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Affiliate Website Building Service That Makes Money

Affiliate Website Building Service That Makes Money

Do you want to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing? If You’ve Ever Wanted Your Own Amazon Product Review Site, Adsense website, Affiliate Website, Or Niche Website But Don’t Know Where To Start, Then This Service Is For You. Please Read The Full Article About “Niche Affiliate Website Building Service That Makes Money.”


 Affiliate Website Building Service That Makes Money

Welcome to the “Niche Website Building Service” that offers Amazon niche websites having 30+ pages of target traffics. We are focused on making Amazon Niche Site using the Long Tail Keyword strategy. Our best afford would be to keep you on the right track and doing well with your game. Our valuable packages are as follows:

Profitable Niche Selection And Complete Keyword Research


NIche Keyword Research Service


  1. Niche Selection + Primary Keyword (1+ 6)
  2. Product Keyword (10) + Vertical Keyword (10)
  3. Accessories Keyword (15)
  4. Other 40 Keywords for further Article. Total Price $60 or 4800 BDT

Domain & Hosting Service



  • One Single Domain: 1000 Taka
  • Two GB Hosting: 2000 Taka. Total Price $40 or 3200 BDT. Get Details Plan

Professional Logo & Graphic Service


  1. There are two packs. Graphics Pack Normal: $50 or 4000 BDT. Also, you can take three social media profile design Service (Graphics Pack Pro) only $60 or 4800 BDT

Authority Looking Website Design



  • One Premium Theme ( You can Choose 10+ Premium Theme, Including Authority Azon or Thrive Themes,  You Can Choose Anyone) Price: $20
  • WordPress Setup
  • All Plugin Set-UP.The list of the plugins that I’ll install and configure for your Amazon niche site.
    1. Yoast SEO
    2. Jetpack by
    3. Akismet
    4. EasyAzon Pro (Only For $10,  Your save $37)
    5. WordPress Backup to Dropbox
    6. W3 Total Cache
    7. Social Locker
    8. Q2W3 Fixed Widget
    9. Click To Tweet
    10. Free Tools to grow your Email List, Social Sharing, and Analytics by SumoMe
    11. Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover and Post
    12. Outbound Link Manager
    13. Floating Social Bar
    14. Contact Form 7
    15. TablePress
    16. Thrive Content Builder (Price $15, Your Save $44)
    17. Leads (Bonus)
    18. Remove Hello World, Sample Page & Hello Dolly Plugin
    19. Give The “Website Title” and “Tagline.”
    20. Don’t Allow User Registrations!
    21. Activate Jetpack Plugin and Connect with Account
    22. Set Up SEO Friendly Permalinks
    23. Enable Comments
    24. Configure Akismet Plugin to Fight Spam
    25. Use A Backup Plugin & Configure It. All in One WP Security and Firewall
    26. Install A Security Plugin: BAckWPup
    27. Setup and Configure YOAST SEO Plugin
    28. Is Your Contact Form Working?
    29. Don’t Forget To Design and Set A Logo
    30. Create All Mandatory Page (About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure)
    31. Install A Social Sharing Button & Is it Working On Posts?
    32. Post At Least Home Page & 10 Review Contents
    33. Connect Social Media Profiles and Link Them From Your Site
    34. Make Sure Your Site is Loading Fast
    35. Setup Google Webmasters
    36. Create A Sitemap & Submit It Using Google Webmasters
    37. Setup Google Analytics
    38. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
    39. Upload Favicon and Apple Touch Icons
    40. Add an Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer Page Link in Footer
    41. Make Sure Your Site Is Compatible For Major Browsers & Working Well.
    42. Website Design $100 Total Price $150 or 12,000 BDT

High-Quality Content Writing Service



You Can Get Unlimited Content From iWriter (Per 500 Words $9) Content Writing Normal Pack or Local Writes (Per 500 Words $5) Content Writing Pro Pack. I will review every content before submitting you. You can take as much content as you want. Quality Guaranteed!


Link Building Service For Niche/Affiliate Site


What is a safe link-building profile for your niche site?

There is no perfect example, but here’s something we will apply for your niche site:

  • 15% blog comments.
  • 10% guest posts. Total 25%
  • 20% social media links. Total 45%
  • 10% directory links. Total 55%
  • 20% links to content, apps or tools on your site. Total 75%
  • 10% blog roll links. Total 85%
  • 5% paid links. Total 90%
  • 10% forum links. Total 100%

Totally we will build 100 valuable links for you. For 100 Links, you have to pay us $600 or 48000 BDT. Learn More… Get The Service Now

The package Value is $1150; I am giving it only for $850.  $300 Discount If you Buy the Whole Package. Also, You can Buy Any Individual Product Or Services.

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Email  & Secret FB Group Support

Our goal is to bring you the better Return On Investment. You may need some support for your site after it’s delivered, & we are dedicated to providing you 45 days email or FB Inbox support.

Niche Website Pricing

[mk_pricing_table table_number=”2″ order=”ASC” orderby=”menu_order” tables=”17145, 17147″][/mk_pricing_table]

Unlimited Revisions for 30 DAYS!


vibrant_sales_guarantee-1I always ensure high-quality research, design, content and website optimization. If you don’t like the way I do the work and want me to revise it, just place a revision request. I will redo what you need as instructed. I’m offering unlimited revisions for 30 days after delivery.

How can you use images for Amazan Affiliate site:

It’s is very confusional when using images for your Amazon niche site. As it’s about product review, you have to use the images of the product and the best sources for image is Amazon and the owner of the product. So, how can I use the images of Amazon, it’s the hot topics for the affiliate marketer. As all the images have attributes or owner, how can I use that? The question come like the below…

  • Will I be able to use Amazon product image in my review?
  • Will it need to give credit?
  • How will I optimize the images on my site?
  • Will I take image from Google?
  • Is it problem if I remove the compyright info?
  • Will it be OK if I take the screenshot?
  • Is it OK if I upload the image in my server?

I will discuss here all the methods of using images in your site. Though it’s confusing, I will give you a clear sense.

Types of Images in a niche Site

You have to use two types of images in a niche site: Features Images and In-content images. Features image is shown in the header and in-content image is used among the content. It’s the good practice to use an image as featured and providng one image in the content of 1000 words. Though if you can use more, it’s good for SEO.

What’s about Featured Image?

You have to add featured image in a post and it’s must need. You have to try to use an image as featured which don’t need any attribution. For this you can use any free image sharing sites like Pixabay and can edit and optimize it as necessary. On the other hand, if you use any image from flickr or any other copyright image you can also use it by providing credit. You have no problem using an image by direct credit. You want to sell product not image.

But if it happens for an image which is available in your competitor. Then use it with the link source and inform him that you are using an image of him. It’s no problem here and he will not take it also as a problem.

How to make an image SEO frinedly?

When you are using an image for your site, it needs to optimize it according to the search engine. What should you do?

  • First of all, reduce the size of your image. You will get a lot of tools for compressing the images. You can try TinyPNG and it’s so amazing. On the other hand, you should use an image of PNG or JPEG. You can also use GIF if it’s animated.
  • Then upload the image with proper ALT tag or descriptions. Don’t keep it blank or default. When an image is shown by the readers, there have no value of ALT tag or description, but it’s good to understand the search engine. Google take it as one of the ranking factors of your image as well as the content. So, try to use primary and secondary keywords in your images as ALT tag or Descriptions.

Will I be able to use Amazon product image in my review?

Yes! You can use the images through the API. Amazon is very strict for the copyright materials, specially for the images. With this in mind, you have to take the images by using the API. You will find some plugins to do the work including Amazon EU plugin or AAWP. You can also try the most popular plugins EasyAzon. Though they some bugs and they are telling to solve it.

Can I use the manufacturer images in my site?

Yes! You can also use the manufacturer images in your Amazon site and you have no need to use the API here. Though you would need to take permission from them. Just use the image and inform the manufacturer and ask if it is OK. If they don’t give any complain, then you have no problem and most of the time, they never say anything negative. Even you have the opportunity to enter in their personal affiliate program. On the other hand, Amazon and manufacturer use the same image most of the time. For this reason, sometimes it can hamper you for misunderstanding and here you can take the images from API to stay fully safe.

What it will be if I use Amazon image by editing as a featured image?

No. You have no chance to use any amazon images without the API. You have no right to edit it for your blog. Though it’s not possible to use an API image as featured, but you have to search alternative with other images. Amazon is very strickt for image copyright. So, be careful here.

Is there any problem, if I upload an image in my server?

If the image is yours or from any copyright free source, there have no problem. But don’t try to upload an image from Amazon. Threr have no chance to edit, optimize or anything. You have to use it by API.

If I take an image from Google? If the images are copyright free, then it’s not a big problem.

You can also ask, if I use an image by taking screenshot, is there any problem? No need to do that. Just follow the best practice for staying safe.

Best practice for Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

Before starting Amazon affiliate you should take care some rules of them. Though there has plenty of rules, some should not break anyhow. It will take away your account and Amazon can ban you. For this reason, you should follow the strict rules as mandatory. Let’s check it.

Try to skip the prices in the content: You have to use the API for using images and prices. It’s not good to use the prices in the post. You should take care of this. If needs to compare with more than one product, try to use comparison chart.

Disclose you are forwarding them into Amazon: When you are forwarding your readers into Amazon, you should disclose it into the post. As you are going to inspire them for going Amazon or for buying a product, it’s the best practice to say them it’s an affiliate link and you are going there.

Don’t express as like you are from Amazon: You have no right to use the brands of Amazon. You can’t do your design or anything which can reflect Amazon directly. For this reason, you have to represent yourself as like a marketer or user and inspiring them to go on Amazon. Don’t misuse the brand of Amazon, it can kick-out you from their affiliate program.

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Mandatory Tools For Amazon Affiliate Marketers

We use Following tools when we will build your Amazon Niche Site

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