Top 8 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers Compared (from $0.82 / month).

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting


Whenever you want to set up your website or blog, I know WordPress as a CMS comes in your mind first. For reliable and secure platform, WordPress is considered as one of the best CMS (Content Management System) platform which is built with PHP. So, when you want to build your website/blog on WordPress, you need a good WordPress hosting. With this in mind, I will tell here about the best cheap WordPress hosting providers.

Important to realize, I am not telling the cheap WordPress hosting; I am also telling it will be the best considering the world’s most popular provider. That means you will get the most reliable, secure, good uptime and available customer support from here. By the same token, I will try to inform to choose the ideal hosting provider.

The first thing to remember, We have made this list by using the maximum services. On the other hand, we have taken into consideration about the support system, performance, user rating, feedback as well as the prices. With this in mind, I can tell, you are going to get the best cheap WordPress hosting today.

Note: In some places, we have used the affiliate link. It’s not for dealing with you. It is only for ensuring the deal with lower prices. Especially, we have tried to contact the hosting owner individually and wanted to make it affordable for you. So, it can be your best deal for choosing the best cheap WordPress hosting.

Are you ready to get the review, overall discussion and complete comparison of the hosting providers? Let’s take a look.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers (At a glance):

For making the process easy and for providing you the first concept, you can cheap the below comparison table. Surely, it will give you the real sense. Moreover, for details reasons, you should stay with me.



Namecheap InMotion SiteGround BytecodeHost A2Hosting iPage BlueHost HostGator
Cheapest Plan 0.82 per month $2.95 per month $3.95 per month $1.00 per month $3.92 per month $3.25 per month $3.95 per month $2.78 per month
WordPress-specific plans?
WordPress-specific features?
WordPress-proficient support? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Average loading speed 1.77 sec 1.77 sec 1.66 sec 1.63 sec 1.78 sec 1.25 sec 1.28 sec 1.22 sec
User rating Good 4.3/5 4.6/5 Good Good Good Good 3.7/5
Wrap it Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit


The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers (Compared):

The primary focus of this post is providing the comparison of the best cheap WordPress hosting providers. With this in mind, I will ensure you to read the full overview to take the decision.

Before going on the description, I should tell you that we have checked the speed of a site by using-  Pingdom,  Google Speed Test, and Load Impact. With attention to, we have tried to get the exact results by using some other tools too. As a result, you can take it as reliable.

Anyway, let’s talk about the best cheap WordPress Hosting.



1. Namecheap – Most reliable and cheap Hosting


This is the hosting provider who starts their service to provide cheaply. Yes! Namecheap has made the affordable package for only WordPress lovers among them all. Considering the uptime and quick customer support, it is so hard to get anyone without Namecheap. In general, they provide the WordPress hosting in less than $10 for the first year and then from the second year they take nearly $3.25/month which is considerably less than others.

You will get the options to choose the US or UK based data center. Certainly, you will find completely SSD hosting with maximum time uptime. Important to realize, you can host three domain in a single WordPress hosting package. Can you imagine how small amount are you paying? In my opinion, it is cheapest plan form the worlds leading hosting provider.

namecheap hosting

Customer Support Review

From my experience, customer support of Namecheap is very up to date. Equally important, they give reply for any single query within an hour. They try to solve the technical problem within a day. At the same time, the live chat support of Namecheap is very fast. You may need to wait a couple of minutes only.

Notably, the handy tutorial and technical content are available on their blog. Their resource is very strong. Similarly, the setup process of WordPress is very straightforward. You can easily install WordPress by SoftCulous. Another key point, you can get transfer and migration support very easily.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 3.14 seconds.
  • New York: 1.11 seconds.
  • San Jose, CA: 0.61 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 2.22 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Palo Alto, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.48 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.70 seconds.


Value ($0.82 per month)

It is very affordable prices for any types of website. It provides 20GB SSD-accelerated disk space, and you can run three websites within this value.

Professional ($1.66 per month)

For professional webmaster or who are working with multiple websites they can take this professional package. Not to mention, you will get 50GB SSD-accelerated disk space. At the same time, you can run ten websites with this professional package.

Ultimate ($2.49 per month)

You have no limitation for SSD-accelerated disk space in this package. You can run 50 websites here. On the other hand, you will get the highest support and personal take care and backup facilities.

Business SSD ($19.88 per month)

This package is for only e-commerce or multipurpose business owners. It provides 20GB pure SSD disk space with 500 GB bandwidth. On the other hand, you can host unlimited websites here.

The price as mentioned above is very low considering the world-class hosting provider. Notably, after the first year, the renewal price is also considerable. They take only $3.25 for value, 6.25 for professional, $10.82 for Ultimate. Considering the above things it is the best for buying a reliable hosting package.

Users opinion

If you see the users feedback on the different blog, forum or Namecheap blog, you will see no one is complaining of any significant issues of NameCheap.

Why should you consider Namecheap

Namecheap is providing the best services from last ten years as well as their customer support is excellent. At the same time, the website uptime and up to date features can be the reason for choosing Namecheap. On the other hand, if you want to launch more than one sites, this package can be your best value. It provides a lot of WordPress friendly features that is very good for starting your web business or career.


2. InMotion Hosting – Most reliable Hosting Providers


InMotion is another cheap WordPress Hosting providers. They provide some advanced functionality. That is to say, it supports WP-CLI and at the same time free website transfers. In the hope that, they provide US-based data center and offer free website transfer.


Customer Support Review

The customer support of InMotion Hosting is very good. They take any problem with great care for technical or setting up support. Even they provide track record with fast live chat options, and they make the response here within 3 minutes. Then again, they are also available for Skype or phone calls.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 3.38 seconds.
  • New York: 0.50 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.43 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Portland, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.87 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.98 seconds.


Launch ($2.95 per month)

It supports two websites into one package. It is a good deal for you and perfect for the starter.

Power ($4.49 per month)

It has been designed for small business or entrepreneur. The pack supports 6 websites into one. It is suitable for medium-sized business.

Pro ($7.49 per month)

If you need the complete solution, then you can go with Pro plan. You can host unlimited sites here.

Users opinion

Users have rated InMotion – By considering reliability InMotion has got 4.4/5 and for customer support 4.2/5. By examining all, they have gained overall 4.3/5.

Why should you consider Inmotion

They have a little bit loading speed, but they are doing very fine for customer support. If you think all the above prices and user feedback is satisfactory to you, you can go with InMotion.


3. SiteGround – Super Fast WordPress Hosting


Siteground is very popular for choosing the best cheap WordPress hosting. Moreover, they are staying in the first place from several years considering the WordPress blog. Though you can realize the reasons- they are providing free transfer for all types of customers. At the same time, they have developed WordPress Kit to keep the sites in your control. Similarly, they maintain Super Cacher tool that ensures fast speed on the WordPress sites.

siteground hosting

Customer Support Review

SiteGround is available all the times (24/7) for hearing from you. They are ready to give you customer support, technical support anytime. Even they do respond very quickly. Therefore, they are providing support by support ticket, live chat, and yet phone call. At the same time, they have made individual knowledgebase page from WordPress hosting only. You can check their resource too.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 3.44 seconds.
  • New York: 0.90 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 0.65 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Portland, US.
  • Minimum response time: 1.09 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 1.33 seconds.

Important to realize, SiteGround is super fast from the USA and Europe. Similarly, they are ensuring better services from all over the world. If you seem any problem, you can contact them at any time, and they are ready to solve your problem.


Startup ($3.95 per month)

If you want to run a single website, this deal is perfect to start with a renowned service. In this package, it provides 10GB web space.

GrowBig ($5.95 per month)

When you maintain multiple websites for your business, this can be your best choice. It gives the opportunity to run multiple websites with 20GB web space.

GoGeek ($11.95 per month)

This deal is ideal for big company, e-commerce or newspaper. You can host multiple websites with 30GB web space.

Users opinion

Users of SiteGround have provided eye-catching feedback and rating. It has got 4.5/5 for WordPress-proficient support. At the same time, it has got 4.6/5 for reliability. That means the users have rated SiteGround in average 4.5/5.

Though the prices from the second year can seem higher, it takes 9.95/month for startup, $14.95 for GroBig and $29.95 for GoGeek. But it is Okay when the overall performance is good.

Why should you consider SiteGround

SiteGround is very reliable with the combination of available WordPress features, low prices, and maximum time speeds. After all, this can be affordable for you if you want a site with maximum time uptime and the loading very fast.



4. A2Hosting– Feature Rich WordPress Hosting

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

A2Hosting is a very affordable web hosting provider especially when comes the WordPress hosting. They have made some impressive package with useful features for WordPress. They provide the opportunity of free backups, site migration, and DDoS Protection.


Customer Support Review

A2Hosting is growing very fastly for their customer support. They have made rich knowledgebase area where you can get maximum support. At the same time, they are available with Skype, Phone call, and support ticket. Not to mention, they ensure 24/7 customer support for any need or problem.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 3.05 seconds.
  • New York: 0.84 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.54 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Portland, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.5 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.77 seconds.

A Small Orange is not the fastest hosting provider, but they are providing really satisfactory speed. If you check the performance, they are really going forward.


Lite ($3.92 per month)

This is a great opportunity for the starter. They provide a free SSL and SSD. Similarly, they are giving the opportunity to host one website. They provide unlimited web space and unlimited Bandwidth with 5 databases, which are fairly perfect for the starter.

Swift ($4.90 per month)

It supports multiple websites, and it is perfect for business who needs more storage and Bandwidth. It provides unlimited web space with unlimited bandwidth and database. Not so bad for small entrepreneurs.

Turbo ($9.31 per month)

This can be a great deal who gets a decent amount of visitors daily. It provides unlimited storage and unlimited Bandwidth with the unlimited database. It can host unlimited websites. The hosting very suitable for entrepreneurs, e-commerce or multiple prominent site owner.

Users opinion

We don’t get available feedback, but in some blogs (Who is using it) they are getting it perfect and telling to taste new environment.

Why should you consider A Small Orange

A Small Orange is going forward with excellent customer support. They are handling already a lot of websites all over the world. If you want personalized experience and faster web hosting, then you can go with A Small Orange.

5. iPage – Affordable WordPress Hosting


iPage is a fantastic hosting platform to build your website. It provides a lot of features for WordPress users. They have some popular features including pre-installed plugins, good uptime, and customized control panel. By all means, it is desirable for the WordPress users.

ipage hosting

Customer Support Review

iPage is providing their services with low prices, but there have some issues with customer support. Some users complain it. Though they are offering the knowledgebases area and they even take live chat. The staffs are tech savvy, but taking the longer time to come comparing others. Certainly, iPage is providing email, ticket and Skype support.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 1.68 seconds.
  • New York: 0.64 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.43 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.50 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 3.74 seconds.

iPage is providing services for the first time very fine. They are taking huge time to load. If you think the loading time is crossing 4 seconds, then you should consider others.


WP Starter ($3.75 per month)

iPage is providing unlimited web space and bandwidth, though there will be some limitation. It is not bad for the starter. They will also offer pre-installed plugins, themes, and customized control panel.

WP Essential ($6.95 per month)

It is suitable for big business. They are providing a free domain. They are ensuring the malware protection. At the same time, they have included the mojo theme marketplace with the hosting package.

Users opinion

We have not got sufficient feedback for iPage. Though some blogs are very satisfied with their services. Some of them complain about their second-year renewal fees.

Why should you consider iPage

When you want the simple solution for your web host, you can go with iPage. They are not feature rich, but they are really affordable.



6. Bluehost – Most reliable, cheap WordPress Hosting


Bluehost is the most reliable hosting provides from 2003. They are very committed for WordPress. Important to realize, they have made special solutions for WordPress. Another key point, they are providing free SSL and domain for every user. It can be a great deal for you. By the same token, they are ensuring 100% money back guarantee with maximum time uptime. You will be able to install the WordPress in your blog within one click only. They provide enhanced cPanel that will help you to control all the backend including email, domains or website easily. You can easily migrate any other updated package or services at any time.



Customer Support Review

Bluehost provides 24/7 support for WordPress only. They are available for any types of support via phone call, skype, email, support ticket and live chat. They are ready to solve any single problem within a day.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 1.65 seconds.
  • New York: 0.86 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.32 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.45 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.70 seconds.

Blue Host never consider the speed issues. They are providing the support to ensure healthy support for you. They are really versatile, web-friendly and easy to use for WordPress.


Basic ($3.95 per month)

It supports a single domain, and it can take the decent amount of traffic with 50GB Web space. On the other hand, it provides unmetered bandwidth with 25 subdomains, 5 parked domains, and email accounts.

Plus ($5.95 per month)

It can be a good deal for medium to large entrepreneurs. You can host unlimited websites here with free 1 domain. At the same time, it can take unlimited traffic with unmetered bandwidth.

Prime ($5.95 per month)

It is the complete solution to your web life. It provides unmetered websites, web space and bandwidth. You will get one spam experts, domain privacy, and SiteBackup Pro. At the same time, you will get unlimited email accounts, storage, and subdomains.

Important to realize, Blue Host also offers optimized hosting for WordPress. You can check it also from here.

Users opinion

Blue Host provides dynamic upgrades, guaranteed resources, and backups. It surely helps them to keep their commitment. At the same time, user feedback is very satisfactory for Blue Host.

Why should you consider Bluehost

By all means, Blue Host is very fast, updated with the latest technology. With this in mind, you can easily go with them.

7. HostGator – World’s most prominent Hosting Provider



HostGator is one of the best Hosting providers among the world. They are very well reputed in the hosting world. Recently, they have launched specialized package for WordPress users. Similarly, they are ensuring 2.5x faster WordPress sites than others. They have some unique features for WordPress users. To be sure, they provide free migration services as well as they are very safe. Important to realize, they have also included Mojo marketplace with hundreds of themes.

hostgator hosting

Customer Support Review

If you consider with others, HostGator provides the most reliable customer support. They are available with every method of popular communication ways. For example, Skype, Email Support, Live Chat and Phone Call. At the same time, they are ready to provide 24/7 customer support for you. In the live chat, they take only a few minutes to reach you. On the other hand, they give technical support within hours.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 1.61 seconds.
  • New York: 0.76 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.29 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Ashburn, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.43 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.67 seconds.

As a renewable hosting provider, HostGator takes the speed issues seriously. They are available for all time, and they are ensuring maximum uptime. Certainly, if you check the above test you will realize it.


Hatchling ($3.95 per month

It supports a single website, and it can take the decent amount of traffic. On the other hand, it provides unmetered bandwidth.

Baby ($5.95 per month)

It is the good solution for medium to large entrepreneurs. You can host unlimited websites here. At the same time, it can take massive traffic with unmetered bandwidth.

Business ($5.95 per month)

If you want full control of the traffic and bandwidth of your website, this can be your best choices. It provides free VOIP phone services and PRIVATE SSL & IP.

Important to realize, HostGator also offers Managed WordPress friendly Hosting Plan. You can check it also from here.

Users opinion

As a considerable customer platform their feedback has gone down, but it can satisfy you now. They have got 3.9/5 for money saving and 4.0/5 for reliability. In average, HostGator is 3.7/5.

Why should you consider HostGator

HostGator is very reliable and their customer support is outstanding. For this reason, you can go with them if you think. They are very secure for data transfer and backup services too.

8. BytecodeHost – Cheapest WordPress Hosting Providers


ByteCode Host is very reliable for getting the cheapest WordPress Hosting. They not only provide it for the first year, but they are taking it for the lifetime. That means you will get the full solution of WordPress hosting for all the time. You have no tension for managing or customer support. They provide some unique features for WordPress only including one-click installation, free themes, and plugins.


bytecode host



Customer Support Review

ByteCodeHost is very attractive for customer support. They are ensuring maximum time uptime as well as they are available on Skype, Support ticket, Phone Call and live chat. The staffs are very tech savvy, and they are very friendly.

Pingdom Performance Test

  • Melbourne: 2.48 seconds.
  • New York: 0.88 seconds.
  • Stockholm: 1.53 seconds.

Load Impact performance test

  • Load generator: Portland, US.
  • Minimum response time: 0.97 seconds.
  • Maximum response time: 0.99 seconds.


Web Hosting Starter ($1.00/month)

It is perfect for small blog or portfolio. It provides 1 GB web space with 30GB Bandwidth.

Web Hosting Professional ($2.00/moth)

It is suitable for professional blogger and business owner. It provides 3 GB web space with 70GB Bandwidth.

Web Hosting Business ($4.00/month)

It is reliable for business owner, medium e-commerce sites and similar ones. It provides 5 GB web space with 200GB Bandwidth.

Budget Big Data ($6.00/month)

It is perfect for getting the decent amount of visitors. It ensures 1TB Bandwidth and 10GB web space.

You can also check the managed WordPress Hosting of BytecodeHost.

Users opinion

The users are delighted with the customer support and uptime of the BytecodeHost.

Why should you consider BytecodeHost

When your primary focus on getting the reliable and world-class web hosting at very reasonable prices, then ByteCode Host is for you. Mainly, it has been designed to consider your needs. ByteCode Host knows what you need and they provide services considering this.

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Now it’s your turn…


Afterall, if you check the complete overview of the best cheap WordPress Hosting providers, I think you have realized which one is going to provide you the best support and maximum uptime. Not to mention, you have got the speed issues too.

In my consideration, NameCheap is providing the best services for web hosting. It is taking 0.82/month, and when it is the time of renewal, they are taking only $3.24. Can you imagine a website with this type of uptime and fast loading host with this price? Anyway, now it’s your turn.

On the other hand, if you want a good host with reasonable prices for the lifetime, then you can check ByteCode Host. They are very tech-savvy and perfect for the newer subscription.

At last, I am waiting to hear from you. You can share your opinion form the comment section. Moreover, if you get the article helpful then share it on your favorite social media. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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