How to Recall Sent Message on WhatsApp in Android

So here we are again, this time we have to discuss some really important matter if you send a message accidentally to someone, to whom you are not opting to, you could be in trouble, so let’s read how to recall sent message on WhatsApp in Android

Let’s talk by considering a situation which almost everybody has faced.

  • You are chatting with your school friend and your sister.
  • Now you want to share a message with your friend but accidentally you sent it to your sister, this happens due do instantly coming messages in the inbox.
  • If the message is not appropriate for your sister then it will be a problem and it would be embarrassing.


Believe me or not everyone has been in such situations in one or other time in his/her life we are here to suggest some ideas for controlling this happen.

There are two days of this:

1)  Offical WhatsApp App:-

‎            The official WhatsApp app is one of the answers for your question you can download it from the google play Store for free after the time when Facebook ever watch Sophia able to see a lot of updates even you feature and other stuff.
‎ In the beginning years the messages which bad accident please share bear big problem for people so Whatsapp decided to let its users have some protective feature.
At first, this was released in a beta version. Under development, so there were bugs, it worked sometimes and not at others, later one on a stable version with this kind of feature was pushed out for use of normal people. This is having an option “Delete for Everyone”

  • If you sent something incorrectly then long press the message and then probably
  • There you will see “Delete for Everyone”option, press it.

recall sent message on WhatsApp


  • Now the reader can only read, “This message was deleted” , thus you are safe from embarrassing problems which you would have faced before knowing this.

  • ‎You will also notice that you do see that “You deleted this message” in that message.

How to get this feature

  • Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version to you this feature.
  • If your friend colleague or some other friends or family members, who have already got this version, you can simply take the apk from them.



  • Though this feature saves you from embarrassing problem what if the message is Seen and already been read by your receiver before you deleted that message.
  • To apply this features successfully, you and your reader both must have the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • This feature works if you press “Delete for Everyone” within 7 minutes of sending the message, after 7 minutes there is no way of deleting it.
  • The Internet Connection or Wi-Fi Connection must be good so your actions can be conveniently interpreted.

    In one way or other, this feature would have helped you.(2) The Other Way:-If your phone is too old to get a WhatsApp update or it cannot implement “Delete for Everyone” or may Not be fast enough to save you, do know that there is a lifesaver for you!“Gbwhatsapp”This GBwhatsapp that was developed by rising technology genius, who are excellent at work, even when WhatsApp didn’t give this feature, Gbwhatsapp gave that feature to us, so it did not help.

    How to get GBwhatsapp


  • Open any browser and simply Thai GB WhatsApp you can get apk from anywhere from that page.
  • ‎Or you can use a website

  • Install the apk and use it like a normal WhatsApp
  • This is also having many features just like official WhatsApp application you can have a backup, status, stories and many other cool kinds of stuff.How to use:

The steps to use are same as the normal WhatsApp app:


  • If you sent something incorrectly then long press the message and then probably
  • There you will see “Delete for Everyone”option, press it.
  • Now the reader can only read, “This message was deleted”, thus you are safe from embarrassing problems which you would have faced before knowing this.
  • ‎You will also notice that you would see “You deleted this message” in place of that message.Drawbacks:-


  • Though this feature saves you from embarrassing problem what if the message is Seen and already been read by your receiver before you deleted that message.
  • To apply this features successfully, you and your reader both must have the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • This feature works if you press “Delete for Everyone” within 7 minutes of sending the message, after 7 minutes there is no way of deleting it.
  • The Internet Connection or Wi-Fi Connection must be good so your actions can be conveniently interpreted.

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    Tech Alert Australia- The Best Utility Apps that Make your Life Worth Living

    Apps are the latest lifestyle essentials helping users meet their needs based on their requirement. Whether you are a backpacker finding his way to a location in Australia, someone who wants to stay on top of breaking news, want to engage your children with fun educational apps, or want to track your expenses automatically, users indeed have options galore. We have listed the best utility apps compatible with iOS and Android and that can make a lot of things much easier while you are in Australia.

    Must have apps for Australia visit

    If you are planning to visit Australia soon and if it’s the first time, you would need some guidance from an expert. Before even we get in to other details on how to explore the country on your own, you need to know the crucial part, that is, how to get into Australia.

    The first step is to get an Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to be able to enter the country as a tourist or as a business visitor. This authorisation is for short term stays and does not include working permit in Australia. As a foreign resident, you must apply through a reputed website and hold a passport from any of the countries listed in the website, a valid email address and a credit card. So, if you are travelling to Australia without the valid documents, you may be refused entry or face delays unless your identity is established and the claims to enter Australia are validated. For more details on how to apply and the rules, please visit here.

    So, for those who want to fly down to Australia and make it self-discovery trip, below are some of the apps that can be extremely handy.

    Webjet, Free

    This is a multi-utility app that helps tourists book their flights, find hotels and hire a car all at one place. This saves you that added time spent searching for all of these on the internet.

    Sydney Australia Official Guide, Free

    If you are in Australia, there’s no missing Sydney. From shopping destinations, looking for attractions, or finding the best food, this app offers just the right help you need to discover Sydney.


    The only way to get a taxi in Australia is via Uber. Book a cab in advance or in moments, pay in card or cash, and a have hassle-free ride anytime anywhere.


    Download this app that offers you complete beach and water safety functions along with real-time details on different beaches across the continent.

    Zomato, Free

    This foodie app is the ultimate alternative to get information on the best of the meals in any country. Read reviews, check menus, and find your food joint accordingly.

    Australia on the cheap

    From money saving tips and finding over 450 attractions that are free to visit to recommendations on best places to camp and stay, it’s that ultimate app that can help you save those added bucks.

    Must have apps for backpackers

    Visit by Road

    It’s a website that helps you plan your road trip in the most efficient manner. Not just that, you can also share your itinerary, look for hotels while on the way, and explore any hidden destinations or events that may be of your interest.


    From, amenities or services, to points of interest, sights or the local information this is hands down the best app for GPS navigation that can also be used offline.

    There’s nothing like Australia

    Get access to hundreds of videos, interactive images, and travel stories inspired from real life with this app that makes your road trip a memorable one. You can also find places to stay, information about the town among other features.

    XE Currency App

    This app is useful whenever you need help with currency conversion anytime, anywhere.

    Google Translate

    Any foreign country would be a familiar place in minutes when you understand the language they talk with this app.


    When heading to Melbourne this one app would be extremely handy to locate the best food and drinks in town by finding out the most famous restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes.

    Must have apps for your news interest

    Keeping up-to-date with daily news is a healthy habit that many nurture and so, an app that helps you stay in sync with the all the breaking news is a must.

    Google Now

    This app needs no introduction is one of the smartest apps that can help you stay updated with latest news via push notifications.

    AP Mobile

    Get the latest news directly from the source – Associated Press, and stay in sync with timely alerts that’s unmatchable.


    The most innovative news app ever, that collates news from Twitter and Facebook shred by your friends and even filter the news headlines depending on its relatability and popularity.

    Must have apps for kid’s education

    Going beyond the mundane tried and tested ways of educating child can have its own benefits. Make use of the latest gadgets like, Tablets, iPads or smartphones to download these apps that will be fun for the kids while learn.

    Endless Reader

    Perfect for kids aged 5 and under, this app helps develop literacy and reading skills of the child by introducing “sight words”.

    Wizard school

    If your kid is between the age group of 6 and 8, this is an app that infuses the much-needed interest and creative thinking across many subjects like, languages, science, sports, and geography.

    Quick Maths

    For kids aged 9 to 11, this app helps improve their math skills with an added focus on self-improvement.

    Must have apps for budgeting and tracking expenses

    Thanks to evolving technology, that keeps your spending habits in control with the help of budget tracking tools and apps.


    This is the ultimate financial app in Australia that capture your complete financial scenario. From gathering information on your expenses from your credit cards and bank transaction to helping you reach your financial goals or manage your bill payments, this app is all what you need in this financial instability. The best part is, it comes with a money back guarantee.


    This is a pretty simple app and is rather a basic budget tracking tool that gets all your transactions in one place to keep a track of all your expenses and even analyse your transactions.

    Track My Spend

    This is an app, created by the Australian Government, that’s not connected with your bank account(s) because many are not comfortable with the idea. It allows you to enter your details manually just as you would write down on a diary and keep track of the daily expenses. That’s so simple and with no complications attached.

    Thanks to technology for gifting us these apps, that mot just make life easier. Also technology takes away the need of added resources like a laptop, diary, stationery, and even a book. It easily replaces the physical items to help us keep away from the clutter and the bewilderment. So, get your Australian ETA today, download these apps, and enjoy the beauty of Australia.

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      Can we download iMessage on Android?

      If you are someone who has recently shifted from Ios to Android or someone who has friends who use iOS, then by now, you must have realized the importance of iMessage. This is an application which is only used by Apple users. Apple users use this service for sending messages from their iPhone with the help of their Apple ID. There are a number of applications available like that of Whatsapp and Hike, but users who have used iMessage for a very long time tend to get attracted towards it. iMessage also provides end-to-end encryption, helps in the transfer of files, and also provides you with cross-platform support. Also, this application has a very simple layout and the user can directly send a message.

      All the Android users will now be able to use iMessage on their phone. This can be easily achieved with the help of an application known as Pie Message that allows Android users to use iMessage on their phone. This application is not developed by Apple, instead it is an open- source project that gives customers access to iMessage on their Android phone.

      download iMessage on Android

      For all the Android users, there is a catch to it- You need a Mac. For using Pie Message, a special kind of server is required that will help you to send messages to an Android device. Mac is the one that will handle all your workload in this case. This Application is easily available on GitHub. Though this application is available now, there is a fair chance that Apple might block this application in future. One of the most important reasons being the security threat. Pie Message will help you stay in touch with your friends and relatives who are already using iMessage.

      How to Download iMessage on Android Device?

      1. Start by downloading iMessage on your Android device.
      2. Your messenger will start downloading.
      3. When the download is finished, you have to connect the file in your Android mobile with your PC or laptop.
      4. After doing this, the file has to be transferred to your mobile phone.
      5. The installation process will start.
      6. When the installation process is complete, you will have to verify your mobile number.
      7. If you download the application straight away from your mobile phone, then you can easily verify your mobile phone number from there. But you can do this only if you allow your device to install this application from an unknown service.

      You can now start using iMessage on Android device. Before that, it is important for you to know the difference between your iMessage and your normal Android message. The best differentiator in this case is color. If the message that you just received is in green colour, then it means that it is a standard message and in case, the color is blue, it means that the message is an iMessage.

      In case the above method does not work, visit this blog post or follow the steps given below.

      1. Download Android SMS sync on your Android phone.
      2. Create an account on the same.
      3. Open Messages Application on your Mac.
      4. Click on the Messages menu from the top bar and Add Account.
      5. From that list, select Other messages account and then click on Continue.
      6. A field box will appear. You have to fill the same with the required information.
      7. Now the setup is completed.
      8. Go to Sync Message, you will see an option of New Message. Click on that.
      9. Start typing the message and start sending it your contacts.


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        Why Should Parents Embrace Parental Control Apps for Their Kid’s Safety


        You might be thinking that there is no need for a parental control app because you talked with your kids about the use of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. But you are wrong.  Because you never know what your kids might be doing when you are not around. Even when you are around, you cannot keep your eyes always on their screen just to know what they are doing. In situations like these, parental control apps can extremely support you and your great effort to keep your children much away from cybercrimes and other inappropriate content.

        For that, you need to either let your children know about such parental control apps and why you are installing it on their smartphone or keep them in dark and let them do what they want to do and secretly keeping an eye on them. Of course,  there is no such thing as failsafe and you would still wish to talk about making good decisions with your children. The below is an outline of the various stages of protection that are available in the market. 


        —  Smartphones and Tablets

        Some smartphones come with an inbuilt basic level parental control app. But when you want to explore other options, you can check the unlimited parental control apps that are available on both Play Store and app store. Parental control apps like Family Link and Teensafe let you track every movement of your kids including text messages and social media. Even if you are not so big fan of a smartphone, Kindle Fire tablet also comes with an inbuilt parental control app of Kindle free time.

        Without such parental control apps, to monitor any of your kid’s social media accounts, you will certainly require both their username and password. And once your kids get older, either they try to fight for the freedom or just find out sneak away to explore the world that you have limited for them. In either case, it will not be a good situation. 


        —  Your smartphone’s operating system

        There are various operating systems for various smartphones such as Windows, Android, and iOS. And so is the case with desktop systems. Apple Mac Operating System and Google Chrome come with the powerful inbuilt parental control systems. In order to take a full advantage of these, you certainly need to utilize the latest version of the operating system and every user needs to log in under their profile. The good thing about this is that you do not need to pay any additional penny and they apply across the globe to every file that the desktop system accesses. 


        — Web browsers

        Web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox latest news browse the Internet. Now each of the web browsers offers various ways of filtering the content that inappropriate websites show and you definitely do not want your children to visit search sites. You can always set your own limitations that what is appropriate for your children and what is not in your browser.

        The good thing about web browsers is that they are completely free. But one you need to know is that if you have more than one on your system then you certainly need to set filters on all of them.


        — Kid’s browsers

        You might be or might not be aware of this. These browsers of a safe environment that fills your complete screen so that you are children cannot know what’s on it. They usually offer websites that are approved, games, and several other activities. Some of the examples are Kido’z and Zoodles. These browsers offer their basic version at free of cost but later when you wish to upgrade to a premium account then it may cost you some money.


        — 3rd-party apps and software

        There are a lot of potential parental control apps like PhoneSheriff and NetNanny that allow you to block websites, inappropriate content, and monitor all your children’s online activities like which website your kid visits on your personal computer or even laptop. These third-party apps also offer additional safety against viruses and malware content and will send you a precise summary of what your children do when they are online.

        However, for your knowledge and better understanding, we are giving you a list of the best parental control apps that will keep your child away from unwanted situations. 


        Zoodles is an amazing browser for both toddlers and elder children. The app lets parents limit their kid’s web browsing to only websites that are safe and only to locations within that website that parents have allowed by setting the options in the browser. At times, even when the content is safe there will be some adult ads that pop out of a website. But this app lets parents restrict and keep an eye on their kid’s activities within the browser too. This app works well even for parents who want to limit and let games and videos within the browser.



        PhoneSheriff offers a lot for parents who are concerned about their children’s smartphone activity or any other gadget for that matter. It provides an amazing piece of mind to all those parents. This app has the capability to track the location of the smartphone, check all text messages and even call log. The app blocks all the text messages and call from particular contacts. It offers a real-time GPS tracking and tracks all the pictures that have been taken with the device, maintains browsing history. Also, it shows all applications which have been lately installed on the smartphone.



        Parents feel a lot of stress especially when their kids reach their teenage. This app is one such rescue option that will help to reduce the parents bothering about the children. Teensafe monitors and logs every activity that has been done on the smartphone. It lets the parents view their children’s online activities. Right from checking their call log and text messages to internet history, parents can do a lot with this app. After installing, the app lets parents view all kind of messages both text and text messaging apps. This app is pretty compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

        Relevant Service & Post



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          How to Build an App Business (The Complete Guideline)

          How to build an app business

          Whenever you want to make money from your app business, you should apply the right procedures to promote it. Do you know how to build an app business? If you want to make a profitable business from the mobile app, you have to go forward with the innovative ideas.

          Without promoting your app, you can’t generate sales. Ultimately it will be a failure projects. If you want to know the terms of how to build an app business in the right process, keep reading the full article. I will try to share my experience to run a successful app business.

          What will you learn? I will discuss the full guide into 4 parts. And here I will explain what the procedures to build the mobile app is. It will help the very beginner to understand the method of how an app works. At the same time, I will talk about “How to build an App Business,” some previous work for starting app business as well as you will get some FAQs and the answers of your probable curiosity.

          So the total process will be…

          • How to build a mobile app (Step by step)?
          • How to build an app business?
          • Precondition to start an app business
          • Frequently Asked Questions (FEQs) about building an app business

          Are you ready? Let’s start to learn step by step.

          Here I should disclose, ByteCode provides Complete Application Development services. You can check it for getting any suggestions from the experts. For bulding awesome app landing page and to get more sale, you can check this amazing WordPress theme AppCode.

          How To Build A Mobile App? (Step by Step)

          When you want to run an app business, you should learn the basics of mobile app development. In this area, we learn how to build a mobile app. You will find a lot of app building programs to develop a mobile app. But some steps will need to start making a mobile app. I will discuss the procedures here. Let’s take a look.

          1. Write down your plan

          Turn off your computer, take the pen and paper and do a proper plan for building an app. Keep the paper as simple as you can. Just ask…

          • What is the function of the app?
          • How will you make it attractive?
          • Will it solve any problem, what?
          • What advantages are you trying to provide?
          • How will you promote the app?

          Just your work is making the concept clear about the app.

          2. Sketch your ideas

          Still, keep your computer shut down and visualize your previous goal/plan into a graph. How will you generate money or how will you create the content? Make the graph step by step.

          3. Research in many places

          You can now turn on your computer. But don’t start to design. You have to research now for analyzing your competitor. You can think, why is it necessary? It’s essential as you have to make an updated and evergreen app. Read the feedback of your competitor’s app and write down, if you don’t write it in your previous plan. Do it at least 10 similar apps of your competitor.

          4. Implement with wireframe

          Yes! It can make the idea into reality. A wireframe is a storyboard, and here you can design your full story or function of work easily. You can check here to get the best wireframe platform.

          How To Build An App Business (The Complete Guideline)

          5. Build your back-end of the app

          You have designed your wireframe, and now you have to build the functional parts of the app. If you know the technical terms, you can try it or take any services like AppMaker or Kony or take Professional services like Application development services of ByteCode.

          6. Check the demo model

          When finished the app building, check it in the different place to justify the user experience or any other issues. You can also Inform any experts to review it. Bring update, if need to modify.

          7.  Combine the building

          By following the previous experience, now build it with your needs. Talk about the progress of your developers and set up the servers, databases, and APIs. If you take any services, they can do it for you also.

          8. Design the UI or look

          It is the time to design the user interface of your apps. For this reason, you can hire an expert designer to do the work. Never forget to build the UI with appealing outlook and higher resolution skins. Always remember you are building an app for the users, not for you. So keep in mind to make it user-friendly.

          9. Again Test your App

          You have to test your app again, and now you have to ensure the UI and UX. If every functions or navigation are working fine, then it is okay. Similarly, you should test if the app is visually interactive on the screen. You can use app testing tool from here.

          10. Modify and update

          According to your test or public feedback, modify the apps if necessary. Important to realize, if you want to build/stay as an evergreen resources or business owner, you have to consider to bring an user-friendly app.

          11. Beta Testing

          Before going to live finally, you have to test it as the beta version. Android gives the facilities to do it exceedingly. Similarly, if you build iOS, then you can do it by this procedure. You have to ensure here if all the panel is functioning smoothly.

          12. Release the App

          You have completed all the task. Now it is the time to release it. Be a part of this world and be happy by realizing your app is going to solve something of this world. Cheers!!!

          Anyway, publishing an app is not all for reaching among the general users. Similarly, as you want to do business, you have to consider to promote the apps. Otherwise, you will not be able to sell it. With this in mind, I will discuss the marketing procedures of an app. Let’s talk about the details.

          How to Build an App Business?

          So, you want to become an entrepreneur, and you are trying to work with the app business. With attention to, it is the most growing industry. Indeed, you have to become aware and take a full look at how to build an app business. With this in mind, I have collected the most reliable resources from the experts. Let’s see how you can lead this industry.

          1. Choose the platform wisely:

          You have to consider the platform first. As you are going to bring some innovative ideas, it will come into reality if you can produce some creative things. Remember every platform has some unique features. So, you have to choose the right one according to your needs.

          If you want to develop for iOS, you can practice Objective C. On the other hand, if your primary target is Android, you can go with Java and XML. If you can code in the right ways, it will give high-performance and the latest API. If it’s your first time, try to start shortly and explore which one is perfect for you.

          2. Select the store/platform with research:

          You will find only 3 stores for selling you apps including Google Play, App Store or Windows Store. Consider the below things before starting.

          i. Do you want more revenue?

          You should know the revenue ratio of Apple App Store vs. Android Google Play is 8:1. Here, if you are expert developers and want to make something innovative, Apple will give you more revenue. It’s not a good platform for free apps. On the other hand, Android is suitable for generating money with both paid and free version. But Widows is still small. Though it provides the facility to download the apps from the desktop, tablet as well as smartphone.

          ii. Paid or free with ads?

          Apple or Windows platform is good for paid. As they have fewer chances to monetize with ads. On the other hand, Android is owned by Google. So, here shows the Google Ads. For this reason, here the maximum apps are free and it’s good for generating money too.

          iii. Download History or Quick link:

          Apple stores do not allow to do anything which never goes with their terms. For this reason, it’s so tough to increase the download. On the other hand, you can get or offer the customers by Android, and it will undoubtedly increase the download amount on the android.

          Android is growing fastly than any other platform. With this in mind, It’s great chance to make money quickly. Though if the main target is selling apps, Apple Apps store and windows are good.

          3. Designing Attractively:

          If you want to get the apps viral in your niche, you should build it attractively. You have to make it visually appealing. Notably, consider the below things for making it a unique.

          i. Apply pixel-perfect graphics

          Yes! As an app is run on the small devices, you should make great sense with optimizing the pixel.

          ii. Big buttons, icons, and fonts

          When you are trying to make it for small devices, you have to consider it. Don’t forget to do it creatively.

          iii. Design it as rich features

          It needs to be professional to get success.

          iv. Make the icons eye-catching

          A visitors will use or active your apps when he/she will get interesting for the first time.

          v. Test your design

          Do not forget to test the design into the different format and screen size including ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi.

          4. Know the user’s mind

          Whenever you want to get success, you will need to know the users who will generate the income. For this reason, you should follow some terms to keep your users happy.

          i. Be professional

          Every user wants to get the information in a simple but professional way. Try to make it best resourceful in your niche.

          ii. Do not make annoying with excessive ads

          Always try to implement ads in a creative way. Do not do anything which makes annoying to the visitors.

          iii. Be transparent

          When you are using ads for paid even free apps, write on the description and clear it to the users.

          iv. Update the apps often

          Try to bring new features or increase user visibility or experience by an update. When you see fewer visitors engagement, try to update the apps.

          v. Give proper support

          It is very necessary to provide essential support by email or feedback. It will inevitably increase the reputation.

          5. Promote the apps and Follow Marketing Techniques:

          When comes to generate money with an app, you should follow some marketing tactics to make it search engine friendly and reaching to the maximum visitors. What should you do?

          i. Write amazing product description

          Apps description is very necessary to inform the users about your apps. Apart from, it helps to rank the apps in different similar keywords. With this in mind, write the product description with detailed information. At the same time, make it totally unique. Another key point, you can add a video by describing the features of the apps.

          In the meantime, you can promote the apps by different ways including getting featured or CPI (Cost Per Install) model. It will surely help to rank the apps.

          ii. Research for bringing completely unique one

          Research in the app store and take a look at the top ranking apps. Discover the titles, keywords or descriptions pattern and do it for you. Don’t do it by copying. Make it 100% unique. Always check the analytics and see what should need to improve. At the same time, try to read and analyze the feedback of the apps and try to fix the problem if needs.

          iii. Make a brand

          If you can present your app business as a brand. It will work fine. You have to promote both online and offline. Give sponsor post by describing your apps and advantages. At the same time, offline promoting can work for you, if you provide any country based services. You can sponsor the event, or you can offer an award for getting the apps.

          iv. Promote on the social media

          It’s very effective for an app business. As the visitors are using the phone. So if you can make them impressed, you can get good results. Furthermore, you can also promote the apps in the different group or by sponsor post. Additionally, it will increase the brand value of your business.

          v. Do SEO

          Google is now giving priority on the backlinks for ranking of an app. So, do complete SEO for your app. Get as many backlinks as you can. To put it differently, follow all the metrics to promote the app. You can take professional SEO services too.

          vi. Run personal Website

          When you want to get authority and getting reliable users, there has no alternative of using a website. You can start easily with WordPress and be taking an app related theme. You can try this amazing app landing page theme AppCode. It will give you more boost on app selling.

          WordPress App Landing Page theme - AppCode
          AppCode – Amazing WordPress App landing page theme

          6. Monetization in a creative way:

          At last, you should know how you can increase your income and which methods work fine. Generally, you can earn by 3 ways.

          1. Sell the app or space at a fixed price
          2. Provide the apps as free and monetize with ads
          3. Sell unique things or products from the apps

          Try to mix with the different ads system. On the other hand, you can make a free and paid version and keep exceptional advantages on the pro version. It will surely give you some extra sales of the pro version. You can take help of others ads platform like leadbolt. Though sometimes a free and pro version may not work for you. Similarly, third-party ads may not good. That means you have to discover which one is working for you.

          FAQs about Building App and Marketing of it:

          Some questions which can make you confuse. Let’s check it.

          1. I have got many app ideas which one should give priority?

          -The most successful startup comes from multiple ideas. So, start with as many as you can, but go with step by step.

          2. I can do good in the app market, but do not know how to start?

          -Follow the above step to learn how can you start step by step. Then again, don’t skip any step to know perfectly.

          3. Is it necessary to build a website for running an app business? 

          -Surely, a website will help you to make a brand. At the same time, it will give you boost and more sale. So, start with a website if you have the long-term plan. You can deal the apps form your website as well as you can provide different app-related services from your website. Moreover, check the AppCode WordPress theme if you want to build a fantastic website today.

          4. Will I hire a developer or take services form any software company? 

          -You can do any of the two. When hiring a developer to try to justify his experience what you want. After all, you can also go for any Application Development Services for taking more reliable work.

          5. Is it necessary to do SEO for ranking of my apps? 

          -Yes! Google is giving priority on SEO (Backlink) for ranking an app. So you should try this for professional services.

          Note: You can ask us anything to get more information about app promotion and building. But I will recommend reading the post first. Here you can get your answers. if you do not get, then a make comment.

          Relevant Service & Courses

          Final Thought:

          Finally, the dream of starting an app business is going to true. If you read the article “How to build an app business” carefully, I think you can start today. Just learn and implement it with your desired niche.

          If needs any support for app building, promotion, content writing or SEO, you can check the services of ByteCode. Thanks for staying with me. If you get the article helpful share it on your favorite social media. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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            Apps For Bloggers

            Apps For Bloggers

            Today is cheaper to kick off a business than tomorrow. But Today`s generation cant` even imagine those good old days of the desktop machine and dial-up internet. All the content went onto the blog was written directly into Blogger. Putting an image or an attractive video was unheard of. The only possible device it could manage was text.

            The average speed of internet was slow. Any effective tool to edit image or video wasn’t available either. Over the time, the thing started to change and for the better. The phenomenal upgrade of computers, mobile was the game changer. WIFI, Smartphone, and their high-resolution screens have added value to this evolution.

            It`s quite a challenge these days to keep pace with all the fresh new apps. Also, phones are getting outdated so fast, and phone applications are frequently being updated.

            In this article, we`ll try to give a panoramic view of the smartest Apps for bloggers for their online business activities and social media success. Here it goes-


            Google Analytics


            As for the analytics, the second most popular after Gmail is Google Analytics. If you haven’t still got this on your iPhone yet, you most likely require getting it. It lets you get a lot of the statistics from Google Analytics that you would possibly acquire from accessing it on your device. The unique selling point of this tool is its real-time statistics.

            You can click on your phone, and within seconds, you can have a look precisely how many people are on your site at the moment. Of course, you can dig deeper and track down their locations and the source of those readers. Furthermore, you can also get into the key categories of Google Analytics, your potential viewers, and your performance. This tool is convenient to check out the overall condition of my site.

            Official Link: Google Analytics




            ColorNote is simple to use, fantastic notepad app. It gives you a fast and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes or messages. It`s well-designed user interface, responsive themes, perfect for viewing all of your records in four different modes – list, grid, details mode, and extensive grid mode. It has an integrated calendar, and you can create notes of different colors.

            You can restructure your notes by modified time, reminder time or in alphabetical order. There`s that added benefit of locking your notes with a master password, and you can send notes to your archives as well.

            Official Link: Color Note


            Fantastical 2


            The calendar app is very useful as far as productivity is a concern. Fantastical two created by the company called Flexibits is best calendar app so far. It`s genuinely better than the Apple’s native calendar app. It offers different features to add in current events very naturally; just adding in the events is more user-friendly.

            Besides, there’s little icon pops up in the top menu bar which allows you to click it on your computer or other devices. It is of course, a paid tool but, it practically syncs across all your devices like iPad, iPhone, Google Calendars or Apple’s Calendar. If you by now have calendars in different devices, you can just use this app to bring in those calendars.

            Official Link: Fantastical 2




            Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform which lets the user’s post text, images, video links, and quotes to their tumblelog. It allows the users to follow other Tumblr blogs that they find exciting and to view their posts on the Dashboard. If anyone wants to reblog posts so that it shows up on users’ tumblelog is possible as well.

            Also, the Tumblr app is well equipped to save drafts, pending posts, customize tweets, and so on. It also lets you handle your main blog and many other blogs. One benefit of the Tumblr app on an Android tool is that you can track down and follow people from your address book.

            Official Link: Tumblr




            The WordPress Android app has been created to maintain the demands of the bloggers who prefer to post somewhat text-based entries. WordPress is particularly useful for larger, generally, text-based posts. The main reason to develop WordPress Android app is to cater the growing demand of fast and suitable Smartphone blogging.

            The app is rapid and stylish but operates best on tablets. Blogging on smartphones can be little challenging, due to the comparatively smaller display. A core advantage of this app is that it supports both blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

            The WordPress app lets you produce fresh posts, edit the previous ones, view blog analytics, and deal with comments on your WordPress blogs on hand.

            Official Link: WordPress




            Google did develop Blogger, for this reason, it’s made the sign-up process more user-friendly. You can just use your existing Google credentials to log in and kick off the blogging without creating alternate username and password.

            The essential characteristic of the Blogger app is publishing of fresh posts early on, adding images to your blog posts, and labels. You can add a specific location to each of your entries as well. You don`t have to worry if you’ve got various blogs. The Blogger app is very handy to switch between them.

            Official Link: Blogger




            The association between LiveJournal and its users is potentially a lifetime. The official LiveJournal app gives you trouble-free entry to your journal from the ease of your Smartphone or tablet. Almost similar to its desktop matching partner, the app lets you handle posts you’ve published manage comments.

            If the current situation is desperate for you to post, the LiveJournal app enables you to compose drafts so you can post the complete thing when you`re well prepared to share it with your friends. This app allows you to post to communities as well.

            You don’t require to get restricted by posting only word-based posts as you can add images, and conduct polls as well.

            Official Link: Live Journal


            Posterous Spaces


            To manage spaces which gives the users the option to upload a single image or lots of them at a time, sharing videos or text posts of their thoughts isn`t easy. The users can manage their spaces efficiently with Posterous Spaces, an Android app developed by Posterous.

            The spaces are potentially unlimited for the users. As a result, they can even build spaces for communities, so anyone who`s attached can play a part.

            Different to Tumblr, and more like WordPress, LiveJournal, and Blogger, the Posterous Spaces app allows the users to control their sharing space. This app is more useful as far as the privacy is concerned.

            Official Link: Posterous Spaces



            The official Blogger partner is better known than the Blogger-droid app. But it is effective as the official one.

            The added benefit of uploading images selecting the size and quality of the pictures is enough to try for this app. You can also to set a date and time for the entry to be published by Blogger-droid.

            Official Link: Blogger Droid


            Swiftkеу Kеуbоаrd

            The regular touchscreen keyboard оn Android machines are very user-friendly for writing big size blog posts. Swiftkеу Kеуbоаrd iѕ one of the most frequent downloaded android app.

            Just replace your default keyboard with the Swiftkеу Kеуbоаrd app, and you can enjoy exciting features like Autо-Cоrrесtiоn, Autо-Cарitаlizаtiоn and so on. These are effective to cut down the regular errors like ѕреlling miѕtаkеѕ and mistyped words. Even if your blog post turns longer, you don`t have to worry about the accuracy. This smart аndrоid арр fоr tablet is also accessible in store.

            Official Link: Swiftkey Keyboard


            The bloggers who`re using WordPress, Blogspot and live journal platform for sharing their posts in front of the online audiences, this`s another cool blogging app.

            The well-organized visual editor makes it an amazing that supports tags, lists, text style and aligns functionality. Also, you can frequently drive in your videos and images from YouTube, Picasa, Flickers, and so on.

            Official Link: Blogspot



            There is no greater torture than bearing an untold story inside you. Not only blogging, but even the classic literature style of writing can also be exercised by today`s apps. You can jot down notes, novels or stories in a rapid pace with this app. The `writer` app developer claims that Writer is as fundamental as possible; making it possible to turn your thoughts into text and it is cost effective.

            After such confident statement from the developers, there is no need to give details of writer app. Do you agree?

            Official Link: Writer



            The one single place success comes before work is in the dictionary! The undisputed top blogging Android app in dictionary applications category is of course

            There are almost 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms from dictionary and Attractive additional features like audio pronunciation, favorite words, word origin, idioms and phrases, word history, voice search, abridgments are there in this app for your service.

            Official Link: Dictionary



            It happens so frequently that sometimes we want to read a whole article, but we just put away due to internet accessibility or lack of time. The pocket app is convenient in these situations. As Pocket saves articles on your device for offline reading, you don`t have to leave anything half done. You can read your favorite items when you have spare time, and even you are offline.

            Pocket app has the following advantages-

            • Tagging system to sort out articles
            • Fast and direct sharing with the added Pocket users
            • Immediate import of URLs from your clipboard in the mobile apps
            • Built-in social network for publicly sharing write-ups and to track down suggestions
            • Desktop app for the Mac users
            • Can be operated into Kobo reader as well

            Official Link: Pocket App Chrome Extension  Pocket App For IOS  Pocket App For Android




            If you would like to check your site’s uptime and downtime efficiently then, Pingdom app comes to your aid. You can quickly work out the resolve outage of your site by improving root causes. Also, it will show the real-time data of the response time of your blog. This app has been continuously selected in the list of best android blogging apps as it`s a key tool for the web owners to monitor their sites.

            Official Link: Pingdom

            Adobe Spark Post

            The most common app for content is Adobe Spark Post. In fact, it`s a not a single tool but a series of instruments. There`re three different tools into this- Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page, and Adobe Spark Video. Adobe Spark Post is capable of creating social graphics for blog posts. It`s mainly useful on the iPad due to the larger screen size.

            Official Link: Adobe Spark Post


            Adobe Spark Video

            If you are a video lover and like to shoot sweet little videos to share into the social media platforms, then Adobe Spark Video app should be the number one choice for you. It lets you bring in your audio clips too if you prefer to create a podcast. You could b set up a few of your audio clips and then put some images over the top of as a teaser for your podcast too.

            Official Link: Website,  iTunes



            Snapseed, which`s a Google product, hit the scene a couple of years back. For a start, it was a paid tool, but now it`s free of charge at the moment. It`s very helpful to edit images. You can add scene or background with simple touches. It`s more efficient than you could do on Instagram.

            Official Link: Android & IOS



            Google Drive       

            No matter its word processing documents or spreadsheets most of them go onto Google Drive as a group and to be able to access that instantly.

            You can use this to write blog posts into, especially now that CoSchedule and Google Drive or Google Documents function quite well together.

            Official Link: Google Drive



            Slack app stands out in the communication category that is effective to keep the team members updated. It has many different integrations with other things too so you can incorporate it into Google Documents and that type of materials so that you can be sharing documents in there.

            Official Link: Slack



            Trello is a fantastic tool which`s hugely popular. In fact, it’s not just an app; it’s practically a project management system. People use this app in their business manage some of our extensive projects. But it`s effective for individual brainstorming as well.

            Many of the users use Trello app for to do lists or planning. It’s a very interactive visible device that lets you organize files. Give it a shot as it’s worth looking at and it has apps for different devices too.

            Official Link: Trello



            As Google AdSense is free of cost, you can give it a try. Placing ads can put off a fraction of your viewers, so they either overlook it or let pass the website, so you better be careful with the ads you pot in. If you can locate ads that add value to your content, then it might necessarily be a smart move to make money. Given that Google AdSense does provide reports, you can try it and see how it works for your website.

            Google AdSense has narrow layout options for the size of the ads that you’ve put in. The best possible decision is the Banner layout as the Rectangle and Skyscraper have limited outline.

            Official Link: Google Adsense



            Twitter is open for all for free from the Apple App Store, and easily installs on almost every iOS device you can think of.

            The focal point is on the writing while Tweets that quote other Tweets have a preview of the added content. If you’ve used other Twitter apps, you’ll spot instantly that the official app is a noticeably more detailed experience.

            The standout features are effortless user experience, flawless security devices, exclusive GIFs, and so on. Twitter also supports multiple accounts and has built-in editing advantage.

            The weakness is it doesn`t show the tweets in order, so can be misleading in times. The scheduled publishing doesn`t prop up too.

            Official Link: Twitter


            If you are looking for professional email marketing software and services, then Aweber is one excellent choice. The outstanding feature of Aweber is simple signup forms and autoresponders.

            Talking of emails, Aweber is fantastic at that as there’re over 600 templates available you can use for your emails, plus thousands of stock images to make your emails look professional and well-organized. You can have Aweber send your emails super fast for all your contacts to notice and open them, divide your users based on their following actions. The Aweber app automatically sends your RSS feed as email newsletters and make forms to collect subscribers.

            Official Link: Aweber


            Relevant Article: Email Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers




            The Podcast app is a tool for everyday use. There`re many choices among the podcasting apps. But this one is that old-fashioned, well-organized app that has every possible feature. People who are fond of listening podcast regularly can use this intuitive tool as it`s pretty user-friendly too.

            Official Link: iTunes & Android 




            Cloze is fresh application aimed at the business professionals. It offers a smarter arrangement of your contacts by tracking text/email messages or phone calls as per the preference. It automatically organizes information from your email accounts and social media networks.

            Cloze offers an “Agenda” view as well, where you can locate all your meetings, reminders, and follow-ups. If you`ve installed this app, then you kick off the day with daily briefing email to keep you updated. Thanks to this, missing a vital task go away.

            Official Link: Cloze



            MagicApp, released by MagicJack is a VoIP app that lets you make unlimited free calls to other users of the MagicJack service. It also provides you a second phone number of your choice, comes with the Premium plan which costs almost ten dollars a year. Installing the app is very simple and straightforward. It identifies you through an email address and not your phone number.

            The Interface is pretty sleek, with clean and clear-cut tabs for contacts, dialing, and text messages. The contact list coordinates automatically with the contacts on your phone. You also get a few additional features like caller ID, call forwarding and so on.

            Official Link: Magic Jack




            The Pinterest app can be easily operated via a native mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices which makes pinning and browsing super fast and efficient. Each app, designed primarily for its platform, allows you to browse through pins and boards, and handle account settings.

            The app cannot alter cover photos for boards. If there`s Pinch-to-zoom on photos feature, that would be nicer. If you still haven`t created a Pinterest account, you can easily create a fresh straight from the app.

            The function of the app is identical that on the Web site. Also, you can generate a pin directly from the Pinterest app with an image or by inputting a Web ad.

            Official Link: Google Play, iTunes 




            Flipboard is an excellent news-reading app that assembles articles from around the internet and delivers them to your Android device in eye-catching smart magazines that you can customize to your liking.

            This app smartly collets write-ups, pictures, video, social networking updates, and shared links.

            The pages are striking and trouble-free. It has content collaborations with the key publishers. Offline reading is another critical advantage. In some cases, articles need you to log in or click through to the root website. A possible drawback is coverage of trending stories might get dull and slow.

            Official Link: Flipboard



            The buffer is another app which`s a necessity on a daily basis. You can schedule different posts to go out on the ten social media networks that you are connected to. The Buffer dashboard is straightforward to navigate.

            Another beautiful feature of Buffer is the “Power Scheduler”. This feature enables you to access with the Chrome extension, allows you schedule posts for months in the future. Also, the Buffer blog is an outstanding resource of useful information about blogging and social media tidbits as well. There`s display of  “Most Popular” and ‘Least Popular” pop up, so get to know what type of content is performing best and their accurate timing.

            Official Link: Buffer



            Dropbox app is free of cost and simple way to share and organize files, documents, and presentations between the desktop and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

            It is definitely a more well-designed and dependable solution than emailing files from side to side or using a thumb drive. The coolest feature is, of course, you can have a free account with 2 GB storage. Plus, you`ll be able to view your favorite files offline as well. The only downside is that larger files take time to load.

            Official Link: Main Website Dropbox Mobile Apps


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            Links & Resources: Apps for Bloggers

            Productivity and Planning





            Other Apps Recommended by Peoples


            The final word

            It`s quite evident to you by now that you can practically create a potentially value-added blog by your mobile device.

            Please try to use these effective tips to create a blog where you add or share quality content, keep your business blog engagingly active while you are possibly far away from your desktop workstation.

            The blogging world is ruthlessly competitive. So you can run ahead of your possible rivals with these fantastically fast mobile blogging options. Just, for instance, you can be the first one to cover breaking news and thus boost your credentials within your industry.

            With the rapid growth of app industry, this list can be elaborated further. But you can already see that you have a lot of apps to choose from, and it will take some time and trial before you learn which apps you are most happy with.

            It’s a fact that a few apps will make your phone a priceless device for blogging, and some will fall short. It matters a little whether you’ve decided or not which app to pick and choose, but your creative mind has at least been opened to some fresh and innovative ideas today!

            Happy blogging. Best of luck!


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