
            • Infographic submissions
            • Influencer Outreach or Skyscraper link building

            Don’t do anything for link building with your new site which seems unnatural. You have to publish quality content, and you have to explore the digital world.  Go ahead with proper planning and target.

            Additional Keywords & Competitor Research


            If you want to stay alive for a long time, you will need to prospects your content with appropriate keywords. For this reason, you have to research perfectly for a keyword. If you can choose a good keyword, then it will be so easy to rank it. At the same time, it will increase the domain authority and trust in the eyes of the search engine.

            With this in mind, you have to select a great keyword as well as you have to check the performance of the keyword. You have to remember that it’s very important to work with the new possible keyword. Similarly, it’s very necessary to work with the existing keywords and contents to make your website evergreen and getting the most effective results from your blog.

            Here I have mentioned some tools and methods for getting your content ranked and exploring the effectiveness of a link.

            1. Web Master Tools

            For checking the performance of the content, Google webmaster tools is very innovative to get the exact results of your post, page or backlink. You will get the data from the path: webmaster tools > search traffic > search analytics. Here you will find all the keywords which are ranking. Though here you will get the long tail keywords mostly.

            It will help you which keywords need more take care and which one should skip at this moment. If you can update the content by following the stats, you will get better results than before. It’s the most effective ways to boost your keywords and traffic on the search engine.

            2. Competitor Research

            Webmaster tool is for checking the performance of your keywords. But if you want to research new keywords as well as want to analysis your competitor for the new idea, which tool is very effective? Experts describe Ahrefs or SEMRus can do the whole work very fine.

            It provides the data which will help you what works will need to rank the keywords. Similarly, it will show some backlinks it is getting. On the other hand, it will show you the graph of ranking the keywords.

            3. Upgrade content

            It is one of the most effective tactics for keeping ranked of your content. That means you have to work with the content which is already ranking in the search engine. It is important to stay on the first page for the lifetime. You have to add thousands of word, and you have to add the value of the content to keep it updated and ranked.

            You have to collect more data, and you have to work for making the content evergreen and mostly updated than others. Then it will surely work very fine. Similarly, it will help the users to get their necessary information day by day. Google like this type of work for ranking of your content.

            4. Site Auditing

            Site auditing is not the way to increase the traffic of your content. It’s for staying up to date and exploring if it is working fine in every aspect. Site Auditing can provide you data if it needs an update on one page SEO and adjusting link. You can easily check the broken links.

            On the other hand, you can discover the possibility of speeding up your website. Similarly, you can solve some problems of backend panel of your site. By all means, site auditing is for making sure if everything is Okay on your site.



            What is a safe link-building profile for your niche site?

            There is no perfect example, but here’s something I apply to my niche site:

            15% blog comments.

            10% guest posts. Total 25%

            10% directory links. Total 35%

            20% social media links. Total 55%

            10% blogroll links. Total 65%

            20% links to content, apps or tools on your site. Total 85%

            5% paid links. Total 90%

            10% forum links. Total 100%

            That is not the exact blend of links your particular site has to have, but it illustrates the point: Don’t build just one kind of link.

            You need at least five different link-building tactics that you use on a regular basis. This can be a little frustrating because once you find an effective, easy way to build links, you’re going to want to go to town on it. Resist

            Here’s what you should do for your niche site link-building:


            • See where competitors are getting their links

            To know How to check competitor backlinks Please CLICK HERE also see THIS LINK

            • Determine the quality of site you’re willing to get links from
            • Use social media
            • Create video
            • Do blog commenting
            • Use guest posting
            • Create crazy great content, including roundups, infographics, online tools, and controversial content
            • Master outreach
            • Use resource pages

            Niche Site Link building List (step by step)

            [table id=1 /]

            Check If All The Backlinks Are Indexed Or Not, If Not, Index Them Using Premium Service Like Linkicious or free tool  like Pingomatic

            PingomaticNow we will talk how to do it pingback link using Pingomatic.  At first, you have to get your page indexed, and you have to share the URL on the Google+ Facebook. Then you have to keep pinging it in the Pingomatic. The Pingomatic will automatically syndicate the URL to the major content aggregators.

            Then you have to wait so that the site can get crawled & indexed. This will take more than six hours for sure. To check on the process you have to go to the Google, and then you have to pest the Web2.0 URL in the search box.


            What you shouldn’t do for the niche site:

            [sociallocker id=”7281″]

            • Private blog networks (PBNs)
            • The Hoth (and pretty much every other service like them)
            • Buying hundreds of directory listings.
            • Try to over-optimize your anchor text.
            • Any automated link-building tactic.
            • Paid or compensated links.
            • Swapped links. [/sociallocker]

            Tired Linkbuilding    

            (Al the last point we will go for it)

            You will get the clear idea about tier backlink from this image. We will follow it if normal link building method is not working for us.

            tire linkbuilding

            • Step 1: you have to write articles that have real values in the web 2.0 sites like the Tumblr, Blogger, and Web Node.
            • Step 2: then you have to index your Tumblr page, and you can do it by sharing the URL of the post on Facebook and Google+. You have to ping it at the Pingomatic Then the Pingomatic will do the job of syndicating your URL to major content aggregators.
            • Step 3: when the indexing is done they you have to use a keyword that is branded on Tumblr page which will ultimately link back to your site.


            Now the backlink will directly point to your site, but the thing is it might not have a great impact on the ranking of yours. So you have to create the tier 2 structure for this reason on the Tumblr page. Keep in mind that your link is already available there. So now you will build more authorities links to the Tumblr page of yours. The question might be asked you now are how you are going to do this. You can follow the two ways given below

            1. High PR do follow blog comments

            It is one of the best ways, and this is more effective than any other methods to get real quality backlinks. It is the best solution for link building but keeps in mind that you must use the real name of yours or your site. By just the name, the visitors will land on your page directly.

            1. Guest blogging

            Guest blogging is another way of doing it. You will leave your backlinks there, so the traffic gets to your page through the backlink.

            There are some cautions you have to have when you are building a link structure for tier 2 which will work to strengthen the backlinks of your tier 1. You have to avoid the over optimization of the anchor text. You also have to make sure that you are not making or using this specific tactic to build the links.

            Please make sure that when you are making a new page and sharing them on platforms like Tumblr, they should have something valuable or beneficial for the users. Then you can add links without thinking as it is going to be helpful for the actual readers. Another thing to keep in mind is to make the keyword’s anchor more generic. For example, if the keyword is ‘UK Military Base’ then the generic anchor should be like ‘Visit the UK military base’ or ‘Know more things about the military bases in UK.’ To make the things clearly do not ever link by using similar or exact keywords to your website 2.0. Keep in mind that doing such can hurt the rank of your site.

            Anchor text variation in the link building

            [sociallocker id=”7282″]

            What Is Anchor Text?

            Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text is relevant to the page you’re linking to, rather than generic text.

            Anchor text can give Google an indication of the subject matter of the page being linked. So if I linked to a page using the words “fitness routine,” then it is likely that the page being linked to contains information about fitness routines. Google can then use this information as part of its ranking algorithms. In this case, they may decide that the page being linked to should rank higher for the keyword “fitness routine” and close variations.

            Suppose you are working with “Hunting Knife” See some anchor text variation example

                     Best Hunting Knife

                     Hunting Knife

                     Hunting Blog

                     Adventure Blog

                     Wild Life Blog

                     Fishing Blog

                     Travel Blog

            Exact Match KW Anchor

            An exact match anchor text has the same keywords highlighted as the targeted keyword of a web page.


            Best Hunting Knife, Best-Hunting-Knife, Best Hunting-Knife, Top Rated Hunting Knife, Top Rated Hunting-Knife, Cheap Hunting Knife, Top Rated Hunting Knife In The Market, Top Rated Hunting Knife Comparison

            Anchor Text Variation

            When websites aggressively build exact match anchor text links, a Google spam filter is triggered. It is unnatural for web pages that link to your website to all have exact match anchor text.

            Anchor Text Manipulation

            As a result of being a search engine signal for relevancy, it is possible to over-optimize your links’ anchor text.

            Partial Match Keyword Anchor

            Hunting Knife, Knife

            Domain Brand KW Anchor

            Hunting Knife Guide, Hunting-Knife Guide,

            Domain Name Keyword Anchor

            BestHuntingKnife.org, BestHuntingKnife.org/

            Naked URL Anchor







            Industry Keywords Anchor

            Hunting, Adventure, Traveling, Hunting Guide, Hunting Safety,

            Generic Keyword Anchor

            Click Here, Website, Official Link, Link, Visit Now, More Information

            Click-Here, Website, Official-Link, Links, Visit-Now, More-Information,


            Read More about Anchor Text Variation wrote by Neil Patel.

            I am sure there’ll be some debate about what’s safe or not safe for link-building. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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            More SEO Services By ByteCode


            Other thoughts for link building:

            You should know the below terms when trying to build the links. It will surely help you to make the links appropriate. Otherwise, link building can harm you.

            Research The Competitor

            SEO is not a rocket science if you can discover it. When you are trying to launch an SEO campaign, you should know your competitor. If you can research your competitor who is already ranking, you will be able to outreach them easily. Otherwise, it will be no appropriate work. You should also take in consideration of domain age, social signals, ranking page age and if they are using any root domain of your competitor. Then you have to go by following the methods which can help you to outreach them.

            You have to remember that your main work is going on the top of the first of the search engine. If you want to do this, you have to work hard by researching your competitor, their content length, and linking procedures.

            Anchor Text

            It’s another term which is very effective for ranking of your content. If you are doing PBN link building, Web 2.0 or other white or gray hat tactics, it needs to make anchor text. If you get the same anchor text with your keywords, then it is very effective to rank the primary keywords. But Google is taking it as the Blackhat. As it helps to rank the content, so Google has made the update and expresses which one is good and best practice for anchor text.

            Google Penguin 1.0 update make the list of anchor text into Brand name, Exact match keyword, partial match keyword, Non-descriptive keyword, URL text, other languages and Empty text in the image or video. Experts always recommend keeping variations on the anchor text. Try to follow below tips when using anchor text-

            • Use long tail keywords and partially match keywords
            • Use the synonyms of the keywords
            • Keep variations on the URLs
            • Non-descriptive anchor (Click here. Link more. Ream More, source, more details and find out more)
            • Try to keep the same language of your content and anchor text.
            • Brand name
            • Optimized alt text on the image

            For good results and staying in the safe position, you have to keep variations in the anchor text.

            Secondary/Surrounding Keywords

            You will get some terms which can’t make a full content but goes with the existing content. Then try to use it as secondary keywords among the content. Use it on the subheading. It will surely make juice and will get rank on the SERPs too. Though you can implement it when writing a long-term content and it’s a good practice to rank some low volume keywords.

            No-Follow Links

            Sometimes we feel hesitation for building no-follow links. But you should do it till now. Google counts it as trust flow. You should not deny it for getting valuable readers too.

            Follow Google Update

            Google changes their algorithm daily, but some update is very important, and you should follow this including Penguin update, Hummingbird update.

            The Disavow Tool

            If you get the penalty for building poor or spammy link, then you can the disavow tool. Otherwise, you do not need to use it when everything is OK.

            Discover the path for you

            All the points mentioned in this post are very effective, and you will get the results very quickly. Though you should remember you will get some tactics which will work for you better. After executing which one is working fine for you, you should give more importance to that area. Never do the work very fastly, give time to understand all the links are coming as natural.

            List of 1500+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

            To get the list, Please Click Here

            Above all, which tactics work very fine for you? Inform us of the comment section. Surely, the readers will get new ideas and your procedures experience. If you get the article help, never forget to express it by sharing it on your favorite social media. If you have any questions, then you can also ask us from the comment section. We give the response to every comment.

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