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Best Productivity Tools For Digital Marketers

Best Productivity Tools For Digital Marketers

Productivity Tools For Digital Marketers

While writing this article, I’ve opened 15 tabs. If I am not wrong, most probably you are doing the same while reading the article. I love to use lots of applications & devices. So, both you &me have to know about time management while using lots of tabs, applications or devices. You need to set up time management to work efficiently. My friends and colleagues ask me which tools &  tactics I used to increase my productivity. I am here to suggest you some productivity tool here that will be greatly useful for you. Here I include 11 productivity tool to make your tasks easier.

It’s 2017, make this year more productive.





Evernote, though old but good.If you are searching for a single place to save your notes, favorite articles, presentations, videos, web clippings, random musings and photos, then there’s no alternative except Evernote. It’s a versatile app that can be used on any desktop or mobile devices. If you need to jump constantly from one device to another, it is perfect for you. Its free version is enough for small usage, but you have to pay $45  for premium per year. I use it both for business & personal reasons.

Google Keep

Google Keep


If you want to avoid Evernote, then just chose Google Keep to get the best service. Its basic version is free, just like Evernote software.  You can store here articles, and itnotes, and images. Besides  Android app, it works better in Chrome browser. A better web app in current time. Though there’s no iOS app or desktop version at present, Google Keep users won’t be unhappy as you get more than a simple app.





Rescue Time is here with advanced features.It can be installed on your command it starts to track that programs and websites where you spend the most of the time. It also tracks what hours are you spending most productive, and whats are least productive. Also, identify your best and worst days, it may be counted weekly or monthly. I used it to know about my wasting time. It makes me alert and increases my productivity.

It’s free version packs also has impressive features. So, start time tracking.

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If you are weak in remembering password & get bored on remembering it as wasting time then, LastPass is a miracle for you. It will remember all the passwords. You can use One LastPass across several devices & store various passwords, audits your passwords to create better & secured passwords. Don’t worry; it’s totally safe & very simple to use.  So, you don’t need to think of the tricky code.

LastPass practices multifactor authentication that secures your single master password. Its free version is also ultra-secure, but you get the best features like password folders, mobile syncing in its paid version.It can work on all of your devices whether it is your smartphone or tablet.





IFTTT allows automating your workflow. It will regulate automatically the next action if you take one action.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is allowed on various apps & services that connect and work together. For example, If  I create an IFTTT recipe that will upload my Instagram photos to Google account.  You can experience awesome integration even you won’t have any programming knowledge. It’s an endless combination that is suitable not only for social media but also you can use it in many other areas. But social media users can understand its essentiality in the social shed.By using it, you can innovate your IFTTT ‘recipe’ within just a few seconds.

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Zapier works like the similar basis as  IFTTT.Some key differences are here.Its free accounts are limited, and you can choose more apps from here.You can create excellent personalized recipes using it. If you have Excel Macros, it will help you to connect hyper-specific elements.If there’s any serious productivity problem that needs to be personalized, Zapier is then the right choice. It will help you to add Eventbrite attendee’s to your MailChimp & add MailChimp subscribers from Google Form entry, Send Tumblr posts to Buffer & Feedly articles to Evernote. It’s free plans are available now, but you can buy a monthly plan at $20.


Google Now



Google Now works as a personal assistant in Google app for Android and iOS operating system.Google offers myriad ways to become more efficient. Let’s know it.Google Now presents to you all the information holds in cards.It has many features, but I mainly use it as a productivity tool. It organizes all the information to me like what I need to do today, where I meet the deadlines and whom I need to email every day.





The Pomodoro technique will alarm you on your time scheduling. The Pomodoro Technique benefits come from frequent breaking that makes your mind fresh. In this productivity ‘hack’ if you work 25 minutes, take rest for five minutes & consecutively. The Pomodoro technique will tell you when the time will be up.  Psychologists and Business professional used this time to track widely across the whole world. If you try,  definitely works.It will remove your distractions, and you can work steadily until completion.





Slack is here to communicate in one place among existing teams. You don’t need to run separately Skype, Mail, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger. All of them can be run at the same time.

You can talk and share your documents. Time-saving is the most benefit here. You can call and access everything from your phone. All you need is to put the information. You can buy the monthly package at $6.67.It also allows third party integration services to make the task easier.


Meet Franz

Meet Franz


Franz, a free messaging app for desktop. Here you see the perfect combination of chat & messaging services in one application. It currently supports Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, HipChat, WeChat, Telegram, GroupMe, Steam, Google Hangouts, Skype and more. It can be downloaded for Mac, Windows & Linux. If you want instant messengers, just pick a meet, Franz.It will help you to minimize window clutter, and you will find that it is a very organized tool. You can use it in managing multiple businesses and also for private accounts at same time. You can use five different Facebook Messenger accounts at a once.

So, chatter, Why do late!



Hello, here I am just sharing my experience of using

Email checking consumes huge time. Moreover, we all have bitter experience on junk mail.  Is a better email organizing tool  & it’s totally free. I would like to encourage you to have a trial on this free app. It enables you to unsubscribe those emails which you don’t want to receive. I want to add here that if you are an entrepreneur, you can easily understand its importance.

So, rely on And save time to spin on your chair.


Avast WiFi Finder

Avast WiFi Finder


It helps you to locate any Wi-Fi networks nearly your area. To start on you have to turn on Wi-Fi Finder map to find any free, public hotspots around you & then it will connect so quickly as you get it at home. It connects you to the most reliable & strong WiFi.So without looking around for decent WiFi near any coffee shops, you can pick it to save your time.

I promise I don’t deliver here any false hope.


Since I’ve used the above tools,  my tasks become quicker and more focused. I include here all the market demandable productivity tools. It helps me to work more efficiently, eliminate distress & increase my workflow. I bet you, just implemented the above all; you will notice a difference. Start today, don’t regret later for not using them earlier. Share your experience with us. Life is busy; Bytecode make your life easy!


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