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Web Development Service Checklist

Web development Service Checklist

Web Development Companies

Do you want to develop or promote your business website, but don’t know where from you start and how will you complete the whole process? In this post, I’ll discuss all the process in a checklist. You can do easily it from here. Must be remembered, if you want to succeed in this online world, you have to take right approach or you have to understand the business fully. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

On the other hand, ByteCode, a popular digital marketing firm is providing web development services from last five years. We have completed over 300 web development task from 15 countries. We have made a great team to provide amazing web development services, and we have gained a lot of recognition in this sector. You can check our working history and testimonial for providing web development services to the whole world from here. You can also see the full records and services from here. If you are pursuing the web development services with affordable cost and the latest technology, you can contact us.

Anyway, it’s  time to know the overall checklist for a new web website. Not to mention, ByteCode not only provides the best services in the web development sector, but they are also helping the newbie with blogging. Let’s talk about the web development checklist for details.

What Clients say about ByteCode’s Web Development Service

Web Development Companies

You can check some awesome feedback from our previous clients. They are taking our other services too, and we are maintaining the long-term relationship with many of our clients.

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Web Development Service            Web Development Service

Web development Service Checklist

Without the proper plan, it’s not possible to maintain great services. On the other hand, when you will need to maintain a lot of tasks, then you have to go forward by following an exact rule. We Consider the following factors when planning a new or revised website project. It has made us unique and systematic all the time. Check web development service checklist for ByteCode.


General Information

  1. Identify the intended URL
  2. Describe the concept, product or service goal?
  3. Identify the primary contacts.
  4. Determine your desired launch date for the site.
  5. Your budget and preparation

Goals & Objective

It’s the benchmarks of success for what you want to achieve. You have to find out your problem or needs when trying to build an awesome business website.

1. Identify the main business problem.

2. Prioritize your primary short-term/long-term online business objectives.

3. List any special opportunities or potential problems.

4. If you plan to generate revenue through this website, identify how that is intended to be done. If you want to sell something or want to monetize your blog, you have to find the keywords or product and then you have to take the decision. Check the below matters to know more.

  • Asset Sale ( selling physical goods )
  • Usage Fee ( service fee, e.g. FedEx )
  • Subscription Fees—selling a continuous service ( e.g. Hulu Plus )
  • Lending/Leasing/Renting ( e.g. leasing a property )
  • Licensing—intellectual property ( e.g. software )
  • Brokerage Fees—charging for services as an intermediary between two parties (e.g. broker selling stocks or real estate)
  • Advertising—revenue generated by charging fees for advertising ( e.g. advertising as seen on free mobile apps)
  • Additional Considerations
  • Identify any specific eCommerce requirements


Target Audience | Outlining the right approach for the right reaction.

i. Find out your desired audiences for the site and Map it

When you want to develop a perfect place, you have to find out your desired audiences, and you have to make a map. Try to do it by the below process.

  • Collect information about your audiences
  • Mark what do want they will do on your websites,
  • Why they will come to your website,
  • Why they will buy your services or product and why not from your competitor.

You have to do it for discovering your customer, their psychology and their intention about the products or services. If you can identify it, it will help you to generate right content and call to actions perfectly.

ii. Conversely, identify any potentially sensitive areas to downplay or avoid when communicating or dealing with your targeted audiences.


Positioning/ Images | Defining the desired end-user experience

  • Use adjectives to describe the new website’s desired look, overview, and functionality, and how the user should perceive it (e.g. prestigious, informative, friendly, corporate, fun, forward-thinking, innovative, and cutting edge).
  • How does your organization try to differentiate itself from competitors or alternatives? How do you think your current audience perceives/differentiates your organization vs. the competition in the offline environment? Identify whether you want to maintain that image in your website or change it.
  • Identify your competitors’ URLs. What do you like and dislike about those websites? Which improvements could give your site an advantage?
  • List the URLs of other relevant websites to find out compelling attention and step. Identify attributes or functionality of your next target.

Web Development Companies


Here you to choose a perfect design for your service website. By considering your products and audiences, you have to design a perfect website. Not to mention, you can build a regular website from anyone, but you have to realize that special and unique design with your needs is essential to make a good brand.

  • List any organizational graphics standards that need to be followed, providing any written guidelines or examples available.
  • Identify all visual elements or content that should be utilized for your current marketing materials (logo, color scheme, navigation, naming conventions, etc.).
  • Cite examples or analogies of the experience you want for your site visitors, as well as examples or analogies of what you do NOT want your site visitors to experience.
  • Do you need to accommodate visitors who might have visual impairments that must be addressed with Section 508 compliance?


Content is the valuable part of your website. As a digital entrepreneur, you have to show all the parts of your services and products by digital content. So, it’s indispensable to give extra focus in the sector. For this reason, follow the below parts to discover your content policy.

  • Outline your vision for the website’s structure/content, including the information architecture and the path or direction you want a visitor to take upon visiting the site.
  • Will the site use existing content? If so, what is the source, has the content been audited, and who is responsible for approval? If not, will you be creating content in-house or using an outside provider?
  • Identify how many contents are ready to “go live” now? How much content is new, needs to be revised, or needs to be developed? Identify who will be responsible for new content. List any content feeds coming from outside sources (e.g. stock ticker, YouTube videos, etc.).
  • How often do you intend to update your site, and what will be the nature of those changes? Having a need for frequent, small updates by non-technical personnel can have a significant impact on the web site structural approach you should take.



As you are a digital entrepreneur, you have to make available some important tools, software and methods to go live. You will need it for managing, updating, marketing or controlling your business. Check what kinds of tools, software or methods will be necessary to manage the whole system.

  • List any mandatory or primary functionality or technology requirements (e.g. content management, data-driven search, eCommerce, Google Analytics, etc.).
  • Outline desired functionality requirements – You have to make available some items (e.g. RSS feeds, search, blogs, dated news items/calendar, searchable database, personalization, etc.). Even if those functionalities are not part of the initial website launch, they can impact decisions on the original structural approach and the most efficient technologies for long-term success.
  • Describe, in detail, any currently used software that needs to be integrated with the new website (e.g., CRM, accounting software, data collection, eCommerce, etc.).
  • Describe any business application(s) you would like to be developed along with the website, if applicable (e.g. information portal, intranet, document repository, etc.).
  • Identify any existing technology limitations that need to be addressed.


Marketing | Preparing your new website for maximum exposure and success

  • How will most of the people find out about your existing website? How do they know about your new site? Outline strategies for encouraging users to come back to your new site.
  • Describe how you plan to market your new site—pre-launch, at launch, and beyond.
  • Do you plan to employ traditional media in concert with your new website? Are you currently using unique URLs and landing pages to track traditional campaigns?
  • Ever planned to implement online media/advertising coordinated with your new website? Do you currently use online tracking mechanisms for those campaigns as well?
  • Identify other goals or plans for using Web technology to support additional promotional strategies/tactics.

ByteCode develops complex data-driven web applications and websites that reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Our powerful toolset and two decades of hands-on experience provide freedom for non-technical users to manage their own updates—including database modifications—quickly and easily.

Contact with ByteCode authority for web development services

For more insight info, our process, toolset, and proof of performance contact: Executive Officer, at +880 1716 988 953,  or email:  

You can Check Our Portfolio on ThemeForest if you plan to get exclusive Web Development Service Contact Us and we’ll be available with your desired solution and services.

Above all, I will tell ByteCode has hands-on experience providing the best services. If you see our portfolio and feedback from the content, you will be sure about us. With this in mind, we can help you to build an awesome business with the latest methods and technology. We will be happy if you pay a visit for more information about the services. Have a nice journey in the digital world. Thanks in advance.


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