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Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers

Content Creation

Walking in the park is easy, right? But content creation is not as easy as walking in the park. It is as hard as swimming in the ocean.

On the other hand, everything is becoming automated in the area of marketing and business but content creation is still manual, that’s why we need lots of content marketing tools every day.

As a content marketer of ByteCode (Digital Marketing Firm) I use fifteen content marketing tools every day, Now I am giving you a short description of those tools.

Keep continuing reading about content creation tools without which content marketers can not live in their daily life.




Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers


The present content marketer depends on Feedly greatly realizing its content readable service from a single place. A serious, serious content marketer need to know aggregation strategy. We use Feedly to create custom feeds, where articles are aggregated.  You can add relevant and interesting content from news sources, Website or from online. You have to find out the perfect keyword from online magazines to create feeds & then your desired content will come to you.Feedly provides you all relevant feeds each and every day under a quick search. So, there is no chance to get out of the loop.

You can update Feedly Pro by a monthly charge of $5.41 per month.




Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


Content marketers need to communicate with others. Moreover, they provide various critical questions answers. Quora can be the best platform for their research presentation. Quora is used to find out the readers and to give answers. If you are new in email marketing & blogging area, Quora can support the content marketer to understand what readers want to know. While writing on our email marketing, it provides me a detailed guide.Quora is a good choice for smart marketers as it has 700,000+ monthly visitors, provide product review  & create an authority on chosen topic.





Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


AnswerThePublic, neat data visualization tool, helps to search questions online. It’s one of my favorite pieces content creation software.It brings to you keyword suggestions, performing like Google search. Just enter a keyword in it, and you’ll find out questions, alphabetical lists, propositions which are relevant to your query. It will help you to export data to.CSV file in spreadsheet database.

If you find a poorly answered question, then there you can get a chance to add your new ideas here & to distribute it.




Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


If you want to find out new competitors and want to create a new target, then Flipboard can be the best one for you.It will be available both on your phone or desktop. Samsung Phone users are already well acquainted with it. It will help you to follow specific channels or any other special program as your selection. It will attach you with all relevant information & stories which are submitted to Flipboard; instantly you will be notified about those stories.



Content Gems


Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers



A very useful content finder tool to speed up your content creation & enrichment. Just select a root keyword and put it into the search bar, you will find thousands of content related to your topic. You can visit to get the basic version for free. If you want to research on more numbers of keywords, just pick up paid version at a $9 monthly cost.This tool is free for one interest (keyword). It will allow you to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other networks in one-click of social buttons.




Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


A content creators dream is to publish his/her course curriculums. Udemy, an online course tool, can make your dream true. Udemy offers both free & paid courses with a wide variety of topics. Its site is well-designed to create & publish your courses to reach at nearly 1 million students and million of site visitors monthly. You can enjoy the same feelings of publishing a book if your professional online course is created successfully.Here you also find 60% video content in a 3 hours lengthy content. Your task is to create a slide presentation with clear, concise lessons.




Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


While surfing the internet, have you ever thought that you need to save the article to read afterward? If think so, then Pocket is here to solve your this problemYou can save links, content, online images from your PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone. I save many links here related to my researching topic and read it at free time. It’s very convenient as it provides easy access.



HubSpot idea generator


Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers



Hubspot is an expert for content generator in the marketing arena. If you enter just three different keywords relevant to your industry or business and click on “Give me blog topics.” This generator will bring to you lots of articles with the worth of titles. Now, your task is to arrange it according to your area. You will found here algorithm or formulaic quote; pick it if needed, skip it if not needed. From my point of view, I think it is the biggest tool for marketing automation. If you may not find the perfect blog but time won’t be wasted, this information will sharpen your creative idea.




Best content creation tools for digital marketers


Portent is another content idea generator that will show you million of contents by your subject choice. For example, if you entered “Small Business Marketing”  you will get “The 18 Best Small Business Marketing YouTube Videos.” Firstly, you have to select any subject & Portent will gather and combine a variety of information in your chosen industry. The rest is up to you. You have to edit & finalize it. If you are not acquainted with Portent, just visit its homepage to get a pretty idea.



Google Docs

Best Content creation tools For Digital Marketers


Google Docs is known to all; nothing is new here to introduce with new and active users. I would like to say here shortly. For new learners, it’s the best starting point.It’s the greatest benefit is to get new, upcoming or trending topics in line with your target demographics. Google Docs can be a replacement for  Microsoft Office, and most probably it’s better.It contains Word doc, Excel, Powerpoint, and others. You won’t lose important features while using it, I guaranteed.It’s collaboration features is more helpful for marketers. You can share document file, add comments and create a different form of the document also.

Its combination with Google Drive makes it the perfect one for any remote work between multiple computers.




Best Content Creation Tools For Digital Marketers


Hemingway works like a perfect editing tool to improve your writing skill.You have to cost only $10 for downloading it. Another free version for the browser is also available. It can check out which lines you do copy and paste and show it to you in different colors. If you are not skilled in writing & there’s no in-house editor, Hemingway helps you to edit and remove your tension.Hemmingway Editor is different from other spellchecker and grammar app. Hemmingway Editor not only checks your grammar but also it suggests you on correct phrases and vocabulary.





Professional writers prefer Scrivener as basic text programs can’t meet writers’ needs. This is available both for Mac & Windows.It is created especially for those who tried to writing in in-depth content & take writing profession seriously. Scrivener contains a list of fonts to choose for writing formats select yours from  AP style, essays or screenplays. It is a great alternative to Word or Google Docs.Scrivener offers 12 days free trial on its website, but you have to drop $49 for the product.



Google Slides version or Powerpoint

Best Content creation Tools For Digital Marketers


Both recent graduates and business professionals are known about it. Powerpoint become an integral part in the business arena. Powerpoint presentation makes your content creation into effective parts of your content & it’s very simpler. That custom images make your content more linkable and shareable. You will be able to access, create, and edit presentation slides from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you don’t have any internet connection, just download the apps.



CoSchedule’s headline analyzer


Best Content Creation Tool For Digital Marketers


I love CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to write better headlines. It helps me to understand headlines in great depth. It suggests you what people want to look at and click on.Headlines selection is very important to reach your articles to your target audience. CoSchedule’s headline analyzer will take this responsibility. When you don’t have enough time to think & research about your title, this content creation tool will help you to select a great headline. It will make you sure that you have right word balance to command readers attention.



Facebook instant articles


best content creation tools for digital marketers


Though it’s a new tool to most marketers, there’s a great opportunity of Facebook instant articles in future if you notice on its features.

It will connect your instant articles on Facebook. There is an option to integrate your article with  WordPress software so that you can upload it on your site. It loads very quickly so bounce rates go down. Here include features like video playing that will enable to grip people more effectively. My experience says that it inspires people to share articles 30% more quickly than mobile web articles and amplify to reach your contents in Newsfeed.


Wrapping It Up


Writing quality content depends on the writer but software or tools add some extra value to your writing, you have to know about your customers and their problems, then you have to give the solution as per their challenges.

You may have different suggestion or tools to create content easily.  Leave them in the comment section so we will add those in this list.



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