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How to Build an App Business (The Complete Guideline)

How to build an app business

Whenever you want to make money from your app business, you should apply the right procedures to promote it. Do you know how to build an app business? If you want to make a profitable business from the mobile app, you have to go forward with the innovative ideas.

Without promoting your app, you can’t generate sales. Ultimately it will be a failure projects. If you want to know the terms of how to build an app business in the right process, keep reading the full article. I will try to share my experience to run a successful app business.

What will you learn? I will discuss the full guide into 4 parts. And here I will explain what the procedures to build the mobile app is. It will help the very beginner to understand the method of how an app works. At the same time, I will talk about “How to build an App Business,” some previous work for starting app business as well as you will get some FAQs and the answers of your probable curiosity.

So the total process will be…

  • How to build a mobile app (Step by step)?
  • How to build an app business?
  • Precondition to start an app business
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FEQs) about building an app business

Are you ready? Let’s start to learn step by step.

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How To Build A Mobile App? (Step by Step)

When you want to run an app business, you should learn the basics of mobile app development. In this area, we learn how to build a mobile app. You will find a lot of app building programs to develop a mobile app. But some steps will need to start making a mobile app. I will discuss the procedures here. Let’s take a look.

1. Write down your plan

Turn off your computer, take the pen and paper and do a proper plan for building an app. Keep the paper as simple as you can. Just ask…

  • What is the function of the app?
  • How will you make it attractive?
  • Will it solve any problem, what?
  • What advantages are you trying to provide?
  • How will you promote the app?

Just your work is making the concept clear about the app.

2. Sketch your ideas

Still, keep your computer shut down and visualize your previous goal/plan into a graph. How will you generate money or how will you create the content? Make the graph step by step.

3. Research in many places

You can now turn on your computer. But don’t start to design. You have to research now for analyzing your competitor. You can think, why is it necessary? It’s essential as you have to make an updated and evergreen app. Read the feedback of your competitor’s app and write down, if you don’t write it in your previous plan. Do it at least 10 similar apps of your competitor.

4. Implement with wireframe

Yes! It can make the idea into reality. A wireframe is a storyboard, and here you can design your full story or function of work easily. You can check here to get the best wireframe platform.

How To Build An App Business (The Complete Guideline)

5. Build your back-end of the app

You have designed your wireframe, and now you have to build the functional parts of the app. If you know the technical terms, you can try it or take any services like AppMaker or Kony or take Professional services like Application development services of ByteCode.

6. Check the demo model

When finished the app building, check it in the different place to justify the user experience or any other issues. You can also Inform any experts to review it. Bring update, if need to modify.

7.  Combine the building

By following the previous experience, now build it with your needs. Talk about the progress of your developers and set up the servers, databases, and APIs. If you take any services, they can do it for you also.

8. Design the UI or look

It is the time to design the user interface of your apps. For this reason, you can hire an expert designer to do the work. Never forget to build the UI with appealing outlook and higher resolution skins. Always remember you are building an app for the users, not for you. So keep in mind to make it user-friendly.

9. Again Test your App

You have to test your app again, and now you have to ensure the UI and UX. If every functions or navigation are working fine, then it is okay. Similarly, you should test if the app is visually interactive on the screen. You can use app testing tool from here.

10. Modify and update

According to your test or public feedback, modify the apps if necessary. Important to realize, if you want to build/stay as an evergreen resources or business owner, you have to consider to bring an user-friendly app.

11. Beta Testing

Before going to live finally, you have to test it as the beta version. Android gives the facilities to do it exceedingly. Similarly, if you build iOS, then you can do it by this procedure. You have to ensure here if all the panel is functioning smoothly.

12. Release the App

You have completed all the task. Now it is the time to release it. Be a part of this world and be happy by realizing your app is going to solve something of this world. Cheers!!!

Anyway, publishing an app is not all for reaching among the general users. Similarly, as you want to do business, you have to consider to promote the apps. Otherwise, you will not be able to sell it. With this in mind, I will discuss the marketing procedures of an app. Let’s talk about the details.

How to Build an App Business?

So, you want to become an entrepreneur, and you are trying to work with the app business. With attention to, it is the most growing industry. Indeed, you have to become aware and take a full look at how to build an app business. With this in mind, I have collected the most reliable resources from the experts. Let’s see how you can lead this industry.

1. Choose the platform wisely:

You have to consider the platform first. As you are going to bring some innovative ideas, it will come into reality if you can produce some creative things. Remember every platform has some unique features. So, you have to choose the right one according to your needs.

If you want to develop for iOS, you can practice Objective C. On the other hand, if your primary target is Android, you can go with Java and XML. If you can code in the right ways, it will give high-performance and the latest API. If it’s your first time, try to start shortly and explore which one is perfect for you.

2. Select the store/platform with research:

You will find only 3 stores for selling you apps including Google Play, App Store or Windows Store. Consider the below things before starting.

i. Do you want more revenue?

You should know the revenue ratio of Apple App Store vs. Android Google Play is 8:1. Here, if you are expert developers and want to make something innovative, Apple will give you more revenue. It’s not a good platform for free apps. On the other hand, Android is suitable for generating money with both paid and free version. But Widows is still small. Though it provides the facility to download the apps from the desktop, tablet as well as smartphone.

ii. Paid or free with ads?

Apple or Windows platform is good for paid. As they have fewer chances to monetize with ads. On the other hand, Android is owned by Google. So, here shows the Google Ads. For this reason, here the maximum apps are free and it’s good for generating money too.

iii. Download History or Quick link:

Apple stores do not allow to do anything which never goes with their terms. For this reason, it’s so tough to increase the download. On the other hand, you can get or offer the customers by Android, and it will undoubtedly increase the download amount on the android.

Android is growing fastly than any other platform. With this in mind, It’s great chance to make money quickly. Though if the main target is selling apps, Apple Apps store and windows are good.

3. Designing Attractively:

If you want to get the apps viral in your niche, you should build it attractively. You have to make it visually appealing. Notably, consider the below things for making it a unique.

i. Apply pixel-perfect graphics

Yes! As an app is run on the small devices, you should make great sense with optimizing the pixel.

ii. Big buttons, icons, and fonts

When you are trying to make it for small devices, you have to consider it. Don’t forget to do it creatively.

iii. Design it as rich features

It needs to be professional to get success.

iv. Make the icons eye-catching

A visitors will use or active your apps when he/she will get interesting for the first time.

v. Test your design

Do not forget to test the design into the different format and screen size including ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi.

4. Know the user’s mind

Whenever you want to get success, you will need to know the users who will generate the income. For this reason, you should follow some terms to keep your users happy.

i. Be professional

Every user wants to get the information in a simple but professional way. Try to make it best resourceful in your niche.

ii. Do not make annoying with excessive ads

Always try to implement ads in a creative way. Do not do anything which makes annoying to the visitors.

iii. Be transparent

When you are using ads for paid even free apps, write on the description and clear it to the users.

iv. Update the apps often

Try to bring new features or increase user visibility or experience by an update. When you see fewer visitors engagement, try to update the apps.

v. Give proper support

It is very necessary to provide essential support by email or feedback. It will inevitably increase the reputation.

5. Promote the apps and Follow Marketing Techniques:

When comes to generate money with an app, you should follow some marketing tactics to make it search engine friendly and reaching to the maximum visitors. What should you do?

i. Write amazing product description

Apps description is very necessary to inform the users about your apps. Apart from, it helps to rank the apps in different similar keywords. With this in mind, write the product description with detailed information. At the same time, make it totally unique. Another key point, you can add a video by describing the features of the apps.

In the meantime, you can promote the apps by different ways including getting featured or CPI (Cost Per Install) model. It will surely help to rank the apps.

ii. Research for bringing completely unique one

Research in the app store and take a look at the top ranking apps. Discover the titles, keywords or descriptions pattern and do it for you. Don’t do it by copying. Make it 100% unique. Always check the analytics and see what should need to improve. At the same time, try to read and analyze the feedback of the apps and try to fix the problem if needs.

iii. Make a brand

If you can present your app business as a brand. It will work fine. You have to promote both online and offline. Give sponsor post by describing your apps and advantages. At the same time, offline promoting can work for you, if you provide any country based services. You can sponsor the event, or you can offer an award for getting the apps.

iv. Promote on the social media

It’s very effective for an app business. As the visitors are using the phone. So if you can make them impressed, you can get good results. Furthermore, you can also promote the apps in the different group or by sponsor post. Additionally, it will increase the brand value of your business.

v. Do SEO

Google is now giving priority on the backlinks for ranking of an app. So, do complete SEO for your app. Get as many backlinks as you can. To put it differently, follow all the metrics to promote the app. You can take professional SEO services too.

vi. Run personal Website

When you want to get authority and getting reliable users, there has no alternative of using a website. You can start easily with WordPress and be taking an app related theme. You can try this amazing app landing page theme AppCode. It will give you more boost on app selling.

WordPress App Landing Page theme - AppCode
AppCode – Amazing WordPress App landing page theme

6. Monetization in a creative way:

At last, you should know how you can increase your income and which methods work fine. Generally, you can earn by 3 ways.

  1. Sell the app or space at a fixed price
  2. Provide the apps as free and monetize with ads
  3. Sell unique things or products from the apps

Try to mix with the different ads system. On the other hand, you can make a free and paid version and keep exceptional advantages on the pro version. It will surely give you some extra sales of the pro version. You can take help of others ads platform like leadbolt. Though sometimes a free and pro version may not work for you. Similarly, third-party ads may not good. That means you have to discover which one is working for you.

FAQs about Building App and Marketing of it:

Some questions which can make you confuse. Let’s check it.

1. I have got many app ideas which one should give priority?

-The most successful startup comes from multiple ideas. So, start with as many as you can, but go with step by step.

2. I can do good in the app market, but do not know how to start?

-Follow the above step to learn how can you start step by step. Then again, don’t skip any step to know perfectly.

3. Is it necessary to build a website for running an app business? 

-Surely, a website will help you to make a brand. At the same time, it will give you boost and more sale. So, start with a website if you have the long-term plan. You can deal the apps form your website as well as you can provide different app-related services from your website. Moreover, check the AppCode WordPress theme if you want to build a fantastic website today.

4. Will I hire a developer or take services form any software company? 

-You can do any of the two. When hiring a developer to try to justify his experience what you want. After all, you can also go for any Application Development Services for taking more reliable work.

5. Is it necessary to do SEO for ranking of my apps? 

-Yes! Google is giving priority on SEO (Backlink) for ranking an app. So you should try this for professional services.

Note: You can ask us anything to get more information about app promotion and building. But I will recommend reading the post first. Here you can get your answers. if you do not get, then a make comment.

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Final Thought:

Finally, the dream of starting an app business is going to true. If you read the article “How to build an app business” carefully, I think you can start today. Just learn and implement it with your desired niche.

If needs any support for app building, promotion, content writing or SEO, you can check the services of ByteCode. Thanks for staying with me. If you get the article helpful share it on your favorite social media. Thanks in advance. 🙂


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