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Beat Your Niche Competitors Ethically

Beat your niche competitors ethically

Irrespective of what business one is in, they benefit significantly from studying their competition. Even the best of the best, be it athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, and actors- Have made studying their competition a part of their routine. They do this because it has shown to work.

A magnifying glass hovering over several instances of the word niche, symbolizing targeted marketing of small demographic groups
A magnifying glass hovering over several instances of the word niche, symbolizing targeted marketing of small demographic groups


Analysing your competition involves first knowing yourself as to what to look for. This practice is not about copying their ideas, but more about knowing their strategy and what makes them tick.

Business is all about competition, which becomes even more significant in case of niche scenarios. You have the same ) or similar product, pricing and offers as your rivals. What do you do? You must stand out in other ways. You must exploit any and (and every) advantage you have over your competitor. Today, we compile and jot down some very effective ways in which you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

But first, you must consider Google analytics as your best friend.It can provide you a lot of acumen regarding your website (traffic, conversions etc.). Moreover, it compares your results to the industry average and gives you an idea of how you are doing on the digital platform as compared to your competitors in the same niche market.

Being multi-platform ready

Being multi platform

Are you a niche business owner and have decided to engage your consumer 24/7 through the mobile channel? Firstly, congratulations on your decision to leverage the mobile platform!!!! If not, you must think about doing it ASAP. There are many businesses and individuals who are hesitant in bringing out a mobile version of their product (or a developing mobile application) due to lack of resources or simply that they are doubtful of the returns on investment. However, as mobile apps are much easier to distribute than hardware products, adoption  (and the relative growth of the company), can take place overnight. [sociallocker id=”7369″]


Catchy and effective web presence

Beat Your Niche Competitors Ethically


If you are in a tremendously competitive industry, where there are very few factors on which you have an edge over your peers, you have got to build that required edge that sets you apart. You must give your potential (and existing ) customers a digital value they cannot resist.

Wondering how will you do that? Fist compare your competitor’s website and yours. As per your assessment, if your web design is anything less than what is expected, it’s time for redesigning your website. Customers on the digital platform are usually fickle. Just because your web page is not sleek or up-to-date, your customers must not pass up your business for the competition. Some diagnostics, tips, and tricks, for best web design, are:

Less is more

Less is more

Never look like a beginner, with cluttered and flashy content on your website. To begin with, you must have a professional but catchy logo with smart branding.  However, in order to achieve that, some people go overboard, which affects negatively. Overdoing the design confuses the eye and lacks the clarity required to convert into a sale. Too much excitement may have caused you to add unique buttons and visuals to your page. But these extra places to “look” are actually doing a lot of harm as people get diverted and see through the things they actually need to see. You ought to leave some breathing room.

Designs that support ease of use



Beat Your Niche Competitors

Why would anyone visit a site that is frustrating to use? A web designer must focus on user-friendly navigation with a goal in mind. [/sociallocker]

What is your primary goal for the website? Do you want to inform or sell products? Or maybe you want to share contact information for potential customers to find? In any case, you must be certain that the front page or landing page of your website design has the same goals in mind. You must eliminate all content, pages, and links that do not fulfill or do justice to your goal. A simple way to do this is to create a list of goals for the website and grade each goal based on its significance and importance. Web design navigation best practices must be used when building/designing a website, keeping pages (and goals) that rank highest, in easiest accessibility places.

Appealing to the senses

Beat Your Niche Competitors

The most important aspect is that your web design must attract potential customers. You must get it right with respect to high-quality visuals and content that works. A good web design is such that it speaks volumes without the need for a single word. The simplest way for displaying such a web design is to convey a state or emotion with your design that connects directly to your customer’ needs. Did the particular design put your customer in the right mood? Did it ignite interest in them about your products and services? Of Course, Google analytics, as we mentioned earlier will give you these statistics. You must notify the number of visitors and the time they spend on your website. Google analytics is a good way to find out if your visuals, content and overall design is lacking in any aspect.

Responsive design

Responsive design

People are time constrained and have short attention spans.They expect their web pages to respond quickly and efficiently to all their commands and interactions. But being a developer or businessman you must be aware that some interactions are time exhausting. Therefore you must smartly find ways to fake it.

Feedback on interactions is a good way to do that. When a swipe, tap or click is responded with an animation, the user not only gets to know that their process is being executed but it also gives your app the time to process a particular interaction.


Wrapping it up:

Now that you are empowered with the basic tips for differentiating yourself from your competitors, we do hope that you will succeed in beating your peers and enjoy increased revenues.


About the Author- Currently employed with Xicom Technologies Ltd, a leading Android application development services, Amanda can serve as an excellent asset for your web development project. She is a proficient web developer with a brilliant caliber of building simple and complex websites and web applications.

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