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How to Develop Long Term Content Strategy For Your Website

The strategy is a blueprint in a stream of decisions, and the core of the strategy is choosing what not to do. It doesn`t really matter whether you are a fresh entrepreneur or you have been maintaining a similar approach over a period, and it`s always a good idea to review your content strategy plan. You just have to ensure that its state-of-the-art, original and powerful.

The current trend of the SEO industry is more long-term and advanced method, moving away from the manual link building. The search for an appropriate framework that would assist the experts to produce a content strategy for all the websites is a solid challenge.

Now, this`s indeed a complicated process, and the result won’t be quick for sure. In contrast, if the objective is to create a long-term sustainable and authoritative site, the amount of possible time and one invested are justified.


Here we`ll try to explain the process of creating a content strategy by picking up a comparatively uninteresting industry-medical equipment industry. In the end, you will get to understand that how a well thought of planning and research can take you in places.

Content Strategy: What is this?


In a nutshell, the content strategy of your company is the part of your marketing plan and progress that refers to the company management of practically any real media that you produce and own. These materials can be written, visual, downloadable image or video.

You may have heard many times that how vital content creation is, but as we’ll get into throughout this post, it requires to have a well thought of, organized design. When you create a content strategy step by step, there are a few important things to reflect on:

    Who`s the target audience?

    The troubles it’s going to solve for that target group.

    How will it be exclusive?

    The set-up and narrative you’ll focus on.

    The possible ways or platforms where it will be published.

    How will you arrange and supervise creation and publication?


Content Marketing Strategy: Why do you need this??

How to develop long time content strategy for your website



The primary objective of content marketing is to assist businesses for consistent and money-spinning sources of website traffic and fresh leads.

Take a minute and give it a thought – if you can develop only one blog post that gets a solid amount of natural traffic, a fixed link to an eBook or free of cost device will keep on generating leads for you in the following time.

The dependable source of traffic and leads from your long lasting content will give you the flexibility to try out with other marketing strategies to make returns, such as sponsored content, social media campaign, and spread content. Also, your content will not only help invite fresh leads — it will also contribute to inform your target audience and create the perception of your brand.


Content strategy: What are the benefits?


  • You boost the influence you have on your followers, as the content is aimed towards their requirements.
  • You save time and of course, time is money. Since the plan is worked out well and easier to follow, precious time gets saved.
  • When you have a long-term action plan, then you`ve available time to create unique content to attract massive traffic.
  • The return on investment (ROI) increases substantially. The over-dependence on flawed monetization and marketing gimmicks stops and organic growth follows.


Long-Term Content Strategy: Basic characteristics


  • Must follow the Keywords
  • Superior writing quality
  • Free of any spelling and grammatical errors
  • The use of paragraphs or bullet points should be well organized
  • Should add value to the audience
  • Charts and data comparison
  • Possible charts and data comparison into appropriate places
  • Quick response to the frequently asked questions
  • Proportionate use of image or video or the combination of both
  • Potential internally and externally backlink to other relevant content


Content: Who`s going to provide and maintain


First, make a possible list of this year`s content schedule, like as 50 videos and 20 infographics. Now you need a team of competent and passionate team of designers, writers, video makers and editors.

There should be an in-house individual to maintain and operate your content creation procedure. The common flaws that occur are broken links, spelling mistakes or interrupted video streaming. You need a guiding manager for the overall content management in due course of time.

The time volume and publishing frequency are also key factors. The resources in hand are the determinant factor here. If you are well equipped with content creators time and money, then creating content on a daily basis is not difficult. But if they are not available, a weekly or monthly schedule can be the choices.


Content Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps


In this part, we’ll dive deep into why your business requires a long-term content marketing strategy and the correct steps you will need to take to establish one.

Step 1: Right Question is the key

So, how the people use the internet? We, as internet marketers have that conception. Nevertheless, if I intend to draft a content strategy, particularly customized for the medical equipment industry then I’ve to have the clear idea on the key demographic for medical equipment is using the internet tool.

For instance, the possible queries that we want to find out about the consumers can be as follows-

    How do tire medical equipment customers utilize the Internet?

    Where do they use up their time online?

    Who are those that regarded as an influencer in the medical equipment industry?


The actual setting of the medical equipment industry should also be pointed out-

    Who are those that can consider as your possible trade or online rivals?

    What makes up your largest market at the moment? And more about your particular medical equipment company and background.

    Why should a potential customer look to buy medical equipment choose you? What do they think is your unique value proposition?

On top of these, what is the present client base look like-

    Are they supporters and influencers for your brand value?

    What are their nature? Are they just the once customer or repeat clients?

    Are they too concerned about the price or are they value service more?

As an SEO expert, this information is vital as these lead to the original insight about the medical equipment industry.

Speaking directly to the personal level who you know are well-informed about the medical equipment industry can eventually assist you to target different individuals.

The demographic is a key factor. This will give you the type of knowledge that can only boost your potential client base in the future.


Step 2: study of the Industry

Well, the next phase is to carry out a thorough competitive analysis on the rival brands and look for answers to the following queries-

    The list of the backlinks that the site received so far.

    Is there any particular brand which`s dominating the industry? If it`s indeed yes, then you need more in-depth analysis of the content and the target group of that site. This is particularly evident in the medical equipment industry.

    The essential materials of the core content that the site created, which have performed better?

    Is there any gap between the content, based on the through market research that you`ve accumulated about the industry and the clients that intend to target?

The metrics and analytics of your individual site should be adequately arranged. These will be effective to analyze growth, traffic, and conversions.


Step 3: Target Groups and Identifying Project objectives.

Using all of the above extensive research, determine how you would distinguish your site from the rival brands.

    Is it built on your target client base?

    Does it depend on the type of content you will create?

    Is it based on your power of the brand?

All at once, you also must think about the internal resources that you have the way in – what will be the type of subject matter that you build easily produce based on the resources you have access?

Lastly, your goals should be crystal clear. Is it to produce material for the target groups? Or the combination of different marketing teams to add value? Or it can develop a deeper insight of your target audience? Become an authority in an exclusive space? All of the above? So, identify your goals.


Step 4: Content audit: Go for it

Many of us kick off with blog posts, but if you want to try out something different then, pick your choice first. For example, if you’ve been doing weekly blog posts since the last year, creating an eBook that digs out all your blog posts into one eventual guide would be a one way to offer information in a specialized format. We’ll look into many different types of content you can utilize more down on the list.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur, evaluate your content marketing strategies and the outcomes from it in the last year. And then, work out what you can do differently in the following year and set higher targets to achieve.


Step 5: Searching Influencers

Of course, you don`t straight away invest your time, energy and money to built up content. In the beginning, you have to ensure that there`s a potential audience base which is well willing to share your content.

By investing into the associations, not only will you be able to create relationships with influencers, but you’ll also achieve a panoramic insight of the regular queries of your target people. This type of closer research will immensely help you to determine the pattern of your possible content for a successful following.


Step 6: Content: Like what?

We’ve they achieved the market research for our industry, located target audiences, identified the type of content we could produce, and kicked off relationships with the probable client base that would share our content, the next move is to create the concrete content.


Ok, the next part is crucial, i.e., creating content. Therefore, we have to:

  • Brainstorm the pattern of subject matter we want to make and the form we want the content to be in (white paper, actual videos, infographic design, data images, visualization, and so on.)
  • Sort out the ideas and select which content you want to build up initially.
  • Run a well thought out research on that topic of content
  • Create the content with maximum effort.
  • Outstrip the content as soon as the piece is live.


There`s wider range of choices for your liking to create content. Here are some of the most widespread content layouts marketers are creating and devices and templates to get you kicked off.

Blog posts

This is for your information; you’re perusing a blog post at the moment. Blog posts live on a website and should be published frequently with the aim of drawing fresh visitors. Posts should provide helpful content for your target viewers that make them interested to share posts on different social media platforms and various other possible websites. The size of your blog post can vary from 1,000 and 2,000 words in length as per the liking of your potential audience.


EBooks are very efficient devices for lead generation that possible clients can download after offering a lead form with their contact details.

They’re normally longer, more comprehensive, and published less regularly than blog posts, which are written to invite visitors to a website. EBooks are the following step in the incoming marketing process: After going through a blog post (like this one), readers might want more materials from an eBook and put forward their contact details to learn more helpful information for their business. Consecutively, the business producing the eBook has a fresh lead for the sales team to contact.


Templates too are the useful content type to try as they generate leads for you while providing fantastic value to your target audience. When you provide your audience with template devices to save them vital time and assist them to succeed, they’ll most probably keep track with your content later as well.



Infographics can sort out and present information in a more attractive way than words only. If you want to offer loads of data clearly and effortlessly, then infographics are extraordinary content formats to utilize.


Video is an extremely appealing content channel that is shareable across all social media sites and websites identical. Videos need a larger investment of time and resources than written content, but as visual marketing boosts popularity, it’s a medium worth trying out.


Reading content can be boring, for this reason, starting a podcast will assist the audiences to locate your brand. The popularity trend podcast listeners are growing significantly.

If you have interesting individuals to interview or chat to host, think about podcasting as another appealing content format to try with.

External Content

Have you ever thought of distributing your content on other sites? You should if you’ve frequently been publishing content on your site for a period. This could be done into the following ways:

  • Publishing site content on social media sites like LinkedIn.
  • Reorganizing content into fresh setups and publishing them on your blog or social media platforms.
  • Creating unique content exclusively for external sites, such as Medium.


Step 7: Publish and manage your content.

The strategic marketing plan isn`t only to create quality content but also to organize it well. An editorial calendar can be convenient to track the objective and varied content library on your website accurately for the long run. Also, build up a social media content calendar to promote and manage your content on other sites.

Almost all your exclusive content has a certain shelf life & gets obsolete after a while. That`s why you shouldn’t ignore well-timed topics either. Even as they may not be the greater part of your editorial calendar, they can still be effective to create spikes of traffic.

Widespread festive time such as New Year’s and Thanksgiving get crucial importance into the marketing strategies. This is cool as long as you don`t get too much restricted to these vital marketing dates. There are many niche holidays as well, so don`t get shy away to publish content on your blog or on social media to attract the audience.


Step 8: Evaluation

Once outstrip has been done on the content, we want to take the time to correctly assess the metrics and draw the final results. In due course, you can evaluate a variety of metrics like:

    Was there a substantial boost in traffic?

    Was there a growth in conversions? If it doesn`t happen, is it due to the landing page requires some contract research organization (CRO)? Or is it caused by the target demographic didn’t react as projected to the content?

    If the target demographic did respond, is there any way to remodel the content in other forms?

Based on the outcomes of the content, the following steps are to check and iterate with the purpose of eventually building a potential and loyal client base and a brand.


How to develop long-term Content Strategy for Your Affiliate Website?

It`s practically possible that you`ll make a good amount of money by affiliate marketing and still don’t involve content. You can potentially utilize search marketing tools to send traffic to pre-sell landing pages, and from time to time directly to the merchant offer.

A significant subscriber list is an asset. If you keep the one to one relationship over the long-term with multiple offers you can very well market your products to these people.

Similarly, a site well-placed for relevant keywords in search engines is an asset that can cause targeted traffic and revenue for many years.

Here are the three affiliate marketing strategies that can assure assets and money-making businesses.

List Building with Paid Traffic

This is a standard online list-building strategy that still works effectively in email-friendly niche sites. The objective is to drive traffic to a landing page that influences the visitor to engage to your newsletter, either with an informative copy or a sample of the content. Targeted traffic should preferably come from search engine pay-per-click ads, but other advertising methods can work if they’re inexpensive.

The core idea of List building is all about deciding conversion rates and adding value to each subscriber over the life of the affiliation. This a regular scenario that no one is going to provide their primary email address if you don`t offer and deliver unique content in return.

You can a have a look at the following three quick tips to make this strategy work-

  1. When you are into hardcore sales business, moving away from the promotion isn`t a choice. But you also require a balance between genuine content and affiliate offers to maintain a constructive relationship with your possible buyers. The best way to do it is creating content that provides substantial value but also organically leads to a product suggestion.
  2. The Google Adwords can be very effective to score high for your landing page. Try to host the page on a domain with a lot of content and the right amount of inbound links. The deadly combination of this strategy with the blogging, one could work wonder.
  3. Apart from increasing the conversion rates, your key goal is recovering advertising costs as quickly as possible. In order to do that and making instant revenue, whenever a fresh subscriber walks in, better send them to an appropriate affiliate offer.

Link Building on Keyword Domains

This`s mainly an SEO strategy. It utilizes the benefits of two vital factors: Google’s algorithmic preference at the moment for exact-match keyword domains, and link baiting. The core logic is to create link equity and credentials in the domain itself and then rake in search traffic for productive keyword phrases.

To track down the correct keywords is the first job.  Then, the social-media friendly content strategy comes into action. So while the key portion of your site is efficiently designed to make authoritative affiliate offers your blog must contain a stable supply of bookmarkable content.

The content strategy is just as critical as the domain name to make it happen. Big ticket news is attractive into social media to get things done. You do want to create the complete authority of the domain from the search engines. That`s why you’re after are the links more than the direct traffic.

Authority Sites

Creating and owning an authority site is always cool as it allows you to enjoy the advantages of subscribers and search traffic, and it can be done without promotion or costly domain names. Your main target is to build a reliable brand and a high-ranking site. No matter what are the threats of algorithmic changes, if you invest well into content and build a stable online business.

Authority sites assist as they deliver unique content that the audiences have established they want. They make big bucks by covering subject matters that can be supported by attractive affiliate programs. Your strategy, in general, involves matching up appealing topics with money-making products and services.

The number game here isn`t the critical issue, so please don’t chase that. Solid association with the correct people over the longer period is more important than the massive audience to make big money.


The final word

The long-term content strategy is a double-edged sword so that it can work either way-make or break. With these steps, creating a content strategy in phases gets done far easier.

A long-term content strategy is a time-consuming process. There`re so many diversified industries all around the globe. All the industries have their individual selling points which can create an inspiring group of people as eventually, the internet has become the mother source of all possible information.

So, the passionate crowd is not a key problem. The challenge is to locate those scattered individuals, to access out to them, and to create content that they would read, love, and finally, share. Google update is and will always be a possible threat, but your site can be always higher if the value of keeping the continuous emphasis on long-term returns. The change of ranking or downfall of the external backlinks is temporary if you can create high-quality content, your loyal community will always follow you in places.

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