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Top Online Marketplaces

Top Online Marketplaces

Online Market Place Idea

Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global online work platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork. Upwork is a leading online workplace—helping businesses find, manage, and pay freelance talent. Its is a marketplace where you can get online jobs. There are lots of job categories and the large volume of work. It’s safe, and you can withdraw your money from your bank account, also Guaranteed Payment.

This workshop will help you to know how to set your profile, how to search jobs, secrets of getting jobs, how to build a successful freelancing career and lots more.


Details of Freelancing:
• What is Freelancing?
• Why people outsource services?


Freelance Marketplaces: Which one to choose & why?
• Upwork
• Elance


Job Opportunities:
• How Are Freelance Job Opportunities increasing day by day?
• Major working domains like programming, web development, graphics design, online marketing, content writing, virtual assistance, etc.


Quality of a Freelancer:
• Self-discipline
• Patience
• Time management skills
• Professionalism
• Flexibility
• Communication skills


Future of a Freelancer
• Who needs Freelancer?
• Freelance Economy
• Skills and affordability


Personal and Agency Account facts:

• Merits and Demerits of a Personal Account.
• Merits and Demerits of an Agency Account.


Marketplace (Upwork)


Introduction to Upwork:
• Upwork Popularity
• Secure and quick payment
• Free Membership
• Friendly Work Tools


Creating a new account:
• Name, Email ID and Verification


Summary of a Profile:
• Profile idea.
• Advantages of having a Profile.


Creating a professional profile (skill based):
• Freelancer’s Title
• Freelancer’s Portrait.
• Overview
• Video
• Skill
• Portfolio etc


• Legal Documents


• Upwork Readiness Test
• Skill-Based Tests


Payment Withdrawal Process:
• Discussion on different Payment Methods
• Verification (Bank Account)


Job Search

Job Search Process:
• Upwork Menu (Find Work)
• Advanced Search
• Keywords based search


Hourly and Fixed Price Jobs:
• Advantages and Disadvantages of Hourly Jobs.
• Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Price Jobs.


Client Details:
• What information you need to check about a Client

Applying for a Job:
• Job Details.
• Requirements
• Provided Documents

Cover Letter:
• Proposal for Hourly Jobs.
• Cover Letter Plan for Fixed Price Jobs.



• How to fix hourly rate for a job.
• Fixed Price job rate.
• Upfront Payments.


Direct Interview:
• What is Direct Interview?
• How to respond?


Meet up (Communication) & Expression:
• Pronunciation
• Facial Expression
• Message/Private Message
• Skype / Google Talk.


Work Details:

• Proof of your experience.



• Headphone with working mic
• Webcam.


Upwork Menu:
• My Jobs
• Work Diary.
• Manual Hours.
• Delete Time.


Upwork Team Software:


• Download & using procedure


• Client’s works, demands, and deadline.



• Preferred way
• Time.


Project Delivery / Weekly Updates:

• After Completing Works and updates.


Feedback (after completing a job)

• Rating


Friendly Communication
• Relationship.


Payment Withdraw Details

Transaction Story:
• Details about every transaction.
• Withdrawal Process.


Upwork Rules & Guidelines:
• Profile Rules.
• Cover Letter Rules.
• Guarantee Facts.


Upwork Help Center:
• Getting to know Upwork Help Center
• Getting to know active local groups
• Other Accessories (Google Doc, Skype Dropbox)


Certificates will be awarded to participants at the end of workshop

Registration Details

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