Why Should Parents Embrace Parental Control Apps for Their Kid’s Safety


You might be thinking that there is no need for a parental control app because you talked with your kids about the use of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. But you are wrong.  Because you never know what your kids might be doing when you are not around. Even when you are around, you cannot keep your eyes always on their screen just to know what they are doing. In situations like these, parental control apps can extremely support you and your great effort to keep your children much away from cybercrimes and other inappropriate content.

For that, you need to either let your children know about such parental control apps and why you are installing it on their smartphone or keep them in dark and let them do what they want to do and secretly keeping an eye on them. Of course,  there is no such thing as failsafe and you would still wish to talk about making good decisions with your children. The below is an outline of the various stages of protection that are available in the market. 


—  Smartphones and Tablets

Some smartphones come with an inbuilt basic level parental control app. But when you want to explore other options, you can check the unlimited parental control apps that are available on both Play Store and app store. Parental control apps like Family Link and Teensafe let you track every movement of your kids including text messages and social media. Even if you are not so big fan of a smartphone, Kindle Fire tablet also comes with an inbuilt parental control app of Kindle free time.

Without such parental control apps, to monitor any of your kid’s social media accounts, you will certainly require both their username and password. And once your kids get older, either they try to fight for the freedom or just find out sneak away to explore the world that you have limited for them. In either case, it will not be a good situation. 


—  Your smartphone’s operating system

There are various operating systems for various smartphones such as Windows, Android, and iOS. And so is the case with desktop systems. Apple Mac Operating System and Google Chrome come with the powerful inbuilt parental control systems. In order to take a full advantage of these, you certainly need to utilize the latest version of the operating system and every user needs to log in under their profile. The good thing about this is that you do not need to pay any additional penny and they apply across the globe to every file that the desktop system accesses. 


— Web browsers

Web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox latest news browse the Internet. Now each of the web browsers offers various ways of filtering the content that inappropriate websites show and you definitely do not want your children to visit search sites. You can always set your own limitations that what is appropriate for your children and what is not in your browser.

The good thing about web browsers is that they are completely free. But one you need to know is that if you have more than one on your system then you certainly need to set filters on all of them.


— Kid’s browsers

You might be or might not be aware of this. These browsers of a safe environment that fills your complete screen so that you are children cannot know what’s on it. They usually offer websites that are approved, games, and several other activities. Some of the examples are Kido’z and Zoodles. These browsers offer their basic version at free of cost but later when you wish to upgrade to a premium account then it may cost you some money.


— 3rd-party apps and software

There are a lot of potential parental control apps like PhoneSheriff and NetNanny that allow you to block websites, inappropriate content, and monitor all your children’s online activities like which website your kid visits on your personal computer or even laptop. These third-party apps also offer additional safety against viruses and malware content and will send you a precise summary of what your children do when they are online.

However, for your knowledge and better understanding, we are giving you a list of the best parental control apps that will keep your child away from unwanted situations. 


Zoodles is an amazing browser for both toddlers and elder children. The app lets parents limit their kid’s web browsing to only websites that are safe and only to locations within that website that parents have allowed by setting the options in the browser. At times, even when the content is safe there will be some adult ads that pop out of a website. But this app lets parents restrict and keep an eye on their kid’s activities within the browser too. This app works well even for parents who want to limit and let games and videos within the browser.



PhoneSheriff offers a lot for parents who are concerned about their children’s smartphone activity or any other gadget for that matter. It provides an amazing piece of mind to all those parents. This app has the capability to track the location of the smartphone, check all text messages and even call log. The app blocks all the text messages and call from particular contacts. It offers a real-time GPS tracking and tracks all the pictures that have been taken with the device, maintains browsing history. Also, it shows all applications which have been lately installed on the smartphone.



Parents feel a lot of stress especially when their kids reach their teenage. This app is one such rescue option that will help to reduce the parents bothering about the children. Teensafe monitors and logs every activity that has been done on the smartphone. It lets the parents view their children’s online activities. Right from checking their call log and text messages to internet history, parents can do a lot with this app. After installing, the app lets parents view all kind of messages both text and text messaging apps. This app is pretty compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

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