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SEO Basic Tutorial

SEO Basic Tutorial

SEO Basic Tutorial

Welcome to Bytecode’s SEO Basic Tutorial. It’s our second Tutorial of SEO. In this tutorial, I have written about :

  • Basic concepts of a website promotion
  • Discussion on White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat SEO
  •  Keywords
  • Back Links
  • Anchor Text
  • Page Rank
  • Website Age
  • Understanding Authority
  • Ranking FactorsRead step by step to get the details concept of SEO Basic Tutorial. If you didn’t read our first tutorial about “Introduction To SEO” you can read from Here

Basic concepts of a website promotion



Guess how many websites are created each day?


Any Ideas?


70 new domains are registered and 571 websites are created online within a minute.


There are 644 million active websites on the internet.  If you have a website then you are one of them.


Probably you are having a question in your mind what these data show you. Let me clarify it in this basic SEO tutorial.These data tell you that there are so many people on the internet trying to establish their businesses through the websites which simply reflects competition. It is an existing threat. The amount of new domain registration reflects the upcoming threat. You must have got the idea that exists on the internet will be challenging for you. Your business will always have to face huge competition and threats.

How To Promote A  Website

Now you may ask me what to do to save, build and grow your business on the internet.Here comes the part of website promotion. Yes, you read it right. You must promote your website in order to ensure your existence and to grow your business.


First, you have to understand the difference between web promotion and website promotion. Web promotion is to promote anything on the web. Website promotion is promoting your website on the internet. There are several proven ways to promote a website. Before getting into this I am going to discuss in this basic SEO tutorial how website promotion relates to SEO.

Website Promotion


Why someone creates a website? In most of the cases to start a business. Many start a website to share information, educative purposes or just as a hobby. No matter what is your purpose to start a website, one thing is common that you want to reach it to your target market or target audience. If you are not visible among millions of website what else purpose you may have to put your passion and effort into it. SEO  helps one to reach out to the target audience and make a website visible by promoting in a smart way.

[sociallocker id=”7872″]

Before learning SEO, one must know the basic concept of website promotion. SEO is all about promoting the website by optimizing the search engine. SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it visible towards the world.There are several ways SEO can help to promote a website. But it’s not that simple. You must be well organized and strategic to promote a website. If SEO  goes wrong, it may affect the website badly and get penalties from search engines.


Key Factors To Promote A Website

There are several ways and strategies to promote a website. No one can guarantee promotional success. But four key factors can drive the promotional activities towards success.

  • Intelligence
  • Diversity
  • Diligence
  • Patience


The target of doing SEO to make the website visible. Intelligence is much needed to promote a site. Before starting to promote, one must figure out intelligent and smartest ways possible. Just for now understand this thing that you have to be well prepared, planned and organized. Promoting a website is like to start a war. If you are not well armed and have smart strategies, you are most likely to fail.I will discuss how you can make the smart decision and choices regarding promoting a site after you understand the basics and most used terminology in the world of SEO.

Diversifying is one of the most important things to promote a website. SEO helps you to bring organic traffic to your site and make it visible on the internet. You do have the option of promoting a site by purchasing paid traffic packages (e.g- PPC) Never underestimate any media and always try to make the maximum use of sources to bring traffic to your site. SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC(Pay Per Click), Media buying, etc. directly relates to SEO.

Website Promotion

Another key ingredient of successful website promotion is diligence.Promoting a website is a tough job. One must put consistent effort to get the desired result.

Patience is much needed to be a successful web site promoter. There will be numerous challenges on the way to promote a site. It will take the time to get results. Sometimes proven tactics will be found useless. Strategies will not work the way it should. Patience is the weapon that will save you and bring success.


Basic SEO Rules

An SEO specialist must follow rules to promote a website on a search engine.In this basic SEO tutorial, I am trying to make you familiar with the rules.


  • Present a site in a way that search engines can understand.
  • Make it sure that website is indexed by search engines successfully, so they know you are there.
  • Relevance and appropriate targeting make a successful promotion.
  • Try to be smart but avoid cheating.
  • The success of a promotion depends on choosing the right niche with great keywords.
  • Building quality links with relevant websites add tremendous value to your site.
  • Automated link building programs alone can destroy all your efforts.
  • Updating a site regularly boost promotion.
  • Maintaining website standards is important.
  • No shortcut is applicable, but you can make smart cuts.

Discussion on White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat SEO




Black Hat ,Grey Hat, White Hat SEO



There are three types of SEO.

1.White Hat SEO

2.Grey Hat SEO.

3.Black Hat SEO.



Though we SEO experts always suggest following white hat techniques but we should have knowledge of all types of SEO. Here I will start with white hat technique in this basic  SEO tutorial

A Guide to White Hat SEO

In this post-penguin era, white hat SEO techniques have become the only way to get yourself in the long-term game.If you are trying to build a sustainable business on the internet, then you must apply white hat techniques. Also, learn the black hat and gray hat methods just to avoid them. Every single update of Google was making it tougher for the marketers who used to rank by the manipulating search engine.At the same time, white hat SEO specialists are getting leverage towards success.

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO is nothing but actually adding real value to the audience by publishing useful contents and playing by the rules of search engines. If you want to do SEO in a white hat way, then you must put all your focus into your target audience and make extraordinary value adding contents for them.This is actually simple.Isn’t it?

White hat is all about organic techniques and playing by the rules. If you are good to search engines, they are good to you.No artificial activities and no manipulation are accepted. Qualities of your contents and value-adding process are all that matters.There are numerous factors those must be taken care of to optimize a site in white hat way-

  • Keywords.
  • Images and videos
  • Written content
  • Infographics.
  • Site architecture
  • Site performance.


There are many ways of doing white hat SEO. As Google is coming up with algorithm updates, it’s getting tougher to manipulate search engine. The so white hat is gaining popularity. You will find 101 White Hat SEO techniques and One Page SEO checklist. I am mentioning some important SEO white hat SEO techniques here.



white-hat-seo-tips (1)




Keyword research and effective keyword use

Keyword research is the most important factor in SEO. If this thing goes wrong, almost every effort you put into SEO won’t work. You have to set your whole game plan based on your keyword. I will discuss keywords in this basic SEO tutorial.



Quality Content

Content is king. The importance of quality content is increasing day by day as Google is making it’s algorithm smarter every time. Quality content doesn’t mean it has to be something based on science, mathematics or economics. It means a content that generates value. Contents can be informative, funny or educative. It can solve a problem, or it can be simply entertaining. One thing to keep in mind that the content must give the better user experience that search engines love the most. Creating content that engages people is getting topmost priority in white hat SEO world.Creating content is not a very easy task.In this SEO basic tutorial, I will not discuss that much on creating quality content.


User-Friendly Website

Making the website user-friendly is one of the most important SEO challenges. You may have great contents on your website. But the font used in your contents are difficult to read then you are giving bad user experience. All your effort in the content makers will be of no use if your website is not user-friendly. One thing is also to be taken care of that your website is mobile optimized or not. If it isn’t, you better take action cause you are giving the bad experience to your visitors who are browsing from mobile. Mobile optimization has just become a necessity in white hat SEO.





Website Speed

Website speed matters. People don’t have that much time to wait as they have tons of options. If your website is slow, your competitors will take the advantage.There are ways to make a website faster, and an SEO expert must have knowledge in this area. Google is taking this factor very seriously. Not only for the purpose of ranking on Google but you need a faster website to develop your business by giving a better experience to your customers/visitors.




Proper Use Of Multimedia

Proper use of multimedia has become important.  A quality image or infographic gives the better experience than text. A quality video can be more effective. People can visualize thinks easily and more effectively when it comes to sound and pictures. But before using multimedia one thing keep in mind that it must be relevant. If visitors do not find an image, infographic or video irrelevant to the context, then it may work in a negative way. Relevancy matters.


Video For SEO




Competitor Analysis

Competition and competitors analysis is something unavoidable in SEO industry. If you do not know your enemy, you can not win a war. Same goes for SEO.There are several white hat techniques to master for beating the competition.




Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a famous way to get links from the authority site. You are actually adding value and by doing this you are getting the link from an authoritative site as a gift. For this reason, guest blogging is considered as white hat SEO and it is 100% natural.

Guest Blogging For SEO


Quality Internal Links

Quality internal links help visitors to find more information they are looking for. Most of the cases visitors try to find related topics for which they search. Internal links also help to increase engagement that search engines love. Relevant quality link building is a simple but attractive way of practicing white hat SEO.You will find more information about internal link building here.




Natural Backlink Building

Natural link building is considered as a white hat method where you will get links simply adding value. You can add value in a different way.


Link Building remains one of the core factors of ranking in search engine.  If you look the at the attached image, you will know how important links are for search engines.

Ranking Factors


Link Building

Social Media Connectivity

Here come the most important white hat SEO techniques of post-Panda Era. Making it easy for people to share content through social media is important. The more people share a content; the more importance search engines give to that content. Sharing content gives a signal to search engine that user have better experience


Black Hat Seo refers to aggressive SEO strategies and techniques that focus only on the search engine, not on a human. It is simply taking the techniques to manipulate search engine.  Black hat strategies often violate search engine’s  terms and condition.In this process, main objectives are to rank faster without adding value to the audience.

It is true that black hat SEO  techniques can get you a faster result you may have imagined. But if you may end up getting penalties or banned. If you are not into getting quick rich scheme, then you must avoid black hat SEO. It may destroy all your efforts you had put in to build a business. It is not a sustainable and healthy business plan .You must need black hat techniques so that you can avoid them.

Black Hat SEO


Black hat can be risky and you may end up getting banned without any notice. There are so many black hat methods. I am going to discuss some of them which are often used.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a technique of trying to use a certain keyword phrase repeated again and again.


hidden Text/Links

This is a technique of adding content to a page but not knowing the visitors about it.


Cloaking means showing something to visitors and showing search engine something different.


Buying Links

Purchasing links is a cheating black hat SEO.

Banned for buying links

Spam Comments

Spam comments are used to get backlinks.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are used to taking visitors to a page but showing him something else.

Duplicate Content

Content creation is time-consuming and at the same time costly. Duplicating a large portion of the content falls under black hat SEO.


Spam Blogs

Automatically posting links as comments on the blog to increase the number of inbound links.

Domain Squatting

Registering a domain with a trademarked world famous company for quick profit is a black hat method.

Social Networking Spam

Social Media spamming has become a popular black hat SEO method.


Link Farms

It is a synthetic linking technique.

Social Media Manipulation

Manipulating social media to drive short term traffics.

Buying Followers

Purchasing followers or fake followers and creating artificial engagement is the completely black hat.


Unwanted Email Marketing

This is something we used to know as spamming. Sending someone something that will make him uncomfortable.  Sending random emails that are unexpected to people is a black hat process.


Unwanted Social Media Inboxing

Sending website links in social media message option.

There is another kind of SEO practice and that is called Grey hat method. It is something between white hat and black hat. Grey hat is not completely black hat, but it minimizes the risk of black hat. At the same time, it is not as healthy as a white hat. You still have the chance of getting penalties. Some black hat techniques are discussed below-

Keyword Manipulation

Associating two unrelated keywords to try to fool Google bot.

Reporting Competitor

Reporting competitors or writing negative reviews is a gray hat method.

Pay for reviews

Buying reviews is a great hat method.

Using Negative SEO

This is a technique of making other websites/blogs down which will eventually help to rank better.


Fabricated News

Fabricated new helps to drive more traffic that is not ethical and kind of fraud.



It all starts with a search in the box. It may be a single word or a sentence that is called keyword. The keyword is the most important part of search engine optimization and from keyword research, everything begins. In my upcoming content, I will be discussing how to do keyword research. But first, you must have a solid foundation of the keyword. What is the keyword? How are keywords relevant to search?As a newbie, you have these questions in your mind.  I am going to answer all of them. If you have previous knowledge of keywords, do not skip it. It will refresh your ideas and you may find something new that will add value. [/sociallocker]

 The keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. Keywords are part of a Web page’s metadata that help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query.Simply we can say, the word or phrase you search on search bars are called keywords.If you consider the definition of the keyword from the perspective of an SEO expert, ” A keyword is a word or phrase that you want to rank.”

How Keyword Works

When you need any information and search it using a Keyword, the Search Engine looks for all the indexed pages in the database contacting the specific information you searched for. Then it comes up with all the exact or relevant contents. For example, you want to search for the word ” Restaurant” Here “Restaurant” is your keyword. Search engines use the process crawling by which automated robot(For Google it’s Called Google bot) looks for all the relevant indexed file in its database, come up with the result and show it to you. All these things happen within a fraction of the second.When you need to know the discount offers of restaurant you may search ” Restaurant discount online” Then this phrase will be your keyword and Google will show you some results you are searching for.

Google search bar

The word or phrase you will write here will be considered as your keywords.

A keyword is divided into three parts

  • Head
  • Modifier
  • Tail


Let’s take an example for a search   ” T-shirt discount online.”

If we consider this longer phrase and take a look at that. This keyword is consists of three parts.

T-shirt+ discount+ online

We can break them, down into core elements.



T-shirt| Discount|online


The head is the core element someone is searching for. It is the base keyword. The search engine will first sort out this part of keyword and then connect to modifier and tail. So it carries much weight on search and is important to figure it out as an SEO specialist.


The modifier is a word that can be interchanged with others for changing the specific aspect of the meaning of keywords.  One thing to remember that head alters the type of search but modifier does not.

Typical keyword modifiers are things like

  • locations
  • brands
  • styles


Now you can distinguish between head and modifier. You must remember that changing head will completely change search result. The modifier will show different search result but maintain relevancy. Modifier helps to classify people. For example, someone is searching for “Cheap Restaurant In USA” and another one is searching for “Luxury restaurant in the USA”. Look at both of the searches carefully. What do you understand from these searches? In both searches, heads are the same. Both people are looking for restaurants but one is looking for cheap, and another person is looking for luxurious one. Modifier made all the differences and search engines will show different results to different people. Now you got the point of understanding why it is important to know the difference.


Tail gives additional information on a search. It helps to specify things and helps search engines to show exact results. If we consider the above search results,  “in the USA” is the tail. Search engines will only show the results which of USA  and will not confuse searcher by giving search results of other places. One could narrow it down by searching ” Luxury restaurant in California” Ten search engines will show the luxurious restaurants of California.


There are different types of keyword-


  • General keywords
  •  More specific keywords
  • Seed Keywords
  • Long tail keywords /Information keywords/ Buying keywords
  • Branded & Non-branded keywords
  • Broad keywords
  • Geographical keywords
  •  Misspelled keywords
  • Seasonal keywords
  • Meta Keywords
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)


The upcoming tutorial will be based on keyword and keyword research. You will get to know all keyword research process, tools, strategies and mistakes while choosing right keyword.

Ranking Factors

To be an SEO expert one must know how the search engine works and what are the ranking factors.There are almost 200 ranking factors that Google consider ranking a website.


5 top ranking factors on 2015 are discussed below-

1.Optimize local landing pages and local listings with valuable information to add significant value and boost local presence.

2. Results will become more heavily personalized for mobile. Fully optimize your website to avoid penalization.

3. Brand mentions and citations will become as powerful as links.Act like a brand is treated as a brand by Google.

4. Social signals as user experience factor.Search rankings will increasingly become more about building relationships and less about technical strategies.

5. Holistic inbound marketing approach. Aligns your company to create messaging that is ideal for the customer.




Here I am going to discuss some important ranking factors as a beginner you should know.


Domain Factors

Domain is a very important factor when it comes SEO. You must have basic knowledge of the domain, or you may lag behind to rank your site.


  • Domain History: Domain history can play an important role in your SEO practice. You have two options in purchasing a domain. You can buy a brand new domain, or you can purchase an existing or expired domain. When you are buying a brand new domain, you do not have to worry about its history cause it is super fresh. But when you are going to purchase an expired domain you must analyze its history. There are both positive and negative effects of purchasing the expired domain. It can work like magic if you are sincere and a little bit lucky to have an expired domain with Zero penalty and heavyweight backlinks.
  • Domain Authority: Your domain authority is something you gain over time.It is one of the most important factors that reflect your credibility on the web. You can enjoy so many direct and indirect benefits once you gain high domain authority.At the same time, it is tough to rank with low domain authority.
  • Authority Of Linking Domain: When it comes link building you must try to build the link from the sites with high authority domain. Link from high authority domain will add high value.
  • Country TLD extension: Country TLD(.pl, .co,  .uk etc) will help to have better ranking for that specific location.

On Page Factors

 Keyword In Title tag

The title tag is a webpage’s second most important piece of content which send strong on SEO page signal

title on headline



Keyword In The Content

Keyword must appear in the content. 1-2.5% is a standard measure that means in a100 words content you should use your keyword at least once.


Content-length is counted as a ranking factor. Google considers small content as cheap content. 2000 words content is considered as a standard one.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed has become a major ranking factor. It is officially declared by Google as a ranking factor. A slow web page gives bad visitor experience that Google doesn’t want.







Image Optimization

Optimized images send search engines valuable signals through file name, text, alt text, title, etc.







Fresh Content

Fresh and unique contents always win. This is considered one of the most promising factors in 2015 to rank. Duplicate content will definitely harm your ranking, and you will lose your credibility.  Up to 20%, plagiarized content is Ok.

Recency Of Content Updates

Google often crawls your site. If it finds that your content is backdated, then there is a  high possibility you won’t rank. So make sure you are updating your content regularly on a scheduled basis.




Keyword Prominence

Having a keyword appear in the first 100 words of a page’s content appears to be a significant relevancy factor.

Grammar and Spelling

Proper Grammar and spelling are a quality factor that gives a signal of authenticity. It increases audience engagement and decreases bounce rate.e-optimization-campaigns



Responsive Website

The Optimized responsive website is a must to rank in 2015. It means the website will be user-friendly for different devices like tablets, mobiles.


Responsive Website


Off Page Factors

  •  The number of linking domains: Number of linking domains increases page rank.But one thing to remember that if you get the link from a low-quality domain with a penalty, it will work negatively.
  •  Link Relevancy:   Google is giving extra importance to relevancy issue. If you get a backlink from a site that is totally irrelevant, then you may penalize.Relevancy matters.
  • Links From Homepage: If you get a link from the homepage of a high authority domain, it will definitely add extra value then getting a link from other pages.
  • Contextual links. It is said that links within the content of the page are worth more than links in a sidebar for instance.
  • Diversified Links: Diversified Backlinks help to give the search engine a natural, healthy signal. We should be careful of having a diversified backlink portfolio.


Brian Dean has done a great job for you listing all 200 factors in a single post. You will find them here.


Anchor Text


Understanding anchor text is a vital part of the world of SEO. Anchor text is a technical term used in SEO world. If you understand it properly and can use anchor text in an appropriate manner by reading SEO basic tutorial you are most likely to dominate SERPs


If you are a beginner in SEO industry, stuff like keyword research and link building come as your top priority. You probably heard about anchor text but didn’t realize the importance of using it. I can guarantee you that after going through this content, you will take this anchor text stuff more seriously. You will be amazed to know how proper use of anchor text can help of to beat the competition and place you one step ahead. You have to know it in detail, or unnecessary, wrong use of it can disappear your organic traffic within a short time.


In this part of the content, you will get to know exactly how you can use anchor text to improve your position in search engine drastically. You need anchor text to

  • Make your link building efforts more efficient.
  • Prevent future threats of algorithm updates.


It does not matter you are a  well-practiced white hat SEO expert or a black hat SEO guru or a beginner just about to break in the SEO industry, strategies I am just about to discuss will be helpful for you. You can make them work in your regular SEO work. The results of using anchor text in a proper way will start to give you result within a very short time. If you do that you will be properly aware of this strategy is working for you or not. If working, how much the impact is.


Anchor Text


What is Anchor Text?

What do you understand by anchor text? You have gone through any piece of content you will find that there is text that is linkable. It can be a single word or phrases. If you simply click on this text, It will take you to another link.

You can easily create anchor text very easily just memorizing a simple line of code. If your website is a word press website, then you can simply create anchor text by clicking the right button by selecting the text or phrases.

To create anchor text using HTML, The code will be like that-

<a href=”>blue widgets all day</a>

Why Is Anchor Text Important?


As long as backlink matters, anchor text will always matter. After the Penguin update, Anchor text became one of the most important ways to understand relevancy factor by Google.


When 2014 came, Google started to penalize websites based on anchor text as anchor text reflects relevancy/irrelevancy and over optimization.


Anchor text is becoming important more than anytime. To win the SEO game, there is no alternative to learning it properly.


Anchor text is an evolving process. It changes time to time. You have to be updated and adaptable with the process. To understand the evolving process of altering text, you have to know the situation of anchor text before Penguin update and how it changed after the updates of Google.



Pre-Penguin Anchor Text

Before Google updated Penguin, You could do anything with anchor text you wanted. It was a  free happy world for the black hat SEO experts. Using exact match anchors was fair, and it was counted to rank fast quickly. Blackhat SEO world made the best use of that time and ranked as fast as possible using spammy anchor texts. There was no alternative for Google to take a step towards spammer. Google made a change. That change is known as Penguin update.


Different Types of Anchor Text

If you are going to dive in the anchor test strategies, you must know the types and pattern of them. When you know the types of anchor texts and differences between each other, you will be able to create a healthy anchor text portfolio.  So it is important for you to know the types of anchor text and how big brands are creating their anchor texts.


Branded Anchors

Branded Anchors mean you are using your brand name as the linkable anchor.

For example: “ If you need any digital marketing solution for your business, ByteCode is here to help you.”

Here you simply used ByteCode as an anchor text. ByteCode is your brand, and your brand name is being used for creating anchor text. This is branded anchor text. Hope you got a clear idea of what branded anchor text is.

Let’s see what percentage Best Buy used branded anchors.





Generic Anchors

Generic anchors are the simplest form of creating the anchor. Such as:

  • “read here.”
  • “submit here.”
  • “Go here.”
  • “download now.”

If I give an example: “ Download now to get your free PDF”- here “Download Now” will be considered as a generic anchor text.


Naked Link Anchors

Naked link anchors  mean  you are simply linking back to any website using your URL





Image Anchors


As the media is more driving into multimedia, image anchors have become a vital part of SEO industry. If you are attaching image anchors, you are diversifying your anchor text portfolio. If you do it with quality, it will come up with the great result using anchor text in the image is not counted according to some SEO experts. But my research shows it still works. At least to diversify your anchor text building image anchor text takes part to make it healthy. “ALT” tag as the anchor text is used by Google in an image.



Brand+ Keyword Anchor


If you want to build a safe anchor text, then  Brand+Keyword   can be a great format to build anchor text. You need two things to do this- brand name and the keyword for which you want to rank. You can do it in the following way-


  • Niche Site Building Strategies By
  • Passive Income ways By



LSI Anchors

LSI  refers to “ Latent Semantic Indexing.”

It simply means using keywords for creating anchors that are a synonym for each other.

You have to find out the synonyms of the keyword for which you want to rank in Google. But one thing to remember. The synonyms of your main keyword you are going to use must have a minimum amount of search volume. If you select any synonym that doesn’t have any search volume, will not be a great way to build anchor text.

Finding LSI is not that hard. You can simply use Google’s search bar option or use Google ad word keyword planner. This will help you find the LSI you are looking for without that much effort.

You may have got a clear idea what anchor text is and how you can use them to rank better. You also feel the importance of using anchor text in your content.But one thing you must know in what proportion you should use the anchors for greater impact.Let’s talk about the percentage of anchor text you must use.

Anchor Text Percentages

There is no official statement given by Google to use anchor text in what percentage of your content. But top SEO companies of the world had come to a conclusion by doing extensive research, and they invested thousands of dollar. They did it by observing the top ranking brands and blogs by using different tools and metrics.

One thing is to remember that these percentages are not law. You can change them according to your need and do self-research which better suits you to rank well.If you follow my guidelines and use given percentages of anchor texts, you are most likely to be safe to rank your brand.

Branded Anchor Text: 50%

Google wants to rank the sites which are trusted. That means If you are going to establish a brand, Google will help you.Search engines hate fly-by-night websites.If you can differentiate yourself from the other in an appropriate manner and able to build a trust, you will be able to rank better.Using branded anchor texts will help you to give a strong signal to search engines. I will recommend you to use 50%  of your anchor text as branded anchor texts.

Naked Anchors: 25%

Naked links are natural and safe to use.While building naked links, you are using naked links. 25%  naked anchors of total anchor text are considered healthy.

Generic Anchors: 20%

It is important to have a healthy backlink portfolio. If you avoid it, your link profile may look suspicious. Generic anchors will help you do keep your profile healthy and natural. One thing to remember that does not use a single generic anchor in every place.For example, do not use “ Go here” in every single place. Try to create variation or your readers will get bored.

LSI, Partial Match Anchors:1-5%

Latent semantic indexing can be used while putting anchors in your content. If you use 1-5%  partial match anchors, then it will be safe.

Exact Match Anchors: Less Than 1%

SEO experts suggest not to use exact match anchors more than 1%. If you use more than that, it can be dangerous.

Think about this for a second:
If we take the agreed upon percentage in the SEO community that says around 5% exact match anchors is “safe”, and place that same percentage on three websites with more or fewer links, watch what happens:

Website A: 100 backlinks = five exact match anchors
This is possible and generally, would not put your site at risk.

Website B: 1,000 backlinks = 50 exact match anchors
The possibility of 50 different websites linking to your page with the same exact anchor text is pretty unlikely.

Website C: 10,000 backlinks = 500 exact match anchors
Obviously, this isn’t possible, and your page or website would get drilled by Penguin.


Page Rank

Page rank used to be an important factor in SEO. In SEO basic tutorial, I am not going to discuss that much about page rank because it is no longer valuable. If you add an extension of page rank, it will show page ranks for some websites but not for everyone. The reason is that Google stopped updated ranking. It gives a signal that page rank is dead. In the past, SEO  experts used to take page rank very seriously. It was actually an important tool to evaluate a website which Google gives credit. If you look at the graph,  you will get a visual idea of page ranking update done by Google.


I am going to explain in this SEO basic tutorial why page rank is dead and it does not matter anymore in SEO industry.


Reasons Why Page Rank Is Dead

PageRank was not updated for 10 straight months

Google stopped updating its page rank for straight 10 months. If page rank was that much important then Google would have mentioned it directly or indirectly.  It would update it on a regular basis. As it stopped updating and that happened for a long time, this is a strong signal that page rank is no longer valuable. Just forget about it.

Google never added PageRank to Chrome

Chrome is a product of Google but Google never added PageRank to their own browser.You won’t ever find any extension created by Google. To check PageRank, you have to add a third-party extension.That clarifies that PageRank is not a big deal.

Spammers took page rank as a leverage & Google is aware of it

If you are doing SEO for a long time than you might face situations where you are offered PR4, PR6 or PR7 links? Every SEO experts used to face this kind of spams in their day to day life.Links from high PR web pages were sold by the spammers. High payment was demanded higher page ranks

Fewer updates over time

Google continuously updates stuffs it cares. But If you see the chart below you will notice that update was falling day by day and at the final year of 2014, it went to the minimum means zero. We can understand from it that Google no longer values page rank

PR was for searchers

Google guy Matt Cutts once spoke to the audience about page rank. He revealed what Google actually things of page rank. Google used to update page rank to help the searchers. Means that once you search for an information on Google, you could decide which website will be more useful to you. PR used to give some sort of signal of quality. But as spammers started to use PR for spamming more and more.


Understanding Authority

Understanding authority is an important part of SEO.In SEO basic tutorial, you must have an idea about authority. If you lack the sense of authority, you will not reach far no matter how much work you put into your project. A clear sense of authority is very important.

What is an authority? In simple words, authority is the relationship with other influentials, influence on others and gaining trust over a consistent period.Authority is the brand value of a blog. The reasons one should trust you.When people are trusting you, asking your suggestion and advice, sharing your creations, then you are gaining authority. Authority is becoming familiar to the target community and creating a space in the target market.

There are two types of authority I will discuss in SEO basic tutorial. The first one is page authority and another is domain authority.

Leading SEO company Moz developed PageRank based on the diversified analysis.Moz developed it based on the performance of each and every page. Though page authority and domain authority are calculated on almost same metrics. But the page authority shows the result for a specific page and domain authority reflects the result for the entire website. From this definition, you may have already understood that domain authority is more important than page authority.As a beginner you are learning  SEO basic tutorial, I want you to focus on domain authority only. You do not have to worry about page authority.

Domain authority is a score on a scale of 100 points. Moz developed it to help you to know how well a website is performing. If you read the previous phase of Basic SEO tutorial, you got an idea of domain authority. But you must understand what signals are counted to come as a result of domain authority.

How Domain Authority Scored?

Domain authority is scaled by 100 points and it is scored using a logarithmic scale. It is easier to grow score from 10-40. But it will be very tough to grow score from above 70.The higher your domain authority, the tougher it becomes to grow. When you are a website with high domain authority, you must compete with the websites better than you. It gets competitive enough.

You can find domain authority in a  different way. Many software provides this service. You can add a chrome extension called Moz bar. It will show you the domain authority for each and every keyword you are searching for.This is the simplest way to find domain authority. You can also try domain authority checker. It is a free online tool. I will suggest you check domain authority using multiple tools. If the results are close then you can make sure you are on the right track.

What can you understand by knowing domain authority of a website?  If you know the domain authority, you will get to know how difficult it will be to compete with others. You can figure out the best parts of a website and work accors SEO basic tutorial. For this reason, I tried to make the concept of authority as simple as I could. If I did this, things could turn into complexity. In the following tutorials, you will get to know more about building authority and strategies how you can work from the authoritative perspective.

Here are some tips to build your authority. You can check it also for increasing domain authority. Never forget to work with quality time and content.

Website Age

Website age refers to domain age. Many people may have a question that domain age really affects search ranking or not. Matt Cutt explained it quite nicely. Website age is not an important factor for SEO anymore. You do not have to worry if you find any competitor who registered his domain at 1994.

Why Domain Age Matters

Well, the age of a website gives a signal of authenticity.Your domain builds authority time to time. It gives a signal to search engine authenticity. But domain age is not a big deal anymore. If you have great content with healthy powerful backlink profile, then you can defeat the websites with ages.I mentioned that domain age does not matter that much, though it sends a weak signal that search engines consider. But Matt Cutt made it clear that if have a website with a domain age of 20 years but do not have quality content, then a website ages two years with quality content can easily defeat you.You must be consistent while publishing content. If you do not update your content on a regular basis, then your domain age will not save you from this competition.

Is There Any Problem With Expired Domains?

Many of us try to buy expired domains registered long ago to rank better. Well, let me explain. There is a penalty Google gives to the new sites called “Sandbox” Google keeps a site under observation for a certain period possibly six months. An expired domain with ages does not have to face this sandbox problem. But purchasing an expired domain to winning one or two  SEO factors, you may bring disaster to the whole project by getting severe penalties. Cause buying expired domain is kind of tricky. It is not the game for anyone. Years of experience are needed to dive into this plays. I will rather suggest you forget about domain age as a factor of SEO. It’s just a minor one among 200 factors. There are still 199 factors on which you can put your real time and effort.


If you read several blogs and case studies, you will find real stories how a  four months blog beat a site of 10 years old just providing value to the visitors using quality content. Power relevant links along with great content are what you should pay your complete focus to be successful in SEO industry.


SEO is both an art and a science. SEO improvement comes with experience and with ongoing training.

There are many SEO courses in Bangladesh also in online; some institutes are doing seminars; some are on college or university campuses. they are talking cost from you, but before you pay them for me strongly ad SEO Basic Tutorials.

After completing the SEO Basic Tutorial you will be better able to evaluate what other training you need and you will also be better able to Gage the quality of the program you are considering.

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