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Best Web Hosting Review

For the past couple of years, I have been actively searching for the best web hosting provider. I have used some local and international company, & I have got their pros and cons when experimenting. To get the more reliable information I run a research with 300+ people, who are now actively using the various hosting company for their professional blog or company website. I got following Data. Now, I’m excited to share it with you. The pieces of information are as follows:

World’s Best Web Hosting Overview

Firstly take an overview of the list, which is leading the world for the best web hosting as well as dedicated support and maximum uptime. I’ll also provide a top list of Bangladeshi provider for web hosting, and they are also improving day by day.

World’s Best Web Hosting Overview

Now we’ll learn about the web hosting company in details. We will try to know why they are the best and how they are providing the services? Let’s take a look at the best web hosting company in the world.  Important to realize, I’ve used some affiliate link to help you for buying the promotional link. It’ll help you to buy the package with half of the price.

Namecheap Web Hosting Review

Namecheap is one of the best domain and hosting provider in the world, and they are providing the lowest rate among the top class domain and hosting company. They are considered as the best domain name seller among the world with the very lowest prices. Namecheap are already providing services for seven million domains from three million customers, and the stats are increasing very rapidly.

Namecheap started their journey from 2000, and after the two years of their journey, they are declared as the most popular domain name seller in the world. At the same time, they are very popular for selling hosting. They provide 20GB SSD with unlimited bandwidth where you will be able to host maximum 3 websites with only $8.99. You can also choose their upgraded package, and it’s very reliable by considering all the facts.

Another key point, they are ensuring maximum time up time with great speed. On the other hand, they are ready to satisfy you with easy to use backend dashboard. As security is a matter, you can stay on the safe side by taking services from Namecheap. They are providing services with the best security systems in the world. With this in mind, you can choose the host and domain from Namecheap as their best services and customer support. Make your web presence within zero time with Namecheap.

Blue Host Web Hosting Review | Powering Over 2 Million Websites

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

BlueHost is one of the World’s Best Web Hosting brands, and they have 15 years of experience and have won several awards in the hosting businesses. Over the time of 15 years, they have served millions of domains, and on average they get around 20,000 new customers in every month. They try to provide web hosting that is easy to use and specially designed for small business and person. With the availability of lots of features and their commitment to reliable and secure service, they are one of the most well-known hosting sites in the world.

Not to mention, their extraordinary customer service and budget pricing which are unmatched by any other company have made them a very significant competitor in the market. Their price range is around 42% lower than their closest competitor. Where other web hosts are depending on third parties for the solution. Blue Host as a high-tech company has their own solutions for most of the tech work. They specifically provide custom Linux kernel, so they can optimize maximum performance and ensure security at the same time. They also restrict wrong users from overusing resources at the same time. Let’s have a look at their short history and other features and services. Read The Full Review of Blue Host services.

bluehost hosting review

Review of HostGator – Most reliable and accessible Web Hosting Company

In today’s world every business needs a website and to have a website you are in need of web hosting. It does not matter whether it is an e-commerce set up of full proportion or a simple page that has only some information for the contact. HostGator has attractive features at a low price that offers lots of tools for the webmasters too. They are a well-known brand in the world of web hosting. They provide very high-quality VPS for web hosting packages. When it comes to the web hosting, they stand out from the crowd due to their dedication to the service plan and client.

HostGator are so good and well-rounded in their server packages plan that they have won several awards in different categories. They are the great hosting provider for single or multiple websites, and their features are interesting and helpful enough to keep them ahead of other competitors. Like many other hosting sites they are not free from negative review as different persons have the difference in need, and it is not possible to fulfill every expectation of every client. We tried to examine them by looking at their unique features, plans and discussing them. So have a quick look at their history and background and their features too. Read The Full Review of HostGator services.

Web Hosting Hub | Lowest Term Price On Any Hosting Plan.

web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is an another best web hosting company in the world. They are very reliable for their services and customer support. On the other hand, they provide a free domain for every new sign up. They also help to transfer your domain freely. Similarly, they offer some exclusive discounts and reward for every new customer. They are very popular for keeping website backups. Web Hosting Hub provides free premium website builder, and it will help you to create the stunning website within minutes. They share e-commerce tools for every customer, and it can help you to get maximum benefit for starting a new e-commerce company. You can’t imagine they have added free shared SSL in the every domain. They provide free secure IMAP email for every customer.

Since 2010, Web Hosting Hub has been providing reliable and affordable shared web hosting services. They help you to get your website quickly online. Their personal onboarding call ensures that you are set up for success from the get-go. They are also going the extra mile with their 24/7 always available U.S. based customer service and technical support. For maximum time uptime, Web Hosting Hub is very reliable for all types of hosting and domain services. They are very popular for their outstanding customer support and top speed and uptime.

World's Best Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy – Most popular Web Hostin Provider in the world

GoDaddy is one of the most famous web hosting company in the world. It started to serve from 1997, and till now they are providing services for 17 million of customers. Similarly, they are maintaining 6000+ employee from the whole world. Their customer support is very satisfactory, and they take every single problem by a significant responsibility. GoDaddy provides services from 50+ countries. They offer different types of services. You can pick a domain by only $1 from here. Similarly, they provide web hosting for below $40. Godaddy offers a free domain for purchasing hosting for one year. On the other hand, they provide the best security for hosting with regular backup. Similarly, you will get unlimited bandwidth.

If you want the great solution for your website today, you can choose them. Though their renewing prices is bigger than the competitor. Significantly, they ensure 99.9% uptime guarantee with the best security. On the other hand, you will find the total solution for website building as well as one click installation for the most popular CMS including WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. They also provide 1 GB database storage with the easy control panel.

Digitalocean Hosting Review – Best Cloud Computing and web Hosting

Digital Ocean is one of the best hosting company and cloud computing services. They provide different types of cloud solution including droplets, storage, networking and tools storage, and services. They are New York based cloud hosting provider, and they are serving from 2011. With a number of customers, Digital Ocean became the second largest web hosting company in 2015. They are very much popular for cloud services and managed web hosting. They have established thousands of web server around the world, and it ensures their maximum time solution for your web presence.

If you want a permanent solution with the good budget, you can try Digital Ocean. The benefit I get from them they take only the resources you use. Similarly, it ensures you no extra charge for providing services. They have 300+ employee, and they are trying to provide you the best services. On the other hand, their customer support is very fantastic to set up the host. You can try Digital Ocean services for hourly-based too.

Straightforward Pricing For digitalocean

SiteGround – Best performed domain hosting provider

SiteGround is the most growing and reliable hosting provider nowadays. They are attracting mostly the bloggers or business owners. The company provides services from 2004, and they have registered 5 lac+ of domain over the world. They are offering services under $4 month. Generally, they offer shared hosting, cloud hosting as well as dedicated hosting. They have established 5 data center for providing the best services to the world. SiteGround is popular for their reliable support team and SSD hosting. The hosting provider provides free SSL for every domain, and they are using the latest technologies for offering the best services.

When it comes to security, SiteGround performs better than anything. They provide own firewall protection for every customer. You do not need to tension for the software update. SiteGround offers it freely. On the other hand, the client’s support of SiteGround is very fantastic. They are ensuring support ticket response within 10 minutes. Similarly, Live Chat and phone support are ready for instant services. If you want to transfer your website, you can get it also freely by SiteGround.

HawkHost – A reliable maximum uptime Web Hosting

Hawk Host is a Canada-based Hosting company, and they are providing services from the different data centers on the different city of US, Singapore, Canada, Hongkong, and China. They are offering shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi-Dedicated and VPS hosting. Considering your requirements, you can choose any of the packages of them. They are very technically savvy. For this reason, they are providing the best technical support for your website at any time. Their customer support is very satisfactory, and they are to provide 99.99% uptime.

When comes the security reason, Hawk Host is reliable. As I have told you earlier, they are very technical persons. So they are ensuring 100% security risk for your website. On the other hand, they are providing the different software services. They are providing SSL certificate for your website also. On the other hand, Hawk Host is very reliable for getting your website live today.

Dream Host – Reliable and Secure Web Host

Dream Host is a Los Angeles based popular web hosting company and domain registrar. They are providing services from 1996. Dream Host is ready to host for any types of small or professional business website including shared hosting, reseller or dedicated hosting. Important to realize, they are also providing cloud server and storage. You can choose their managed hosting services too. By managed hosting, you can run your business by forgetting any technical issues or problem in the web server. Dream Host provides web site builder for creating the website with the help of tools.

Dream Host provides in-house customer services. For this reason, they are very responsive to any single issues. As they are providing guaranteed security for their services, they can be more reliable. On the other hand, Dream Host keeps your data and contact information private all the time. Surely, it can help you to get more secure in the online world. Indeed, they ensure 100% uptime of your site. Notably, they are providing services for 1.5 million of website till 2017.

A2Hosting – Faster Hosting for your website

If you want a faster-hosting service for your website, you can choose A2Hosting. They give more priority for fast loading of your website. If you want to build a professional business website, blog or portfolio, it can surely help you to grow faster. On the other hand, they provide different types of packages including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting as well as dedicated hosting. It supports all kinds of popular framework or CMS to create your website. Similarly, they ensure money back guarantee for any failure of their commitment. Generally, it never happens, but it’s your chances to test it.

A2Hosting is very reliable for customer support. They provide every method of customer support to help you including the phone call, live chat, email support or support ticket. You can take the facilities of free migration or transfer of A2Hosting too. It provides both Linux and windows hosting with the latest and updated tool and software. If your target is getting a reliable host with fast loading and maximum uptime, you can also go with A2Hosting.

Stable Host – Affordable Web Hosting

If you are looking for affordable web hosting from the verified author, then you can go with Stable Host. They ensure all the support for technical issues, and it’s very reliable for maintaining the backend with easy process. You will get 100+ free tools and apps to make your website ready and faster. Stable Host provides easy cPanel or email control panel. They ensure 99.99% uptime, and for the faster website, it can be your choice, and it can fulfill your needs. On the other hand, the installation process is straightforward, and it takes one click only to set up your website.

Stable Host is using high-quality equipment for their services including SSD hosting and Dual CPU. They are providing unlimited bandwidth for all the packages. If you need support, they respond within 20 minutes. On the other hand, they provide the different types of support including the live chat to support ticket. Even you can get support from their social media page.

OVH Hosting – Cloud Computing and Dedicated server

OVH Hosting is special for getting hosting from a French country. They are providing services from 1999. They are very popular for VPS and dedicated servers. Similarly, they are providing individual or short start-ups solution with high-speed web hosting. Important to realize, they have their own 20 data centers with 2,60,000 machines. Another key point, they have kept contribution for building 18 million websites and 4 million domain. They are very popular in the Europe countries, Africa and North America. From 18 years of servicing, they are the most profitable French hosting company all over the world.

With different types of cloud services, OVH is really exceptional in the web hosting world. Can you imagine the website like WikiLeaks is hosted in the OVS? They are hosting a lot of popular website on their server. If you want a perfect solution for your website, you can also try OVH. Considering security and fast loading it can be your most reliable place for hosting your website. Not to mention, their customer support is very supportive and tech savvy to provide you all the updated and latest services.

ByteCode Host – Faster and safer web hosting with minimum cost

ByteCode Host starts their journey from 2016, but they have attracted the concentration of the popular company and individual bloggers. May be the reason, they are providing the best services at very low cost. They are trying to serve web host with the minimum interest and it’s the tactics for growing up. Already, they are tons of websites among the world. The company also provides domain registration services for the maximum popular extension. They are very tech savvy, and their customer support is very impressive. Their professionals provide customer support from all types methods of communication including skype, email, phone call or support ticket.

ByteCode Host is growing very quickly in the hosting industry for their reliable services and customer support. They provide fast loading speed, and it has made them exceptional in the hosting world. You can get hosting by only $1 and may be it’s the lowest prices in the best web hosting world. So, if you are pursuing a low budget web hosting, you can try ByteCode Host. They are giving 100% money back guarantee if you get any issues which are not updating or not the latest technology. With this in mind, a lot of newbies are coming with the world of ByteCode Host.

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Local (Bangladeshi) Best Web Hosting Company

Now it’s growing up the local hosting provider in Bangladesh. I’ve tested some of them, and they are satisfactory too. Let’s check the most popular web hosting company in Bangladesh.

  • HostMight
  • ExonHost
  • ByteCodeHost
  • HostSBS
  • DNSbd
  • DhruboHost
  • Hostclaw
  • SyncServe
  • TutoHost

Wrapping It Up

You can see a wide range of web hosting providers around the internet, but I can assume that all of them will not suit with you or even you don’t need every feature. Again, if you still hesitate to choose your web hosting, then my suggestion is to go again deeply to my reviews. There is no reason to select a web hosting just because they are looking good. Trust me; you need a decent communication with them after you take their service and most of the providers available on the internet may not have this kind of qualitative support, more you could find difficulty in dealing with them.

It is crucial that you choose a web hosting provider very wisely. It’s a very vital part of your business. And remember, sometimes cheapest services cannot guarantee the best. Seriously, if your website goes down, doesn’t mean only a bad experience but a complete waste of money and precious time.

Hopefully, this extensive guide can solve you some of the common confusions of hosting services, and you’re ready to proceed by signing up with the web host that best suits with your upcoming site. For, any of your confusion, you may contact me, I will be happy to help you.


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