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How to hire an SEO: Go with the Google`s steps

How to hire an SEO: Go with the Google`s steps

How to hire an SEO

“Don’t just build websites and try to build websites that sell”- this is a quote from Christopher Dayagdag, one of the top internationally famous marketers. So, blowing your own trumpet is not shameful at all if you want to rank your site at the top!

In this era of the information super highway, at least there is no shortage of informative websites. Millions of sites are competing against each other to reach the top spots in search rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Therefore, it is quite sensible to hire a qualified and dependable SEO professional who can guide you to access potentially higher traffic and boost your business. This post talks about how to hire an SEO according to the Google’s Steps.


SEO in a nutshell

SEO means search engine optimization. It is the method of getting traffic from the organic and open search results on the key search engines. All leading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have initial search results, where web pages and other subject matter such as videos or local listings are publicized and ranked built on what the search engine thinks most applicable to the consumers.

A perfect blending of keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization and competitor study makes it quite reachable for search engines to identify your web page and rank it higher for the specific and appropriate keywords. Content and Consistency are the key factors when it comes to the success of SEO.

In contrast, an inferior SEO can be damaging to your site, no matter how much money you spend on that project. Even it can be counterproductive with Mala Fide intentions.

Bytecode is essentially a digital marketing company, but without being presumptuous, here we are giving you an in-depth analysis on hiring SEOs. This guideline is designed by the Google itself, so you can rest assured that it is genuinely authentic.


Black Magic or Not?

Of course not. Any skilled marketer can vouch for this. Only a dreadful professional will pledge you immediate success. So keep a distance from these harmful entities for the long term benefits.

It takes a long-lasting business strategy and skilled expertise to rank higher in the course of time. Please keep one thing in the mind the capability of any SEO’s is only as high as the potential of your project’.


SEO is a holistic process

If you are an upcoming entrepreneur, your focus should be on converting the average visitor into a potential client. This complete process should be optimized to the searchers` point of view.

From writing expressive meta tags to more technical issues like language tags for the multinational sites all are the prerogatives of successful SEO.

The boost of natural traffic with the engaging content experience is the key. The choice of a device should be flexible here, like mobile or notepads.


Patience is the key

As the saying goes – passion + positiveness + patience = success, the marketers should be firmly patient for sure. From a few months to an entire year can be spent for the effective outcome. It`s official statement from the Google itself, so no point to be intolerant.

A Proper foundation like competitor’s analysis, in-depth research, and primary evaluation are the starting points. The vital issue of the timeline of success depends on the implementation capacity of the clients. The internal human resource can also be effective to expedite the SEO suggestions.


Support for suggestions

When you hire the SEO expert, you should request that they support their proposals with a documented statement from Google. Do not shy away to ask for a piece of writing/video or Googler response. This statement contains the approved recommendations for the necessary improvements.

Another rule of thumb is – do not even think to buy links for rapid ranking intentions. Google uses links for page ranks; their documentation highlights that Google strongly advice against the tactic of buying links for the purpose of growing page ranks.

Sometimes, sufficient investments can be needed if your site requires any technical obligation such as old-fashioned Content Management System (CMS).

In most situations, what is first-rate for the SEO, is also the quality arrangement for your online clients. Creating a mobile friendly web site, quality navigation and creating a marketable brand are good examples.

If you are a small town local entrepreneur, then you can manage the initial operation by yourself. Here, ( is a useful guideline for your assistance.

If you are already an established brand with a complicated legacy system, the top quality search friendly practices likely involve paying off some of your sites technical debts, such as updating your infrastructure. Consequently, your web site gets agile and able to implement feature faster in the long term.



SEO Hiring: Step by step

How to hire an SEO

Step 1: Conduct a two-way interview

Nothing can be more gainful if your SEO partner shares the same passion and relevance. He can be part of your sincere endeavor, and together you can reach the expected goals.

The concerned candidate should ask you about the unique content, your online and offline competitors, financial benefits, alternate channels like as offline advertising or social network for the promotion and so on. He or she should complement the existing marketing efforts for the potential fresh audience.

If you find during the interview that the prospective colleague is not effectively engaged or disinterested to your long-term strategies, then it is better to part ways.


Step 2: Check references

References are vital in every sphere of life. So, you could or rather should talk with the former customers about their dealings with the developers, designers or researchers.

A sound SEO professional should be open to sharing a concise list of current and earlier customers and his or her contact information. These references can assist you to evaluate how effective the candidate is, also confirm that the person did indeed work on precise SEO campaigns.

A top SEO is not only a technically expert worker but also a truly caring friend. You can discover a huge range of expertise if he or she is willing to guide you. Temporary solutions are easy to locate, but for the lasting betterment, ask the earlier clients about their work ethics and guiding principles.


Step 3. Ask for a Technical and Search Audit

A quality SEO will always attempt to get the maximum return on investment and ensures the stable progress of your business. Make sure the candidate’s proposal includes a primary technical review of your website to remove any troubles that could potentially drop your search engine ranking, including broken links and error pages.

If your business entity is not that huge, then you can request for a prearranged record. This list contains the necessary improvement recommendations for better rankings.

But if your business is comparatively large, then you can sort out this record with several SEO consultants. Now you have the luxury to compare various audit reports.


Here’s the audit structure Google recommends:-

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Technical audit

If you trust your SEO candidate, you’ll need to give a limited -view access of your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts (not complete or write access) to your SEO. So, they’ll have the information required to perform the audit. You should also allow the specialist to talk with your developers or system administrator to understand any technical limitations.

It is rational to pay for the audit as this level of customized technical and search auditing needs a huge amount of time spent by a skilled SEO analyst. If a potential candidate does offer you a free of charge audit, then that will be a run of the mill mechanical report for sure!


Audit structure

How to hire an SEO

The SEO should prioritize improvements with the structure like-



Your SEO should be competent enough to review your website for issue related to-


Internal linking

Internal links are the links that go from one page to a domain to a different page on the same domain. You have to create lots of content to create lots of internal links.

If your SEO mentions your site has duplicate content problems, they need to correct it precisely. Please make sure that they show you the particular URL that is competing for the same query. Besides, there should be a proper explanation of these initial clean-up for the long term business growth. It`s worth mentioning that duplicate content is not always a burning problem!



Google can be expressed by a crawler, an index, and an algorithm. The crawler chases the links. When Google’s crawler locates your website, it’ll interpret it and its content saved in the algorithm.


URL parameters

URL Parameters are parameters whose importance is set dynamically in a page’s URL and can be accessed by its template and its data sources. This makes pages extremely engaging, enabling a single page to power a nonstop number of views.


Server connectivity

Network connectivity is a metric to discuss how well parts of the network connection to one another.


Response codes

Codes return when a search engine or website audience makes a request to a web server, a three-digit HTTP Response Status. This code indicates what is about to turn out.

Suggested improvement and an estimate of the overall investment

The possible time, energy and financial stakes that are required for the developers to implement the improvement and for the Google search and customers to recognize this substantial development.


Estimated positive business impact

This impact might be a positive ranking improvement and visitor conversion or encouraging effect due to a back-end change that weeds out your site and makes it more responsive in the long term.


Search audit

Your potential SEO will likely break down the search queries into these two catalogers.


Branded term/keyword

A top SEO should make sure that for branded queries such as Gmail. Your web site is providing a great experience that allows the customers who know your brand of the website to locate easily and potentially convert. They can even recommend improvement suggestion which could change the whole searching experience.


Unbranded term/keyword

An SEO can help you to make sense of the online completive landscape more accurately. Your SEO should implement ideas like-

  • Update obsolete contents if the well-ranking content is outdated.
  • Add up recent tools to avoid poor navigation.
  • Get rid of the useless page title.
  • Making the site more mobile friendly.
  • Convert, and micro converts through subscription and sharing content.
  • Improve internal linking if the best article is too far from the home page.
  • To generate buzz by more user interaction into the social media or business relationship. This will increase the organic links of your website and boost the potential customers.
  • Learn from the competition and highlight the unique value of your website.


Step 4. Decide if you want to hire

The SEO`s suggestions for the website improvement can never be the stumbling block. It is the business oriented time is the core issue for the implementation of the prescribed design.

Your entire team should be on the same page if you want to achieve the top spot. Even if you have employed the best professional, there can hardly be any ranking boost if your in-house teamwork is weak.

Have you asked the below Question before hiring an SEO company?

When you are trying to hire an SEO company for your blog or business website, you have to conscious of their quality. If you are not possible to hire an appropriate person, then he/she can damage your site. It can bring the opposite results and it can hamper you for a long time. With this in mind, you have to choose a person/SEO firm who are experts and they can fulfill the below question.

For this reason, before hiring anyone, make sure they are providing appropriate answer and solution for you. Generally, there have three types of SEO support. First one is the individual contractor, the second one is an SEO Company and the third one is building an in-house team. The last one is for large business. So your work is with the first two one. Let’s start to know what should you ask them.

1. What is your strategy for changing our ranking: It’s necessary to start with on-page and technical SEO check. Then after solving it, they have to go for getting backlinks. Ask, how they will give you the backlinks. You have no need huge spammy links and you want the original niche related link. Check if they are following the right strategy of ranking. They will not disclose the backlinks website, but their descriptions style will bring the truth.

2. How will he inform you the update: Most of the good SEO company or contractor will inform you the ranking procedures of your site. Make sure how will they inform you the progress and reports of your site. Tell them to fix on-page issues and then start off-page SEO.

3. Ask to show previous work: It’s very important and effective question among all. If they are able to show you previous work. Examine it. You can also ask which keywords he ranked. On the other hand, you should ask who is the longest time clients of them and examine their results too. It will surely help you to understand about them.

4. Do they follow the best practices of Google: Google changes their search algorithm daily, but some things are always same and there has no way to change it. Are they doing all the things that are Google friendly? What types of tactics do they follow for ranking in the search engine?

5. Which tools they use for SEO: Thre has hundreds of tool for SEO. Important to realize, there have some tools which are used for black hat. So, confirm which tools they usually use. Check best SEO tools for Digital Marketer for SEO.

6. Which SEO terms they do most of the time: SEO works are three types in general: Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, and On-Page SEO. Ask them which one is favorite and do well most of the time. Though they can become experts in all the terms.

7. Can they Guarantee your #1 position in any keywords: Actually, it’s so tough to tell surely any keywords will rank #1 in Google. It’s not possible. Though low competitive or long tail keywords can go on the first page. But the primary keyword is not so easy to bring in the first page. So, see their confidence.

8. How will they report you: How will they provide you the reports and it is important. Will they provide the summary of the work? Will they explain the search progress or conversions improvements?

9. Have they worked with any penalized sites: It’s so effective. If not, it’s not a matter. But if an SEO company work with recovering a penalized sites, they know which work can make a site into the penalty and what should they not do?

10. Will they update themselves with the latest change of Algorithm: As SEO experts need to make updated with the latest changes of Google. Google gives more priority of the latest changes. Then all the previous techniques don’t work. With this in mind, they should know the latest update.

11. Why are they perfect for the project: With your previous work and success, why they are appropriate for this task? If they can explain all the summary of your need with the solution, then you can tell they, they are really genius in the SEO sector.

12. Other’s question: When they will confirm they are perfect for you and they are following the best practice, then ask them some traditional questions.

  • How much should you pay?
  • Will they work for an hourly rate or project-based?
  • How will they take the payment?
  • When they have to pay?
  • How do you contact them?
  • Similar ones according to your perspectives.

The process is same when you are going to hire an individual one. Ask the above question to him.

Pro Tips:

As SEO is a continuous process, so you have to react as like experts with the SEO company. Then you will be able to make a good relationship with them and it’s very necessary to feel the need of you. Let’s talk what should you follow.

  • Always follow the good practices if it takes to rank, but it will be permanent. If your SEO company insist you to do any bad or easy method, reject it always.
  • Don’t hunt for a lot of backlinks, try to follow the natural process.
  • Always remember quality matters and experts will take more money. Never go for cheap. Always tell, you need quality of works.
  • Don’t run ranking ASAP.
  • Never take any automated solutions. It can damage you for a long time.
  • After all, follow the latest update and the metrics of Google.

Actually, SEO needs some specific work and techniques to make it happen and taking the benefits of it from a long time. Always hire one who can work with you for a long time. It will help you to rank your sites effectively. So, try to choose one who is available to work with you for the long time.


When your contract concludes or if you close it early, you should still preserve ownership of all of the optimized web content that you paid to your SEO partner to provide.

Therefore, you’ll intend to ensure the contract states that when you break away, the SEO associate will not alter or takes out any of the content they added, customized or optimized.

There should also be a clause like if there is any premature contract termination, will they charge any additional demurrage.

The search engines have sophisticated their algorithms along with the organic progression, so many of the tactics that did wonder in early 2000 can practically harm your SEO these days.

Even though search engines have become gradually advanced, they still can’t recognize a web page the same way a human can. SEO makes it easier for the engines figure out what each page is all about, and how it may be valuable for users. So please dear marketers, hire the SEO with the same care that you take to your websites.

Happy ranking!   


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