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BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost BlueHost Web Hosting Review


BlueHost Web Hosting Review

BlueHost is one of the well-known hosting brands and they have 15 years of experience and have won several prices. Over the time of 15 years of time, they have served millions of domains and on average they get around 20,000 new customers in every month. They try to give web hosting that is easy to use and specially designed for small business and person. With the availability of lots of features and their commitment to reliable and secure service, they are one of the most well-known hosting sites in the world.

Their extraordinary customer service and budget pricing which are unmatched by any other company have made them a very significant competitor in the market. Their price range is around 42% lower than their closest competitor. Where other web hosts are depending on third parties for solution BlueHost as a high-tech company has their solutions. They specifically custom Linux kernel so they can optimize maximum performance and ensure security at the same time. They also restrict wrong users from overusing resources at the same time. Let’s have a look at their short history and other features and services.


History and information of BlueHost

bluehost hosting review

During 1996, Matt Heaton started the BlueHost, and he was also the primary person behind the FastDomain and HostMonster. At 2000, they become well known for their services around the world. In 2008, the developed the SimpleScripts that is an online application installer. They designed it by themselves, and it was intended to help the users who are not familiar with the hosting technologies and don’t have enough idea how to build their websites.

In 2009, CPU throttling was introduced by BlueHost along with the HostMonster. The CPU throttling refers to the process where any user’s CPU usage can be reduced at any time if he is using too much resource at the same time.  They have invested lots of money to build up their data centers. During 2010 around 8.5 million USD was spent on them to build a data center that was around 12 thousand square feet in size. So far, Bluehost paid around 20 million USD data centers.

Due to the invest, they are capable of taking good care of their servers and network in the more efficient way than any web hosts. They have built themselves as a trustworthy company for their service and commitment.

Reliability of BlueHost

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

BlueHost offers 99.99% uptime in hosting through their customized Linux kernel data center that they manage by themselves. To prove better-running services of their web hosting and peers, they customized the Linux kernel. The platform of Linux allows them to separate the CPU, Memory, and Disk I/O used by the clients on a single server.

So when using BlueHost you dot have to worry that your system resources will be stolen or hacked by some bad people or data from websites will not be clicked in the environment of shear web hosting. In the data centers of BlueHost, four different physical lines of fiber are brought into the centers through two distinct device entries that have access to all the major IP providers. The internet connections provided by them adapt automatically, and any random interruptions are being verbose.

All the servers and data centers are always under close monitoring for 24 hours by the technicians for any given day of the year. So during any sudden issue, the problems can be identified and solved in no time to save the hosted client from any interruptions. Through monitoring, we have found average uptime is 99.99% in any given months. Here pictures are added to the months of August, February, and January so that you can see the results of average uptime.

  • Hosting Uptime Score of BlueHost hosting (August 2015)-100%
  • Uptime Score of BlueHost hosting (February 2015)-99.98%
  • Hosting Uptime Score of BlueHost hosting (January 2015)-100%

Speed of BlueHost

They have almost hundred percent of satisfaction from their customers with their very high hosting speed that enables their hosts to run their blogs or forums or websites without any interruptions. Over the period of months from our forum that is hosted by the BlueHost, we have analyzed and found that it takes less than 350ns to get any response from their server.

Control Panel of BlueHost

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Easy to use and fully test proof control panels are offered by BlueHost, which has various features that are excellent for any user interface. The navigation menus are designed in a very simple way so that new users can easily use them to get started.

For each feature, icons are created, and the documentation of help can be accessed easily by anyone. They have their features like CPU throttling, SimpleScripts and billing account system that are customized by themselves and integrated with their customized cPanel.  All these enable the users to manage all the different things of the web hosting with a single account and interface.

The SimpleScripts helps in UI design as an application installer. On the other hand, the CPU throttling allows the users to see what resources are used by their websites at any given time. This feature comes from the customized Linux kernel that protects the resources of every customer.

Packages offered by BlueHost

Three different packages are offered by BlueHost for shared hosting that is totally packed with different features. The main thing that is common in all of them theta they are all equally significant in the case of having hosting features. For an example, the Plus Plan will cost $3.49 which will give you unlimited hosting place, unlimited disk space, unlimited accounts of e-mail and the unlimited amount of bandwidth. Moreover, there is no limit for the data transfer too.

For all the plans, free website builders are catered by the BlueHost, which includes template too. It will support Python, Perl, MySQL, PHP and the scripting language of PostgreSQL. They will also provide the shared SSH, Certificate of SSL, FastCGI & the FTP. They also have three different packages for both the VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting. With so many packages that anyone can quickly find their ones according to their necessity.

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Security Features of BlueHost

BlueHost has hefty security features to keep your sites safe. It has three tools for anti-spam in total.  Spam Experts, Spam Hammers, and Apache Spam Assassin are they are to ensure the safety of your sites and data. Also, hotlink protection is available by BlueHosts. Yow will be able to create different filters starting from email users and accounts to keep the directories password protected. You can create the IP addresses of blacklists and you will able to manage your digital certificates and private keys too. There is SSH (See Secure Shell) which gives the administrator a secure way so they can access any particular files of configurations. BlueHost also offers CloudFlare, which can enhance the security features and the performance too.

Technical Supports provided by BlueHost

Technical support is provided by BlueHost for 24 hours of the day for seven days of a week. They ensure their support system through various methods like email; phone calls that are toll-free, live chat, etc. Moreover, lots of video tutorials and user guides are provided which contains lots of information about the hosting. Articles are also available which are made by the technicians that will give in-depth knowledge about the problems of hosting.  Detailed information is provided below about the technical support systems that are provided by BlueHost.

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Live Chat

customers are allowed to contact the support teams through live chat. It is the easiest and comfortable way for the customers to get connected with the technical supports directly during any crisis. To use the service you have just to click the button of live chat. Then you have to choose the issue that is troubling you. After choosing it, you have to put in your name & domain and then write the problem in details. The response time guaranteed by BlueHost is less than thirty seconds.


Phone call (Toll-free)

Hundreds of support staffs are available for the 24 hours which ensures the toll-free phone support system. Whenever you are in trouble with any problem with hosting, you can call them for help. 1-888-401-4678 is for the customers of USA to get the instant help and assistance.



The knowledge base provided by the BlueHost have vast numbers of articles which will give in-depth information and knowledge about the hosting process. You will be able to get the necessary answers from the FAQs too. You can use this knowledge to solve the common problems efficiently, and it will give you more understanding about hosting.  For many webmasters, this is the fastest way to solve any problem.



You can also make contact with them through the email. There is also a ticket system in which you have to fill a given form and then wait to get a reply from the support team. For some users, it might be the convenient one.


User forum

From the user forum of the BlueHost you will be able to learn and know things from other customers, and you can exchange your experience and outputs you have found by using the platform.


Video tutorials

in total, more than 40 video tutorials are provided by the BlueHost, which is detailed and cover different ranges of topics. For the beginners watching these video will help them to learn at a fast and progressive pace.  They can easily understand the process of installing WordPress or managing email accounts or how to create an account of FTP.

Money Back Guarantee of BlueHost

The anytime money back guarantee is provided by BlueHost. But you have to understand that it is not possible to get all the money back at any given time. The guarantee of money back only works for the service of shared hosting. It does not include the purchases of the Certificates of SSL or the SEO services or any backup services. These means ay others services including these you have taken during the checkout. This is because as a company BlueHost has to pay to its partners for the above-spoken services when you sign up for any package. In total, there are three periods in the cancellation policies of BlueHost.

  • Within first three days: In this case, you will get all the money back which you paid except the cost of the additional services.
  • Before 30 days: in this instance, you will be charged with $11.95 for the domain name along with the hosting plan. Although you will still have the ownership and you can control it up to one year. You will be also able to choose the domain name and transfer it from BlueHost to anywhere.
  • After 30 days: it will be possible for you to get a pro-rated refund in this case for the part of the hosting service that remained unused.  With it, the earlier mentioned fee for the free domain will be excluded in this instance.

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BlueHost hosting Drupal & Joomla

Since the year of 2008 BlueHost is working with as they recommended the BlueHost for hosting provider. In order get 100% hosting capability, excellent technical support, reliable hosting, fast speed and the affordable price they are sharing hosting together. BlueHost has been closely working with Drupal community so they can keep their services up-to-date for the Drupal features that include hardwired, versions of PHP, Apache modules, and MySQL version.

To get the expert support & training from the Drupal BlueHost has been donating a portion of their revenue in exchange. Along with the Drupal, the BlueHost works with the Joomla too. As Joomla run based on the MySQL database, and it is written in PHP, the minimum requirement to run on Joomla is exceeded by BlueHost. Many people take the job of installing Joomla as severe and complicated task due to the need of creating MySQL database and configuring PHP.ini, which is necessary for running Joomla. But all the troubles are quickly eliminated as SimpleScripts does all of those automatically.

BlueHost Hosting phpBB

PHP 4.3.3+, PostgreSQL 7.x. And MySQL 3.23 is the minimum requirements need to run phpBB. According to the published information of BlueHost on their official website, they offer PHP 5, PostgreSQL 9 and MySQL 5. So it is 100% compatible with the software to share hosting. Moreover, the PHP runs as suPHP and increases the security level of hosting the forum. Installing the phpBB can be a tough job but with the of the SimpleScripts installer people can easily install it by simply clicking a few times. So for a client who is new, it will save him from lots of time consumption and trouble.


  • Has full range of options for hosting
  • The interface is really easy to use
  • Provides unlimited traffic
  • Has a high money back guaranty
  • Provide 24 hours of technical support in lots of ways
  • Have lots of features
  • Have an average of 99.99% of uptime at any given time of 2015
  • Has a relatively small price for sign up comparing with other available providers. For beginners, this will be an excellent option


  • They have a pretty expensive renewal rates. In cases, the renewal rate may go up to increase by 90%. But almost all the hosting companies that are available on the market do so. To avoid renewal increment, you have to keep changing your web hosts that might not be convenient to do.
  • In 2014, they had to massive outages but after those two incidents, no more problems have occurred with the servers.

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Above all, BlueHost is a great web host for their service, price range and ultimately their commitment to customer satisfaction. So before making any decision, you have to consider the facts that you have to expend only $3.49 per month for a hosting plan of entry level, and you will have more than standard features to help you to build the site.

You will have a secure hosting platform where you don’t have to worry about any problems, and you will be able to get technical support at any time of the day. You will have a money back guaranty at any time. All these things measure up to say that BlueHost will be an excellent choice for you. That’s why it is one of the most chosen and popular brands, and over two million websites are hosted by them. Expert webmasters also recommend it. So it will be a great pick for you if you are looking for a modern and trustworthy hosting service.


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