Top 10 Affiliate Tracking Software

All You Need to Know About Top 10 Affiliate Tracking Software


Want to make some extra income online? Then opt for affiliate marketing as this is one of the best ways to let people know about the products or services you provide. Conversion is essential in order to make the affiliate marketing success for you; hence, you should be actively involved with your visitors so that they buy items from your affiliate links.

There is a huge possibility of earning as long as you want to put hard efforts to sharpening your strategies of affiliate marketing. While it can be pretty tough to handle your affiliate marketing alongside your daily function, you should track its development and review the statistics for keeping your revenue from decreasing. Well, you can do all this and even more by using the affiliate tracking software platforms. Here find all you need to know about top 10 affiliate marketing tracking platforms:



This digital and affiliate marketing platform can track leads, calls, add, sales conversion and networks. It optimises and tracks your digital and affiliate marketing success with efficiency, allowing you to utilize an accomplished campaign. Its custom interface helps you track every sort of online and offline ad via server posts, pixels, CPA, cookies, mobile traffic, CC, and Pay-per-Call. Other exclusive features incorporate: Lead distribution and management, LinkTrust RTA, Campaign management, Affiliate management, Fraud detection, Mobile Tracking, Real-time Reporting, and Lead Management.

Arguably, this is the best affiliate marketing platform among all with an amazing UI and numerous features. It includes the most advanced reporting performance and campaign management. Additionally, coming in a cost-effective way, Everflow is one of the most inexpensive solutions. Its potential features incorporate: Advanced notification system, Live data in the form of reports and graphics, Advanced media buying tools, Super-fast response times, Fully exposed API 100% of the time, Great managing of desktop and mobile traffic, Multi-dimensional reporting and analytics framework, and Private traffic partitioning.



This platform enables customers to proficiently ascribe different factors of their web marketing endeavors. It is emerged for assessing smart, measurable client engagements. Being one of the most user-friendly affiliate tracking platforms, Hitpath is productive and fast, allowing real-time affiliate tracking. Alongside 24×7 supports, it also provides with free training for this software. Other features incorporate Real-time campaign tracking, Affiliate management, Cross pub campaign accelerator, Accounting module, and a user-friendly interface.



This comes as the SaaS solution for the big enterprises and provides unlimited clicks. Since 2009, it is being merged by many big affiliate networks. And it’s beyond an affiliate tracking software. With its highly mobile-friendly interface, it comes really easy-to-track on the move. Its potential features incorporate 100% Real-time analytics, Free Proxy detection service, Suppression file management, Brandable interfaces, Access to granular level, Billing and Invoice tools, Unlimited affiliates and advertisers, File Manager, Customer sidetracking, Device targeting, Affiliate referral programme, and Geo-targeting.


Click Inc

This one features a great intuitive interface for individuals who are uncomfortable with HTML, while the Trulink format is an amazing tool for SEO improvement because it links to your sales page directly instead of utilizing a coded link. Other basic features incorporate Detailed reports offering traffic status commissions, sales, and graphs. Click Inc also incorporates some great management tools that show the way of making coupons and also following up the sellers.


Impact Radius

Created by Commission Junction and, this platform has made a big buzz since 2008. Its basic attributes incorporate: Automation of contracting, on-boarding, tracking, and reporting of direct affiliates, Monitoring of promo codes, Call tracking, Flexible tracking options through Pixel, FTP upload, REST API, Data Post, and Mobile SDKs, Real-time analytics, and Integration with and CRM.



This one is the most efficient platforms to track, control, optimise, and measure your affiliate marketing campaigns. Utilising this affiliate tracking software, you can: Separate and control your traffic by gadgets, GEOS, and OS types, Monetise your campaigns by buying the ultimate traffic conversion, Track each user who bought your conversions, Create swift white and blacklists inside the CPA dashboard, Make landing pages, Make numerous new campaigns, and Monitor all factors which able to shape the funnel.



This traffic software is most preferred by numerous online business owners. Offering global brands like Zynga, Living Social, and Social, you can be guaranteed that this is complete package platform with every unique feature you require to using and maintaining a profitable affiliate programme. Some robust features incorporate unlimited affiliates, Fraud protection, Comprehensive API, 99% tracking uptime, Amazing tracking devices and metrics, Great measurement, and a great option for dedicated solutions. You can use it as an advertising company for advertising your online shop. You can test this software yourself by using it for free for 30 days.


Post Affiliate Pro

This is a very helpful affiliate marketing platform authenticated by more than 2700 organizations worldwide. This software can link to over 170 CMS and the best payment gateways as well. Its features include: Themes, Custom interface, Forced matrix, Multilingual support, Affiliate link styles, Direct tracking of links, Text link banners, Flash, and Image, Fraud protection, and Trends reports.



If you are looking for a unique management tool to monitor and optimise your affiliate networks, then you can explore the cloud-based software CAKE. Within its easy-to-use dashboard, you can check the entire performance of your network and handle the contacts during measuring the results. This tool comes with a broad range of amazing features which incorporate: Pixel management, Fraud Protection, Real-time metrics, Targeted campaigns by location or device, 24/7 support, Different portals for clients and affiliates, Customisable, and Referral Rewards. Its cost is mostly depending on the utilization and is based on what your business needs. The 3 cost levels incorporate Enterprise, Select and Pro.


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To Wrap it up

Affiliate marketing is the most useful way of maximizing your revenue or product promotion. If you use the right type of tracking platform, you can track, handle, and push your products and services accurately and efficiently. Nevertheless, make sure that you opt for all great practices to get the optimal success.


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